Dark Secrets
By: India Skywalker
(editors note: this story takes pace when India Skywalker is just a child)

The majestic Jedi Temple, covered in darkness and being pounded with the heavy rain of the month. The thick rain forest cast dreary shadows upon the forgotten temple. It was of ruins now, nothing to ever look foreword too. The dry orange bricks of the temple greatly exaggerated the beauty of the inside. The temple had full red marble floors, wiring in the brick ceilings and a few rooms where bunk beds were still held.

During the galactic war, the Empire came upon a planet. They tried to take over it's refineries in order to gain more money and power, but it was the decision of the people who lived there was that the Empire would gain nothing. All refineries were set to self destruct. Destroying the whole planets inhabitants (except for a few lucky families) in the blast.

A Jedi Master came to the planet in hopes of finding life. The force guided him there, telling him that some children had the force strong within them. For the good of their planet, no, the world.

That Master was Zachariah Gaebora. He only located three young girls, and those were the ones he took. Deep into the heart of a forgotten planet and deep into the rain forest to train them. His effort was well appreciated by the young girls. They had come along with their training very quickly. They looked up towards him like a father, but everything changed this fateful day.......


Three young children all seven years of age was huddled around a small fire trying to keep warm. The rain was radiating a cold temperature when it collided with the rocks on the temple. Since the temple was so old, it never was very warm and the children were freezing. Three children each of the same age, Ashley, Zarial and India.

All of them were different in their own ways but were all training under Zach's care. He was like a father to them, their bond towards him was unmistakable. Yet, being alone in a temple in the middle of no where was getting them worried. They would love to be back at their homes, to see people running around. Although they admitted to each other they complained, they loved the busy life they all had.

Ashley was exactly 4 feet 2 inches in height. She was the tallest of the three girls by two inches. She had short black hair that brought out a deepness to her dark grey eyes. She had a very fair skin color that matched with her dark red Jedi robes she was wearing. The triangular shaped rubies in her ears were given to her by her parents, before they were destroyed. She talked about them like they were a sacred treasure.

Zarial was a bit different. She was the courageous one of the group and the best in problem solving so far. Blessed with the force, so that she could sense even the slightest disturbance. She was an even four feet in height with a brownish/blondeish color to her curly hair that reached her shoulders. She had dark brown eyes and her skin color was very light, almost delicate. She always wore dark blue Jedi robes.

India was more of the tom-boy of the group. Master Zach could always see she was different but he just didn't know how. She reached an even four feet in height and had long dark brown hair to the middle of her back. Her black robes added intensity to her sparkling emerald green eyes and the circular cut diamond on her forehead. Her skin was always a nice tan. The weirdest thing of all about her is what startled Zach, at the top of her right arm about 3 inches below her shoulder was the Terrias mark.

He had studied the mark in his books, and after months of searching came across some useful information. Trying to let India's learning increase, he didn't tell her about what she could do with her natural abilities. Zach feared it might lead her to the dark side and he didn't want someone that young to turn. This is why the children are alone in this room now. Master Zach told them he felt a disturbance in the force and that any sith would love to come and kill the children to prevent strong Jedi from forming. Determined that his apprentices wouldn't end their lives so soon, he went out to check what was happening out in the temples hallways.

He hadn't returned..... and this worried the children now.

"Damnit! It's so cold in here!" Ashley rubbed her hands together by the small flame that was being kept lit with little scraps of wood and paper that they could find. Zarial and India looked at Ashley and nodded.

"Ya know....we can't stay in here forever....we will probably die." Zarial nodded and looked at her two friends. Ashley nodded in agreement.

"Yeah I guess you're right Zarial." Ashley looked at her and sighed. "Well....I'm tired of waiting for Master Zach to come. Why can't we just go find him ourselves..?"

"He told us to stay here." Zarial informed.

The three nodded and sighed again in sync.

Zarial leaned back towards the door and yelped as she sat her hand down on the floor. India and Ashley leaped up to attention. She jumped up and had blood all over the palm of her hand.

"Oh gross...." Zarial gagged.

"What about Master Zach.....? is he...????" India looked up and opened up the door, scrambling into the hallway with the two behind her. They all stopped, looking at the long path of blood that led to a corner and then it went down another hallway.

Taking all of little courage they had they started following the path.

"Ewww...this is *so* nasty!" Ashley moaned.

"I know...just....urgh....I won't even bother..... hey...what's that?" Zarial ran up to a light under a table.

It was Zach's lightsaber.

Both sides were turned on, letting off a bright glow from both yellow sides. Zarial remembered he had made the blades yellow, saying it reminded him of the sun. It's energy and the way it can change everything's life. She turned both sides off, watching the glow fade.

Ashley turned the corner and squealed, jumping back into India. They both stared wide eyed in fear towards the end of the hallway. Zarial rushed over to them and looked up.

"Holy....." she gasped.

The sight that the three children were looking at was too horrible for words even to describe. They had found their master, but he wasn't alive any longer. A slice in the ceiling from a lightsaber and someone tore down the electrical wires from it. The wires were wound tightly around Zach's neck. His mouth was open and his head was back with a lightsaber would straight through it. His body was hanging a good 4 feet above the ground, swaying slightly. His brown Jedi robes were cut straight across the chest, a blow that no one could have survived. His waist was barely even attached to his body, everything was caked in blood.

Zarial, India, and Ashley all tensed. They all felt the warmth in the air of the battle around them. It happened just a few minutes ago.

India dragged Zarial and Ashley back to the corner so they wouldn't have to see the sight that had befallen their master.

"I think I'm going to be sick....." Ashley looked at the ground with tears in her eyes.

"It's okay......we....we got to kill whoever did this to master Zach. We have to kill him or else we will be killed too." Zarial paced around the hallway. She was staying away from the turning point of the grounds so she wouldn't have to see the body again. Her pace became more rapid, the sound of her footsteps echoing down the long hallway.

"We have to move around." India looked at her friends. "So he can't find us and kill us too."

Zarial looked at her. "We need to track him down."

"Well don't argue! Zarial you have the force sensitivity you can use! Can't you track him down?" Ashley asked.

India took out her lightsaber and hooked it to her belt where it could be reached more quickly. Ashley and Zarial acknowledged that and did the same.

"This way." Zarial led the way.


The three children had spent hours trying to locate the Sith who was responsible for their Masters death but with no luck. They all went up to the top floor and settled up there to sleep. They had just settled in when they all had a chilling feeling in their souls and they looked up.

A man in a black cloak came up to them slowly. He turned on his double lightsaber. With deep black eyes that shone of his training through the sith universe and his soul, the dark void that it was, he spoke slowly. His voice was cold beyond belief and his words were non comforting in the least bit.

"I have come to destroy all Jedi who come in my way." he told them.

India, Zarial, and Ashley needed no other sign or words to tell them this was a fight. Leaping up to their feet, they discovered he was a great seven feet tall. The rest of them barely topping four feet in height discovered they were greatly disadvantaged. Their courage overtook their fear as they stood up, one by one, igniting their lightsabers.

The battle was on.

Zarial was the first to lunge at the Sith. She moved swiftly on her feet, quicker than light at a few times dodging the menacing blows of the lightsaber. Over and under it was just a whirl of action. India and Ashley watched intently. Zarial backflipped, landing on her hands she barely dodged the saber that threatened her life. She sprung into the air and sent her lightsaber careening down the Siths head. A miss. He was too fast for them. He had way too much stamina too. Zarial began to tire, now only a partial second she moved away from the lightsaber blows. He kept barely missing her. Becoming frustrated he exploded in a burst of electricity. The blue lightning flew across the room, missing Ashley and India but hitting Zarial. She was thrown back against the wall.

He looked over at the young child. She barely moved, for he had knocked the wind out of her and it is always hard to recover from that. Cautiously he stepped towards her, lifting his red double lightsaber above his head to deliver the final blow. Zarial looked up, her eyes were full of fear and fright.

The Sith slammed the Lightsaber down on her head.

Sparks flew.

Ashley got there just in time. Her lightsaber blocked the Siths from hitting Zarial, only a few inches away.

There wasn't much fight in this one. He spun around, kicking both Ashley and Zarial across the room into the wall with his hard leather boot. India watched fearfully. She didn't know what she was supposed to do, so she just watched.

The Sith approached Indias friends as she watched. Images flashed through her mind. One was of Master Zach teaching her. Another was of him talking to her about an ability she may have had. More and more images flooded her mind, recalling certain events that her Master taught her and that her friends shared with her. She closed her eyes, and when she re-opened them, they were as red as blood.

She lunged, lightsaber lit catching the Sith off guard. He was about to finish Ashley and Zarial off but forget it now. Revenge raced through her mind, giving her the ability to move even faster and more agile than she was ever able to do before.

He turned furiously. Moving faster than ever thought possible but she kept on. India twisted through his blasts and dived up and around him. Moving swiftly she was driven by anger and revenge. Revenge for her Master. He kept slicing at her. Always missing. He was getting worn down. India kept going faster and faster. Taking her lightsaber, she slashed a wound deep into the Siths chest and landed.

She was breathing hard, Ashley and Zarial looked up at her fearfully until her eyes faded back to their normal emerald green color.

The Sith looked at the gash on his chest then back at the young Jedi in disbelief. The blood covered his fingers. His rage bubbled up from deep inside of him sending a wave of power jetting through his bloodstream. The dark side came fourth, slamming all the young Jedi into, and through, the brick wall.

Pushing rubble of themselves they looked up weakly. A Seven year old child could only take so much physical damage....and that was their limit. The Sith came up to them, double light saber raised above his head.

A cry was heard, a bright light was emitting in the room and an explosion occurred. All the spectators in the temple room was engulfed in a blue light. Fire ripped through the room, collapsing the top floor on all of them covering them all in rubble and dust.

A little later.....

India coughed, brushing a thick coat of dust off her Jedi robes they were still brown from all the dust. Ashley and Zarial pushed off some bricks and looked around. All of them were fine from the explosion. The body of the Sith was no where to be found, except for the proof of a few pieces of his Cloak and his destroyed double lightsaber.

Zarial coughed. "What happened...?"

Ashley rubbed her head. "I-I don't know....is everyone okay?"

The three nodded.

"Come on...let's get out of this rubble and back downstairs." Zarial helped Ashley and India to their feet.


About a week later....

"India you're really leaving..?" Ashley looked at her friend with watery eyes. India nodded.

"Yeah...You two have been my best friends. Take care of yourselves okay?" India hugged Zarial and Ashley. The two nodded.

"One day India..." Zarial stepped up. "One day we'll meet again and be able to see how much we've improved on our skills."

She nodded. "Right. You two gonna stay here?"

Ashley shook her head. "No. We are staying only for a while. Y'know...clean up a little bit of the temple and pack up. We have to leave now....Zach is gone."

Zarial nodded. The three friends hugged again for maybe the last time. They were all crying slightly. India sniffed and looked at Ashley and Zarial. She smiled.

"I can feel it... someday we will meet again."

After a few more long good-byes India walked off the temple. She walked down the orange brick steps and out into the forest. Disappearing into the forest she thought about what had happened to her and what Zach had told her. He spoke of an ability deep inside of her. This is why she left.

Passing Zach's grave she glanced at it, said a little prayer and placed a rose on the mound of dirt. She looked at the grave for a little while, remembering all he had taught her. Determined to fulfill her destiny and avenge her masters death she started to run through the forest.

Her thoughts were dedicated to the memory of her master and the way he was a father figure to her. Thinking about him caused her to loose track of time. She came to a spaceport.

She could get transportation there.....so she headed down to the busy buildings where her adventures would soon begin.

And never end........


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