From The Diary Of Jaina Daye Solo: Captives To Darkness
By: Jaina Daye Solo

89th ENTRY



"I said it once and I will say it again,'' I said into the com, "SOS!''

Again, there was only static. "Damn jamming!'' I said. Maybe I should back

up and explain: I just finished delivering some spice to "Uncle'' Lando

Calrissain. [ With my cousin Callista's help. ] So Zekk, Lowie, Jacen, Tenel

Ka, Anakin, Mrove, and I, were on my ship, Jedi Blaze when we were pulled

out of hyperspace by the prototype of the Executor! All of a sudden the

ship jerked as we were caught in a tractor beam! I knew what to do. "Fire

two proton torpedoes on my mark. Then, I will turn us hard to port so be

ready!'' I said. "Now!'' Instantly, Zekk's hand came down on the button that

let two torps fly toward the big ship. A second after that, Mrove and I

turned us hard to port. The trick worked [ For a about a minute. ] Then they

were after us. By the time they caught us again, we were at our hyperjump

point. Mrove had her paw on the hyperspace lever when they caught us, how

frustrating! "Why don't we try that trick of yours again?'' My twin brother

Jacen asked me. "Three big points,'' I said, "# 1. They will expect it. # 2.

Torps are hard enough to come by as it is. And # 3. It's Dad's trick, not

mine.'' That last comment made everybody laugh. Even in a time like this

it's good to laugh some of the tension off. Then the com came to life and a

board voice said: "We have you in a tractor beam, it would be advisable to

shut off your engines.'' "I know!'' Mrove yelled without bothering to turn

on the com. "What do you think I am doing?!'' "She's mad.'' Said Zekk.

"Yep, I'm mad, Zekk.'' Said Mrove. "I am mad as hell!'' "Mrove, it would be

nice if you stop yelling.'' Anakin informed her. "I will stop yelling when I

have their blood on my paws!'' Mrove screamed. "At least lower your voice.''

Retorted my sister-in-law, Tenel Ka. "It will be helpful if we can hear what

they are saying.''

As we were brought into the other ship, I had started to form a plan in my

mind. "People, and aliens, I have a plan.'' I said. "If I am right-''

'"Their not getting me without a fight.'' Jacen said, drawing his

lightsaber. "Who is with me?'' "Jacen, you have more courage than you have

sense!'' Tenel Ka informed her husband. "Lets listen to what Jaina has to

say.'' Anakin said. "It might just get us out of this situation.''

"Thanks.'' I answered.

"If I am right, a ship that big can carry up to and above 378 people. But,

this is a prototype, it probably can have over 475 people.'' Lowbacca

growled. "Damn! More room for prisoners.'' Mumbled Anakin. "And I know I am

right on this fact,'' I said. "That is the Resurrected Emperor's personal

flagship.'' Zekk turned around from the weapons system, a look of surprise

on his face. "How did you know that?'' He asked. "I do my homework.'' I

answered. " Dad never told us that.'' Anakin said. "Nether did mom.'' Jacen

added. I turned and looked at my twin brother. His face was stony and he

looked like he sensed something. "What is happening to us?'' Tenel Ka

mumbled. Then I started to see a planet I had never seen before. FLASH! I

saw my mother and father looking up hopefully as a messenger came in only to

shake his head. Then I heard in a far off sort of way: "We have found no

trace of them. Jaina and Jacen and Anakin are ether dead or hidden somewhere

by the Imps.'' He left and my parents were fading. The last thing I heard

before we were taken in to the hanger was Jedi Master Yoda saying: "A vision

of the future it is.''






As we were boarded, I led everyone to the back of the ship. "We can hide in

the engine room.'' I told them. "If the Emperor is gonna to board us, then

we have no chance, but if it is just stormtroopers then we might be able

to-" "Zekk straitened up saying "Shhhh, listen.'' We listened and we heard

voices saying: "Lord, are you sure this is not a trap?'' "Are you saying

that I don't know what I am doing?'' Said a different voice, a voice that

sounded like the Emperor! "Of course not Lord!'' "Good I did not want to

have to prove otherwise.'' "The Emperor has boarded us.'' Tenel Ka told us.

"Hay, that's a fact!'' Jacen said in reply. I looked at my Togorian

co-pilot, she was standing still, the hair on her back raised on end. "Don't

blow it, Mrove.'' I warned her. "Why not? They will find us anyway.'' She

replied. "Yes, but we might not get killed when they find us.'' Zekk pointed

out. "Point.'' Mrove said. Just then a stormtrooper walked past and Mrove

could not stop herself, she jumped the trooper and killed it. Then all hell

broke loose. There was blaster fire in the hall and then one of the power

generators exploded. I moaned. "Why me? I just got that fixed.'' "I don't

think now is a good time to talk.'' Anakin replied. Zekk was firing at

stormtroopers now, And so was Anakin. "I am sick of getting shot at by a

bunch of losers!'' Jacen screamed. "I will kill them!'' Then he turned on

his lightsaber and charged at them! "JACEN, NOOOOOOOOO!'' Tenel Ka cried as

we watched Jacen get cut down by a blaster bolt while he swung at a trooper

with his lightsaber.

Tenel Ka got out her own saber and charged. She didn't get hit though. She

ran to Jacen's side and checked his wound. "Thank the Force it is not

deadly!'' She cried.

Then a stormtrooper came up and stunned them both. "Let's just turn

ourselves in now and be done with it!" Zekk yelled. "I think that would work

right about now." I agreed. "Stop shooting," Anakin called out. "We


We were taken to a big cell and locked in. All of us, with the exception of

Anakin and Jacen. The later who needed medical treatment. "Anakin, don't

listen to what that son of a bitch that calls himself Emperor has to say!"

Zekk called after them. "Zekk honey, it's no use. Anakin will turn to the

dark side. I have seen it." I told him. Tenel Ka sat there and stared at

nothing. So did Mrove. Lowie was pacing around the room crooning to himself.

No one was paying attention to Zekk and I. We sat down and started to

talk. "So much for a honeymoon after dropping them off on Yavin 4." He

whispered, gesturing at the others. "Yeah," I answered. "So much for some

quiet time on Ennth." "Jaina, I am sorry this happened. I know you wanted to

go to my home planet very badly and-" "Zekk, it's not your fault. It's

nobody's fault." I told him. "It's these blasted Imp's fault." Zekk

answered. "Point."

Then Jacen was brought back in. Tenel Ka was up and helping him in a flash.

Then they started talking. Then the door opened again and Anakin came in. He

was wearing a black cape that reminded me of Darth Vader's cape! "Anakin!"

Tenel Ka said, "Please don't tell me you have turned to the dark side of the

Force!" "I have Tenel Ka, and so will you if you want to live!" He answered

her. "You son of a bich!" Jacen yelled. "If you dare threaten her again I

will, even though you are my brother, hurt you VERY badly!" "Be so kind, and

tell me how you are going to do that. Please?" I asked him. "I mean, face

the facts, your hurt, and you can hardly walk without help. How are you

going to hurt him?" "Jaina, A JEDI KNOWS NO PAIN! OW!" He said as he tried

to stand up. "That Jedi does!" I said in a low voice to Zekk. He smiled. I

saw he was looking at Anakin's cape very hard. Then I saw the cape fly from

Anakin's back and cover Zekk up. I knew what he was up to at once. Zekk had

pulled this trick many times before, but I am always amazed at how good it

is. Anakin got very mad and grabbed the cape. It was empty! Zekk had totally

disappeared! I knew that would happen. Anakin didn't though. "Where did he

go!?" Anakin asked. "Ha! Old transporting trick! Anakin I am surprised at

you!" Zekk said from the OUTSIDE of the cell door. "I knew you would want to

come and gloat!" I think I will go about my job now." "I think NOT!" Anakin

said as he grabbed my arm and pulled me up and put a blaster to my head.

Zekk's weak spot: Me. "Shit!" I cursed under my breath. "Shit!" Zekk said at

the same time as I did. "Anakin do you have to use Jaina. Please say no?"

"You will come back in here or she dies!" "But-" I guess Zekk saw Anakin

change the blaster's setting from STUN to KILL. "I mean NOW." "Would you do

that to your own sister?" Tenel Ka asked him. "I have one problem. I need to

get back in but to do that I need the key." Zekk said, ignoring Tenel Ka.

Anakin looked like he wanted to kill me right then and there but instead he

went over and unlocked the door, keeping his gun pointed at me the hole


100th ENTRY





"Ok, get in here now and no one gets hurt." Anakin told Zekk. Then Anakin

snapped his finger and a bunch of stormtroopers came in. "Take the Wookie

and Torgon into the "special" cell and give them the "treat" Lowie roared

but could do nothing. Mrove was up and killing troopers but stopped in an

instant when the blaster went to my head, again. She stopped because she

owes me a life dept.

"I just hate it when I get a blaster pointed at me." I told Zekk after

Anakin left. "I know." He said in reply. "I just don't understand it. I mean

how would Anakin turn over to the dark side so fast?" "Don't ask me" I told

him. "Maybe we should try and get Lowie and Mrove -" Mrove screaming bloody

murder cut me off. "Oh, blaster bolts!" I said absently using my twin

brother's saying. "I think we might be to late. If I know the Emperor, he is

going to make then his slaves. "They are probably getting interrogated right

now." Zekk told me. "Maybe." I said. Then more stormtroopers came in and

reported that Lowbacca and Mrove would soon die. "Fuck that!" Jacen yelled.

101st ENTRY




"Why them?" I asked. "Because they refuse Imperial rule." The stormtrooper

answered. "Fuck that is right, Jacen."

Said a voice from behind the first Stormtrooper. Suddenly a fellow

Stormtrooper shot down the first Stormtrooper! In came three "Stormtroopers"

that were grasping 6

rebel-issued blasters! "Jaina Solo?" one called out.. "Yes I am here." I

said. "Take this." He said. I took the blaster he handed to me. "Zekk?"

another said. "Yeah?" Zekk answered. "Take this." Zekk got a blaster. "Jacen

Solo? Buddy, Pal?" said the third. "What?" "Take the blaster." Just then in

came three more people with blasters for Lowie, Mrove, and Anakin. "Let's

get out of here!" Jacen cried. "Truly!" I yelled. "YESSSSS!!! Cried Tenel

Ka, who was actually SMILING! "I think we are a bit loud." Said one of the

rebels. You have not told me your name yet. And I would like to know right

now!" I told him. "Ok, ok. My name," he said, looking at Zekk, "Is Slade."

"Slade? As in my brother Slade?!?" Zekk yelped. "Slade? Zekk's twin

brother?" I said at the same time as Zekk. "Jaina you know him?" Jacen asked

me. "He only saved my life. Every one thought he was dead!" I answered him.

"You remember me after all." Slade said as we all broke into a jog. "How

could I forget the very person who almost died so I could live?" I said in

return. "Jaina, you're still just as beautiful as you were the day I first

saw you." He told me. "Please Slade, I'm not alone any more." I said as Zekk

came up behind us. "To who?" Slade asked. "Zekk." I answered. "Lucky you!"

Slade told Zekk when he caught up with us. "Slade, I have a question." Zekk

said. "Fire away!" Slade remarked. "Where are we going?" "To Anakin's cell."

Slade answered. "Anakin's cell?" Isn't Anakin one of them?" Tenel Ka

questioned. "No, not really. Anakin's clone is." Slade answered her. "You're

telling me that Anakin has a clone!" Jacen yelped. "When did Anakin get

cloned?" I asked. "About one day ago." Said some one who looked like Jacen's

former girlfriend. "Jacen, isn't that you're former girlfriend?" I whispered

to him. "Shut you're trap!" He yelped again because Tenel Ka had been in

hearing range at the time. "Hi Jacen." His x-girlfriend said to him. "Hi

Tess." He answered looking at Tenel Ka nervously. "Jacen she still loves

you!" I said loudly enough for us all to hear. Every one laughed. "Jaina, I

am going to KILL you." He hissed. He was glaring at me, "Shooting daggers at

me" as our dad would have said. "That would be my problem." I answered.

"Yes, that is your BIG problem!" Jacen was mad. That was an understatement.

Looking back from today I am surprised I got out of there alive! (If Jacen

had anything to do with it!) "Jacen, my friend," Tenel Ka was staring hard

at Jacen's "x," "She looks like someone I met on Yavin 15 when I went with

you. Who is she?" (Yavin 15 is a planet that had just been discovered. The

moon was paradise! The problem with it was it had HUGE volcanoes that

destroyed everything every 300 years.) "Tessa is a Corellian Smuggler's

daughter. That smuggler and my dad are good friends. The smuggler's name is

Kid. No one knows his real name. Tess has a twin brother named Tim. They

went to the Academy for a while. Then Tim went off to be a smuggler and no

one has heard from him since. Tess stayed for a while longer, just long

enough to master the lightsaber. Then she left." Jacen answered Tenel Ka.

"Jacen, here comes Tess. Oh, by the way Tenel Ka, when Tess left, Jacen was

depressed for 3 months! He would not speak-" I started to say. Jacen giving

me a punch in the stomach with the Force stopped me. He was promptly

"kicked" in the butt hard enough to make him fall. By me, of course. "Fine,"

Jacen said a little embarrassed about the whole thing. "I will stop if you

stop." "Not likely!" I told him.





We went on like that for a while. Jacen and I bickering, Tenel Ka being

suspicious, Tessa trying to make a move on Jacen, Slade introducing us to

the rest of the rescue party, Zekk and I talking, everybody laughing at the

unfortunate things that were happening to Jacen.

Stuff like that. Then we past a long hallway. We heard alien like screams

down there. Then I heard Mrove's voice down there. Zekk, Slade, Tessa and I

went to see. "You will never get me alive!" I heard Mrove scream. "Zekk? I

asked. "Yes?" "Do you hear Lowie?" "No. I don't hear Lowie." We passed cell

after cell, looking in each one for Mrove, Lowie, or Anakin. "Stop!" Tess

yelled suddenly. She was away behind us. "What?" I asked. Turning around and

looking back the way we had come. What I saw was Tess trying to hug somebody

through the bars. "Tess? What are you doing?" We all ran back. I looked

through the bars. "Tim? Tim is that you?" "Yep. It is me Jaina." That was

his exact words. "Zekk? Do you think you could, oh, I don't know, get him

out?" I asked Zekk. "I think I could if I wanted to." Zekk said coldly. Zekk

and Tim have this grudge agenst each other. When we were younger, they both

had this major, as in major crush on me. Zekk and Tim had been friends for a

long time but when they found out they both liked the same girl they became

rivals. To make a long story short, they got into many fights before Tim

left. When Tim did leave, Zekk was obviously happy. If you are asking why,

it is because he had me to himself. "Zekk, buddy old pal, please help me,"

Tim, of course. "Fine. But Tim?" "What?" "She's MINE!!!!!" Zekk told him. I

then slapped Zekk on the back of the head. "What did you do that for?" "I

might be yours by legal bonds but I will love who ever I want!" I snapped at

him. "Legal bonds?" Tim asked. Zekk turned to him and said, "We're married."

He was obviously holding back a smile. "I would have thought so." Tim said.

I knew Zekk did not want to open the door so I told him to get the key and I

would do it. Slade just looked on. When the door was open, and Tim was out,

we went on looking for Lowie, Mrove, and Anakin. The next one we found was

Mrove. She was being interrogated by two of the resurrected Emperor's

Crimson Guards and one stormtrooper. "How will we get her out?" asked Tim.

"That wont be too hard." Zekk answered. "Don't get cocky on us Zekk." Slade

told him. "You haven't seen me in action, Slade. Let me do this." Zekk

answered his brother. "Ok, this is your arena not mine. You do your job and

I will do mine." Slade told him. "Ok. Jaina I need your cloak." Zekk told

me. I handed it to him. He covered him self up and then he was inside the

cell. He shot down the stormtrooper and one of the guards before they could

react. The other guard barely got time to shout before he was shot down by

Zekk's blaster. He then took the key and passed it to me. I then unlocked

the door and got me cloak back. We then got Mrove out of the Interrogation

chair and went to look for Lowie. Tim was amazed. "Zekk, how did you do

that?" He asked. "It's just something I picked up at the Shadow Academy. It

comes in handy sometimes." Zekk answered him. I had wondered a few feet

ahead of the group when I noticed something in the wall ahead of us. I went

to investigate and found it was a door. When I got the door open, I stood

back in shock. "Tim?" I called over my shoulder. "What?" "You and Mrove can

have our blasters." "What?" Zekk said, surprised. "What about us?" "Zekk,

come take a look." I told him. He came and when he saw what it was I had

found he got a big smile on his face. He then kissed me, and whispered in my

ear, "Jaina you're a life saver." "I know." I answered. For there, in front

of us in the room, were our lightsabers. I walked in and got out everybody's

sabers. "Look, here's Anakin's." I said, holding it up. "Some one needs to

bring Tenel Ka and Jacen their sabers." Zekk said. "Oh, I'll do it!" Tess

volunteered. "I will go with you." Tim told his sister.

"Here, take Jacen my saber. I want his green one." I told Tess. "Ok, which

one is yours?" Tess asked. "The purple-bladed one." I answered. Zekk

snickered. "Gonna make Jace take it huh?" "Hey, what are sisters for?" I

answered, smiling. "Now you two better get going. Watch out for guards." I

told Tim and Tess. "Don't we always?" Tess retorted. I just rolled my eyes.

103rd ENTRY




As we went on down the hallway, it seemed to get quieter and quieter. My

Jedi senses were screaming "DANGER!! DANGER!!" Over and over again. "I have

a bad feeling about this." I stated. Zekk smiled grimly and turned to me.

"Don't you always?" "Well, I'm usually right." I retorted, punching him

lightly in the arm. "Ok, now she's got me worried." Zekk mumbled to Mrove,

who grinned and nodded. "Hey!" I punched Zekk again and then looked hurt

untill he kissed me and told me he was only joking.

"Bet you were." I mumbled under my breath. After a while, we

found Anakin and Lowie. On out way back down the hall, we ran into a

pack of stormtroopers! "Run!" I yelled at a half awake Lowbacca and


Mrove moved with my little brother and my Wookie

friend. Zekk and I both drew our sabers and

attacked. The troopers opened fire. All of a

sudden, I experienced pain like I had never felt

before. Without realizing it, I fell to the

floor. I was dimly aware of Zekk yelling my name

and then the world went black.





I woke up, I don't know how much time later, in the med bay of my ship.

"What happened?" I asked, not looking to see if anyone was there.

"Oh, thank the force you are ok!" I heard Zekk's voice. He came over and

hugged me, very gently.

"Zekk, what happened?" I asked, noticing the pain I was feeling in my

side. "Jaina, you were shot. We weren't sure if you were gonna make it

for a while."

I was shot???

I brought my hand down to my side and felt the bandage. It was one of

those quick-healing bacta bandages.

Guess I was!

"So, where are we going?" I asked my husband. "Well, after we got off

the Star Destroyer, I set in a course for Yavin 4. After that, it's your


Ok, my call. Boy it was good to get off that sith-ridden ship. "Well,

how about we go to Ennth?" Zekk smiled and we kissed. "Fine by me Jai."



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