For The Future
By Solo

    I originally wrote this a long time ago, (No not in a galaxy far, far away. ^-^) In the beginning of the '99 - '00 school year. It was on my old PC and I just rediscovered it and a couple unfinished works. So I decided to edit this and put it up.

    They were on a beautiful world, investigating something. where they were and what they were doing didn't matter, not to her, not right now. She stood on a small beach, the warm but comfortable sand on her bare feet. A cool gust of wind blew her hair and knee length skirt of her dress around wildly or a second. She sensed someone coming up behind her. He put his arms gently around her waist.
 "Hey Jaina." He said, squeezing her tight.
 "Beautiful Sunset, isn't it Zekk?" She leaned back against him, her husband of only a few months. She had turned 19 a few months before the wedding. Some thought it was a little young for her to be getting married. But with the new threats, some worse than the Empire, and being powerful Jedi, if they didn't get married when they did they might never had gotten the chance.

    Zekk held her close, smelling the sent of her hair and the shampoo she had used.
 "Not as beautiful as you Love."
 "Flattery will only get you so far." She teased, twisting her head trying to look at him, "These moments always seem to get farther apart, I wish we could settle down and fly for the Republic."
"Your parents probably have said something like that hundreds of times, and besides  you would be bored with in a month."
 "More like a week, I guess you right." She smiled and yawned. Zekk squeezed her.
 "You tired, you want to go back in Honey?"
 "No, lets stay for a moment."
 "What ever you want." Zekk responded, Jaina grinned up at him.
 "What if we just went not as Jedi, but maybe traders or smugglers, that's exciting." She said, twisting around so she was facing him.
 "It sound good but the Republic needs all the Jedi it can get."
Jaina laid her head on his shoulder and put her arms around him.
 "Sometimes I'm afraid that I might not see the next day or something might take you away from me forever."
Jaina sniffed, a tear ran down her cheek.
 "Hay, I'm here now and I wont let anything happen to you or separate us. I can't promise you that but I will do my best." She pushed even closer and looked up at him.
 "What about children, I want to have some someday but I don't want them to be born into this kind of galaxy."
 "Well we will just have to find a good place for us, if we can't, by damn we will make a place for us."
 "Oh Zekk I never new you could be so sentimental." Jaina said, failing at trying to stop her giggling. Zekk looked like he was going to say something but a large explosion blasted in the distance. Jaina and Zekk separated and watched the fire ball light the now star strewn sky. Jaina turned the other way, looking towards the spaceport, she turned toward Zekk.
 "We could just walk away."
He grabbed her by the shoulders and kissed her hard and passionately.
"We're Jedi sweetheart, and our friend and family may be in trouble."  He said looking at her, the way the moon cast a glow on her face. Maybe they could run away, someday but not now. Jaina shrugged off his arms and looked towards the fire.
 "You're right Jacen is in trouble as always."
Zekk chuckled grabbing her hand they ran off, checking there lightsabers on the way.
 "I'm not dressed for this." Jaina complained as they ran.
 "Hay what happened to that Corellian sense of adventure of yours?"
 "Its Right behind you!" She yelled, the burring building getting closer. Not knowing if they would make it out of this one they both stared to speed up toward the building, trouble, there friends and family and there future.

---author's ramblings---
What really surprised me was how little I had to edit and/or re write. When I first wrote it I thought it was no good. Well I hope you do. Until the next time. - Solo

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