Forced Love
By Jaina

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This was so boring!! Jaina would rather be anywhere than where she was right now. At least she wasn't alone. She glanced at Raynar across the table and rolled her eyes. He grinned at her. The two of them had grown together in a tight trusting friendship since the battle with the Diversity Alliance. They were friends, nothing more, after all there was Zekk and Lusa.

But Jaina still didn't see why she had to be here. Jacen and Anakin didn't have to come to this! Sometimes life just wasn't fair. Then she heard her mother say something, she really hoped didn't mean what she thought it would...


Raynar had counted 39 cracks on the wall behind Jaina. How boring. So the New Republic and the Bornaran fleet were making some kind of life treaty or something, why did he have to be here. That's when he caught the concern on Jaina's face. She seemed to be working something out, remembering something she had learned. He kicked her under the table. She looked right up at him and shook her head. What was wrong?


A life treaty? They were going to have a life treaty? Jaina knew why she and Raynar were there now. A life treaty could only be bound by one thing. Marriage. So that meant...oh no. The thought of marrying Raynar sickened Jaina. It was horrible. Why would her mom do this, Jaina knew her mother didn't want this to happen to any of her kids. So why?


Leia hated this. She didn't want to do this to any of her children, but she saw no choice. The only way she could borrow the money from the Bornarian fleet was through a life treaty, and those could only be created by marriage. She wished there was some way around it, but she didn't know how. Without this money the Empire could rise up again, they needed to get rid of the last remnants of the Empire.

"So it's settled?" Leia could tell that the Thul family wasn't any happier than she and Han were. And by the look on Jaina's face, she knew what was coming.


Jaina and Raynar flew back to Yavin 4 in awkward silence. They had taken the Lightning Rod, they had only be gone for a day. They would leave the academy in a week, in preparation for the wedding, in 2 weeks. All had been explained, and Jaina had seen no way out. She looked over at Raynar.

"We need some ground rules," she said, "you know, that we won't, well you know," Jaina couldn't go there, it just sickened her, "and we won't get jealous, you know the obvious stuff."

Raynar nodded. "I think that's fairly obvious, but what about minor stuff, like, I don't know, kissing and all that."

Jaina thought for a moment. She began to bite her lower lip and then nodded. "Only in public, when necessary." she glanced over at him and saw his nod of agreement. Then they reached Yavin 4, still not knowing what to tell they're friends.


"What's wrong?" were the first words that flew out of Jacen Solo's mouth when he saw his sister.

"No fooling you, huh?" she asked with a lopsided grin. "I'll tell ya later, when we're settled."

"Midday meal?"

"Yea," Jaina said as she began to chew on her lip a little more, "see if we can eat in Uncle Luke's chambers, he needs to hear this too."

Jacen gave his sister a weird look, but ran off to find his uncle and friends.


Jaina took a deep breath and looked at her friends around her. She knew that no one would be pleased with this, especially Zekk, Lusa, and Jacen. So far Jacen had been over protective of her anyway, so this was just bound to make it worse.

"Well," Jaina began "There really isn't an easy way to say this, but the New Republic and Bornarian fleet are going to sign a life treaty."

"How? The only way to do that would be...." Jacen stopped in mid sentence as he figured out what had just happened.

"Hello, for the governmentally impaired, what's a life treaty?" Lusa asked.

"It's a treaty between a trading, or merchandising fleet and the New Republic, basically saying that they will back one another up in war, give financial help, and all that, and the only way it can be sealed, is with marriage between the Chief of States family, and the ruling family of that fleet." Jaina answered, not stopping to take breath.

Dead silence.

"So.." Zekk began.

"Yea." Jaina cut him off. Before anyone could say anything else, Zekk was climbing across the table to tackle Raynar. Jaina grabbed him around the waist to stop him, and ended up pulling him on top of her, knocking over her chair, and Lowie's at the same time.

"He can't do anything about it," Jaina said, trying to calm Zekk down, "Neither of us could, okay?" By this time Zekk had calmed down and was nodding. They got up off the floor, and could see Tenel Ka fighting the urge to smile.

"Please insight me on why this is funny?" Raynar asked pointedly. He wasn't in the mood to see this in a "new light" or whatever Tenel Ka was thinking.

"I'm sorry, I was just thinking that I am not the only one now with a forced marriage, that is all, please forgive me."

"The only thing I can't understand, is why would Leia do this, she didn't want to force you kids to do anything, she didn't want to be forced to do anything, why is she doing this?" Luke asked before anyone could say anything to Tenel Ka.

"The Empire is still out there, I think," was Jaina's reply, "she wants to get rid of them, even though, I don't know why the academy can't do that, I asked her, and she just shook her head." Jaina slumped back down in her chair, and finally had a chance to throw a glance at Lusa. She still hadn't moved since she had heard what a life treaty was.

"Lusa, you okay?" Jaina asked, this was the worst part, Lusa was one of her friends, and this could completely destroy the friendship. Lusa just shook her head, her main tumbling down out of it's du, all around her. She couldn't even speak, this had to be some kind of joke, but the way Jaina and Raynar were playing it, it couldn't be.

"Jaina?" Jaina turned to her younger brother Anakin, who hadn't said a thing all evening. She now saw why, he was hunched over a data pad. "Come look at this."

Jaina walked over to her brother. "Yea?"

"Read line 27." Jaina began to read.

A life treaty will be broken in the event of divorce between the two parties.

"So what? I knew that Anakin.

"No, keep reading."

Jaina read what it said.

"We can make that happen, thanks little bro."


It was good to be back on Courscant, Jaina couldn't deny that. Even if it was to be married. Jaina shook her head, it was all happening so quickly. She, Raynar, and her brothers were flying in today, the others would be coming tomorrow. The wedding was in 3 days. She still hadn't gotten a dress or, found bridesmaids, now that was a joke, bridesmaids? Jaina smiled. Her maid of honor should be Zekk, he was her best friend. And the guy she should be marring.


Raynar couldn't believe that in 3 days he's be married to Jaina. He knew he should be happy, Jaina was probably one of the most sought out brides in the galaxy, at least she would be, or would've been. But according to the laws of what's right she should be marring a scruffy looking kid from the underworlds of Courscant. And he knew who he should be marring.


Jaina looked down at her gown. 'It should be light blue' she thought. But it was white. It had already been chosen, and Jaina thought she looked horrible in it. Jaina looked down the aisle, as it became her turn to walk down.

'Well, now or never' she thought, 'I wish it could of been later.'


"The marriage of Jaina Solo, daughter of Leia Organa Solo, Chief of State, and General Han Solo, of the New Republic fleet, and Raynar Thul, took place today. Probably one of the youngest marriages in the galaxy..." Zekk turned the holovid off in disgust. He walked outside his apartment on Courscant. He knew Jaina must of missed him at the wedding. But he had decided it didn't matter, what did?

Zekk began to walk down the street to a club he knew about, that was opened to all ages. Zekk walked in and sat down in a booth. He knew he looked old enough, that if he wanted to, he could order a drink and get seriously drunk.

But women didn't go for that sort of thing. Zekk had already sent word to Master Skywalker that he would not be able to return to the Academy for "personal" reasons. But he was sure Luke knew what they were.


Tenel Ka resisted the urge to roll her eyes. Normally she wasn't so emotional, it seemed like everything was either a big joke, or stupid to her these days, it had started when she had found out that Jaina and Raynar would have to get married. It probably had something to do with her grandmother urging her to come home to complete her political training.

But still, this was one of the saddest weddings she had ever been to. Tenel Ka couldn't believe everyone was crying. Jaina, Miss Solo, Lusa, Ms. Thul, and Jacen looked like he was getting ready to have a nervous break down. Zekk hadn't even bothered to show up, which is what made Jaina begin to cry in the first place. Tenel Ka doubted anyone would be getting this emotional at her wedding, even though she was going to have to marry someone she probably didn't even know. Jaina and Raynar knew one another at least, and got along. That's when it hit her. Tenel Ka was jealous. She knew that she wanted at least what Jaina and Raynar got. And it wasn't like much was going to change, except they had to act all in love in front of the cameras.


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Forced Love
By Jaina

Part 2

Disclaimer: if I had a brain I would of made up these characters. But I don't, so I didn't, so I ain't gettin paid

"Raynar!! Stop!! Okay, I thouhgt we had deal!! Stop it!!" Jaina said as she pulled her knees up to her chest. Raynar looked up to her with an exasperated look on his face. Jaina hit him over the head. "I said one toe!! You could paint one toe!! Now ALL of my toes are orange!!" Jaina shook her head. She knew that they had to be one of the first couples, Jaina couldn't believe she was a couple!!, to paint toes on their wedding night. But being stuck up here was so boring!!!

"This entire marriage thing sucks!" Raynar said with disgust.

"For you and me both," Jaina said, "for you and me both." Suddenly she thought of something. Why had she not gotten this idea sooner?

"Hey Raynar, you wanna break out of here?"

"We can't go out the door genius, our parents locked us in here. Our moms may not be happy about the araingment, but they do want little grand people running around."

"We don't go out the door, haven't you ever run off before?"

"Oh, and you have?"

"You think my parents, let me go see Zekk when I was little? I've snuck out of this palace plenty of times, come on!" Jaina said as she began to crawl up the ventalation shaft. Raynar shook his head, but climbed up after her.


"What you need is a macaanic for a girlfriend!" Zella said as she left Zekk's table in disgust. That was the fourth girl who had left and the fourth girl who had said that.

'Well it's true,' he thought, 'I do need a mancanic. But she's gone.'

"Zekk, hey Zekk!!" Zekk looked up to see who could be calling his name. Jacen jogged up to the table, followed by Tenel Ka, Lowie, Lusa, and Anakin.

"Where's chaterbox?" Zekk said glumly to Anakin.

"If you mean Tahiri," Anakin said rolling his eyes, "she's not used to running around at this time in the morning, looking for people who don't show up at their best friend's wedding."

"I never said I was going to go," Zekk replied.

Jacen sighed and sat down accross from Zekk. Everyone else took a seat to, this could take a while.


"Hurry up will you?" Jaina hissed impatiently.

"I've never done this before, you want to wait up?" Raynar replied.

"Where are we going anyway?"

"To Jacen, he's at some club."

"I'm not even going to start about why you should know that."

"You're a jedi, you've seen us do this lots of times."

They crawled along in silence for a few seconds.

"You know, if we do have to stay married, it won't last long, with us fighting like this, already."

"Raynar, we always fight like this, it's part of us being friends, even though I don't understand why we're friends in the first place."

"Nice, real nice, are we there yet?"



"You think this is easy for me?!?!"Lusa yelled at Zekk. "I'm in the exact same position as you, and I'm not hiding! And I know you left the Acadamy, didn't you." Lusa pulled back from him for a second. "You must of, if you couldn't of stood the wedding."

"So what, I'll find some nice jedi person to complete my training, if I decide to complete it!"

"Look, self pity, and trying to make Jaina jealous isn't going to work, you need to face it, it's not easy, I'll tell you that, but you gotta!!"

"Hey, you and Raynar didn't have what me and Jaina had!!"

"We had feelings for one another, what happened to you that makes you so special? I was evil to, I messed up, same as you!

"Yea, but when you messed up, you didn't almost kill Raynar, you didn't come back to the light or whatever because of Raynar, and after that you didn't live because Raynar was the only thing going for you in your life!!"

Zekk couldn't believe what he was saying, that he would tell anyone this.

Lusa barily flinched. "It doesn't matter what you went through, if you could get out of that mess, you must be able to pull yourself through during this!!" her voice getting louder with each word.

"Why won't you leave me alone!! Why do you care what I do?"

"Because you aren't any better than me, you don't deserve all of this pity, I want you to see that you aren't any more special!!"

"Whoa and I thought we fought bad," a voice said from behind Zekk.

He turned to face Jaina. She walked inbetween Lusa and Zekk, who during the fight had stood up. "We aren't nearly as bad as these two!" she said to Raynar.

"Actually, we are as bad as them, we don't get as loud as them, but we fight more."

"The point was who fights the worst, not the most, rainbow boy."

"Don't call me that! I haven't worn anything "weird" since, since..."

"Since the wedding?"

"It wasn't by choice!"

"Excuse me for interuptting," Tenel Ka said, this was getting really old, "but what are you two doing down here my friends?"

"They want to hear one of my jokes," Jacen replied.

"Jacen my friend, now is not the time, please, tell Lowbacca later."

A series of barks and growels came from the Wookie, then em teedee piped up, "Master Lowbacca, expresses his discontent, on the matter of Master Jacen's jokes."

"Sounded more like 'No way' em teedee," Jaina told the little droid, who in the meantime had begun to use a bottle of paint remover for her toes and was taking the orange stuff off.

"How did that happen?" Anakin asked, looking at her toes, and their strange color. Jaina jerked her thumb to Raynar.

"He thought it would be fun to dump the whole bottle on my toes."

"I tried!" was Raynar's pathetic response.

"That's a pathetic excuse."

Raynar opened his mouth then closed it, then opened it again. He sighed.

"I know."

"You agree with me?"

"Yea, 'I tried' is a very pathetic excuse."

"Good for you, now if you could just see my point, that we get to go on a vacation, excuse me, "honeymoon" for 2 weeks, we should go to Mon Calamari."

"No, I want to go to Naboo, and I'm the husband, shouldn't I get to choose?"

"Shut up," Jaina retorted, "you want to go to Naboo, fine go!"

"I will!"

"Good! You know, I don't like this marrage thing anymore than you, so let's get one thing strait, you being the husband, gives you NO power, understand?"

"Don't take it out on me, I didn't want to marry you!"

"Will you two shut up!!" Tenel Ka looked around for who said that.

When she noticed everyone staring at her, with their mouths wide open. Tenel Ka realized she had been the one to yell out in the middle. "Sorry" she muttered.

"Tenel Ka, what is with you?" Jacen asked, she had been like this all week, he was tired of it.

"You want to know what is 'with me'?" she asked, "I will tell you what's 'with me'. Jaina and Raynar know one another, and like one another, to some degree, they are about the same age and they have to be married, and everyone has not stopped complaining and crying, and whinning about it since we all found out! I, on the other hand, must marry someone I have never meet, may not like, may not be anywhere near my age, and someday I will have to marry them, if I was given a situation like Jaina and Raynar's I would be happy. I might even smile, friend Jacen." With that she stood up and walked out of the club. By this point the area around them had cleared out, and most people were watching what was happening.


Tahiri wasn't asleep. In fact, she was wide awake, working on getting a transmission to work. She may of been young, but she knew what she was doing, at least she thought she did.


Well, that was part 2, as stupid as it was. I have notice however, that I put alot of things in parentasies, and I would like to blame that on Dr. Evil, and my friends who constantly immate him, it's rubbing off.

Forced Love
By Jaina

Part 3

Disclaimer: I don't own any of this, if I did I'd be rich and wouldn't be wasting my time writing fanfic for free.

"Tenel Ka!!" Jacen followed the young warrior out into the night."Hey, Tenel Ka, wait up!!"

Tenel Ka turned around and waited for Jacen to catch up to her. Jacen finally did, panting. Tenel Ka ran fast anyway, but when she was angry....

"Hey, I just want to make sure your okay. Wanna ease up a little?" Jacen asked.

"Friend Jacen, I am not okay, if I was okay, I would not have began yelling."

"Point." Jacen knew that there had to be something more than what Tenel Ka had said back there. There had to be....

"Friend Jacen?"


"There is nothing more than jealousy behind my anger. It is something I must overcome on my own, no one can help me."

"But we can help you, and lemme tell you, jealousy isn't so bad."

"Dathmorians can be banished from their clan, for jealousy."

Jacen let out a low wistle. "Tough. Maybe it is bad. But Tenel Ka, we can help you, I can help you. We can over come this."

"I must not become to reliable on people, people can.." Tenel Ka stopped before she got herself into something she had to explain.

"People can what?"

"People can hurt one another." Tenel Ka looked away from Jacen at this. Jacen turned Tenel Ka's face towards his.

"Tenel Ka, I will never, ever hurt you." With this Jacen began to softly kiss Tenel Ka. Tenel Ka pulled away.

"But don't you see friend Jacen? I could hurt you." With this Tenel Ka began to run down the passage and back towards her room. Jacen didn't follow.


Jaina gave an apraising nod as she entered her room on Mon Calamiri. She knew that most people found it weird that she was on her honeymoon in a completely different sector than her husband.

'Oh well,' she thought, 'this isn't your average marriage.'

Jaina threw herself down on her bed and began to think through what had happened two nights before. Tenel Ka had completely blown up at Jaina and Raynar, and Jaina felt horrible about it. But Tenel Ka's situation wasn't her fault. She knew Jacen had done something to Tenel Ka, more than likely kiss her, since Jaina was getting a very hurt, and self pitying vib from him.

She meant to talk to him before she left, but everyone had been up in arms about the double honeymoon.

And then there had been Zekk. He had looked so heartbroken, so helpless that night. And Jaina couldn't blame him. I mean, she and Raynar had taken this pretty well, and Lusa wasn't mad at Jaina, even though she was obviously mad at someone. But of course it had hurt Zekk the hardest. Jaina had been his best friend, his sister, his, yes, his love, his everything. Lusa had someother friends, not many, but someothers, who she could turn to. For so long Zekk had cut himself out of everyone's lives but Jaina.

Jaina shook her head. She had to many worries already. So far everyone had bought that she and Raynar were actually in love or something, the negotiations for the life treaty were taking place, and Jaina couldn't believe it, but Raynar was actually getting "better" They had been fighting so much less. They had actually decided on a huge apartment, with two different wings, Jaina took the right one, Raynar in the left one. And no one had noticed they had snuck out on their wedding night.

But still.. there was something else there, something that couldn't be there, it shouldn't be there. Jaina hoped it wasn't.


Raynar looked around Naboo. It was beutiful. He just wished he had someone here to enjoy it with. Like Lusa, or even Jaina...

Raynar shook his head, no, no, he didn't want Jaina. He couldn't want Jaina with him, Zekk would murder him. And Raynar wouldn't put it past him. Zekk had loved Jaina with all his life, everything he had. Raynar just knew that he had to back off from Jaina. Someone might get the wrong idea.


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Forced Love
By Jaina

Part 4

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"Yes my master. No my master. Of course my master." Tahiri couldn't wait to get out of here. Being a Sith wasn't all fun and games. However, when she got Anakin, Zekk, Jacen, and anyone else she could get to join her over here, it would be more fun. Lots of fun. Zekk and Jacen wouldn't be that hard, they had both had their hearts broken recently, especially when Tenel Ka had just suddenly left for Hapes. And Anakin had little self confidence in his abilitys. It shouldn't be to hard.

"Tahiri!" Tahari's head snapped up when her master spoke to her. "Pay attention, getting the Skywalker bloodline back into the dark side, is not easy. I, myself have tried, and failed. We must try and succed this time."

Callista shook her head. "I can't believe it, you won't be able to do it."

"Quiet!" Mara Jade snapped. "I don't need any complaints from a prisinor!"

"That's all I am to you, just a prisoner, look, I was just trying to get a job, how did I know you lived in that place? And what Luke did to you was not my fault!"

"He left me! He was still in love with his darling Callista! Well not anymore, once I have his nephews, Luke will have to come and rescue them, and then he will be mine for the taking!"

"You want be able to just take him, not only is he a jedi, but he's a little bit smarter than a pair of Nalaa tree frogs! You're plan won't work."

"Excuse me," Tahiri said stepping in, this was even worse then hearing Zekk and Jacen pity themselves, "but you please finish this another time, showing no disrespect my master," Tahiri said with a bow, "but I do need to know how I will return to Yavin 4, and when you want the boys."

Mara Jade nodded at Tahiri, and began to give her the information she wanted.


'Just keep smiling, just keep smiling,' was all Jaina could think at the ball she had was attending, with, who else, Raynar. Jaina was so sick of this, having to pretend like this. She had been with Raynar almost every waking moment since she had arrived home from her honeymoon, almost a month eariler. 'Oh great,' Jaina thought, 'another toast. Another kiss.'

Sure enough, Raynar kissed Jaina after the toast. She decided they were just trying to drive Raynar and Jaina insane. However, Raynar was a good, kisser, a great kisser infact.


'At least she's good at this,' thought Raynar as he pulled back from Jaina. It could be worse. Lusa could be acting like Zekk, and completely pull out of his life. Oh well. Not his problum. Well, not really. But then he finally had to admit to himself that it did bother him to see Jaina like this, so sad when she was at home.

He remembered the previous evening, where there had finally been a night at home, they had eaten some kind of salad, and Jaina had just broke down in the middle of it and began to sob. She wouldn't even tell Raynar why, but he knew it had to have something to do with Zekk. She looked worse, then when he was bounty hunting, or even when he was with the Shadow Acadamy. Raynar was pulled out of his daze when Jaina began to drag him onto the dance floor, first dance, it would be unusual for them not to dance this dance. 'At least she's a good dancer.'


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Forced Love
By Jaina

Part 5

Disclaimer:They didn't catch me last time.

Tahiri let out a big sigh. This was so much fun, listening to Master Skywalker's lessons. They went on and on and on. Tahiri hated them. 'Oh well, Mara will deal with him. Well, if she doesn't marry him or something like that.' With all the marriages and everything going on though, Tahiri wasn't quite sure who was in love with whom. But she didn't care. She was on a mission. And tonight was the night. The night she'd get the guys. She was pretty sure that the others would come looking for them. 'Can't be too hard.'


Zekk sat on a big boulder near the river. In the river was Jacen just floating around. Anakin was studying something on a datapad. 'Probably something for Jaina and Raynar.' Zekk thought. Their group had really shrunk. Jaina and Raynar had stayed on Courscant, between the treaty and all the publicity, it was easier. Tenel Ka had gone home, to Hapes, something about a family emergency, but Zekk had suspected more, they all had. Tahiri kept disappearing. Lowie had gotten sick of everyone acting so weird and was constantly working on the Rock Dragon, he had told them to get him when everything went back to normal. And Lusa, well Lusa did have one or two other friends, which she now spent all of her time with.

Zekk began to try to figure out what Jaina must have been doing when he suddenly heard a loud crash right behind him in the woods.


Tahiri smacked the top of her head. These guys were horrible. Her master had told her that they were the best smugglers still out there. The New Republic had boosted that the spice trading had gone down in the past years, because they had "really cracked down on them". 'Yea right, the smugglers just became idiots, the New Republic had nothing to do with it.' Tahiri thought as yet another one dropped his blaster.


Jacen had been stunned. That was all he could tell. He sat up and visions clouded back into his mind. Zekk being stunned, his lightsaber flying out of his hands, Anakin's shocked look, Anakin had been the only one to see the attackers. He shook his head and looked around. Zekk was still stunned on the bunk beside him, he couldn't see Anakin. Where were they?


"You're in the new Empire's homebase." Tahiri explained to Anakin. Anakin had woken up first, in a room of his own. "Wait a second, your brother just woke up." Tahiri said as she left locking the door behind her.

'Glad to know she trusts me.' Anakin thought glumly. He couldn't believe that Tahiri, of all people, had turned to the darkside. And she wanted Anakin, Jacen, and Zekk to turn too. Anakin knew it wouldn't be that hard, that Jacen and Zekk were very vulnerable. Anything could happen to them.


"Okay, this time imagine Raynar has actually fallen in love with Jaina.."

"He won't!! And if he does, he has another thing coming for him!" Zekk snipped back at Tahiri.

"I said imagine! So, IMAGINE that Raynar has fallen in love with Jaina, and her with him. Got that?"


"Good." This was tougher than Tahiri had thought it'd be. Anyway, she went over and turned on the image of Raynar. Zekk, armed with a lightsaber, attacked the creature like a wild rancor that hadn't eaten in a while. The thought made Tahiri, who was ironically a vegetarian, sick. 'Memo to me, don't make him mad.' She thought as she turned off the image. If that had really been Raynar, no one would even be able to find anything left of him.

"Good, very good infact." Tahiri said with a smile. The boys might of been pigheaded, but at least all three of them had easily turned.


Jaina looked over at the young warrior. She couldn't believe that the guys had been gone for 2 months and Tenel Ka had just now heard about it.

"We must go find them." Tenel Ka said with deep determination.

"We don't know where they went! We've been looking for 2 months, they are no where to be found!" Jaina was so exasperated. Did no one understand that they had no leads?

"Can't you find Jacen?"

"No, he's blocked his mind from me. I don't know where he learned to do that, but he has!"

"Can you find where the mind block begins?"

"Of all the....wonderful ideas, Tenel Ka you just might have it!" Jaina exclaimed as she began to concentrate. Sure enough, there was the mind block, and she searched for it's location. It took her a minute, but she finally found it. "Yavin 5! They're been one hour away the whole time!"

"Yavin 5?" Raynar spoke up from the corner, "There's only about a standard kilometer of livable land there! It's like Ryloth!"

"Well, they must be on that little strip of land." Jaina replied. "Tenel Ka, Raynar and I have to get ready for some kind of ball or something tonight, can you and Lowie get the Rock Dragon ready?" Jaina asked as she began to walk over to her section of the apartment.

"Yes, friend Jaina, I believe we can." Jaina smiled. That was the first time Tenel Ka had called one of them her friends since she had arrived that morning.

"Thanks Tenel Ka."


It had all gotten easier as the time had passed, the pretending for Raynar and Jaina. They danced better, they kissed better, and they had picked up the little things. Since the press often followed them home, Raynar kept his arm around Jaina the whole time.

That's where they were now. Up their steps, photographers taking pictures the whole time. The press had never gotten tired of them.

But this time when they entered Raynar's arm didn't leave Jaina's shoulders.

And Jaina's head didn't leave his shoulders. Not for a moment anyway. As they reached the stairs that separated their sections of the house, Raynar turned to look at Jaina.

"I'm sure we'll find them Jaina," he said with more confidence than he felt.

"I hope so," she replied. Before she knew what was happening Raynar was kissing her. And to her surprised she kissed him back. She had no clue how good it felt, to kiss him without lights flashing, and everyone watching. It felt good. So good.


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Forced Love
By Jaina

Part 6

Disclaimer: I dare you to sue me.

Jaina piloted the ship down onto Yavin 5. Raynar squeezed her shoulder and looked down at her. She smiled back, but very weakly.

"We'll find them, don't worry."

"Me? Worried? How'd you guess?" Raynar just smiled at her as they walked into the main area of the Rock Dragon.

"Well, what are we waiting for?" Jaina said with dry humer.


Tihiri walked out as a strange ship landed near her mediatation area. Great. They had come to get the guys back. Like they'd go back.


Tenel Ka's lightsaber crashed with Tihiri's. She was the only thing stopping her from getting to Jacen. With one swift move, she struck the handle of Tihiri's weapon. Tihiri knew she was beat, but she gave up hope not yet. She tried to hit Tenel Ka, but this was naturally unsuccessful. Tenel Ka returned, and left Tihiri there. She would be alright.

Tenel Ka ran into the building and began to follow the link she connected to with Jacen.


"She's helping us, Jaina!! We have, what'd she call it, surpressed anger!!" Jacen practaclly screamed in Jaina's face.

Zekk just sat there stunned. He hadn't really, in any of his trainning, considered himself on the dark side. He had lied to himself, telling himself that if Jacen was doing this, it must be okay.

Tenel Ka walked in at this and looked strait at Jacen.

"What are you doing here, you don't care about me anymore." Jacen said with more hatred than Tenel Ka had known him to have.

Jaina pulled Zekk to his feet and went out the door. This was Tenel Ka's battle.

"I do care about you Jacen my friend. I care about you more than you could know. "

"Then why'd you leave me?"

"I did not want to hurt you, I thought it better if I left then."

"Well you did hurt me."

"I see that Jacen. But I must tell you why I left. My grandmother, she would refuse to let us marry."


"She does not want me to marry a jedi. When I complete my training, she wants me as far away from jedi as I can be."

"Why do you have to listen to her?"

"She's my grandmother, if I didn't I could, well I could, I don't know why I listen to her. I suppose for my father's sake. I am to be the Queen of Hapes, she is my guide along that path."

"Suppose you took a different path?"

"Such as?"

"Such as death for you both?"

Tenel Ka and Jacen turned to look at the person who had entered the room.

"Mara Jade." Tenel Ka said. She knew this woman well, this was the woman her jedi master had left in search of happiness. She knew her too well.

"I have not seen you since you came back to battle Luke at the acadamy."

"Yes, and unforutnatly my young Tenel Ka, I lost that battle to you, you are over protective of you master are you not?"

"I am not overprotective, I am just protective."

"Agh, well then I suggest." Mara Jade didn't get to finish her suggestion, she fell flat on her face.

"Can't use the force, but I can use pottery," came the voice from behind Mara Jade, it was Callista, "good thing she was a collector."

"Hey you guys," Raynar and Lusa peeking out from behind Callista. Jaina and Zekk weren't to far behind, with Anakin trailing while trying to carry Tahiri with the force.


Tenel Ka sat at the table with all of her friends, minus Jaina and Raynar, at the Corellian Resturant on Courscant. Jaina and Raynar were on their way.

She still did not know what to tell her grandmother, but that was something she could overcome at a later time, when things had seattled down. With Jacen. A voice behind her interrupetted her thoughts.

"Yes Raynar, you do have to do this, because you don't know how to work the holocam."

"Can't you teach me."

"No, now do it."

"Fine, fine."

Raynar walked around Tenel Ka to Lusa.

"You got that thing rolling?"

"Yea, yea, get on with it."

At that Raynar leaned over Lusa and gave her the most passionate kiss she had ever gotten, and Lusa had been kissed quite a few times. Raynar pulled back and turned to Jaina as she cut off the holocom.

"Is that enough?"

"Yeah, you act like you don't like it."

"I've been kissing enough in public lately thank you."


"Therefore my client puts her grounds of divorce on the fact that her husband was cheating on her, under the grounds of Aldranian law, that does call for divorce, while not breaking an contracts made by the familys." Jaina's lawyer sat down at the end of her speach to the judge.

"Well, I see nothing wrong with that, if you two would kindly sign these papers, I think we could have this over with in a few hours."

"The sooner the better," Raynar said, "I've got plans for tonight."


"Where are you going?" Jacen asked his sister as she flew through the Solo's living room in anew dress she had gotten in honor of the divorce.

"Yea, Jaina, where are you going like that, not to a hanger bay I hope?" Zekk said teasingly.

"No," she replied, "if you must know, I have a date."

"You've been divorced for what 3 hours and you have a date?" Jacen replied.

"Yeah, oh great I left my earrings upstairs," Jaina said as the doorbell rang, "would you two get that?"

Jacen opened the door to find Raynar there.

"Hey, you come by to play a round of sabacc? Lowie, Anakin, and Tenel Ka should be here soon."

"Uh, no."

Jaina came down the stairs.

"No, he's my date."


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