Dark Jedi
This is a short story about Imperial Lord Tion and his flagship, the Devastator. It is my first fan fiction, so i know it aint long.

All these characters are not mine except for Taurs and Motti the others are... well you get it.

The Star Destroyer *Devastator* hung in orbit above Ralltiir launching its TIE Fighter's to neutralize the planet's defenses. The planet was small, so there were not many forces. The citizen's could do nothing against the star destroyer. They had merely a few squadrons of headhunters. Seeing how outnumbered they were, they surrendered.

"Our forces have over taken Ralltiir and are awaiting your orders Lord Vader." Tion stood before the figure of Darth Vader.

"Good work Captain. The Emperor will be pleased to hear it."

"Thank you Lord Vader." Tion still couldn't believe that he was carrying the second most important person vital to the emperor.

The Sith said nothing, only walked off somewhere. Tion was once again staring at a wall. He walked out and turned to see Lt. Qorl.

"Where is your commander?" he asked.

Qorl shifted uneasily. "He sent me to tell you that we have had a communication problem. We have lost all communication."

"Sithspwan!" Tion spat. "How?"

"We do not know Captain," Qorl shrugged. "We believe that it may have been an ion charge from the planet."

"What is this!? Find out where it came from! Immediately!!!"

The Lt. bowed and ran off.

He turned to his second in command. "Tell me when we have communications back on!" With that he walked off to quarters. After a few minutes pacing his comlink beeped.

"Sir, we have all communications back up."

"Good job Taurs," he commended. He shut his comlink off and went back up to the main bridge. He walked up to his shield officer. "Have we sustained any damage?"

"None that I can see sir."

Tion nodded. "Good." As he turned to walk away Taurs ran up to him.

He sounded out of breath. "Sir (*huff*) we have (*puff*) detected a surge (*huff*) from hyperspace."

Tion monitered for him to continue.

"Sensors indicte that it was a rebel ship," said Lt. Motti, who was with Taurs the entire time. "I say we follow it."

Tion nodded, "Right."

And they did, catching up with it as they went along. "Sir, sensors say that it is slowing down," Motti said.

"Right above Tatooine... Wonder what they are there for." He shrugged it off.

"Can you get information about the ship?" the two men jumped at Vader's voice.

" yes my lord," muttered Motti, his brow furrowing. After a few minutes he said, "Got it!"

"Well..." Vader said impaitaintly. He sounded if he had things to do.

"It's name is *Tantive IV* my lord, headed by Captain Antilles."

"Very well," Vader turned to Tion. "Captain, set up your men. I want you to disable that ship then capture everyone on board. Is that clear?"

" lord," he gulped. "But do you think the Emperor will apro-"

"I speak for the emperor, Tion. And you will do as I." With that, he stomped off.

" heard him Lt. Set up a team."

"Yes sir."

And the ship prepared for the attacking.

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