Imprisoned Trilogy
By: India Skywalker

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A small sense of worry filled the girl with dread, she wanted to turn and to run but she couldn't. She was in a deep which she gave upon herself to forget of all the bad things she had done. Flashes came into her mind. A ship in the rough waters of Selsia at the wrong time possible. Her eyes were frozen shut but her mind was open... after thousands of years she would awake from her sleep....


The ship sailed, it's bright sails now darkened by the upcoming storm. The rough hard waves slammed against the tiny ship sending it rocking. Many people ran for cover to get out of the rain. A big wave crashed washing over the small ship and their crew. Captain Zander struggled on the deck where his trusty steeds would help pull the ship through. Most were too afraid to do a damn thing. A couple were out in the pounding waves and rain braving the storm. A tiny dragon skittered under a crewmember. He looked down. What was that thing? Zander thought. A wave slammed into the ship sending everyone skidding across the deck. Zander struggled over to a crewmate...a giant wave came up, sweeping the member off the port bow. Zander grabbed his hand and looked at him.

"I got you...WHAT!?" Zander looked at his catch....

He thought the crewmember was a male until he gave it a second look. No females was allowed on his ship, he forbade it, but it was who he caught. The one he looked at was India Skywalker. She was a young warrior of the lost and forgotten light realms, one of the last Terrias ever to be known. Her emerald green eyes shone with fight in them. Zander looked at her.

"We can't have a girl here!" he demanded.

India shot him a look, pulled away, and continued to fix the sails. He tried to pull her away from helping them, thinking a girl would surely lead to the ships destruction. Another giant wave struck, sending the boat capsizing into the rocks around scattered islands.


India rubbed her head and struggled to open her eyes, the pain in her forehead excruciating. She moaned slightly, brushing away the golden blood with a hand. Looking around she saw that she was in an ice cave. Her Terrias blood cells rearranged so that the coldness inside the cave would empower the cells nucleus and make her stronger. Such things India did not quite understand about her body.

She felt a soft tongue licking her face.

"Deka? Is that you..?"

The tiny yellowish/orange little dragon skittered over in front of India's face on shaky little legs. The black pattern of small horizontal stripes made the little dragon look pretty weird. Her big black eyes shone in curiosity, the small white pupil focusing on India.

"'s me....." little Deka responded.

India looked around and realized that this was a circular cave....the hole was at the bottom in a she was washed underwater and luckily got here. She drug herself up out of the icy water and collapsed on the ice breathing heavily. She was scraped up in many places, her cells regenerating, her tissues and veins doing the same.

Looking around the two partners realized that they were in an ice cave. Many huge columns of shaped ice that looked like gem crystals covered the walls and floor. Icicles draped from the ceiling over 30 feet long in some spots. Different places of the cavern was glowing in green, blue, pink, and purple lights.

India pulled herself up off the freezing ice and started to walk through the cave looking around. Deka skittering behind her. Neither of them were paying attention... Deka skittered into a big ice crystal and she looked up with a scream.


"Deka....what the hell....? Oh my god...." India took a few shaky steps back.

A large clear ice crystal blocked the two's view, putting them off guard. A young girl, who looked about a good 20 years of age was inside the crystal. She had a great complexion, wearing a soft ice blue dress with a diamond tiara and a diamond necklace. Her hair was a lavender, draping along her shoulders all the way to the midsection of her back. She was motionless and seemed to be frozen. Her eyes were closed.

Deka put her ear to the crystal curiously. "Listen....."

India put her ear to the crystal and listened to a faint sound. It was a gentle heartbeat. After a while of listening, a big crack shook the cavern.

A large dragon roared and slammed her tail in between them. India rolled away, Deka skittering to a safer place. The dragon recoiled slightly.... hissing and moving from the ice. It looked like a serpent, a large dragon many shades of blue. Her spikes were fancy and decorated in a way, her eyes were a pale light blue, her pupil a black, her wings light and dark shades of blue.

"Damn you! Get away!!" a shot of fire came from India's hand hitting the dragon. The dragon reared back it's head and roared.

"Get OUT and away from Faris intruder!!" the dragon hissed sending a more powerful blast of fire at her. India caught the fire in her palm, instantly absorbing it.

While the two were arguing, Terrias to dragon, the big ice crystal split open, Faris drifted to the ground. She carefully stepped out and looked around. Deka noticed her immediately, but kept quiet.

"Rydia! Stop this now..... go tend to your small egg....and bitch." Faris growled shooting a beam of ice into the intruder. Instantly India was frozen to the cave wall. She melted out with a heat trick she learned, walked calmly over to the newest person and bitchslapped her. Faris rubbed her cheek.

"Never tell me what to do." India smirked.

Faris looked at her. "What are you doing in my cave..?" both girls were about ready to kick each others sorry butt if worst came to worst.

"Umm....excuse me miss...? Weren't you dead in there...? Why were you there...?" the thoughts of Deka popped into both of the girls minds. Deka talked telepathically..... anyone and anything could hear the small dragon. Faris bowed.

"I am Faris Tycoon most powerful ice goddess ever known. Rydia is my guardian and the best dragon ever. I'm best not to mess with little girl. Oh...and little dragon...I was hibernating because of all of the pain and misery I caused many people a long time ago."

Deka nodded....India smirked.

"A few what? Death is death. It's what the Regna forces do to innocent races. It's what people do to each other." India coughed and looked around.

Faris growled and body slammed her into a crystal sending her landing right by Rydia's egg. India growled.

"Time to teach you a lesson bitch." Faris stood in her fighting stance.

"Bring it on you whore." India and Faris slammed into each other, a blue energy around them both from the collision. They were seeing which one could back down first. None of them budging. Rydia slammed her tail in between the two sending them flying apart.

Faris looked at her dragon "What did you do that for?"

Rydia looked at her. "The egg has hatched my master....allow me to introduce you to Eslenia..."

A little serpent-like purple dragon with pink wings came tottering out on shaky legs. Her eyes were a silver with a black pupil. Deka looked at her like she was an insane little thing. Faris squealed and hugged the baby. "Oh it's so cute I love it sooo much!!"

Eslenia was instantly bonded to Faris's power level. (In case she got lost she could sense her power to find her)

"Mo....Mommy?" Eslenia squeaked.

Faris giggled. "No Rydia is your mommy. She is my guardian dragon. You can call me Faris, or master if you like." Eslenia licked her on the face and ran to Rydia for protection from the strange person and dragon. She knew they weren't her friends, or at least the dragon was. She wasn't sure.

"You got a nice little baby there Rydia." Faris smiled and looked back at the opponent in her cave.

India's eyes were cold and emotionless, her arms were crossed as she looked at Faris, not looking away.

"Do I have to ask again? What are you doing in my CAVE!?" Faris's eyes started to glow a bright lavender with a mix of blue, purple, silver, and pink energy emitting from her.

"I fell off a ship damn you!" India growled, her eyes flashing a red color and a light green energy emitting from her. Much like Faris's actions.

"What are you doing on my planet? Also, what are you doing in the Star Dust realms?" Rydia and Eslenia backed away....guessing what was going to happen next.

You got it...a battle.

India blinked...clueless. "What in mothers name of flying fucks are you talking about!?" She poked Faris on the nose. Deka cocked her head, skittering behind Rydia for some protection. Rydia looked down at the stranger dragon, noticed how scared she was, and scooped her up in a massive claw with little Eslenia.

"I am saying that I rule this whole fucking realm! bitch!! By the way...don't poke me!!" Faris looked at India.

India took a few steps up towards the ice goddess and bitchslapped her. "Is that better than poking?"

"Smart Ass."

"Damn right bitch."

"Yes....slapping is better you...slut. Because now I can slap you back."


India rubbed her cheek, briefly charging up to a fraction of her power. She leaped back, her wrists pressed together and her palms out towards Faris. "SUPER OMEGA BLAST!"

Faris was hit with the blast, sending her into and out of the ice cave's roof. Faris countered the attack at last, sending a bomb blast the density of an A-bomb slamming into her enemy. The cave exploded, Rydia shielding herself and the dragons at the last minute.

"Another mess I have to clean up after Faris." Rydia growled.

"You're a maid....?" Deka blinked her wide black eyes at Rydia. Rydia shook her head.

"No when things happen like this, she usually does something and leaves it a mess. That leaves me to clean it up. I am tired of these messes."

Deka looked at Eslenia...she had never seen a dragon like that before. She knew there were different types and different colors. But never, ever had she seen a long purple one.

India pushed a big block of ice off of her. She blasted into the air and stopped, hovering, waiting for Faris to get out of the mess. That is....if she survived.

She did, and to prove her worth, the ice goddess blasted out of the debris with a shard of glowing blue ice in her hand.

"Look at what you did to my cave!!" Faris growled and readied herself to throw the shard of ice. She wanted it to hurt, and she knew India noticed.

"I didn't do this to your cave! You did!!" She protested arming herself with a green orb in her palm of her hand.

" destroyed my cave!! You had to blast me out!!!"

Both girls flew at each other, circling almost getting into a head on collusion. They were both ready to fight.

Something clamped onto both their necks.

The dragons watched fearfully as the girls plummeted to the ground. Biotechnik collars around their throats preventing them from using any of their powers. With shaky fingers India tried to pull the collar off, Faris doing the same. The collars tightened, cutting off their air. Both girls tried to get free but couldn't all air was cut off.

A man's voice boomed loud in their ears.

"Now I got you both......Ha ha ha ha ha ha." his laugh echoed through the clearing.

Both girls passed out.......


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Imprisoned Trilogy
By: India Skywalker

Note: have a short part but a longer part later! MWAHAHAHA! BOOOOOOM! And I am SICK of my co-writer so I fired her.....MWAHA!

When both of the girls came to, they were in a jail cell. The cell was covered in old blood stains, fungus, lots of dust....and worse of all they were together.

India looked around and growled. How she hated imprisonment! No where to go. She spat on Faris in her disgust for getting her into this mess. The saliva dripped down her cheek. Faris growled.

"You're not a damned camel!!" she growled again.

"Well if it wasn't for you I'd never be in this mess!" India growled and tugged at the Biotechnik collar around her neck.

"Hey.. you wanted to fight too! It is both of our faults! You mother fucking bitch!" Faris spat at India nailing her collar.

Disgusted, she wiped the spit on her black, very thin fabric, skin tight Capris.

Faris looked around in the old cell cussing to herself. She would get these mother fuckers for all they were worth, and on HER planet!! Selsia! Her planet! When she was asleep they formed this slave prison. She was supposed to be ruling the whole planet and preventing this from happening! Those fuckers!!! She sat down with a sigh on the top cot that was really a concrete slab chained to the wall. Her thoughts were mixed with those of getting revenge...she started to think of wooping India's ass later on....

India looked up at Faris. "Stop thinking about wooping my ass."

"Wha-what!? How did you know what I was thinking!?!?!" She gasped audibly.

"I'm a Terrias...don't underestimate me."

"You bitch."

"Well fuck off."

"Listen! I am the ice goddess and I can woop your sorry ass!" Faris finished and sighed leaning against the wall. " can we get out?"

"You're being nice for a change?" India queried.

"No...No I'm not!! I just want to get out to destroy you. I can read peoples minds also, when I want too. Now, we have to find out how to get out without killing ourselves or killing each other. It won't help when you just sit there and tug at your collar. Dumb ass." Faris sighed again looking at the wall she was leaning on. She traced the cracks with her finger softly. Oh how much she was going to miss her dragons, they were like her daughters.

India came to the answer she was looking for, her fingers locked upon a weak link in the Biotechnik collars. This was perfect. Ripping it off in a mess of sparks and wire, she shook her head glad to be rid of it. She ripped the wires out of the collar, making her cells take the electricity causing her eyes to flash a yellow.

"Bye bitch!" and with that India blasted out of the ceiling leaving Faris behind.

"You won't get out that way" she cut into India's thoughts telepathically. "I know there is a weak link but they still have a tracking devise on you."

India blasted in flames disintegrating the tracking devise. She replied telepathically to Faris. "Correction...they HAD a tracking device on me."

Faris sat on the cot and closed her eyes, opening a telepathic link to India. She watched her sneak around and get ambushed by a few people, India really didn't like this much so she pretty much exploded. The whole sector of the camp was destroyed. Faris stretched her legs and laughed out loud. India could be such a bitch sometimes but all around she was really sort of fun.

A clanging came at her jail cell gate. Faris looked up, a strand of hair hanging in her face. A young guard around the age of 20, with dark black hair and green eyes was looking at her with a lopsided smile.

"god...." she told India.

Faris felt India's high spirited reply. She felt her sitting on the pile of rubble she created resting slightly.

"What..?" was the young Terrias reply.

"There is a guard planning something." she replied back.

The young guard, names Lebbik, grinned at Faris. The grin made her think.

"What's your name?" Lebbik asked.

"My name is Faris Tycoon, most powerful ice goddess."

"Well, we'll see how strong you are soon! Hee hee! This will be fun!" Lebbik sauntered off with a lop sided grin.

Faris spat at the side of her cell.


India woke up in another cell with a stronger Biotechnik color clamped around her neck. She burst out laughing. An insane laughter but a laughter none the less that echoed through the cell walls and down the corridor. Faris pushed herself up against the bars and listened to the insane laugh. " can we ever get out...?"

Note: Short...? Yes...but I'm not really good at trilogies. This is my first one! WOOOOO HOOOO! I'm cutting down on the cussing because my co-writer is FIRED!! *dances around with a laugh*

Imprisoned Trilogy
By: India Skywalker

Note: India gets a little Psycho in this Chapter.....I don't know but talking with rats is a bad thing...??

India chuckled softly to herself leaning on the back of the prison wall. She had grown used to this life in a way no one else could have adapted. Her left leg was clenched up close to her chest, yet relaxed, her left leg totally relaxed on the ground. She scanned her surroundings making a note of every little detail and every little blemish on the wall. She carved a rock with her pocketknife singing a little song acting totally delirious.

Faris was in a cell directly across from India's cell. She was sitting on a cot watching the young Jedi go delirious and insane. It scared her a little. True, India wasn't the best well mannered person in the world but Faris never wanted to see her like this. Never.

Lebbik sauntered around with his shock stick taking all the prisoners out of their cells to the quarry to break rocks with their fists. (cruel isn't it?) He walked past India's cell and looked at her with an odd look. He took the radio off his belt.

"We need to move 1182 to another cell due to insanity...Assassination command?" the radio paused with static then clicked. A new voice came through. "Command given."

Faris grabbed the bars with her hand and watched Lebbik closely. He went into India's cell and poked her with the shock stick. Nothing happened, unknown to both of them her body absorbed the energy. She was still singing about a life of butterflies and buttercups, her eyes glazed over. Lebbik got a very serious look and turned the shock stick on full power, poking her with it. No sparks, nothing. A containment crew trotted in just then and dragged her up and through the halls, India staying totally limp.

Lebbik sighed as he watched the young girl get dragged off. He smiled at Faris as he let her out then slapped her hard on the butt. She growled and marched in file with the rest out in the quarry.


Faris and the others were working in the quarry, hammers across their backs. They were the lucky ones, new tools had arrived and they were able to use it. The other sectors of the camps weren't so lucky. She slaved hard, Lebbik passed and slapped her butt again. She hurled the hammer at his head. Unfortunately he ducked a good measure.

"Hey Hey little girl." he smiled. "Keep your eyes on your own work. Not me." he winked with a laugh.

"Bastard...." Faris growled and continued to slave away.


The prison camps psychiatrist showed a picture to India. It was a picture of a flower with a bee on it.

"Excuse me miss.." he started. "Can you tell me what this picture is?"

India looked up and smiled "kitty!" she passed out on the couch the psychiatrist had her on. The crew members took her into a padded cell and placed her on the bed.


India stirred 18 days after she was taken to the padded room, her cells generated their own food so that she could live. She looked around and saw a few mice in a corner of the room. There was a black one, several white ones, several brown mice, and a cute little white mouse with black dots on it like a Dalmatian. Around 20 mice in all. She leaped and dove, catching the Dalmatian looking mouse. The mouse squealed and chattered in fright. She chittered back. Both creatures were looking at each other, another squeak from the mouse. Another reply.

Two guards looked in at India surrounded by mice and squeaking to them.

"She's lost it" one said.

The other nodded. "They are waiting to eat her.

Unknown to them India was talking to the mice striking up quite a conversation.

India looked at the mice. "So will you do it?" They all nodded and hugged India's fingers before leaping into the corner where they chewed and dug a hole through the padding and went out an old drainage pipe. Every time the guards passed India would work with the mice and dig into the drainage pipe. After three weeks she sighed, her stomach growling. A tiny black mouse darted into the drainage pipe and brought her out a piece of bubble gum. She laughed.

"Hey little're trying to be all cool and neat eh? Well when they bring me dinner you guys can have it." she popped the gum into her mouth and blew a few bubbles. The mice would stand on her head and jump each time she blew a bubble to see who was light enough to withstand it. Everyone was, (it was old gum, chewy and hard blah) thank goodness to India. After a few hours she molded the gum in the cell door window that said "NEEDS OUT NOW." She fell asleep with the mice huddled next to her.


Faris sighed and paces, her hair and skin covered in thick coats of dust. She looked out her cell and started to cry. All these conflicting thoughts. Where did India go? Where was she? Was she assassinated? She tried to open another telepathic link but to no success. India was using her link to communicate with her newly found mice friends. Faris never knew of this and screamed, her scream echoing through the hall. She sat down and just cried.

Note: Short? Hell yeah...but this is when I was in a very bad mood, very stoned and feeling very depressed so it evens out.

Imprisoned Trilogy
By: India Skywalker

Note: Um...none

*hears a squeak*

Oh yeah Mr. Lucas??? The mice want their money....

Faris was pacing within her cell for 4 days straight. She just paced, the other prisoners watching her. Cold steam emitted from her body the more she paced. Where is India? Oh god where?? She kept pacing un-aware of the new entrants to the prison walls......


Two new faces, Saber and Aqua, twin all white drageens. Saber was different...she had golden horns. Both of them were house cat sized, scurrying around the prison like they owned the place. They began to race, sliding down the halls and turning sharp corners leaving deep marks where their claws where.

Eslenia sniffed the claw marks....they smelled like India.....and India was with Faris. Her wonderful deduction! She ran after them....passed them and turned a corner right when they turned the same corner.


Saber rubbed her head. "Hey watch it you pink snake!"

Aqua looked up in awe. "oooooooo pink snake....."

Eslenia bit Aqua, the drageen squealing in pain hiding in Sabers wing. "I'm not a pink snake. I am Eslenia...queen of the dragons..."

Saber started to charge a mouthful of lasers. She shot them pelting Eslenia good, sending her though a wall. Both drageen leaped at one another.

"Not uh...mommy says we are the queen of the light realms." the two drageen razzed Eslenia.

Eslenia blinked....twice. "Light realms...India come from there."

"MOMMY!? WHERE!!?!?" the two drageen looked at Eslenia in union and confusion.

"She was in the cave then some evil men took her away.....along with my master." She stuttered. Saber let her up.

"Mommy in trouble........DUCK!" all the drageen leaped into a cage as armored guards walked through. Their radio clicked.

"All to sector 1-G in the asylum half. I repeat....Report to Sector 1-G. Dangerous rebel on the loose. Bring all armory."

Lebbik took the radio from the guard. "All units will report sir...." he looked at the muscular guards. "Let's go."

Saber and Aqua ran after the guards.

"WAIT!" Eslenia squeaked.

They looked at her.

"What?" Aqua stopped.

"Danger" the small pink dragon warned.

Saber turned around with a whip of her tail. "Mommy might be in danger! Who cares about those men! We going!!" they jumped and ran off after the men.


Faris sobbed wildly and crashed against the prison bars so close to being hysterical. A loud clamber of guards snapped her back into reality and she just stared. Two dragons followed the guards...and...Eslenia!?

Eslenia squealed and leaped into Faris' arms. "MASTER!"

Faris hugged her dragon. "Oh Eslenia I missed you.....hey what's wrong?" she noticed the panicking dragon.

"Two new dragons master....getting in trouble....India in trouble...."

"India is dead Eslenia...."

"No no no...she's not master...she's not...."


India was holding her own to the guards and militia. She dodged a few blasts, got slammed into the wall by a few more, and now and again exploded to cause injury and buy her some time.....

Now wasn't the time...this whole prison was surrounded in guards...more than she could handle.

She turned around on a foot. "Star Destroyer Ignite!"

A whirl of golden energy combined with nuclear globes swept over all of the prisoners giving them a lethal dose of radiation. Only the front lines collapsed shaking and dying instantly.

More guns fired. The young Terrias was forced to the ground by the on coming blasts. She pulled herself up and summoned the last of her strength. Two explosions rang through the guards, then two more, then two more. Random hits. While everyone was looking and dying, she exploded crashing half of the entire complex.

Crushing everyone that was Inside..............

No hope of escape......

Note: awww....sad right? Next chapter is the saddest.

Imprisoned Trilogy
By: India Skywalker

Note: Yeah! This is the ending of a 5 part series! It seems a little sad however....

India screamed and burst out of the rubble breathing heavily. The two forms of her daughters were laying in the rubble, covered in blood. The redness seeped across their scales going different ways and dripping onto the hard cold ground. Both streams of blood united and ran to India when she was unconscious. Her hands and her chest was covered in blood. She screamed out loud to the heavens.....

She stopped.... tears formed in her emerald green eyes, the sparkle was faded out of them. She looked halfway up to the sky and watched the darkness overwhelm her. So many shades of orange, yellow, and red, being overcome by the dark blues, purples, and blacks.

Darkness was overwhelming the sky, like it had taken her life and the life of her children. The tears freely came. Each one rolling down her cheeks and falling on the ground. A small metallic blue flower with fuschia spots appeared as each tear hit the ground. They were Terrias flowers.....they could heal any Terrias....only once.

She stood up, immediately falling down in pain. A quick glance revealed many pieces of glass and metal stuck through her leg. She slowly pulled them out, making sure her bone shards were straight so her body could automatically heal right. After a few minutes she took a few gentle steps almost falling over in pain again.

She stepped over her kids motionless bodies, her tears fell from the sky and landed on them as she paused. She stumbled over to the remains of her old cell. She looked around.....she....she destroyed the whole prison...miles of it. Her explosion was lethal to all.....and Faris...? Oh god! Faris!

India gathered all her strength and grabbed large pieces of brick wall and hurled them off of Faris's lifeless body. She screamed and dropped to her knees.

India tenderly shook her. "Faris wake up!"

No response....

The young Terrias started to cry.

Faris's eyes opened weakly. The lavender eyes got darker which each of her shaky breaths. She coughed, snapping India to full attention.

"Faris!! you're gonna be okay!" she said crying. She moved to help her friend but Faris pushed her away. The young ice goddess looked at Eslenia. The young dragon didn't move.

"Eslenia....." she closed her eyes and an ice tear fell down her cheek and landed on the ground, splitting open and the shards scattering. She lay her head down.

"No! Faris we gotta get outta here! We got to go! Go back home....we have to!"

Faris eyes shut and didn't open for a bit. Her breathing became slow and shallow. India tugged at her.

"Go home Faris! We need to go home!! We got people out there who need us!!" her lavender eyes slowly opened.

"India...." she gasped for a breath and paused, her metallic lavender blood staining the floor and both of their clothes. "When you said you were a Terrias.....way back then I didn't believe in you. Never......"

India looked down. "Shhhh your strength."

She shook her head weakly. ""


"No India......this is too important." she struggled on. "Back seemed like you were power-mad. Like you always had something to prove....but the Terrias race IS gone......just like you said........" she fell back down.

India focused her energy and concentrated it into Faris, she almost collapsed but looked to her friend with tears filling her eyes. "I can't heal you.....I am worthless......." she broke down crying silently.

"India.....look at this are alive. No one else is....they are all dying. Y-you saved them.......saved Selsia......saved this planet and everything here........go...."

India looked down with her tears falling freely from her eyes. "No you got to come back...... with me...ya got to...."

Faris looked up. "You seemed so heartless.......go......I know are.........y-you...........are a best......y-you are my best....friend.......friends forev-........"

She went limp and stopped breathing. India was panicked beyond belief. She shook the ice goddess. "Faris!!! FARIS! Wake up! Get up come on Faris! GET UP!!!"

The only answer was a long wolves howl across the darkened valley. India moved and held her friends lifeless body in her arms. The blood stained her clothes and skin but she didn't care. Her tears fell, and if the skies knew of the tragedy, hard, cold droplets of rain fell from the sky. Each drop splattered and split once they hit their destination.

"Friends.....Friends forever Faris......." she set her friends body down and put the dragon by her side. With the last of her strength she made a bouquet of deep red roses and kissed one. Her kiss dyed the rose white on the spot where her lips were. She gently placed them on Faris's chest and stood up.

India stumbled off with tears, back to her daughters lifeless bodies. The rain had washed their blood away to the crevices of the rocks. She picked up her two daughters and held them crying. Her tears fell on their bodies, entering new life into their weakened hearts and souls.

Saber licked a drop of rain off her snout. She blinked and looked up at her mom. Aqua stirred and licked the water off of her scales.

"" saber squeaked.

India hugged her two daughters. "You're okay......Thank the force....."

Aqua yawned and looked around. "Mommy.....the pink dragon told us Faris was you're friend.....mommy where is she?"

The rain fell down India's face, the strands of brown hair covered Sabers view. The drageen wasn't sure if her adoptive mother was crying, or if it was the rain.

"Faris is gone...." she muttered.

"We going home...?" Saber asked.

The Terrias nodded. "Yes home.."

The mother and her two adoptive daughters stepped through the rubble heading back to the ocean, where somehow they could get back to their home. Memories of Faris entered India's mind.

The first time they fought in the ice cave. When they both got captured and tried to out-do each other in an escape plan....and the way their deep hatred for one another became a deep affection.....

The drageens fell asleep, nestled to their mothers chest trying to welcome her warmth. All three of them, wet, cold, and scared...only had each other to find comfort in......and that was enough......

Note: That was....THE END! Oh how tragic right? Yeah....well it was a good finisher for the series! Hah! So....a new series will be coming up soon....rather hopefully. TTFN ya all!

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