By: Vessela-Cordja

I am not being original, these characters do not belong to me. I am not making any money off of this, ect... The only things that ARE mine is the planet of Larpenop and its inhabitants.

All stories have some kind of a fairytale mixed in somewhere. I'm making this one obvious. Jaina gives up her freedom to save her friends from the selfish prince Jeo Ket. Jeo Ket seeks Jaina's hand in marriage. Zekk is tested on his love for Jaina. Will their love shine through? (Tenel Ka and Jacen have a little romance in here too dont worry i didnt leave them out...)

The sun that both heated and lighted the small moon known as Yavin IV was far from shining on the Jedi Academy. All of the non-nocturnal creatures that had made homes on this side of the moon had long since closed their eyes and were lost in their own, mysterious dream worlds. That is, all except two teenagers that attended the Jedi master Luke Skywalker's academy.

Jaina Solo looked up at the young man that had his arm around her, his touch was warm and comforting. She tried to look into his eyes but they had been closed for nearly an hour. Jaina couldn't blame him: Zekk had been awake for the past two weeks, trying to comfort Jaina. He needed sleep just as much as she did, but Jaina couldn't seem to close her eyes for more then 2 minutes without seeing pictures of her friend Lusa dancing through the dark emptiness beneath her eyelids.

Jaina carefully broke away from Zekk's grasp; she didn't want to wake him up. 'I wonder how Raynar is doing.' she thought. Jaina knew that her Alderaanian friend would be suffering from the same insomnia that she was. Raynar loved Lusa with all of his heart; as Jaina loved Zekk (but she had not yet admitted these feelings to anyone).

Lusa had been missing for a total of 2 standard weeks, 4 standard days, 17 standard hours, and 3 standard minutes. No one knew why she was gone or where she could be. All they could do was wait for something to happen. The problem was that no one knew what that something would be or when it would arrive.

Jaina reached Raynar's room. He was, not surprisingly, awake and was in his usual position: standing at his window, arms crossed, and staring off into the vast sky with infinite possibilities for where his "true love" could be. Jaina sighed and gently rubbed his shoulders trying to push his tenseness away.

Raynar placed his hand on hers as silent tears started to roll down his cheek. The tears soon came out in greater quantities and he began to sob. Jaina held him in a comforting embrace. This small gesture reassured him that she felt the same as he did at the lost of one of her oldest and dearest friends. Jaina soon mimicked Raynars actions and began to cry herself. The two friend just stood there trying to comfort each other for a long while

"Have we received any word?" Jaina asked, her voice shaky.

"Not since the last time I checked" Raynar looked at his chronometer, "about 30 minutes ago. I know I need to get some sleep and stop haunting the Comm. Center; this isn't healthy, but I'm afraid that if I do then she would call and be in trouble. No one would even know .and.and."

"I know." Jaina interrupted, before he stated the fact that they both didn't want to admit. "I know. but what can we do?"

Then an idea hit Jaina harder then a collision with a run-away bantha. She grabbed hold of Raynar's wrist and dragged him toward the door. Her facial expression had changed from one of solemnity to one of childish enthusiasm. The door swooshed open, revealing the drooping figure of an extremely tired Zekk. Slightly startled, Jaina jumped back, but then continued to head toward her prior destination.

"You should be sleeping Zekk. This doesn't concern you." She said, calmly walking past him.

She was quickly stopped as Zekk grabbed her arm and spun her around to face him once again. Pity was obvious in his emerald green eyes as he looked down at the girl. She was the only daughter of the Chief of State and the General of the New Republic military fleets. She was the niece of the famous Jedi Master, Luke Skywalker, and friends with both: the princess of Hapes, Tenel Ka Djo, and heir to the Bornan fleet, Raynar Thul. There was no wondering why she was one of the most sought-after brides in the galaxy. Zekk smiled trying to figure out how an orphaned boy of Ennth had got mixed up with a girl like Jaina.

"Anything that concerns you, concerns me" he answered simply.

Jaina sighed, then gestured for Zekk to join her and Raynar. He quickly accepted and followed the two into the repoulser lifts.

"Where are we going anyway?" Raynar asked

"To the Comm. Center." Jaina replied with out hesitation.


"Because I want to set up an alarm that will go off whenever a message come through to Yavin 4." She explained "If Lusa tries to contact us, we'll know."

Raynar shrugged "If it helps me get some sleep, I'll join you."

Jaina, Raynar, and Zekk worked through most of the night. Time lost all meaning to the Jedi trainees as they focused on their task.

Dawn flooded the horizon. It's light swept through the dense jungles and caressed the temple with its warm beauty. Tenel Ka woke up and was prepared to start her morning exercises.

As she walked down the long corridor she heard her name being shouted from behind her. She turned to find her friend, Jacen Solo, trying to catch up with her. She waited patiently for the young man. Her eyes drifted toward the closed door of Raynar's room that stood before her. Knowing of his feeling of emptiness, she felt sorry for the young man, and her friend Jaina Solo who was suffering from the same ordeal.

"Tenel Ka, I just checked Jaina's room and she wasn't there." Jacen's voice was full of concern for his twin sister.

Tenel Ka pondered what she could do and then offered her suggestion. "Let's see if Raynar is in his room. if not then we shall see if the Shadow Chaser, Rock Dragon or Lightening Rod are in the docking bay.

Jacen agreed and opened Raynar's door. He silently looked in and saw that Raynar was sleeping in his bed. Across the room Zekk was also asleep in Raynar's self-forming chair. Then Jacen saw that his sister was curled up in Zekk's lap, also sleeping. Under normal circumstances, Jacen would have woken Jaina up and dragged her back to her room and away from Zekk (his normal "Protective brother" routine) but they hadn't gotten any sleep in weeks, so Jacen didn't want to disturb it. Besides, Jacen was relieved that they were still on the planet, although he could sense if Jaina had left.

"C'mon. Let's leave them alone and go for a walk." He whispered to Tenel Ka.

Tenel Ka was waiting for the right moment to make her move. She wasn't nervous of course; she had been through much more frightening and dangerous situations then this. She just wanted to have the least amount of trouble fulfilling her task.

The two young Jedi descended the exterior staircase of the great temple from the second floor to the ground. Upon placing her feet onto the soil, Tenel Ka broke out into a sprint heading toward the dense thicket of trees in front of her.

"Tenel Ka!" Jacen yelled to the warrior girl from Dathomir. She stopped and turned around to look at Jacen.

"What is it friend Jacen?" she asked.

"I said 'a walk', you know moving at a pace slower then light-speed?" Jacen said sarcastically.

"I can assure you, friend Jacen, that I was running much slower then light speed." Tenel Ka replied matter-of-factly.

Jacen shook his head and tried not to laugh, though he wasn't doing a very good job. "I know.I know.How about we walk at my pace and take in our surroundings a bit?" he said, walking up to her and placing his arm on her shoulder.

"If that is what you want friend Jacen." She replied, sliding her one good arm around his waist.

Jaina, Raynar, and Zekk were all aroused by the loud, shrieking sound that was produced by Jaina's alarm.

Zekk was flabbergasted by the sudden outcry from the alarm. He stood up, momentarily forgetting that Jaina was still in his lap. Gravity pulled the young woman down hard and she winced in pain as her knee connected with the stone floor. Jaina looked at her chronometer and was surprised to discover that she had been asleep for nearly 6 standard hours straight; a new record for her.

Zekk apologized and lifted her off the floor while Raynar turned off the alarm. The sudden silence was almost deafening, but the high pitched sound still rang in their ears. Raynar raced out of the room in the direction of to the Comm. Center. Zekk picked up Jaina and followed Raynar.

"Zekk, I can walk you know. I just scraped my knee; I've done it millions of times before." Jaina tried unsuccessfully to convince Zekk to put her down.

Jaina squirmed out of his grasp and ran toward the Comm. Center with high hopes that her friend was contacting them. She ran down the halls letting the Force guide her step and push her forward. She passed Raynar and entered the doorway and typed in her access code rapidly. Raynar entered the room with Zekk on his heels just in time to see the Holo-vid. of Lusa. All three cried out in excitement as they saw their friend after so long.

"Listen, I don't have much time. I am being held captive on the planet of Larpenop." She started and was interrupted with a torment of questions from her friends.

"Well I." suddenly she was grabbed by a long greenish-blue tentacle that came from off the screen. "Jaina." she screamed "help me!" soon her mouth was muffled by a second tentacle; she was being pulled out of range of the communication computer. "Raynar." she said, after she bit the tentacle. "I love you.." the screen was filled with static as they were disconnected.

"We have to save her!" Raynar and Jaina said in almost perfect unison.

"We are going to need a ship. Mine, the Shadow Chaser, has a problem with the hyperdrive and in order to use the Rock Dragon we would have to find Tenel Ka. We don't have time for either one." Jaina said.

A few months ago Jaina's uncle had given the Shadow Chaser to her as a present. She had helped to apprehend and keep the ship away from the Empire. She wanted a ship more then anything else, but her mother refused to let her have one, so Luke gave it to her. Leia was angry at first but soon calmed down, and the ship had quantum armor, which pleased both Han and Leia.

They hurried into the Docking Bay and spotted Zekk's ship being held there for safe keeping between his missions.

"We could take the Lightning Rod!" Jaina exclaimed, then widened her brandy brown eyes and looked at Zekk pleadingly.

"Only if I go with you." Zekk said with a stern expression.


"But nothing it's MY ship!" Zekk interrupted, happy to have a reason to stay with Jaina.

"Please!" Jaina said with sweetness in her voice. She tugged at his shirt and looked up at him, but Zekk didn't back down.

"We don't have time to argue." Raynar said. " Just let him come!"

Raynar ran up the open ramp. Zekk started following Raynar up while Jaina ran to the weaponry cases that her mother had insisted be installed here. She grabbed a blaster and made sure it was on 'stun'. Zekk felt the danger through the force and turned around to face Jaina. Before he could react to the situation, Jaina shot at him. Soon blue ripples surrounded the boy and he fell to the ground unconscious.

"Sorry Zekk." She said as she threw the blaster back to the area she got it from. She dragged the boy's limp body off the ramp and to a safe place in the corner of the docking bay "but I don't want you to get hurt trying to save my friend. This doesn't concern you."

Jaina joined Raynar in the cockpit of the ship. He was already fastened in his crash webbing. She quickly sat in the pilot's seat and did a few pre-flight checks.

"Where's Zekk?" Raynar asked

"He's not coming." Jaina said without a pause.

"Well, well, well. you convinced him to stay behind? How?"

"I simply explained to him that I didn't want him getting hurt in a matter that didn't concern him." It wasn't a total lie. "Well, what are we waiting for?" She said changing the subject. "Let's save Lusa."

Jacen Solo had a strange connection with wildlife. He loved to watch and discover new things about every creature he encountered. He even had a small menagerie in his quarters. His twin sister, Jaina, had made the cages for him; she had a strange connection with machines, similar to the one Jacen had with animals.

Suddenly Jacen felt a twinge in the force. He looked around and found a small, lost, baby bird-like creature. He picked up the creature carefully and looked around for its mother. He felt a small disturbance in the force again, this one of worry and emptiness. He knew that it was the emotions of the bird-like creature's mother. Concentrating, he lifted the bird in the air in the direction of his mother. As soon as he settled the baby into the safety of its nest Jacen was wrapped in a fiber cord. He yelped in surprise and lost his balance.

Jacen winced as his head hit the ground hard. He closed his eyes and pushed his pain away using the force. He opened his eye slowly and saw that his attacker was Tenel Ka.

"Tenel Ka, what are you.." Jacen started, but was hushed by Tenel Ka's dragger pressed against his lips.

"I believe Jacen, that you have been captured," Tenel Ka informed him- Jacen noted that she didn't use the word 'friend' in front of his name. "And according to Dathmirian law, you shall be my husband."

"You mean marry you?" Jacen was astonished. Tenel Ka released the cord and Jacen broke free. He picked up Tenel Ka and spun her around, laughing.

"Do you accept my offer then?" Tenel Ka asked.

"Oh Tenel Ka I would be honored to be your husband!" Jacen said, with tears forming in his eyes.

Jacen and Tenel Ka leaned toward each other. "I love you Tenel Ka." Jacen whispered "With all my heart."

"As do I Jacen." The two drew closer until their lips almost connected. The moment was interrupted by the sound of a ship soaring through the skies.

They both looked up to see the Lightning Rod flying over their heads. Jacen knew that his sister was on that ship and he glared at it for a moment.

"You want to follow her." Tenel Ka said. It wasn't a question.

"Yep, but if I go after her she'll only get angry and say that I don't think that she is capable of taking care of herself, but I DO think she is capable of taking care of herself! I just don't show it all the time. " There was a long silence, and Tenel Ka could sense that Jacen was talking to his sister with their unique connection through the force. A smile occupied his face and he looked back at Tenel Ka with a mischievous gleam in his eyes. "Now where were we, soon to be Mrs. Solo!"

Zekk groaned and rolled over onto his back, he wasn't sure what had happened but he was paying for it severely. He then realized that he was on the floor of the docking bay with a small blaster, set on stun, lying close to him. Suddenly the memory of the whole event came back to him.

Zekk got up and a dizzy spell washed over him. He headed out toward the jungles of Yavin IV. He wasn't sure what he was going to do, but what ever it was, he was going to need Jacen's help to do it.

For the second time that day Jaina awoken from a pleasant sleep because of a blaring alarm. She groggily stepped off of the small cot that served as Zekk's bed while he was a bounty hunter. She walked into the cockpit and found Raynar sleeping soundly through the computer's announcement that it was almost time to leave hyper-space. Somehow he had curled up into an unusual position in the navigator's chair with his crash webbing still on.

Jaina laughed and sat back down in the pilot's seat. She started to count down the seconds out loud with the computer but realized that there was no point. The only person that was aboard the ship with her was Raynar, and he wouldn't care about it even if he were awake. She longed to discuss the different cores of negative powered hypo thrusters with someone, but she couldn't. Lowie was probably modifying his T-23 skyhopper with MTD, her father was on Corascant performing the tedious tasks of that came with the title of the General of the New Republic's military, and she had left Zekk unconscious back on Yavin IV.

The streaks of light turned back to stars as Jaina approached the rather large planet of Larpenop. Larpenop was a green world filled with many wild and plant life. Jaina remembered the name from many exhibits in the Holographic Zoo back on Coruscant, Threepio took her and her brothers there all the time to get them out of the way.

"Jacen would love this place!" Jaina said out loud to no one in particular.

"What?" Raynar asked as he opened his eyes.

"Look how beautiful this place is!" she told him

"Ship please identify yourself and state your business" a voice interrupted.

"Yea, umm. this is Raynar Thul of the Bornan fleet. I am here to drop off some shipment for my mother, in the Lightning Rod." Raynar said.

Several moments of silence passed before the voice spoke once again. "You have clearance to enter Mr. Thul, you may land on docking bay 32. Enjoy your stay on Larpenop."

When their connection ended Raynar stated. "I thought it would be easier to say it was for the fleet. Larpenop is a neutral planet and the Chief of State's daughter would probably be less welcome."

"Don't worry Raynar, it's perfectly understandable. This was the easy part, the hard part is getting out of here with Lusa." Jaina answered.

When they landed the two Jedi trainees hunted for clues on where Lusa could be held. Many people knew about a prison that held many creatures for no reason. Those who go there never come back to tell their tale. This secret prison was located under the castle that housed the king of Larpenop, King Makorion.

Raynar and Jaina kept low profiles as they made their way into the castle. King Makorion loved his subjects so it was extremely easy to make their way to the throne room to see him. The Throne room was a large extravagant room filled with many spiral staircases. Everything were the colors of white and gold even the royal family's garments. The king sat in a large throne that had two smaller ones on either side of it. Two human boys occupied the smaller thrones, one that looked not much older then Jaina, and the other one that looked about the age of 3 or 4 years old.

"Your highness, My name is Jaina Solo." Jaina said making a slight bow.

"Yes, Yes, come in child!" the king said happily. "What is it that you want of me and my kingdom?"

Jaina cleared her throat "About two standard weeks ago, a friend of ours had been found missing. A few days ago, she sent us a message that she was kidnapped and is being held captive here on Larpenop."

"Kidnapped?" King Makorion asked confused. "I can assure you young lady that we do not kidnap people."

"I feel her presence here" Raynar whispered to Jaina. Jaina nodded, she had felt it too.

"Sir, we checked where the message was sent from. It was here." Jaina said with calmness in her voice.

"Impossible!" the older boy said standing from his throne. A suave smile crossed his face as he approached Jaina.

"Are you calling me a liar?" Jaina asked keeping her calm tone.

"Of course not M'Lady," he took her hand and pressed it against his lips. "you were just misinformed."

Before the boy could finish his sentence, a door swooshed open and a beautiful, centaur girl walked through the doorway. Raynar looked at the source of the noise and found that it was Lusa.

"Lusa!" he yelled and ran over to her. They threw their arms around each other and stayed in that position for a few moments.

"Misinformed huh?" Jaina said yanking her hand away from the boy. She turned back toward King Makorion "Sir, this is the friend that I was telling you about."

The boy became angry and turned toward the king. "Father. This "he looked at Lusa in disgust "Lusa.girl owes a large dept to our kingdom. She had broken many of our laws."

"My son, Jeo Ket, correct." The king said. "I sentenced her to work here in the palace myself."

Jeo Ket, satisfied with his father's response, turned around to face Jaina once again. His short, curly, brown hair was a neater version of Jacen's, and his dark blue eyes was unlike any Jaina had ever seen before.

"I'll take her place." Raynar offered. He still held Lusa close to him.

Both Jaina and Jeo Ket looked at Raynar. "Raynar, you can't do that. It will just keep you apart from each other."

"Although there is nothing wrong with taking on the responsibility for other's actions here." Jeo Ket looked at his father for approval, finding it he turned back to Jaina. "You could replace her."

Jeo Ket tucked a loose strand of Jaina's hair behind her ear. Jaina flinched slightly at this action. He smiled down at her like Zekk always did, but he wasn't Zekk, he was far from it.

"So what do you say?" Jeo Ket almost whispered. "You agree and both of your friends can go."

Jaina stood tall and clenched her fists at her sides. She tried to hold back the tears but they started to roll down her cheeks. "I shall take her place." She said her voice and emotion solid.

Raynar and Lusa cried out as they were taken from the throne room. Jaina fell to her knees and buried her head in her palms. Her freedom was gone. Jeo Ket placed his hand on her head, but it wasn't comforting. He lifted her to her feet and led her towards the door Lusa had exited from.

"And now young Jaina," Jeo Ket whispered in her ear "you belong to me!" they walked through the long corridors hat served as a detention hall. He pressed in his access code and a door opened to a small cell. Jaina walked in hesitantly "I would get comfortable if I were you. You may be staying here for awhile!"

Fairy Tale
By: Vessela-Cordja


Jaina's gone... gave up her freedom to save a friend. What will happen to her in the clutches Jeo Ket?? Will her friends come to her rescue?


Again i don't own anything in these characters and places, ect.. (except Larpenop and it's inhabitants) read and you might learn a few facts about the Star Wars universe...


"She did what?!" Han yelled into the Comm. Computer at his brother-in-law. First he was rudely awakened in the middle of the night from the call then he found that his daughter had gone to some unknown planet in search for her friend Lusa. "Ok kid, I'm going to get Leia, Chewie, Goldenrod and the Falcon ready and I'll be there in a day or so.

The room was silent for the Jedi Master Luke Skywalker. He was deep in a Jedi relaxation technique, blocking out all the noises of life. He could hear nothing: not the small animals that searched for their next meal beneath his feet, not the footsteps from the hallways when Jedi students passed by, and certainly not the argument between Jacen and Zekk that had been going on in front of him for the past 20 minutes.

"So let me get this straight." Jacen said in an accusing tone. "You've been awfully close to my sister the past couple of weeks when she was vulnerable because of her pain. Then, when Lusa finally contacts us, Jaina and Raynar run to help with you hot on their heels, even though you don't know Lusa very well. But then, you weren't going because of Lusa. Then you let Jaina and Raynar leave without getting any coordinates for the planet! You don't even remember the planet's name! Now I could have forgave and forgotten if you could actually produce some useful information!"

"Well what did you expect me to do?" Zekk shot back, "Your sister stunned me! I was unconscious! I was trying to help another person in need of assistance like a Jedi is supposed to do. How dare you imply that I was doing anything different! Besides, I wonder how you would have noticed when you were chasing after Tenel Ka's skirt!"

Jacen was almost fuming. He lifted his fist and was almost made contact with Zekk's face.

"Stop it!" Tenel Ka yelled, using the Force to enhance her voice. "You're acting like children! Listen; we are at the same place we were before except Lusa might now have more people to help her."

Both boys lowered their heads in shame. Tenel Ka was right: they were acting like children. Zekk lifted his head and apologized and Jacen was about to do the same when suddenly he was flooded with the emotions of fear, loneliness, and heartache. A light blinded him and he was suddenly in a large, extravagant gold and white room. Guards lined the walls and banners hung from overhead. The room was breathtaking and Jacen would have enjoyed it if he wasn't so scared.

Jacen could hear Raynar and Lusa screaming Jaina's name as they were escorted out of the magnificent room. Jacen knew he was seeing what his twin was seeing at that exact moment. A young man not much older then Jacen and Jaina walked over and stood next to Jaina with a malicious grin on his face.

Something heavy pushed Jacen down on his knees. With tears streaming down his face he buried his head in his open palms. Then it stopped. The majestic throne room was replaced with darkness. He could no longer hear or see anything.

Luke felt his nephew's disturbance through the force. He snapped his conscious self back to reality to see Jacen curled up and shaking. Luke rushed to his side and unraveled him. Jacen's body was limp in Luke's arms.

"Jacen!" Jacen could hear of his uncle's cries echo through the darkness that engulfed him. He opened his eyes and was back in his Uncle Luke's office with his friends gathered around him.

Lowie growled Emteedee unnecessarily translated: "Master Lowbacca questions the strength of your heath Master Jacen."

"I thought he said something along the lines of 'Are you all right?' I'm fine, that was just.weird!" Jacen tried to explain what had happened to him, but couldn't.

Luke lifted his nephew up and helped him walk to his quarters. "Maybe you should rest a while Jacen." he suggested as he laid him down on the bed. Luke covered Jacen with a blanket as Jacen drifted off to sleep.

Jaina was locked in a very small room and was extremely bored. She had absolutely nothing to do. She was filled with many emotions: Loneliness, in the almost empty room. Sadness, knowing that she might not see her family and friends for a long time. She didn't even get to say goodbye to them, except Raynar and Lusa. This brought on the emotions of hatred and anger. Jaina tried unsuccessfully to hold back her laughter when she heard her uncle's voice echoing through her mind, reprimanding her for her loss of control. "These emotions can lead you on you path to the 'Dark Side'!" Even from millions of light-years away, her Uncle Luke was STILL teaching her. Or was it her teaching herself with her uncle's words?

This gave Jaina an idea. "Size matters not!" One of the phrases that Luke had crammed into her and her brothers' heads repeated itself over and over. Does that mean the reason she couldn't contact her brother through their 'unique connection' through the force was the thought that the distance was to great?

Jaina closed her eyes and imagined she was in her room back on Yavin IV. Jacen was just in the next room, a few feet away. Jacen was probably asleep by now, but she could always wake him up.

Jacen lay on his bed deep in sleep. The blanket that his uncle had draped over him was crumpled up on the floor and his body was sprawled over the small sleeping pad.

Jacen jerked awake and sat up. Jaina's figure was standing in the doorway that joined both of their rooms together. She had a mysterious glow that clutched onto each curve of her body.she reminded Jacen of a ghost or a spirit. A thought then hit his mind but he pushed it aside: he would know if Jaina was dead.

"Jacen." Jaina's voice was soft "Don't worry, I'm fine." Jaina gave her brother a lop-sided grin.

Jacen looked at his twin and returned the grin. "Where are you? Who was that guy?"

"I'm on the planet of Larpenop.And 'that guy' was Jeo Ket, the prince of Larpenop." Jaina shuddered as she spoke the name.

"Larpewhatsit? Where the heck is that?" Jacen asked confused.

"Lar-pen-op." Jaina explained calmly. "It's a big name at the Coruscant Holographic Zoo. I'd advise you to ask an expert on that. someone who has been to that little Holo-vid show way too many times."

Both of the twins knew exactly who fit that description. "Threepio!" they exclaimed in unison. It was about time that his information banks were good for something.

Jaina looked disturbed as she looked back at Jacen. "I have to go now they have come for me."

"Who?" Jacen asked but Jaina supplied no answer.

"Raynar and Lusa can explain more when they get back. I'll miss you!" Jaina continued "Tell everyone that I love them and I'll miss them too!" Jaina's figure disappeared as quickly as it had come. Jacen's room was dark once again.

Jacen shouted after his sister "Jaina wait come back! Jaya!"

Luke heard the cry and came rushing from his room to find the source. He found Jacen sitting up in bed reaching out to nothing and calling out for 'Jaya'.

Luke sat on Jacen's bed and stroked his nephew's hair. Tears began streaming down Jacen's face again and he threw himself into Luke's arms

"It's ok Jacen." Luke said comfortingly. He realized that Jacen hadn't done this since he was the age of 7, a little over ten years ago. Had it been really that long? Had his niece and nephews grown up so much? He looked into Jacen's liquid brown eyes and no longer saw the strong figure of a 17 year old young man but the frightened demeanor of a timid 6 year old boy. Luke hugged Jacen again and rocked him back and forth. He found himself saying the words "He's just a boy."

Jaina's connection with Jacen was interrupted by the sound of her cell door being unlocked and opened. She stared at the empty doorframe until it was filled by a droid that looked a lot like Threepio with red covering.

"Greetings Mistress Jaina Solo. I am 5D-ON." The droid said. "I am one of the royal families many servants."

"What does Jeo Ket want now?" Jaina said, rolling her eyes.

"I am here to test your skills and to find the most appropriate job for you so that you can help Larpenop to the best of your ability. First question is: Have you had any military training?"

"A little." Jaina said in a sarcastic tone. Because her father was the General of the New Republic's fleet Jaina had been in simulations since she was old enough to see over the control panel.

"Good. Follow me." 5D-ON said nonchalantly "We shall see how you do in the simulations."

Jaina laughed "Lead the way!" she said. This was going to be interesting.

Jacen was suddenly aroused from sleep for the second time that night. This time it wasn't anything through the force, it was a rather loud banging coming from his door. Jacen stood up and staggered to the door trying to adjust his eyes to the rising sun. Rising sun? It was way too early for visitors!

Jacen opened his door and found the culprit for his early morning wake was none other then his wookiee friend: Lowie.

Jacen looked at Lowie with a sleepy/annoyed expression on his face "Go away." he croaked and turned to go back to bed.

Lowie roared and Jacen quickly turned back around, wide-awake. "Blaster bolts! They're here already?" Jacen threw on his flight suit and followed Lowie to the Docking Bay.

The Millennium Falcon came into view as the sun continued to rise. It almost seemed to race against the suns light. It wanted to get there before the sun revealed it's full splendor to the ancient temples.

Jacen and Lowie stood there waiting for what seemed like hours while the Falcon went through the landing procedures. Jacen kept repeating the name that Jaina told him in his head.

Luke entered the Docking Bay accompanied by a tired Anakin. All four of the boys stood awaiting their families arrival. The boarding ramp opened with a *clunk* and Leia ran down the ramp followed by Threepio. Leia hugged Jacen and Anakin, then walked over to her brother to hug him also.

"Why do they have to be so much like us? Running off to help someone in need no matter how reckless it is." Leia asked.

Luke had to laugh at the comment. "Because we drilled those stories of how we saved the galaxy so many times into their heads when they were young."

"Threepio!" Jacen yelled with excitement.

"What you're more excited to see Goldenrod than your own dad?" Han asked as he exited the ramp.

"Hi dad!" Jacen said greeting him a hug with. Then he turned back to Threepio. "Threepio, what do you know about the planet: Larpenop?"

"Ah yes, Larpenop is a neutral planet and the largest planet in the Enop system, even though Larpenop is significantly smaller than Coruscant. Actually the whole system of is rather small only composed of 6 other smaller planets. Larpenop itself is full of wildlife and countryside. The whole system is governed by King Makorion, much like the Hapes system with Tenel Ka's family. I am sorry to say that I do not know the exact coordinates for the planet. I have tried numerous times so I could send you children there on a fieldtrip."

"What's the fascination with Larpenop, kid?" Han asked.

"Jaina's there." Jacen explained. "It's ok Threepio, Jaina said that Raynar and Lusa would explain more when they get here. I'm assuming that they got away and are coming back."

Before Jacen could finish his sentence the familiar sound of the Lightning Rod flooded the hollow Docking Bay. The battered ship landed shortly after.

Zekk entered the large room dressed in his usual attire. "My ship!" he exclaimed as everyone ran to the boarding ramp. Raynar and Lusa emerged and were greeted with many warm welcomes and questions.

"We'll explain everything," Lusa said. "but lets go into Master Skywalker's office first."

Jaina's X-wing was in the lead trying to take out the control towers: she had to protect her squadron while they disabled the Capital ships.

"TIE fighter's coming fast!" Jaina announced to her teammates.

"I can't shake him!" one of the other pilots yelled.

Jaina checked her scanners for the X-wing in trouble and spotted Harrix's ship just a little off to the right. The TIE wouldn't leave his side and was shooting his laser cannons all the way.

Jaina found that the closest pilot that could help the one in need was Jeo Ket. "Jeo Ket, see if you can take care of Harrix's little friend over there." Jaina instructed him.

"But I'm not trying to go after a TIE fighter I want the to go after the Death's Head." Jeo Ket shot back. Jaina sighed: of course the spoiled little prince would want to go after the one of best Star Destroyers in Thrwan's armada.

"But you're the closest to him. I don't want a casualty if we can prevent it." Jaina told him.

"Why don't you just do it." Jeo Ket asked defiantly.

Jaina sighed: she would have to if Harrix was to have any chance for survival in this battle. "Alright guys stay in the formation." Jaina said as she went after Harrix and his attacker. She continued to instruct the others on the best way to destroy the capitol ships with as little deaths as possible.

Before she could get the TIE in range, Harrix's X-wing exploded from the amount of hits. Jaina followed the attacking TIE and shot it down before returning back to her position in the formation.

The pilots destroyed the Capitol ships and save the planet of Chandrila. Everyone else cheered but Jaina leapt out of her chair and stormed at Jeo Ket.

"You shouldn't have casualties if you can prevent it!" Jaina yelled at Jeo Ket the second he stepped out of his own seat. "Because of your selfishness you deprived Harrix of his life! Because you wanted to go after gone after the 'Star Destroyer' and be the 'hero', he's dead! That what's wrong with your military, you have no discipline!"

"Jaina calm down," Jeo Ket said in a flirtatious tone, "it was only a simulation. Look! Harrix is still alive and standing right over there."

"The way you perform in simulations is the way you will perform in battle!" Jaina retorted him in a commanding voice.

The argument was disturbed by the sound of loud clapping, coming from King Makorion who had been watching the whole time.

"Good work Jaina. You are just what this ragtag military needs to strengthen itself! Such command, such valor!" King Makorion said with pride. "Tell me child, have you had much military training?"

"Well my father is the General of the New Republics military fleet, I learned from him." Jaina patiently explained

"The New Republic!" King Makorion said, with great excitement. "Jaina Solo, I hereby place you in charge of our military fleet! And I give you the title of 'General' to go with this great responsibility."

Jaina was stunned and speechless. Jeo Ket sneered at his father's proposition.

Noticing his son's expression King Makorion reprimanded "Jeo Ket if you wish to be in our military and become a 'hero' then I advise you to show your commanding officer more respect."

Jaina couldn't help the smirk that stole onto her face as Jeo Ket marched, angrily out of the room.

"And that's what happened." Lusa finished

"So they arrested you without probable cause?" Luke's wife, Mara Jade asked curiously. Mara had left immediately when she heard the news of her niece's flight and her ship had landed only a few minutes after the Lightening Rod.

Lusa nodded, "And before we left they did something to get rid of the coordinates form the navicomputer.

"Lusa, Raynar." Jacen asked "Would the coordinates still be in the navicomputer's files?"

Raynar thought about it for a moment. "They should be. It takes more than the time they took to delete the file. They probably just hid it somewhere so we couldn't fly off while still possessing and having access to the coordinates."

Jacen and Han looked at each other, stood up, and ran out of the room toward the Lightening Rod. Zekk immediately followed because he hadn't examined his ship yet and this would be the perfect time to see if the Larpenop guards had done anything to his most precious possession.

Han reached the vessel first with Jacen hot on his heels. They both started searching through the data banks. Tenel Ka and Lowie entered not long after with Emteedee. Lowie pushed past the two Solos and started going through the computers; this was his specialty after all.

"I must admit that I'm not too sure how to connect Emteedee to the computers as much as Jaina does." Tenel Ka said. "I do not wish to break either the control panel or the little droid."

Jacen smiled at his fiancé, "Do you want me to take care of that Tenel Ka?" he asked.

"This is a fact." Tenel Ka answered, handing the droid to Jacen.

Jacen had watched his sister do this a dozen times. "This wont hurt a bit Emteedee." He reassured the droid.

"Well I should hope not. Although I would feel more comfortable if Mistress Jaina or Master Lowbacca did this." The droid was interrupted by the sound of his back plating hitting the ground with a loud clank

"They're busy at the moment." Jacen stated simply and started hooking him up to the navicomputer. "Now I want you to find a set of hidden coordinates."

"Oohh these files are so big and there are just so many of them," Emteedee complained "I'm afraid that it might take weeks to find it."

"We can wait that long" Han informed him.

The little droid was right. Weeks went by and they still couldn't find the concealed coordinates. Finally late one, night Lowie let out a victorious howl. Han, who was asleep on the small cot in the back of the old shuttle, woke with a start and ran toward the cockpit. Han also let out a yell as he patted Lowbacca on the back.

"Good job Lowie," he said with excitement. "You're turning into your uncle after all."

Jacen, Leia, Chewie, Threepio, Luke, Tenel Ka, Zekk, Anakin, and a few other students came running to the docking bay to find what the commotion was all about. Upon seeing that the disturbance had nothing to do with them, the other students went back to bed.

"Larpenop isn't that far away." Han informed the remaining group. "We could get there in a matter of 20 standard hours or less."

"Well then what are we waiting for?" Jacen asked as he headed up the ramp He was stopped by his father.

"Oh no." Han said "I'm not about to let you guys go there too."

"But dad," Jacen protested. "Larpenop is a neutral planet remember? It wouldn't be good if the Chief of State and General of the New Republic went there without just cause."

"This is a fact." Tenel Ka added. "It would be easier if we were on a mission from the Hapes cluster or just freelancers."

Leia and Luke added in their comments: both were worried what would happen if Han lost his temper there. Finally Han agreed and let the kids go. They were divided into two groups: Zekk, Anakin, and Raynar in the Lightening Rod, with Jacen, Lowie, and Tenel Ka occupying the Rock Dragon. Lusa wanted to stay behind she had had enough of that planet.

Soon the two ships were off with the occupants ready to take on almost anything to save they're friend.

Before long Jacen, Zekk, Tenel Ka, Lowie, Raynar, and Anakin were on the planet presenting themselves to King Makorion and his sons Jeo Ket, and Kristoffe.

The whole plan wasn't going very well. The second they mentioned Jaina's name Jeo Ket got defensive. However, King Makorion refused to speak anything but high praise Jaina.

Jaina walked down the same halls that she had for weeks. Suddenly she was bombarded with a mob of different beings bearing questions and paperwork. Jaina sighed, this had turned into a regular event. She was starting to find out what her mother went through daily. But Jaina was just the head of the military fleet. Did her father go through the same thing?

Jaina was answering questions and signing forms when she stopped abruptly. Her 'counselors' looked at her strangely but Jaina didn't notice that; she had just felt a very familiar presence.

She broke free from the organized mob and ran through doorways and slid around corners trying to make her way toward the throne room and her friends.

Jaina stopped short upon reaching the door. She quickly straightened her uniform and rregained her composure before walking calmly into the room. The instruments sounded, announcing her entrance and the small group that stood before king Makorion turned around. Much to Jaina's relief it was Jacen, Lowie, Tenel Ka, Raynar, Zekk, and Anakin.

Jaina lost her professional composure and ran toward the group. Jacen was the first to reach her and she fell into his embrace. Two furry arms broke them apart and Jaina was lifted into the air. Lowie roared with excitement.

"I missed you too Lowie!" Jaina laughed. "Now put me down you big oaf!"

When Jaina's feet touched the ground again she was greeted with warm hugs from Anakin, Tenel Ka, and Raynar.

Jaina then looked up to see Zekk.Oh how she had missed Zekk. She ran into his arms and held onto him tightly, not wanting to let him go. Zekk felt the same way.

"I'm sorry I stunned you," Jaina whispered in his ear still locking her arms around his waist.

"I didn't mind" Zekk assured her in the same volume she used. The hug lasted several moments longer until Jaina broke the grasp and looked into Zekk's emerald green eyes. Jaina smiled her father's famous lop-sided grin and fell back into Zekk's arms and their lips locked. Zekk, surprised, smiled which made Jaina laugh a little bit but they continued the kiss.

Jaina couldn't help but enjoy the thought of Jeo Ket's facial expression at that moment. Breaking away Jaina turned just in time to see Jeo Ket scowl at Zekk.

King Makorion cleared his throat and rose from his throne. "General Solo" He said with a commanding voice. Jaina stood at attention and saluted the king, which made her friends star at her with confused expressions.

"Friends of yours?" he asked.

"Yes sir." Jaina replied. She could sense the astonishment emanating from her friends felt when she was addressed as 'General Solo'. It seemed as though she would have to do a little explaining.

"Well then," King Makorion said with a happier tone. "We must make their stay here enjoyable!"

The groups were lead to their rooms, Jaina and Zekk walking hand-in-hand Jeo Key sneered again; he would have to take care of this group before they could take Jaina away from him.

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