Earning her Love
Part One
By: S'handra McCloud

Disclaimer: As Yoda would say, Own these characters I do not! Making no profit from this am I. Leave me alone now you will... yes mmmm

Jaina scratched her head and chewed nervously on the pencil in her mouth. She was sitting on her bed in her room of her ship, The Jedi Faith, Jaina had been writing a note to Zekk. The glow from her small laptop made her eyes hurt in the dark of the room.

Zekk had just picked up and left her again. He had done this a lot, especially when she needed him the most. They were engaged to be married and not a week later she received a note by her bed saying that important business had come up and he might be back in a few months.

Jaina tried to understand. She truly did. Her note was telling him that she has left the Academy. If he needed her then to contact the ship. Jaina could offer no explanation to where she was going or why. She didn't know herself even. She just knew she had to leave. Something was telling her to.

Jaina looked at the screen and then the ring on her finger. The pencil in her mouth fell to the key board. She bit her lower lip and a tear rolled down her cheek. She put her pencilon the desk beside the bed; placed her fingers on the corresponding keys and typed: "I don't know why you keep leaving me. Im not sure what I have done or what I haven't, but I can't marry you. You just up and leave too often and for to long. I never hear from you and I never know if you are okay. I just cant live like that...

I hope you find what you are looking for and that it's worth risking what we had." Jaina bit her lower lip "Remember that Im always here for you Zekk... good luck. Jaina Solo" she scrolled over to send. She took a deep breath and thought over what she just did.

She just broke off her marriage to Zekk... did she really want to send this? Could she send this? She hit the button and the mail cleared from the screen and her comp logged off. She turned off the comp and now sat in total darkness.

Silent tears fell down her soft cheeks. She set the primitive but effective piece of technology on the ground and lay back on the bed, tears filling her eyes and came in mournful sobs that silently sang of a broken heart on her pillow.


In his sleep a sharp beep woke him up. He groaned and sat up in bed. He looked across the room of his temporary apartment on Hapes. A green light flicked on his desk. It was his laptop Jaina gave him. Her cute fancies for old technology was very endearing. It was an E-mail, no doubt from her.

Zekk tossed on some boxers and walked over to it sat down at the desk and brought up her E-mail. He skimmed through it silently, not wanting to wake his partner.

Zekk's head lowered and he sighed. He logged off and shut down the computer. Jaina had good reasons for what she did... he looked back at the bed and crawled back in. He ran his fingers through the dark brown hair of the woman who slept next to him. She groaned and snuggled up next to him.

He sighed ½ contentedly and half sad. He closed his eyes wondering why he left Jaina. He just lost a great thing. And why? So he could have a few final months to relish in being free? Was it worth it? He wan't sure it was anymore, and now he would have to live the rest of his life knowing his messed up the best thing he ever had.

He fought so hard for Jaina. To be worthy of her and to have her love. Even though she had always given it to him. And he just let it go. Was he a fool? He shook his head. He must be.


Casey stood next to the Princess and her husband, Jacen Solo. "I would like to talk to you, Casey. It is about my sister." Tenel Ka said fondly. Casey nodded.

"She was engaged to be married... her fiancee, Zekk, left her for reasons unknown. Though Im not surprised. He does this quite often. She has come here to spend time with her brother and I and with her nieces and nephews.

Jaina is very strong willed so she wont be showing her pain, but just know that she is. What I am trying to say... or ask is... well you don't have to agree, but-" "Princess, I have served as your royal guard for years. We are good friends. If you want to ask me something then please feel comfortable with doing so."

Tenel Ka smiled at her favorite guard. He always made things easier on her. "I would like you to show her around... maybe comfort her." "As in flirt and be sly? Princess Solo has no chance of hiding from my charm. You're on."

Tenel Ka winced as she heard him call her 'princess Solo.' but she decided not to warn him of how she feels about pet names such as that. Just like her mother, mussed Tenel Ka. It would do Casey some good to get to know Jaina's fierce side first.

He flashed her a cocky grin. "Oh you two are gonna get along great." she said smuggly. "What is that supposed to mean?" Tenel Ka shook her head and chuckled. "You'll see. She will be ariving shortly... Get yourself ready for dinner with her." He nodded and bowed then left for his quarters in the palace.

Tenel Ka watched as he left. The men here were rased to be abnormally handsome... and Casey was by far one of the most handsome on the many planets in the Hapes cluster. He and Jaina would fit well together. She just hoped that Jaina would let him in.


Casey opened the door to his room and peeled off his shirt and tossed it on the bed. Just great. He was going to be flirting with Han Solo's daughter... he dreaded what she might look like and act like.

He better get some major gratefulness from Tenel Ka for his sacrifice. This was going to be more painful than anything else. He dropped his pants and walked into his 'fresher unit. He turned the water on to the shower and water fell from the narrow spouts like a water fall.

Casey popped his tooth brush in his mouth and brushed his teeth and the water adjusted to it's set temp. Casey finished brushing his teeth and got into the shower to wash up. He wanted to look his best. After all this girl could be kinda cute. And if not there was bound to be some cute girls there at the dinner any ways.


Tenel Ka and Jacen waited as Jaina's ship landed into the safety of the hanger bay. The air was dry and cool. Perfect for maintaining ships. Jaina's ship was new. It was sleek and full of character that only Jaina and her father could give a ship.

Jaina weekly stumbled out of her ship. She looked tired and sad. Jacens heart broke for his sister. He looked over at Tenel Ka and wondered how he could servive if she did what Zekk always did to Jaina. He could see in Tenel Ka's face that her heart was breaking for Jaina too.

Jacen knew Jaina had to be much stronger than him. He couldn't survive what Jaina was going through. And he hoped she was okay.

Jaina walked up to them with a sad grin. "You sure my ship is secure here?" Jacen laughed at his sister. She was going through so much and yet she was still fretful over her ships safety.

"Your ship is quite safe here Friend Jaina... I assure you." Jaina smiled. "Great. Now that I know that, how are you guys? And when do I get to see Mark, Harrison, Jaina jr, and Carrie?" "Soon. They have really missed you sis." "What can I say... kids love me." "No they love chocolate. As I remember you gave them enough chocolate to feed a Bantha cub for a year!"

"Hey, I had a ton! Lando ordered it up for cloud city... He just had no idea how much he ordered." Jaina laughed remembering the look on Lando's face when they brought it in "So he gave some to me. I just had no Idea he was going to give me so much. Besides it's some good stuff! Not to easy to find ya know!" Jacen laughed at his sister. She was turning into a definite Han Solo. But her beauty was so great that it was surpassed only by Tenel Ka. Though Jacen knew many men who would beg to differ.

"Come Jaina, I will show you to your room." As Tenel Ka led Jaina down the hall she listened as Tenel Ka explained the dinner for tonight. She heard the name Casey... "What? Oh god Tenel Ka... Don't tell me you're playing match maker." Tenel Ka blushed as her friend figured it out.

"No... But I'm hoping you two will become good friends." Jaina nodded as if accepting this to be the truth. Tenel Ka relaxed slightly.

"Well this is your room... accesses code is 6528943." The door swung open and they walked in. Jaina looked around and nodded. "Fancy." "You like it?" Jaina chuckled. "You don't remember the rooms at the academy too well do you? This is amazing."

Tenel Ka nodded missing the 'rough life' at the academy. "Please wear this." Tenel Ka pulled out a white dress from a filled closet. She knew Jaina would bring only her tan work suit. She believed in 'light luggage'.

Jaina nodded not even looking at the dress. She was sitting on the bed staring into space. No doubt thinking of Zekk. Tenel Ka hugged her friend. Jaina gratefully wrapped her arms around the warrior girl who had become such a close friend that she considered her a sister... not just by law... but really.

"Thanks Tenel." "I'll send someone to do your hair and make-up in a while.... relax some." Jaina nodded as the door shut after Tenel Ka. Jaina looked at her boots and kicked them off.

Jaina pulled off her shirt dropped it on the bed and sighed. Dropping her pants she walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower. Water ran from long narrow spouts. It reminded her of the waterfall on Yavin 4 where Zekk and Jaina always talked and where Jacen Lowie and Tenel Ka and Zekk played when they were younger.

She started brushing her teeth as the water adjusted. She wondered how Lowie was doing. He was still at the academy helping to train the young Jedi knights there as she was doing.

Jaina finished brushing her teeth and stepped into the shower. The water felt so good. It felt like it was literally washing off the pain and sorrow she still felt over Zekk. Grease and dirt rolled off of her skin. She was surprised at how much was on her still. She had been doing major tuning to her sip.

Jaina washed her hair. The shampoo was her own. Tenel Ka had really gone out of her way to make her feel comfortable here. She was most grateful but really hated putting Tenel Ka out. But visit was well over due. She missed her brother and friend. And her nephews and nieces. She couldn't wait to see them.


Zekk was reading over an E-mail Jacen sent him. Jaina was at the palace. That meant she was only 10 min away from where Zekk was. Jacen told Zekk he was disappointed in him and demanded to know why he left Jaina like that.

Zekk's reply was short. He answered truthfully. "I left because I wanted to enjoy my last few months of being single to be free and flirt. I guess I really messed up this time... could you talk to Jaina for me? Zekk"

He hit send. Just in time too. "Zekk... what are you doing? I can't find any spice!" "That's because we are out Anja. You used the last of it last night!" Anja walked out and kissed Zekk's neck and ran her hands along his bare chest. "Yes.... I remember last night." She cooed in his ear.

Zekk's stomach turned. He stood up and got dressed. He wanted to get out and think


Casey took one last look in the mirror. His black hair, a rare trait on Hapes, was brushed back, he had little bit of scruff, but Tenel Ka wanted him to leave it. That was sine with him. He liked a little scruff. He noticed Tenel Ka was very picky about how he was to be dressed and look. He wondered if the Jaina was going to be an embarrassment to be seen with.

He wore his white uniform, black stripes ran down his sleeved and pants. He wore white gloves. His chest was adorned with all his honoring medals and he felt proud to be wearing them. He held his hat under his arm straightened his suit and left to join the others in the dining hall.

As Casey walked down the hallway he noticed the name plate outside of the once vacant room next to his filled with "Jaina Solo" Tenel Ka went to great lengths to... well WHAT he wasn't sure. But he had a good idea she really wanted to hook these two up.

He continued down the hall way saying her name in his head. It was actually a pretty name, but someone about it was unsettling. Perhaps the fact that he knew nothing about her. All he knew was that she was related to Jacen Solo. As close as Casey was to Tenel Ka, he wasn't permitted to know anything about her spouse. Where he's from his parents.... his sister... in fact he had just now heard about her.

Casey wondered why there was no title before her name. Maybe she had no accomplishments... whatever it was he was slowly getting more and more curious this girl. He decided then that he wouldn't let her bring him down, intimidate him, or anything. In fact either way it would be best if he was social to her but that's it.

It would protect him from making a fool of himself but being nice to an ugly street rat or and radiant spell. Either way he couldn't look like a fool. He shivered hoping she isn't going to be too much a disappointment. He just reminded himself he was doing this for Tenel Ka.

Casey entered the dining hall. Everyone stood around chatting waiting for the others to arrive. He walked over to Tenel Ka and her husband and bowed low. He quietly entered their conversation.


Jaina looked at herself one last time in the mirror. She wondered what Tenel Ka was up to. She seemed so picky about her attire. Jaina frowned and thought that this dinner should be an informal occasion but guessed at the home of the royal family of Hapes there was no such thing as 'informal.' <And I thought my family was bad> she mused quietly to herself.

Jaina sighed "Well? What am I waiting for?" she asked her reflection in the mirror. She looked at the white gown to make sure everything was in place. When she was satisfied that everything was as it should be she left the room. And headed to the dining hall.


Casey chuckled as Jacen made one of his lame jokes. He shook his head grinning. He looked up to see everyones head turned to the door. And people falling silent. He wondered what was going on.

His gaze followed Jacens and there at the door he was an angel... or it looked like one any ways... he had heard pilots talk about them.... they saved men from their death and were the most beautiful creatures alive.

This one wore a white dress. The sleeves were long and fight tight showing her slender arms and muscle. The bottom came to a point that touched her middle fingers knuckle. The neck was cut straight down and then straight across cutting off so that some cleavage showed but not so much as to look trashy. The back was also box cut and came down so low that her lower back showed. She wore white boots but most of it was covered as the dress fanned over them. Her dress fit her thin figure until it reached slightly past her hips and then lightly fell around her.

She wore her long hair down. It reached her lower back and was thick and wavy. Strands of her hair was braided and others were threaded with pearls, though most of it was left alone. It looked elegant and touchable.

The woman walked up to them and it was then he realized how tiny she was in height and that he was staring. Though she politely pretended to not notice. "J-Jaya? Jaina... I cant believe? Wow, you look... man, I cant believe you're my sister!" The woman punched him playfully.

"Thank your bride. She is the only one in this galaxy who can get me into a dress. In fact it's a good thing the wedding was broken off because I would probably walk down the isle in my work suit." Jacen and Tenel Ka chuckled.

"Jaina I would like you to meet Casey... he's my body guard." Casey shook himself out of this trance. He couldn't believe who he was looking at. She was beautiful, but he couldn't let it show that he noticed her any more than he already had.

"Hello Princess. Names Casey. My friends call me Case." He tossed her a charming smile and held out his hand. She took it in a firm shake. <Her hands are so tiny> he noted to himself. Her grip grew intensely strong and he winced "Ow!" "That's Jaina please... no princess."

Jacen burst out laughing and Tenel Ka's mouth tugged in a grin.

"Just.... like... MOM!!!" Jacen choked out. Casey frowned at the woman who held her deadly strength so well behind her beautiful and gentle shell. "Alright, Alright, alright your worshipfulness!" Jaina raised a hand to punch him but Jacen put a hand on her shoulder.

She relaxed and dropped her arm to her side. "Why you half witted scruffy looking....nerf herder!" she stammered out. "Who's scruffy lookin'?!?!" she glared and shook her head. Jacen and Tenel Ka exchanged glances and the familiar argument, told by Han, Leia and Luke.


"Jacen you comin'' to bed?" "Yea. One sec." He clicked send on his computer. And scurried over to Tenel Ka and flopped on the bed. "Aghhhh" He said relaxed next to his wife. He looked over at her.

"Jacen how do you think the dinner went?" "I think Jaina had very good restraint with Casey..." he started to laugh "Man she was going mad! I thought she was going to belt him during dessert when he continued calling her princess." Tenel Ka looked at him with blank a expression. Jacen now feeling stupid cleared his throat. "Yes... I think it went very well. And I noticed Casey eyeing Jaina quite a bit. And I would be a fool if I didn't notice Jaina noticing Casey too." Tenel Ka smiled.

Jacen loved how she was smiling regularly now. She had a pretty smile that made her beautiful face glow even more. He reached over and turned his light off. Darkness swallowed them. He snuggled down in the sheets and breathed in the scent of his wives shampoo.


Zekk rubbed sleep out of his eyes as he viewed the vid sent to him by Jacen. The people in the room were talking and busy in their conversations. It was definitely a dinner party. The dress of the men and women suggested so. And the conversation was light from what he could tell.

Suddenly the room grew quiet. Zekk frowned wondering what was going on. All the men's eyes gazed at the door. The woman were soon watching too. The camera zoomed over to the door. Jaina stood there.

Zekk shifted in his seat trying to suppress how taken he was by her beauty. He swallowed hard as he got a better look of her gown. "Amazing." he whispered. She would have looked even more fabulous in a wedding dress.

Zekk loved Jaina. That was for a fact. But It was an odd love. He kept hurting her and he knew it. In fact she made it painfully clear this time around that she was stronger than he gave her credit for and that she would take no more. Zekk had to always learn the hard way.

He watched as attention was demanded back by the rest of the women and the man slowly drew their attention back to their girlfriends, wives, acquaintances, however so detached. Jaina walked smoothly over to her brother, Tenel Ka and a brash looking man.

The man was tall and dark haired. Zekk didn't like him. More than likely for the way he looked at Jaina. The same way he looked at her. But maybe with more lust there. Zekk shook his head and pitied the man. No way would Jaina give him the time of day. Or at least he hoped.

As the film ended a message popped up. It read: "You hurt my sister... but she's movin' on.... looks like you are left in the cold... signed, your would be brother in-law." Zekk sighed and deleted the mail then closed out.

How could he have done what he did to Jaina... how could he let her go...


Earning her Love
Part Two
By: S'handra McCloud
Disclamer: I do not own these characters. And I am making no profit from this story. so please relax and enjoy it....

 Casey sat in his bed in nothing but his glow in the dark boxers, with his mini-comp in his lap. He had been in bed hours ago and had been doing research about Jaina Solo since he got there. He had hacked into the rebels data base, though it was difficult he managed. This young and small woman really intrigued him. He had to know more.

 So far he had learned mostly about her physical appearance... But he already knew everything. She was drop dead gorgeous with long wavy raven like hair. Her eyes a deep dark pool of sadness, and he wished he could make the sadness go away.

 He also learned of her age. She was 19... and more beautiful then he could withstand. He normally went for the older women. The 25 to 30 range, he always thought a woman looked better as she seasoned. He was almost afraid to see how beautiful Jaina would be when she turn of an older age. She was amazingly beautiful now!

 Tapping the mouse key lightly he scrolled down. Ah... now it was getting good. It was sectioned off now about her life.... her accomplishments and hopefully go into more detail of this guy she was supposed to marry, that no one seemed to like.


 Jaina was sitting in bed in her tank top and shorts. It was about 1 o'clock according to the chronometer. She should be getting to bed soon, but she was too interested in the info she was pulling off about the man she met today.

 Jaina had hacked into the Hapes computer system. It was too easy. She would have to warn Tenel Ka of that then she found the opportunity to explain that she had hacked into them.

 Jaina had trouble getting his face out of her mind. He had a strong jaw and jet black hair. His eyes were a bright green. It was alien. His shoulders abnormally broad and somehow he came off as a gentle giant.

 He was from a planet unknown and his family dead at the age 13. Tenel Ka recruited him to be a guard because he was out of a job and was very hansom. He would make a good asset to the Hapes men. Yet Tenel Ka seemed to be GIVING him to Jaina..... or was she GIVING Jaina to him? Jaina want sure.

 'Case' as he calls himself, is a well decorated man of about the age of 23. He was decorated for bravery and combat skills. She continued reading, but according to his profile he went for older girl. Jaina slumped and sighed. <Oh well> she analyzed. <Life is tough.> She turned off her com link and the light and went to bed. <Besides> she thought, <If I really wanna know about him then I'll ask.>


 So she was a Jedi?! Amazing... Casey had always looked up to the Jedi and their kin. But she was also captain of rouge squadron and was well decorated herself. With many bars and stars for battles and for honor and bravery. She lead Many mission that she and her friends went on. She and her friends destroyed the New Alliance, ended a civil war, saved the planet of Kashyyyk and destroyed the emperors plague, destroyed the Shadow academy and Brakiss WHILE bringing Zekk back to the light side (He was Jaina's fiancee.). And this was all in her days as a young Jedi knight. She was a legend in the making.

 Zekk had really hurt her too. He left her to become a Bounty hunter all of a sudden he shows up again. A few months ago he asked her to marry him and he drops off the face of the universe and Jaina said she had enough. "Oh this guy is a romantic" he smirked sarcastically.

 Jaina's personality slowly started to unravel to him also. She took her smart mouth from her father, and her snide remarks from her mother. She was strong emotionally but in the inside she was in pain. Pain that she showed no one.


 Jaina lay over a pole her legs wrapped around it and one arm holding on tight, so she could have easier access to the hyper drive. She had been working on it for a long time. "Whats wrong came a deep voice startling Jaina. She yelped startled and fell to the bottom. "OOOOUCH!" She said as her tools fell on her head and she herself had to admit she sounded just like her father, Han Solo.

 She stood up rubbing her head and groaning. "Sorry." Jaina looked up at him. He was kneeling over the system looking down at her. "Nothings wrong with it... Im just enhancing it's speed.

 She leaned over and plopped her tools in the metal case that tumbled on her head along with the tools. She set it near his feet. And mumbled "So much for it being organized" She reached up grabbed the pole and pulled herself up so her hips were level with the pole she turned and sat down then slid so she hung be her legs.

 Can you pass me the multi tool! "Whats that?" "The one with the multi... tools on it. Hens the name." Casey blushed at his ignorance and passed her the requested tool. "Thanks" came her muffled reply.

 A grimy hand reached up as she passed him the tool and asked for a wrench. Her one again handed her the tool.

 They sat together in the ship minus words save the occasion request and thanks. He admired her ability with her ship. And her thought she was so cute with her dirty face and clothes. He had at first taken her to be more of a princess then the kind who LIKED to get dirty... but he was glad she was how she was.

 Jaina didn't want him really working on her ship but she was grateful for his company even if they said nothing. And she enjoyed showing off her knowledge of her ship. Plus it's always threat to be in the company of a high honored and well respected body guard of Hapes. Especially one so hansom. She grinned to herself and hoped he didn't see it. And even if he had he said nothing.


 Casey watched in the shadows as Jaina ran the forest path outside of the palace. It was getting dark. Most of the light was given off by the moon and the stars. She ran at a speed he had only seen Tenel Ka run. He was glad now for all his quiet walks when he found short cuts in the unseen.

 Jaina wore dark green short running shorts and a tight gray tank top. A little sweat was showing on her shirt at the low neck and down the crease of her breasts. Her hair was up high in a now wet pony tail. Her face was flushed slightly, yet she kept running.

 Jaina slowed down as she came to the clearing she was aiming for. Casey stayed within safe distance behind her and watched. She walked up to a pond. "Man made... Just like this forest" She said disappointedly and she shook her head.

 That same fact bothered him too. He loved natural wild life. but not this man made cheep information. Actually it want cheep information. Such wildlife would be believed to be real to just about everyone but someone who spent most of their time outside. Witch suggested that Jaina was an out doorsy person.

 Jaina knelt by the water and dipped her hands in the water pulling it up and over her arms and then over her legs. She raised her cupped hands to her face and wetted her face. Using the bottom of her tank top she damply dried her face.

 She stood and looked around with a frown on her face. "Cummon' out... I know you are there. I can feel you." she said into the woods. Casey stiffened. The Force... damn it. She knew he was there. He held still.


 Jaina had felt the protective eyes on her the whole time... she had tried to ignore it but she couldn't anymore. If Casey was going to be watching her in an attempt to protect her then he might as well come out.

 Though it was sweet. And it endeared him to her forever now. Slowly he stepped out of the woods with an ashamed look on him face. Man was he hansom. "Uh- I... well- would you like to jog with me?" she said in an attempt to rectify herself. He looked up at her and grinned "Id love to."


 "You... call this... jogging?!" "Well after years of jogging with Tenel Ka you get speedy if you don't want to be left in the dust." Casey nodded in agreement. "So how do you like it here?" "It's great... company is great." He looked over at her surprised yet her eyes staid in front of her. He looked back in front of him and grinned.

 "I'll race ya!" "Your-" Casey took off.  Jaina stooped jaw dropped at his cheating. "Hey!!!" She took off after him, he was fast.


 "Wow! Look at this!" said Jacen looking out the window high over the ground. Tenel Ka walked over to him raised her eyebrows at what she saw and hit a few access codes so she can hear as well as see.

 Jaina and Casey came racing out of the woods. Casey slowed and Jaina leaped on his back. He held he legs so she didn't fall off. She hit his chest playfully. "I win!" Casey said. "Because you cheat!" She said laughing. He set her down gently and tackled her to the ground she fell on her butt, but she retaliated by using her powerful legs to swipe him. He too fell on his pride. "Ow!" Jaina laughed.

 Casey though she looked beautiful in the moonlight. She leaned back in the soft grass, she too leaned back. They lay in silence for a while. Just enjoying each others company in the moonlight. Slowly they started talking and they learned each others stories.


 They had to have talked for at least 6 hours. They had come inside about after 2 hours of talking outside. The cold had started to bite hungrily at their warmth so they decided to find shelter in the palace. They found themselves in the kitchen.

 Their final hours together was spent in playful teasing and conversation over some fruits and meet. Jaina tossed a blue berry in the air and caught it in her mouth. Casey laughed " You are good. But hardly a master..." He said forcing his voice low at the second part.

 He tossed a grape up high in the air and Jaina nudged it with the force and it hit him in the forehead. "Okay so Im not that great either." Jaina laughed picked off a grape and held it to his lips. He opened him mouth looking into her eyes and she gently plopped it in. She grinned.

 The sadness was still there. Slowly he chewed it and swallowed. Jaina looked at her plate of fruit and meet. "Tell me about Zekk.... please?" Jaina looked up at him ready to get defensive... but she backed off when she saw the caring in his eyes. She nodded and began.


 Jacen groaned sleepily from their bed. "Are they still talking?" Tenel Ka nodded as she listened and watched. "Casey really likes her... I can sense it. And I would be lying if I said Jaina didn't have the hots for him too." "Really? That's great. Now come to bed?

  Why is this so important to you any ways?" "I have decided to split the Hapes cluster in half..." "WHAT?!" Jacen sat up. "Yes. It's too much work for me by myself. My mother wanted this done too. But was never able to accomplish it. I can. If I can keep it in the family it will make for better ruling in the end. I will have final say of course but they can make crucial discussion and discuss them with me."

 "What? Wait... who?!" "Why your sister of course... and it's only right if she is wed to my best guard. She will be safe and keep with the ties of Hapes.   This way when problems arise she can handle them... If something drastic happens then she comes to me with her solution first. And Jaina is the only one I trust enough to do the job... I need her help. I have trouble raising the kids... I want to be there for them more. And the Hapes cluster continues to grow. I need help."

 "You are doing fine with the way you are rasing the kids. And if they are whats causing for such problems then get Jaina to help you with the kids. She loves them just as much as we do and would take care of them better than any nanny or droid!"

 Tenel Ka shook her head. "No no.... you don't understand. I want to be with them. Me and no one else. And.." Tenel Ka paused. Jacen looked at her urging her to continue. "Well?" "Well... I'm pregnant..." Jacen burst out "Wa hoooo!" and hugged his wife. "Five children...." he said in awe. He then puffed out his chest and made a stern face and used his Indian voice. "Me feel like heap big man. And you heap big mans wife hoo hoo. Heap big man lovem you."

 Tenel ka raised an eyebrow it his peculiar behavior. Jacen leaned back and sighed happily.


 Sitting in the dining room alone with his wife, Jacen bit into the moist blue bread and took a sip of his blue milk. He Set his cup down and picked up if fork again and slice cleanly through the green eggs. He stabbed the egg and dipped it in the purple yoke. "Colorful meal" he said.

 Tenel Ka looked up from the map of the Hapes Cluster she had been looking at. "Huh?" "Nothing... I was just worried about how much time Jaina has spent with Casey... It's not normal for her to skip breakfast to be with a guy."

 "Oh Jacen calm down. They went to an air show. The show will last all day an all night. They will get a room and be back my dawn. Besides Jaina wanted to get some stuff to modify her ship, they were selling good stuff there for real low prices, and Casey said he had a few idea's and that he would like to help her and she agreed! So...- oh." She bit into her bread. "HAH! See?! Jaina is WILLINGLY let someone help her with her ship. She didn't even let Zekk help her!"

 Tenel Ka slowly smiled. "Maybe we should talk about my proposal..." "What proposal." "Last night..." "Oh. You don't seriously think Jaina and Casey are-" Tenel Ka looked up at him and Jacen looked down... "I don't like this guy."

 "The only reason you don't like him is because your sister does and because you are so protective over her. She can protect herself. And take Casey in a heartbeat. You forget she is a Jedi as well. She isn't a Jedi knight anymore Jacen.... and she's in rouge squadron... Those pilots can hold their own."

 Jacen sighed. She was right of course. "Okay... lets here it." Tenel Ka kept a emotionless face but under it she was smiling. She sat up and cleared her throat. She lifted the map up to his vision. A red line separated the cluster and showed the two new boundaries. One planet was colored in green and one was drawn in blue.

 "Whats that?" he pointed to the blue sphere drawn in. It was smaller then the others. "A small planet we discovered in Jaina's half of the system. It's a baby compared to the other planets around here, inhabited, 70% water, the land is 45% forest, 30% grass land, 3% dessert, 22% tropical, plenty of wild life, crystal snakes, colorful insects, an animal called... oh what was it- oh horses, and some others I can't pronounce. We thought it would be only right to have Jaina name it.

 Construction is already completed on her palace. It's impressive to say the least. We hope to have the planet populated as soon as Jaina and Casey have gotten themselves settled..." Jacen nodded.

 "You think she'll accept... It will mean A life in the eyes off the press and always in danger.." "You forget her upbringing and who she is..." Tenel Ka nodded "You are right... I guess she would be used to it. But do you think she'll accept?" "I don't see why not." "When should we tell her" "How about when she is proposed to. It can be kinda a....prewedding gift." Tenel Ka nodded. "You are correct."


 Zekk looked up as the air crafts zipped by. "This show is great!" Zekk said excitedly. Anja nodded "Yea... Jaina and her new boyfriend think so too." "What?!" "Look." She pointed 3 rows in front of them. A tall dark haired man had his hand on Jaina's shoulder that was closest to him. So he didn't have his arm around her. But the touch was still of great affection.

 They chuckled and then Jaina said something and he said something back. No doubt they were discussing the flying and the ship rather than being in awe like the majority of the spectators. They laughed again and he took her elbow gently leading them out of the croud.

 Zekk followed and Anja trailed behind. He wanted to watch this guy. He was too smooth for his liking.


 Casey's touch gave her a chill. A good one, but a chill none the least. Or was it the force tingling her neck? She frowned wondering what it could be. Casey looked down at her frowning and pulled his hand off of her back. "Im sorry."

 Jaina looked up at him. "What? Why?" "I didn't mean to touch you in a way that made you uncomfortable. I wouldn't have-" Jaina was shocked to hear this. "Huh?! No! No.... It's just that I felt something." Casey made a strange face as she looked around the croud not a the table of parts that were for sale.

 "Yea... You felt me hand... on your back." Jaina shook her head the frown still there. She rubbed the back of her neck. "No... I mean through the force. Some things wrong here.. Cummon' we need to get moving." She grabbed his hand in a effort to move him along faster. He smiled and wrapped his fingers around the tiny hand.

 They moved along to another table to look at the parts. Casey freed Jaina's hand so she could examine a part closer up. "What do you think of this?" She held it up and he frowned. "This model would be better for distance and speed." He pointed to a part. "What about quick maneuvers... I attract lot of trouble and danger..." she shook her head "and my reflexes are too fast for my ship sometimes... how about this." Casey nodded admiringly. "Very good choice! I didn't know you knew so

much about ships. I mean I knew you were good but-" "My dad is Han Solo. I basically grew up in the cockpit and the hyper drive and brains of the Millennium Falcon." Casey nodded.

 "Duck" Jaina said flatly. "What?" "Duck! She leaped in front of him and pulled out her saber igniting it and held it sideways and up, her elbows bent as she blocked one blaster shot, and her legs in fighting stance, she swung it down blacking another bolt. Then she turned the power source of haltering it again. She turned back to the table payed for the part and started to walk off.

 Casey followed. She moved incredibly fast... and he had no doubt that what she said, about her reflexes being too fast for her ship at times, to be true. "You weren't kidding when you said you attract danger." Jaina shook her head and she looked worried. "He was aiming at you."

 "What?!" His voice cracked. "Why? And who?" there was a moment of silent. "Zekk................................ Cummon' lets keep moving."


 It was time for the night show and Casey settled in his seat next to Jaina. He saw her breath hitting the air and form past her lips. She was curled up and shaking slightly. Looked at the stars in the sky and his view of one particularly bright one was obstructed as a small battle ship flew by, the pilot showing off his skill with tricks.

"It's cold" he stated looking over at Jaina who too was looking up at the sky. She nodded. Casey thought about giving her his coat but he knew she wouldn't accept it because he then would be cold. He unzipped his coat and straddle the bench facing her and scooted closer.

 She looked at him and he pulled her to him so she sat sideways on the bench her knees bent up to her chest. She leaned back against his chest and he wrapped her up in his coat. Jaina felt safe and warm and Casey got this feeling in his stomach.... he hoped the feeling would never go away. Her hair was soft against his neck as she snuggled in. And it smelled so sweet. But their position brought up one small problem, he didn't think he would be able to let her go when it was time to get their rooms


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