By Sarah Lundy

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DESCRIPTION: This little ditty takes place during `bout the last page and a half of "The Emperor's Plague" and a few days after. So, logically it does contain spoilers. Oh, and fans of a possible Jaina/Zekk thing (HINT HINT! Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta! *G*) should like this story.

Well, any ways I'm rambling. On with the show!

Jaina looked around at her friends. Lowie was leaned up against a tree, Raynar was sitting with Lusa, Jacen was sitting with Tenel Ka and she was sitting with Zekk. They were likenormal teenagers, having normal conversations, living normal lives. This was sure a nice break from the real world.

The fight with the Diversity Alliance was over and all was well with the New Republic....for now. After they had saved the entire human race, the teens had stayed on Coruscant for a couple weeks to help things get straightened out.

Repairs on the Jedi Academy were finally complete. Earlier that day there were a few awards given out and a small party. The young Jedi Knights took that time to go swimming in the river. After spending a few hours splashing around or floating lazily, they went to their favourite spot in the jungle.

Jaina looked around at her friends again, her eyes coming to a rest on Zekk. Her troubled friend had decided to stay on Yavin 4 to train with them. This made her very happy. The two had become closer over the past little while. She still remembered the day that Zekk had "dropped in" on her and Jacen's 9th birthday. With Zekk's black hair and emerald eyes that Jaina found herself getting lost in so many times, it's not hard to admit that he was good looking.

As she was about to get lost in his eyes yet again, something caught her attention. She glanced over at her twin brother. Tenel Ka, just out of the blue, kissed Jacen. Jaina felt happy for him, but at the same time she wished that it could have been Zekk and her instead. Jaina felt Zekk put his arm around her. She wasn't sure if it was just a part of their friendship, or if he felt the same way.

Zekk put his arm around Jaina. He liked being this close to her. Jaina rested her head on his shoulder. He gazed down at his friend. He pulled her closer. This was nice. Just a group of teenagers hanging out around a fire. No wars, no trying to save the galaxy....just sitting.

Lowie got up and started to leave. Why, Zekk wasn't quite sure. He then glanced around at his friends,yhe group had somewhat coupled off during the night and Lowie was flying solo.

"Don't leave," Jaina said. Lowie charffed something that Zekk couldn't understand. Lowie had turned Em-Teedee off earlier that day.

"Oh, OK. See you tomorrow," Jaina said.

"What'd he say?" Zekk whispered to Jaina. "He said that he was tired," she whispered back.

"Oh," was all he could say.

The rest stayed there for who knows how long. Eventually Raynar, Lusa, Tenel Ka and Jacen left, leaving Zekk and Jaina alone. Zekk watched as Jaina stood up to give her brother a hug.

She sat down again. He put his arm around Jaina again, pulling her closer than before. Jaina yawned and put her head on his shoulder.

"You look tired," he said.

"Uh-huh," Jaina mumbled. He had to laugh at that. He stood up, pulling her with him.

"Come on, I'll walk back with you," he said.

"OK,"she said. So, they walked back together with his arm around her the whole time.

When they got to Jaina's room, the two said goodnight and the ex-bounty hunter trainee kissed her on the cheek, not noticing Jaina slightly blush. She went into her room and Zekk walked away.

Jaina laid in bed, staring up at the ceiling. She glanced over at the chrono on her bedside table.

"Ugh...2 am," she grunted.

She had fallen asleep for roughly half an hour after she and Zekk had said goodnight. She still felt his warm, comforting arm around her and his lips on her cheek.

Jaina glanced at the chrono again- 2:03.

"That's it".

She got out of bed and went to sit on the roof of the temple. She pulled her legs up to her chest, rested her chin on her knees and stared into the night of Yavin 4.

When Jedi Master, Luke Skywalker went to check on his niece, she wasn't in her room. The first though that chased across his mind was that something was wrong. But he calmed the protective uncle part of him and went to look for Jaina. He found her on the roof, staring into space.

"Credit for your thoughts," he said, sitting down next to her.

"Oh! Hi Uncle Luke," she said, a smidge startled.

"Is there any reason why you're sitting on a roof at 2 in the morning?" Luke asked.

"Can't sleep," Jaina replied

"So, what did you guys get up to when you disappeared this afternoon?" he asked.

"Oh, not much. Just hung out and stuff," she said. He could tell that she was leaving something out.

"Anything else?" He asked, sounding a bit concerned.

"Well, when we were hanging out Tenel Ka kissed Jacen and I'm happy for them and all but I wish that it could've been me and Zekk. I mean he's a great friend, but there's a part of me that wants more than just a friendship and I don't know if Zekk feels the same way about me," Jaina blurted out.

"Oh," he said. "So what you're saying is that you have feelings for Zekk and you're not sure if the feeling is mutual".

"Exactly," she half sighed, half laughed.

"Well, only time will tell Jaina." he said, standing up. "I'm going in now, which you should do soon."

"Yeah. Goodnight Uncle Luke," she said.

"Goodnight Jaina," Luke said as he walked away.

In Jaina's dream, she heard a distant beeping. It got louder and louder and louder, then she woke up.

"Whu...?" she moaned. She sat up, glared at her chrono alarm and tossed it across her room to shut it off.

6 am. "Ugh," she grunted, lying down again.

She hated getting up this early, but she needed to have a shower. Finally, a little reluctantly, she got up out of her bed and walked to the women's showers.

The Grand Audience Chamber was about full when Jaina finally came in. Zekk stood up and waved her over.

"Hey Zekk," she said as she took a seat.

"Hey Jaina," he said. Zekk was about to ask her if she wanted to go for a walk after the lecture, but something stopped him. Jaina was a good friend. But he hadfeelings, strong feelings for her. What if she didn't feel the same way about him? He had just got the courage to ask her as Master Skywalker came out. So, he settled back to listen to the day's lecture.

Jacen started feeding his animals when someone knocked at his door.

"Come in," he said.

"Hey Jacen," Zekk said cheerfully.

"Hey Zekk," he said back.

"Jacen, you and Jaina are really close, right?" Zekk asked.

"Uh, yeah...she's kinda my twin sister," he said, flashing a lop-sided Solo grin.

"Yeah. Well does Jaina ever, um, mention me?" Zekk asked.

"If you're asking if Jaina likes you, I can't answer that question. We may be twins, but she doesn't exactly talk about that stuff to me," he replied.

"Oh," Zekk said.

"But I kind of get the feeling that she does, uh, like you," he said.

"Oh," Zekk said, cheering up. "Well, thanks. See ya Jacen".

"Bye Zekk," he said and went back to feeding his brood of animals.

Raynar Thul was getting read to go to bed as there was a knock at his door.

"Come in," he said, and was slightly surprised to see Jaina enter his room.

"Hey Raynar," she said. Before he could say anything, she continued. "Raynar, you and Zekk are friends, right? Well, he never like, talks about me, does he?"

"No, not that I can remember," he said. "Why?"

"Oh.....just wondering," she said, sounding a bit disappointed.

"Well any ways, thanks Raynar. Goodnight," and she walked out.

"What was that all about?" he asked himself as he turned out the light.

Yeah, Jaina was disappointed. So what? She had the right to be. Zekk is drop dead gorgeous and she has all these jumbled up feelings for him and he's never even talked about her to Raynar?

"Argh!!" she cried out. She sighed and pulled a shirt over her head and tossed her towels on the floor.

"Two showers in one night," she laughed to herself. She picked up a comb and started combing out her wet hair.

"Ow!" she yelped. "Grrrrrrrr!" Yes, her hair was as rich, thick and beautiful as her mother's, but one pain in the ass to comb after a shower. Suddenly, there was a knock at her door.

"Come in," she yelled from her spot at the mirror.

"Hey Jaina," Zekk said, walking over to where she stood. "Um, I was wondering if you would like to come to the observation deck with me?"

"Sure," she said, giving up on the massive tangle she had just encountered in her hair.

The observation deck was just a few floors below the roof and newly reconstructed. Zekk walked Jaina over to a bench and sat down beside her. Jaina's damp hair glistened in the star light.

"Jaina" "Zekk" they said in unison. The friends laughed.

"You go first," Jaina said.

"I've been through a lot, been to many places and Yavin 4 is starting to feel like home. But since I've been here, it feels like something is missing. Jaina, I need you. I...I love you," Zekk said, looking straight into her eyes.

`I love you'...the words rang in Jaina's ears.

"So," Zekk said, breaking Jaina out of her trance,"what were you going to say?"

"Almost exactly what you said," she laughed.

"Oh, so you're saying.....," Zekk hinted.

"I love you too," she finally said. Zekk moved closer to her. She looked into his eyes. He cupped her cheek with his hand.

"I want to be with you Jaina...forever," Zekk said, leaning closer. His lips made contact with hers. The kiss was soft at first, but then turned passionate. Jaina broke off.

"Forever," she said, smiling. Jaina kissed him, wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him close against her. The kiss was just turning passionate again as someone interrupted them, clearing his throat. The two broke off, a tad embarrassed, to see who it was.

"Oh...uh hi Uncle Luke!" she said, smiling innocently.

Her uncle looked at them, and a big smile spread across the Jedi Master's face. "So, you two are together now, I presume?" he asked.

"Uh, yeah," she said, flashing a coveted Solo grin. After a few subtle hints, her uncle left the two love birds alone.



The next morning, Jacen couldn't help but gawk at his twin sister. She walked into the Grand Audience Chamber hand in hand with Zekk. Jaina grinned as she sat down between him and Zekk.

"Morning Jacen," she said cheerfully.

"You two are an item now?" he asked.

Zekk and Jaina looked at each other, smiled and kissed. He didn't need an answer, he just grinned. Jacen grunted as his twin sister elbowed him in the ribs. He was about to protest to Jaina when the lecture started. He looked around at his companions. Things were starting to get normal around here. Finally.

So? Whatcha think? Huh?
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