Forced Love
Part Two*
By Anakina Kyp-Jade

Zekk was just moping at his booth he didn't know what to do.
Jaina and Raynar were married. Married? It seemed like such stupid word.
"Hello young man." He looked up at an old, gray haired man. "May I join
you?" Zekk shrugged. He didn't care about some old drunk.
        "Mind telling me why you're sitting here but aren't even going to
order a drink?" The man asked. Zekk noticed he was quite sober and had
kind eyes.
        "Follow the news?" Zekk asked.
                "The big wedding?"
        "Chief State's daughter?"
        "Forced marriage."
        "Hmm. Yes."
        "I love her and she a least likes me."
        "I see. So the girl you love just got forced into marriage and
you don't know what to do?"
        "Ever wanted to be a billionaire and rule a couple of quiet
        "Yes. When I was a kid."
        "I just happen to be an heirless dying king. I rule a couple of
planets. Don't suppose you'd like to take my place?"
        "Sure. Why not?"

        In the next few days Zekk was coordinated and named King Jyp's
heir. He learned that arranged marriage was his fate as well although who
was still an issue. He thought it might be nice, defiantly a change from
street kid, dark Jedi, bounty hunter, and Jedi. King Jyp died.
        "Here's a list of some of the possible brides. We've compressed a
list of the richest most power women and tried to keep them with 15 years
of your age." His head advisor, Ling said handing him the data file.
The first name on thing list was Tenel Ka Ta' Chume Djo. Zekk laughed out
        "What does his majesty fine so amusing?" Ling asked.
        "Tenel Ka! Ha, They'll never get her to marry, well at least not
anyone but Jacen. But at least I know her. She'll do. But don't let
anyone know I said that. Make them think it was your idea so she and
Jacen don't hate me." Zekk said.
Ling nodded and went to contact the Hapen Empire.

        "Princess Tenel Ka your Grandmother wishes to speak with
immediately." Someone she'd never seen before said. *Great* she thought,
*They've found me someone to marry. If they'd found him sooner, we could
have had double wedding. * She went to the COM system to discover her

        Jaina tried to contact Zekk but she couldn't find him anywhere.
She was then whisked away to a honeymoon sweet on Calmari. She and Raynar
requested separate beds but they only got one.
        "I'll take the couch. What do you want to do." He asked.
        "Find Zekk and make him understand." She sighed.
        "I know how you feel. I haven't been able to talk to Lusa. I'm
afraid she'll give up on me." Raynar shook his head.
        "Why couldn't Jacen marry Tenel Ka? That would do it."
        "He's not good enough for her family. He's not rolling in gems or
in control of several powerful planets or a prince really. We could work
out affair system."
        "Maybe. I'm just giving Anakin time to pull together all the
legalities and find a way out of this."

        "WHAT?" Tenel Ka screamed. "King ZEKK?" Well at least she knew
        "Yes Tenel Ka, we've settled the details. You will meet him
tomorrow and the wedding will take place in two weeks time."
        "I already know him." She grumbled at the blank screen.

        "Jacen my friend. You remember my families search for a husband
for me?" She asked.
        "Who?" He said staring straight at her.
        "King Zekk of the Triworld Empire."
        "King ZEKK? As in the guy we lost track of that had a thing with
my sister?" She nodded. "How did he become king? Why couldn't he have
done that BEFORE Jaina got married to Raynar? I mean he's a nice guy but,
he's MARRIED to my sister." Jacen continued.
        "I don't my friend but I leave tomorrow. I suppose I should tell
you that I've always cared for you and that you mean a great deal to me
and that I will never love him."
        "And I'll say I've always cared about you and that this rips my
heart out and that's its all messed up. Jaina marries Raynar, you marry
Zekk. So when do I marry Lowie? Or Tahiri? Or Lusa or some one else that
I shouldn't."
        "I do not suggest you marry Lowie, it would not reflect well on
your family."

        "Jaina, the holo is beeping at you." Raynar called. Jaina was
lying on the bed looking at the ceiling. In half an hour they were going
on a tour and had to act, well, married. Not dead, happy, lovey dovey,
and kissy.
        "Hello." He brother popped into view.
        "I got awful news Jaya."
        "Jasa, nothing could be bad news. I'm married!"
        "Oh yeah? Zekk waited to just after you got married to inherit
several billion credits and a couple of planets. He's King Zekk now." She
turned pale.
        "It gets worse. Now he's going to marry Tenel Ka! Her family and
his advisors worked the whole thing out." Jaina fell over. Raynar thanked
Jacen for the wonderful news and dragged Jaina onto the bed. He splashed
her face. 
        "Put one of those frilly things on. We have to go act like a
happy couple." Then he added, "Dear." She threw a pillow at him.
        "Don't start practicing yet, sweetie. You'll make the goldfish

        "Hello King Zekk." Tenel Ka greeted. He forced a smile.
        "So formal? Hello Princess." She gave him a cold stare. "Lets get
some things straight. I don't love you, you don't love me. We'll kiss to
make them happy and we will give them one heir. That is only time such
activities will take place. I have to do this so I will but I will not
like it."
        "Glad we're clear." He nodded. "So, how would you like to start
the 'getting to know each other process'?"
        "Sight seeing I guess. They'll like it." She took his arm.

        Jaina and Raynar smiled and held hands. Everyone once and a
while, directed by professional, they kissed. Sometimes little ones one
the cheek up other times much deeper. Raynar wasn't a bad kisser, Jaina
noticed. But he was Raynar! Jaina has to fight the urge to cry when they
announced them as "Raynar and Jaina Thul, the youngest human couple in
the sector.

        "Mom! I hate it! It's so unfair!" Jacen cried. "Raynar likes
Lusa, Jaina likes Zekk, I like Tenel Ka and they're all married to the
wrong people! What am I going to do."
        "Have you considered L-" His father started.
        "No I am not marrying Lowie!" He screamed.
        "I was going to say learning to get around it."
        "I can't take it!"
        "There are other fish in the sea." His mother offered.

        "I would like to thank you on behalf of-" Jaina nearly died "- of and I. We have enjoyed our stay on Mon Calmari immensely
and hope to visit again soo..oon." She choked. She sat down and Raynar
put his arm around her, pulling her close so she could cry.

*Part one of this story can be found here.

Forced Love
Part Three
By Anakina Kyp-Jade

        Jaina was back at her 'home' of Coruscant. She and Raynar had a
nice cozy place in-between the Imperial palace and the Trade head
quarters. She turned the invitation over in her hand.
        "Why should I go to his? He didn't bother to go to mine." Jaina
sighed. She went over and hugged her friend. "It's not that you awful or
anything. Don't ever think that."
        "I know. You have to go for Tenel Ka's sake, and your brother's.
Look, Tenel Ka even somehow managed to get you to be a bride's matron.
I'm going to try and talk to Lusa." He sighed. He hadn't been able to
talk to her since the wedding. "I don't know what I'd do if she got
married. I'm really sorry this had to happen. But it should be pretty
funny. The affairs system is going to go all over the place. Who's
brother going to marry?"
        "I don't know, for some reason Lowie sticks in my head." They
laughed. Even though they didn't love each other they were friends, which
made it...well better than Tenel Ka and Zekk.

        "Grandmother! You picked the groom; I'll pick the others! I want
Jacen and Jaina and Raynar and Lusa and Lowie too." She emphasized the
'and' 's.
        "But the Wookie and the centaur won't fit in the dresses and
suits we've picked out. And, Granddaughter, You should have *maids* of
honor and virgins at that."
"Just because she's married doesn't mean she's not a virgin and if she's
not it because of King Gloom! And why does my dress have to be pink?"
"Because young women wear pink dresses to weddings!" Her grandmother
shouted but at least they were of the bride's maids topic.

        "Zekk, why are you doing this?" Tenel Ka asked. "We never had any
interest in each other you could get out of this. They can't force *you*
to get married, just me."
        "I have to think about what's best for my kingdom and Jaina and
Raynar were never interested in each other. I don't really want to do
this but it doesn't matter. Which would you prefer, me or some one you
didn't know, Princess." She lunged at him. They had quite a brawl. He was
older and knew different techniques. She was stronger and more
        "You see your highness-" She punched him harder "-we both are
stubborn and strong. I think you'll find being married to me is a good
thing. I'll rule and you'll train. Then when you're a Jedi you'll have
more time to spend saving the universe. You'll have to come back for
social occasion of course, plus whenever you want to. But you'll be
fairly free. I doubt anyone else could offer that." She stopped fighting
and stared at him. She had been wrong, she didn't know him. He was a
complete stranger.

(There are several places I could take this, BUT I've decided to try
something a little different for me, something I've never done before)

Jacen was going insane. He paced back and forth. Suddenly, Lowie came up.
"Master Lowbacca wishes to express his sorrow at the missed matched
weddings, and so do I." Lowie grumbled some more things.
"Master Lowbacca! Oh help, I'm doomed! I cannot hear properly! It sounded
as though you were asking Master Jacen to marry you! Don't deactivate me,
I'm sure the problem can be- what do you mean I heard right?" The little
droid said with much mechanical distress.

"Jaya! Jaina!" Anakin shouted bursting into her and Raynar's quarters.
"What is it, squirt?" Raynar asked hopefully.
"I figured it out!" He cried excitedly.
"It is a very thin line, and very brushed over but all you have to do to
get out of this is have a child!"
"That's it? Well, I guess I'll just go do that right now. Anakin! I'm
"No, I mean, all you have to do is adopt! You can adopt Tahiri! That way
you won't have to take care of her and you can get divorced. She becomes
the life treaty bond! Then you'll be free so Zekk can name Jacen his heir
and 'retire' to let his 'son' take over so he can marry Tenel Ka."
"Anakin, you're a genius. Do you have the adoption papers?"
"Yep, sign here. You too Raynar. And here. I'll get her, Tionne and Uncle
Luke to sign as soon as I can get there. Now tell Jacen, but first Zekk
and Tenel Ka." Jaina was happy, but she was afraid to call Zekk.
        "Do you think we'll get through? They must be awfully busy".
Jaina said chewing on her lip.
        "Why not? We're supposed to tell her we can come." Raynar mused.
A guard blinked on the screen.
        "I'm Jaina Solo Thul, and this is my husband. We wish to speak
with her majesty Tenel Ka. It is most urgent." Jaina said eloquently (I
had to tell you that so you can use your imagination).
        "One moment." The guard said. He flicked back on and started to
tell them to try again later when shouting and loud thumps started
followed by the guard falling from view and Tenel Ka appearing.
        "Jaina, Raynar, I trust you can make the wedding?" She asked.
        "Yes, we can, but not together. We're getting divorced." Jaina
said proudly. She smiled and Raynar put his arm around her and did a
cheesy smile too. Then they pushed each other away.
        "What about the life treaty?" Tenel Ka asked, lifting an eyebrow.
        "We're adopting Tahiri. She'll bind our families as our child."
Raynar said. "That would make Jaina free so Zekk might reconsider his
throne and you."
        "And what if he just happened to make Jacen king? That way you
wouldn't have to marry my boyfriend or some one you don't know." Jaina
finished. Tenel Ka actually jumped for joy.
        "I'll be back, I have to tell king gloom." She said.

        "Jaina we have another message coming through." Raynar said to
the annoying beep that Jaina didn't notice. She clicked it.
        "Hey Jaina, I'm getting married." Her brother said.
        "How'd you know? Was it that twin thing again?" Jaina sighed.
        "Yea, we're getting divorced so Zekk won't have to marry your
sweetie and you can marry her. But we have to go, we're talking to her
now." Raynar continued.
        "Oh Jaina!" Zekk said. "This is great!"

        "I'm sorry Lowie, I have no control over this." Jacen sobbed.

        "Mom, Dad, we have announcement to make..." Jaina began. "Raynar
and I have decided to start a family!"

        "Hi, Mom, Dad." Tahiri giggled. "Uncle Anakin! Grandma, Grandpa."

        "Ouch, oh no!" Jacen screamed in pain. "I love you, but it's my
sister! And my scheming brother..ow ouch!"

        "Visitations on Sundays and every third Thursday.".

        "Jaina...oh, I love your brother!" Zekk then added quickly, "But
not as much as you!"

        "You are now coordinated Prince Jacen of the TriWorld empire.
Otherwise known as the bandage king!"

        "I do."         
        "I... I... I can't I'm in love with someone else. Oh Lowie,
Lowie...ouch sheesh Ta'a Chume! Ok I do.."

The first happy ending! close I get usually. I was going to have
Zekk turn evil and redo the empiree but I guess you'll have to settle for
this mush.

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