Fun With Lightsabers
By: India Skywalker

Note: This is SUPPOSED to be sorta funny. Get off of that serious Jedi moment stuff for a little and watch what happens when a dragon with a taste for bugs meets up with a young Jedi with a taste for revenge.

India watched over her young Jedi apprentice Charlotte Skywalker. The young Jedi practiced with her lightsaber and twirled around but kept hitting herself.

"OW! Holy fuc-!!!!!" she yelled.

"Hey Charlotte! Watch your language!" India yelled at her.

Saber, the small house cat sized pure white dragon with spikes down her back, a needle tail to inject sleeping liquid and other various things into her enemy, and tiny golden horns was laughing her head off.

"Hey mommy! Watch me act like Charlie!!" Saber grabbed a stick. "Whooom Whoom Whooom WAAAAAAAAAAA!!!"

Saber pretended to cut her arm off with a stick and fall to the ground...her leg twitching. India laughed.

"Saber cut that out darling." India cut in looking at her adoptive child.

"Yeah shut up you piece of shi-"


"Yes master Indi?"

"Watch your mouth!!!!"

Charlotte sighed and sat under a tree tying her ruby red hair into long nabooian braids, letting her red eyes shine. She loved having those contacts in just to annoy India. She knew her master knew it...

Saber scratched her ear "Well....What now? OOO butterfly!! *CHOMP!!!!*"

It took only 3 seconds for the dragon to be interested in something else.

"Typical" India thought to herself.

Saber was chasing after Japanese beetles, June bugs, crickets, dragonflies, anything that made a crunch when she snapped her jaws into their body. Anything that she could spit out a good distance when she tasted what she caught.

India yawned...

Well...time was money...not really. If it was they would have lost 800 billion dollars by now! Hah..... she looked around really bored. Charlie was looking at a picture of Alex, all googlie-eyed and dazing off.

Saber caught a dung beetle in her mouth, she crunched down then her face of happiness turned into one of disgust. She spit the bug out, which unfortunately landed in a big slobbery mess right in Charlie's hair.

The first way to get a Jedi fairly pissed off is spitting a bug that landed on her in general.

The second way to get a Jedi REALLY pissed off was spitting a bug in her hair when she was getting ready for a date with her lover.

Saber , unfortunately, chose the second way.

Charlotte didn't notice at first. She brushed her hair and admired herself in the mirror....except....when a big black crushed bug with dragon spit, dung, and the intestine combination comes into focus when you look at the mirror just right.......kinda led to disaster.

She screamed.

India immediately covered her ears...a ringing was in them and wouldn't stop. Saber got upset by the scream and screeched, sending crayons raining down from the sky.

(That's the weird thing about Saber too. She controls crayons and lasers. Odd little dragon... Anyway.....)

Charlie screamed and ran around "IT'S IN MY HAIR! OH GOSH GET IT OUT! EWWW EWWW EWWWW!!"

She slipped her fingers into her ruby red hair bringing out the's intestines got all over her fingers making her shake and scream.

Saber was laughing so hard she was spitting little bits of fire (she can't do full flames yet...after all she is three years old in dragon years. That's 300 in our human years but she IS a baby)

Rage fired up in Charlottes eyes... "WHY YOU *last parts are censored because of the young audience who might be reading's a pretty good mouthful.. Ever remember what happens when your dad stubs his toe? It's THAT language over and over*"

Alex came up behind her and blinked in disbelief...."Charlotte....?"

She turned around and gasped...fainting and hitting the ground on the spot.

India winced... "Ooo...that had to hurt...."

Saber started doing a small version of the river dance around the fainted form of Charlie "Bow to me! The dragon made you fall! Bow to me! the dragon made you FALLLLL!"

Charlottes hand locked around Sabers throat.....the little white dragon just grinned...and bit into Charlie's finger. She lept up with a supersonic scream.

Everyone covered their ears.

"Leave me alone Saber!!!!!!" she screamed.

India rubbed her ear "Wha...?! is someone talkin???"

Saber flattened her ears. "I see your lips move mom...what are you sayin?"

Alex was just....frozen.

Charlie blushed. "Alex wake up..." she nudged him.

He didn't move.

She pushed on him again. "Get un-frozen"

He still didn't move.

Charlie huffed and decided to take drastic measures. She frenched Alex on the spot.

His eyes lit up and he turned away all energetic and love in his eyes. "OKAY! Woo! Let's go now! WOOOOOOOOOOOO! I'm all fired up!!!"

India and Saber were still rubbing their ears trying to hear something other than a ringing.

Saber blinked and screamed HER way sending the effect of the scream away....she scratched her ear and looked at Alex lop sided. "Awww...and I so wanted to have a frozen Alex on a stick."

Charlotte turned. "Shut up Dragon!!!"

India and Alex blinked..staying out of this one......

"Um..... Charlie.....Saber....calm....calm down." Alex pleaded.

"I challenge you to a lightsaber duel!!" Charlottes eyes lit up with fire.

Saber cocked her head and looked up at India. "Mommy may I borrow a lightsaber? A double one?"

"Which one?" India sighed, looking at her daughter.

Saber sighed and put her claws on her hips giving her mom the annoyed soap opera host look. "A pretty one"

She dug through her backpack and tosses Saber a small double light saber. Both

"OOOO pretty!!"

The dragon ignited both ends of the light saber and grabbed the middle of it in her teeth. Charlotte stood ready.

The battle begun.

India sat down on a rock with some popcorn....Alex beside her munching on the popcorn too.

Charlie beat up saber for the first seventy minutes....the little dragon never let go of the lightsaber however.

Saber started to cry and dropped the double light saber. "MOMMMY! I DUNT LIKE THIS!"

She glared at the lightsaber "DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!"

She flamed the lightsaber making it explode...... Saber spread her wings as a reaction but this caught the explosion sending her flying.

(Saber learned how to make bugger explosions and fly on them in the future...but that's ANOTHER story.)

With lit up little eyes saber scurried towards Charlie, lit her lightsaber on fire...and watched it explode.

She was flung back into Alex's arms....Charlie looked up at him...and they started to make out right there.

India got up and walked over to Saber. "You done now?"

Saber grinned. "Why do you ask momma?"

"Cause ten year old kids making out scares me."

India picked up her dragon daughter.

"Hey mommy?" Saber asked.

"Yes Saber...?"

"LIGHTSABERS FUNNNN!!" she squealed...

India rolled her eyes. "I knew I would be in a mess when I adopted she discovered explosions...what next?"

Saber grinned evilly and held up a stick of dynamite. "Whatever I please!!!!!!"


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