Jedi Hope

The moon lighted the night sky over the capital city of Thira, though Kiaka was a city in darkness. Kyle had made many changes when he took the throne after his marriage to Princess Sara. Kyle was a dark Jedi that had found power.

On the roof of the crystal palace there was only one small light on the entire city. Kyle and his daughter, Thia, were outside. Kyle was trying to teach her the ways of the dark side.

"Look, daughter! See the city?", the dark haired girl beside him nodded.

"Someday that will all be yours and more," Kyle stood up. He wear black pants, tunic, and a lightsaber hung on his belt.

Thia look up at her father, "Why no lights?"

Thia's great-grandmother, Dana, told Thia of the times before her father became king. Thia knew her father was evil; although she was only six, somehow she had always knew.

Kyle sighed, "Who told you?" He shifted his weight.

"Grandmommy," Thia said, forgetting her father's hatred toward the ancient queen. "said once the city was full of light at night," She shifted the dirt around the ground, waiting for what her father was going to say next.

Again that woman got in the ways of his plans, "What have I told you?" he said firmly, trying to keep his anger down; after all, Thia was only child and never listen to him.

Thia drop her face not wanting to look at her father. "Not to listen to Grandmommy." she said in a low voice. Like most things he told her, she did not listen. The only person she really listened to was her great-grandmother, as her mother was under some kind of forcespell by her father. Thia knew that by the way her mother acted and what her great-grandmother told her. But she cared for her mother and felt sorry even more for her. She looked up to see her father's dark brown eyes staring at her, "Sorry," she said through she did not mean it.

"I know you are not, Thia. Maybe I should talk with Dana." For Kyle there was no talking, he either killed the person or exile them to some far away galaxy.

"No!" Thia knew this as well. "You will not harm Grandmommy." A strong wind started to blow around Kyle. A bone chilly wind. Thia was so young, yet had so much strength in the force. Which she used to protect her mom and great-grandmother.

The air was always cold around Kyle, especially when he gave himself over to the dark side of the force. But this was unbearable ever for him. Anger began to rise in him. How could his six-year-old daughter do this! He sighed, he could not lash out now. He brought his anger once again under his control. "Alright! You win this time. But if you don't do what I tell you, I'll kill her, no matter what!" The air went back to its normal cold temperature, which was warmer than it was a moment ago.

"You do and I'll leave!" Thia said as she ran off. She did not stop until she knew she was safe in her chambers right next to her great-grandmother's.

Kyle could have ran after her but she could hide anywhere and not be found for days. The only thing that kept her here was her mother and her great-grandmother. Her grandparents left to see if they could get the Jedi knights to help save their world, almost seven years ago. Kyle did not fear the Jedi Knights, somehow they were still recovering from the troubles Exar Kun had caused over 200 hundred years ago.

Exar Kun had been the last Dark Lords of the Sith. He tried to bring back the Sith brotherhood, but he underestimated the Jedi Knights. The good thing for Kyle was Exar Kun had did caused enough damage that the Jedi Knights were still having to fix it. Kyle was different, he did not want a golden age again. He just wanted power and to kill the Jedis.

Two Years Later:

Thia ran along the outside wall of the palace. Ever since her mother had died, Thia spent most of her time outside and away from her father. She was getting stronger, but physic and in the force. She learned more about the force from her great-grandmother. She was not a Jedi but her son and his wife were.

Thia heard a soft growl coming from the alley. She stopped and looked around the corner. A tall green skinned alien, he bowed, "Greetings, Little one," he said in a deep low voice.

"Greetings, Shadow," Thia said to the alien. Shadow's race was not like any other. They had no names, people just called them Shadow Walkers. Shadow was a long time friend of Dana's, her son, and now that also included Thia. "How are you?" She knew he didn't like small talk but she didn't know why he was here.

"Your great-grandmother wishes to speak with you." He held out his left hand. "It is quieter if you go my way, Little one," he always called her that. She was small for her age but around him everything was small.

"Uh, I'm not good at shadow walking yet." Shadow and his race had a skill in walking through shadows. They could do this because they had some kind of connection with the force.

"Do not fear." Thia took the hand, together walking into the shadows. The shadow place was light but untouchable. It was hard to move in the shadows because the only movement was minddirected. But they everything made way to the palace's library, where Dana spent most of the time; Kyle hated the library.

"Hello, Thia," the old woman said. "Thank you for being her here. Kyle will not like this if he finds out. No," her voice trailed off, "But that can not be helped." She smiled, "I wanted to say good bye,"

"What? You can't I wou-" Thia started but Dana waved a hand to quiet her.

"I will come back. But soon Kyle will lose his patience with you, you know. But don't worry. I'm going to seek the help of my son and the Jedi. I think once I pointed out your power they will help and you would be of Kyle."

"Leave Thira? But you been here all your life, I've been here for all mine."

"We would not be gone for ever." Shadow moved ready to help his old time friend. The ancient woman smile, "No, you must stay with Thia. She is strong but you need to protect her. Kyle will lose it and she could die, Thira and the Jedi need her."

"I have always been at your side. I will not-"

"And you will but at the heir's side, which is mine."

Shadow seemed to think this over. Thia tightened her grip on his hand. "I will do as you ask. She will not be harmed by the Sith." Shadow knew of Kyle and his people hated anyone who served the dark side. No matter who they were they were just call "Sith".

"Good, I'm leaving to night," Dana got up. She was old but strong, it ran in the family. Her white dress moved lightly across the ground.

"I will be honored to take you to the spaceport. "

"Thank you." She hugged Thia. "I know I don't need to tell you this but behave for Shadow, like always. And do not give into anger." Thia nodded.


The Jedi had lost their home world Ossus. During the Sith War it was destroyed. The Republic gave them a starship, the Chu'unthor. It was no Ossus but it was a very good academy for training new Jedi Knights. It served two purposes, if there was ever another Sith War or any dark side war, it would be safer to be able to move around, and it was easier to find new students.

A small single-maned ship dock with the moving academy. Cole and his wife Telena waited at the docking hatch for the visitor. The visitor did not say who he was and the Jedi Knights could not sense anything but the masters said it was safe.

The hatch opened, reveling an ancient women, Dana. "Mother?" Cole said as Dana step out from the hatch. "What are you doing here? Thia-" She waved him silent

"Greetings, Cole and Telena," she shook her head. "Thia is perfectly safe. Shadow is with her and Kyle cannot touch her. I must speak with the Jedi Masters about Thia."

"Of course. Come this way, mother." Cole and Telena led the way to the grand hall where the Masters met.

The grand hall had round chairs lining the wall. There was an open space were the speaker spoke. No one there. "Wait here, mother." Cole left the room, leaving Dana and Telena alone. Soon the hall was filled with the Jedi Masters. They all were seated before Telena left the light in the middle of the room. Cole and Telena watched from the door.

"Greetings, Lady Dana," a Jedi Master in the middle said with a slight bow. He stood on all fours. "What brings you to Chu'unthor?"

Dana bowed. "Greetings. I come to seek your help, Masters. I know you are still repairing the damage Exar Kun did. But I believe if you do not help me, there will be another dark time in the galaxy, one you cannot come out of. As you may already know Thia is strong in the force, and how her father is into the dark side. With her strength and Kyle's evil plans, there might be another Sith War." Some of the Masters began to whisper among themselves. Dana knew she would get the help she needed.

Cole stepped forward beside Dana. "I volunteer to help my mother."

"As do I." Telena said on the other side of Dana. Dana smiled a little, she they would help. Maybe it would be enough, and hopefully they would get a little more help.

"Very good. Lady Dana, we will ask some other Jedi to help," he said turning towards Cole. "I know Kyle has caused harm to you but Kyle does not need to be comfronted. First make sure the child is safe here. If she is crossed in a force battle, she may turn."

"Thia has no anger or hatred that I know of. Even when her mother died, she was strong and showed no anger," Dana said

"But there could always be a chance." with that the Masters left.

"Well, at least Thia will soon be safe here," Cole said. He hugged his mother. "I'm glad to see you mother."

"Soon we'll all be together. You should see Thia, she looks like Sara." Dana missed her son and Telena but she had stayed for Thia's sake. Soon they would be safe and Thira might come out of the darkness it was in now.


Cole looked around Kiaka. The city seemed to be asleep. There were no lights on. "I didn't know it was this bad." Telena put her hand on his arm. He smiled at his wife. "Ok, the sooner we get Thia and Shadow the sooner we can come back and throw Kyle out."

"Shouldn't we wait until daylight?" asked Thon. He was the only other person who came. All of them knew this was also another test which wasn't that bad.

"No, Kyle will be able to stop us. Let's try to sneak Thia out. " Telena said "Do you think Shadow can sense us, Cole?" Dana stayed at Chu'unthor, so if anything went wrong she knew the palace the best and could bring help.

"I don't know. Mother never really told me that much about his race."

"I can, Lady Telena," a deep voice came from the shadows. The three knights jumped in surprise.

"Shadow!" Cole yelled joyfully. Thon never saw anything like Shadow, his jaw dropped a little when Shadow walked into the moonlight. "Thon, this is Shadow."

"Greetings, Thon. I am sorry to have scared you. But come Sith is giving a lesson to Little one," he said looking down "Sith almost killed me when he found out where your mother went. You will have to fight him here and now, Little one will not be in danger." The three got up from where they laid on a roof top.

"Where are we going?" Thon asked. They all smiled at him.

Telena put an arm around Thon's shoulders. "Have you ever heard of shadow walking?"

"What?" Thon said

"He is new at this?" Shadow said. Cole nodded. "Do not be afraid, Jedi Thon. It is safe. Little one has done it, so can you. But I cannot help when you battle Sith."

"We understand. Telena, you and Thon make sure Thia safe. I'll take care of Kyle. Shadow, just tell us where they are and we'll meet you at the Thira's Heart."

Shadow nodded. Cole didn't notice at first but Shadow was a darker green and it look like he been burned. "They are on the roof main wing. I will right for you. May the force be you." Shadow went into the shadows, followed by the Jedi.

Kyle stood outside with Thia, who was looking up at the gray sky. The clouds seemed to pop from nowhere. It was darker than Thia was used to. Usually the moon was bright enough that Thia could see almost perfectly. "Father what are you doing?" Thia could feel Kyle creating the storm. She felt a small little ripple in the force. She looked behind her shoulder. In the shadows, she see could barely anything but she saw something moved.

Kyle also saw something moved but unlike Thia he knew who they were. HE put his arm around Thia's neck. She screamed in surprise. "Cole, I knew your there. If you want you granddaughter breathing you'll leave." Thia tried to kick but Kyle tightened his hold. "Don't move." Kyle looked from side to side. His force storm was growing by the minute. Soon Cole and whoever else he bought here wouldn't be able to stop him.

"Listen, we are not leaving without Thia. She shouldn't be apart of this. She is just a child," Cole called from the shadows, his voice lost in the growing wind. It was not from the storm, but from Thia. She was not going to stand there and be a pawn for her father and his evil plans.

"She is not going anywhere!" Kyle kept his hold on Thia. There was a snap-hiss as lightsaber turned on. Now the roof was lite by a green lightsaber blade. Cole stepped for ward. "So the old Jedi wants to fight me?" Kyle let go of Thia, as he reach for his lightsaber. There was another snap-hiss. Kyle held his blue blade. "Careful, Cole, I'm younger than you." The two blades crossed. "Watch carefully, Thia. Someday you'll learn this," Kyle lunged at Cole's head. Cole blocked.

"She will learn this, not by you," Cole said as he blocked another one of Kyle's attacks.

The storm started to destroy the city. Kyle had hoped to show Thia the power of the dark side by destroying Kiaka. Now she was getting two lessons learned.

A soft hand wrapped around Thia's shoulders. She knew who was there. Telena and another Jedi watched the battle. "Grandma, look Kiaka is being attacked!" Thia pointed to the edge of the roof and the city beyond.

"It's a force storm." Telena didn't know what to do. She turned towards Thon. He was lost as well.

Kyle smiled, Thia had notice the storm. He swung the blade at Cole's legs. He blocked. Both of them were sweating heavily. How long has this fright gone on? Kyle thought has he attacked. "Look, your home city is being destroyed!" Kyle smiled even more when Cole flipped and quietly looked at what was left of Kiaka. Most of the marketplace and the outer sides of the city was gone.

Kyle didn't care for the people he hurts just as long as he got what he wanted, which was power and Thia. They were just things he could use. Anger grew in Cole how could he have been so blind and didn't stop this before it had come to this.

Cole's anger was wearing him, Cole didn't notice it. Kyle was feeding on his anger, making the storm grow even more.

Thia felt Cole's anger and how it was wearing him down. But before she could do anything, Kyle stracke him down.

"No!" Telena screamed as she ran to where Cole's clothes laid. She turned on her lightsaber, ready to strike Kyle down.

"Come on, you kill me in anger and you will be just like me, Telena," Kyle's words spoke true. Thia went and pick up Cole's ligthsaber, it was still on.

"But I will not kill you in anger," Thia said as she got in a fighting stance. She was young and never used a lightsaber before but somehow she knew she would be fine. "Now, leave or you will be tried for the dearth of Cole and the lost of Kiaka," her voice was firm and full of strength.

"A child," Kyle laughed, "you can not fight me. I'm stronger than you." A strong wind blew Kyle off his feet.

"Leave," Thia turned off the lightsaber and put it on her belt. "before I changed my mind."

Kyle got up. "This isn't over." He jumped off the roof. The storm stopped. Kyle needed his strength to land safely and leave.

"Let's go." Thia put her small arm around her grandmother's wrist. "I'm sorry."

Telena smiled, "Don't be. I think he's proud of what you did. But we can't just leave. You are now the queen. I think a Jedi could stay here and train you and guide you. But Thira does need a ruler to fix things up again. Do you want the throne?"

"Yes. My father caused a lot of damage and I'm the only one who can fix it."

The sun began to rise. "Time to start the rebuilding." princess Sara.

The End

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