Family Tree
By: Cally

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Jaina Solo awoke with a start. The alarm chrono she'd set the night before buzzed loudly. Suddenly she remembered that her father Han Solo was coming! She hurried to get dressed and ran down the hall to her twin brother Jacen's room. Not surprisingly, he was still sleeping. "Jacen!" Jaina called loudly.

"What?" Came his tired reply.

"Wake up." She commanded.

"Come back when I'm awake." Jacen muttered.

"Jasa did you forget? Dad's coming!" Jaina said.

"Blaster bolts. I did!". Jacen cried. Within a few minutes he was out in the hall dressed in his jumpsuit. "Let's go" He said.

As Jaina turned a corner she ran into her uncle the Jedi Master Luke Skywalker. He looked at Jaina sternly "This is not a playground."

"I know Uncle Luke. I'm sorry." Jaina apologized.

"I know you're excited about your father coming, but that's no excuse." Luke said.

"We're sorry Uncle Luke," Jaina said again.

Luke smiled at her. "All right, just don't do it again. Tenel Ka and Lowie are on their way to the Dining chamber."

"Thanks Uncle Luke!" Jaina called as she and Jacen took off the hall.

"They'll never learn," Luke muttered, smiling to himself. Jacen and Jaina arrived in the dining room just as the other trainees started to eat.

"Hello Jaina, Jacen" Tenel Ka said.

"Hi, Tenel Ka," Jacen called. "Hi Lowie!" Jaina said.

"Greetings Mistress Jaina, Master Lowbacca greets you also." Em-teedee translated,

"What are they serving?" Jacen asked as they sat to eat.

"Poison," Jaina complained, looking at the pink cubes of food.

"I think I'd rather have poison," Jacen said. "Than this pink 'Filled-to-the-breaking-point-with-good-for-you-vitamins-and-minerals, cube.'" He said.

"They really need to stop letting that Grogling cook, she always makes the food so heavily processed, that you can't taste it." Jaina said.

"I think that's a good thing." Jacen whispered to Tenel Ka.

"Jacen," Jaina said warningly. "Can't you lay off the jokes for once?"

"Sure," Jacen said with a grin. "But, if I don't tell jokes now, I'll have to make up for it later."

"Okay," Jaina laughed. "You can tell some jokes then."

"Great! How many Wookies does it take to change a glowpanal?"

"I don't know," Jaina sighed. "How many Wookies *does* it take to change a glowpanal?"

"None. Do you wanna try to make them do it?"

"Oh. Master Jacen that was quite humorous, but I don't believe Master Lowbacca agrees." Said the little translator Em-teedee at Lowie's low growl.

"Oh. Can't you take a joke?" Lowie chuffed a negative. The entire group, excluding Tenel Ka, laughed as they ate their 'poisonous' breakfast. Once they finished eating, R2-D2 came in warbling an announcement.

Jaina stood up quickly. "Dad's here! Come on guys!" They all raced outside to see the Millennium Falcon coming down from the sky. As the Falcon set down Luke came out to see it. They heard a girl yelling and a Wookie bellow. Chewbacca came down the lowered ramp, and grabbed Jaina threw her in the air. Jaina shouted in laughter. He then did the same to Jacen.

Han Solo came running down the ramp, then grabbed the kids in a big hug.

"Han, where are the girls you said were coming?" Luke asked.

"They're in the ship," Han sighed.

"What's the matter?" Luke asked. Then she came down the ramp. A beautiful girl with red, green, purple and blue hair to her waist.

"You had no right to lock me in that room!" The girl shouted.

"This is Katalina Breen, "Han said.

"You can call me Kat," She said politely.

"Hello," Tenel Ka said

"Hi," Jacen and Jaina said simultaneously.

"Hi," Kat replied. Then she turned back to Han. "Are you gonna apologize?"

"I'm sorry," Han muttered. "Sorry you got out, that is."

"Jerk," Kat said under her breath, "is someone going to show me my room?"

"Uh. Sure. Jaina and I will. Won't we Jaina?" Jacen asked looking pleadingly at his sister.

"Uh, sure" Jaina said uncertainly, and the trio went inside. In all the commotion Kat was making, no one noticed her shy twin sister. With the same rainbowy hair streaming behind her, she came down the still open ramp. She was by far nicer than Kat. Yet no one ever paid much attention to her. Her name was Callina Breen though those few who spoke to her would always call her Cally. When Cally wanted she could go unnoticed for weeks. But she had never had reason to, before now. They taken her and Kat from their search to find their lost mother, Callista Breen. She had disappeared about a year ago. She had told them she needed to find herself. Kat and Cally had searched for a year and a half but had not found her, when they were found looking on a backwater planet. They were taken to the Imperial Palace on Coruscant. In the end they could not be let go since they were so young but they would not be kept in an orphanage either, because of their Jedi talent. So they were taken to Yavin four to be trained as Jedi Knights. Though neither girl liked the idea, they went along with it.

* *


After Jacen talked to his father for a while, he went looking for Kat. He found her in her bedroom. He came in to find her sitting on a trunk crying.

As he looked around her room he saw an incredible collection of books. They weren't book-chips like he was used to, but instead they were the rare old fashioned paper kind. She looked up from a small picture in a gold frame. As he got a better look at the picture, he saw it was of her at a younger age with a smiling woman, who he assumed was Kat's mother and who also looked oddly familiar, Cally, and a younger girl that looked like their mother. "What do you want?" She asked. "You got so upset, I was worried my dad did something to give you the wrong idea about our . . . hospitality." "I'm fine," Kat said. "Oh. Well, good. I was looking at your collection, and it's amazing!" He said. "You mean the books?" Kat said. "That's not all I collect. I've been learning medical stuff too, but that's Cally's department. Machines too, but my sister Lark is better at it." They stared at each other for a moment when they heard a small noise from the door.

"Hey Cally, where ya been?" Said Kat.

"Hi, um, just wandering mostly." Cally replied softly.

"When did you get here?" Jacen asked. Cally glared at him in response.

"Jacen, Cally came with me." Kat said in a surprised voice.

"Really? I didn't notice her," Jacen said. "Odd, you must have come out when she was pitching a fit." He added, nodding at Kat.

"It's all right," Said Cally. At Jacen's words of his uncle, Cally used the force to send a message to her sister.

*Is that-*

*Yes, the very same* Kat replied.

*Don't you care?* Cally asked.

*Why should I?* Kat said.

"Um. I Gotta go." Jacen said.

"Bye," Kat replied distractedly.

"Oh. Um, yes. Bye" Was Cally's also absent reply. Jacen left wondering what they were saying in their minds that they kept it such a secret. He would normally have heard them. But it had been protected very well. They must have been trained as Jedi knights already. Jacen thought with surprise. Suddenly he remembered. That woman. She was Callista. His uncle's lost love. Now, why did Kat have a picture of his uncle's girlfriend? This was something he'd have to find out about.

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