Part 1 - Danger In The High Road
By: Allol Dasel

DISCLAIMER: the planets and characters that u regonize from the books are not mine. Also if you're 5 or older u can read this, due to mild swearing.

Looking down at the man before her, she sneered. His face was held in a terrified look. His clothes were torn slightly from where her claws had ripped into him. Getting up slightly he gulped his white smugglers shirt open slightly, going over his black jean like pants. " Lenia please, please show mercy.I didn't mean to kill her. Really I didn't, she just stepped in the way"

Lenia growled slightly, lowering her bounty hunters rifle so it was aiming at his neck, she stepped closer to him. Her eyes glowed like two bright green colored coals in the dark. A smirk forming on her crimson colored lips outlined with purple lip pencil. Moving her other hand to her rifle, holding it with such ease, She lowered her right hand near the trigger, wrapping her slender finger around it slightly. The moonlight made her navy blue see through shirt and black pants with silts up the sides to her knees glisten. Curving her finger around the trigger slightly, she replied in an icy tone " I wouldn't lie if I were u Arich, u know that u killed her on purpose after I had sworn to u that I would stay with u, if u didn't harm her. Now she is dead and all because of u. I will find your death a pleasurable one. And it will be an honor to get revenge so quickly, without having to chase u about I mean. Any last words before I send u to the start of a slow and painful death?"

Staying still, as her rifle touched his neck, he tried to move back slightly to where she had thrown his weapon. His hand skimming over it, he got it in his grip and held it firmly bringing it to his side slowly. Speaking still with a scared tone in his voice " I promise just give me a chance. I can make it up I swear"

Pulling the trigger releasing a stun bolt into him at point blank rage, she stepped to the side. Arich fell with a soft thud. Shaking her head slightly she moved the blaster up to his head and sent a single shot into his skull. Grabbing up something off the ground that was near him, she pocketed it and turned walking off into the night, and towards a building that had a latter going up the side of it.

Stopping right before she got there, she cursed, seeing several guards's patrolling the area. Slipping into the shadows, she held her hunting rifle to her side, keeping it there so it wouldn't make a sound. Sliding along the building slowly, she watched as the guard's started to clear and depart. All but one left, standing there a few minutes, he made some sort of signal and she stepped out.

"Hey mike, two questions for ya."

Looking over to her, he smirked slightly and replied " how did I know u would make it out alive?"

"Because I always do.that jerk murdered my sister, your girlfriend, so I gave him payback and there was a bounty on him."

"Nice.if u wouldn't have got him I would have, but anyway, what's the questions?"

"Have u seen Nero and is the men still waiting to see me?"

"Nero is with them now, breaking some deal. U better get up there before he bargains off your ship or better yet, u"

Sighing, she went over to the latter, slapping Mike on the back. "Mike u are such a pal u know that, but u as well as anyone else know that he wont trade off Systic Glider. If he did I would kill him or better yet steal his ship and leave him stranded."

Mike smirked again and pushed her up the latter a bit to push her along. "Babes, if u left him here I would gladly thank u. At least I would have company again. Ever since u started smuggling and bounty hunting u ain't been around. Which causes me to worry, since I am starting to like having your trouble around here, gives me something to look out for"

Looking down at him from the latter, she stopped halfway up and studied him a bit, before climbing up and disappearing over the top of the building. When she stepped onto the roof, she saw a strong built man, wearing Jedi attire, visiting with several other men, who all had identical outfits typical of space pirates. Going over towards them, she tapped the strong built one on the shoulder. As he turned around, she pointed the end of her rifle at him. That got his attention as he stood up and spoke "ok Lenia u win this one. Now please get your rifle away from me."

Smirking as she lowered the rifle to her side again, she said with smugness in her voice " I should have shot u, starting this without me around. I thought we had a deal here Nero."

"You weren't around and they came so I started it. Besides we didn't get very far. How did your catch go?"

"Fine, lets just say Arich is now gone. He made the mistake of messing with Allay and accidentally shooting her."

"Poor devil, I almost feel sorry for him"

"Yeah well, no need to be, now at least I can get some money from bounties." Looks over to the small group of pirates and contuied "sorry to keep u guys waiting, now where were we?"

One of the pirates stood up and spoke in a loud clear voice "we were about to discuss, rather u and Nero are gonna work for us or not"

"What kind of work?"

"Bounty hunter stuff mainly. We tell you to get the person and u get them no questions asked. The pay is good though, the more faster the job is done, the more u get paid."

"Hmmm interesting. And just how do find u if we need u again or decide to turn a job down?"

'We'll be around, now you taking it or not?"

Lenia looked over to Nero. He just shrugged and nodded. Facing the pirates again, she said, " ok we'll take it."

The pirate leader nodded and went over to Lenia. His voice was icy as he said, " listen here little lady, we run this so don't be thinking u can take over here. One wrong move and I'll kill ya myself. If it weren't so important to Nero to keep ya here and your skill to hunt, chances are I wouldn't take ya. I don't like females."

Glaring at him slightly, she grabbed him by his shirt collar and hoisted him in the air, one or two inches off the ground. " U listen here, little man. I didn't say anything about ruling over you. I just said I would accept the job. So don't go poking past that zone ok. If u don't like females then go tell someone who cares. Because I won't put up with this. U listen to Nero, he'll agree with me. And just tonight I killed some jerk that killed my sister. So I would shut up if u didn't want trouble. Or else you'll it and a whole lot more."

Nero looked over to her, raising an eyebrow slightly. The other pirates he was with glanced over also and shrunk back a bit. The leader's eyes went wide slightly with terrier as she dropped him on the ground. Going over to Nero. Lenia put a hand on her hip and whispered something to him. He nodded and she started off down the latter. He nodded a bye to the terrified pirates and followed after her.

Going down the latter, she stopped at the third rug down and jumped off, landing on her feet. Stepping back, she waited for Nero. Raising a perfectly deep purple lacquered nailed hand she pushed some silver and blue streaked hair out of her face. A soft sigh escaping her lips, she glanced around and then started off towards her ship when Nero touched ground. "Hey Lenia, why did u get so tough back there?" she heard his voice ask her.

Not turning around, she replied " because he called me little girl, I don't like that."

Nero became silent and very little much was said between them until they got to the port where Systic Glider and Nero's ship Sublige lay docked. Open the door with a key, Lenia stepped in, Nero behind her. As they headed for their ships, he called to her " let's get some sleep, then start off in the morning."

Halfway up the gangway now, she didn't say anything and continued up it. Hitting the button by the door, with her palm as she passed it, she shut the gangway with a hiss sound. Turning on the security system, she went back to her quarters and took her rifle off her shoulder, hanging it on a hook on the wall. Also on the wall, was a dagger in a holding case, lightsaber from a dead Jedi and two small hand blasters.

Reaching in her pocket she dug out the thing she had picked up earlier.

It was a circle shape, some writing insrcipted on it. Shining it in the light she read the writing and smiled. Glancing over the large sphere, she placed it in a holder that was hidden behind her dagger. Now she had her sister's data disk back. Going over to her bed, she sat down and thought of her sister.

Allis had been a Jedi. Although she had wanted Lenia to turn out like her, lenia rejected. The two were connected with data disks and little holo talks here and there. Then one day, she went to nar shadda to meet with a sith. He had taken her hostage and Lenia who was in the area had come to save her. In the end Arich, had promised not to kill Allis if Lenia survived him for a year. Two days after his promise he had killed her, probably for the disk, Lenia imagined. Lying back on the bed, she glances over to a picture near her bed. It was of her, Allis and Nero.

Ah Nero, she couldn't forget about him. He had grown up loving Allis, but something about Lenia's wild spirit had captured him. She did not share his feelings by a long shot, she preferred to stay out of love, for it could cause her to fall. All her life her sister had had boyfriends and she hadn't, somehow she didn't understand. Allis was a Jedi a goodie and Lenia was more adventures, willing to put herself in danger. Nero had hung around them both so she did not know or care who he liked. Hearing a call come over the COM, she got up and headed for the pit.

When she got there, she pushed the button and spoke " yah Nero? What do u want?"

His strong, firm voice came over the COM. In the background was some music, she could tell he was about to go to sleep. He always listened to music when he slept. " You didn't answer me or I just wondered if we should stay here or go and start now?"

Sitting down, she started up the engines going over the buttons, putting in the right cordations. Pressing the COM again she spoke answered him " you know my answer, from experience I learned it ain't wise to stay longer then you have to on certain planets. U can stay if u wish, since u have a tracker on your ship so u can see where I am going. Besides I gotta get moving, the longer I stay here the more I am in danger of getting caught by Arich's guards. A bounty hunter never has time to rest and relax u should know that, but then your Jedi and I ain't, so I cant control your future."

Inside the Sublige, Nero sighed softly. He should of known she would not stay long. She never did stay any place long and when she was she didn't like it. From experience he knew that she was not a caring person as her sister had been. Blame it on the parents he thought to himself. As her engines got louder and the start up got more complete he spoke " ok well, I can't stop u, if u feel u should go then u should. But cant u ever let me get some sleep once and a while. I mean what if you get in trouble or something? I am after all supposed to be helping u here."

"Nero, save me the emotional Jedi crap. Don't need it.I am gonna go and that's finale besides I will be ok I always am I? Its not like I cant use the force if I have to, its just I choose not to, nothing beats a good blaster at your side. Oh also if u want to sleep, sleep then"

"Lenia, if your gonna go, go, if your stay stay, so I can know rather to follow you or not. I like u and I don't want any danger to come to u. that's why I am like this."

" Correction u don't like me, u love me, that's why your doing all this" Lenia finished the conversation as she started to lift off and out of the hanger bay.

In his ship, Nero started up the engines silently, watching her take off. Shaking his head, he sat back in the seat and strapped himself in. the sleep could wait he figured. After all he wasn't tired, he only wanted to make sure he didn't get tired. He already knew why she was not tired, she had spent the whole day sleeping almost. Sometimes she would go days without sleep and others she would sleep and entire day. No doubt about this time as he looked on his tracker screen, switching it on that she was heading towards one of the moons where the population was less, or maybe she was heading elsewhere. He didn't really care all he wanted was to make sure she stayed safe.

Systic Glider lifted off into the sky and rocketed into space as Lenia hit the hyperspace button. Looking at her screen, she could tell, he was gonna follow her. Leave it to him to make little things like traveling at night more complexes. Setting the crono on the desk top, she strapped herself in and took her book that was in he other seat, sitting back, she opened it and started to read it.

Lifting off, just as she had, Nero set the systems and got the hyperspace ready. As he began to set the crono, he looked back to make sure no one was following him. Smiling, seeing that no one was, he blasted into hyperspace following her.

Part 2 - The Bounty
By: Allol Dasel

Looking over to the crono as it beeped. Lenia turned it off and sat up straight in her seat. As the ship fell out of hyperspace, she smirked seeing she had come out in the perfect spot. Glancing down at her tracker screen she saw that Nero's ship was coming out behind her. Shaking her head, she thought to herself "leave it to Nero, always on track". Continuing towards the planet that loomed ahead of her, she looked at her data pad, which was scrolling some information on the system she was in, Yavin system. To be exact. The planet ahead of her was Yavin 4.

Yavin was a lush and tropical planet. Filled with forests and small creatures. Most of all Force users though. Which brought her to why she was here, a bounty on a Jedi by the name of Loen D' Mere. The empire had been hunting him for some time. According to their records he had outwitted every hunter, even the legendary ones. Although she was not famous she could get to him; many a man fell to her charms, not that she cared, because she didn't. Looking on his records she scanned over the important details. Even the smallest fact could be of use in her case.

Nero frowned when he saw where they were. So his intentions were right, she had come here after all. Although the planet was beautiful he knew they were here for a different reason. Shaking his head, he knew he had to stop her. Heading down to the planet with her, he closed his eyes and concentrated on looking into her mind.

Leon looked up from his book, sensing two incoming ships; his knowledge in the force served him well. Going over to his tracking system he took the status on each ship, finding them both unfamiliar to this system. Putting on his cloak, he got up and walked out of his room, grabbing his lightsaber and clipping it to his belt.

Landing her ship in a clearing surrounded by trees, she looked out and memorized it, having a strange feeling like someone was looking into her mind. Sending a mental message to the person, she snapped " hey stop that or I will make u get outta my mind". Getting up, after unstrapping herself she went back to her room and grabbed her two hand blasters concealing them in her shirt. Then taking her rifle she placed it on her shoulder and headed to the gangway opening it and leaving the security on. Closing the gangway when she had stepped down onto the floor, she locked it with a code and slipped the remote around her neck. Having the image of the clearing in her head, she headed off into the forest.

Landing his ship, his mind stopping the probing on Lenia's mind he unstrapped him and went to the ramp of his ship. Checking to make sure he had his lightsaber at his side, he opened the ramp and grabbed his blaster, which hung by the door. Closing the hatch and turning on the security he headed off, stretching out with the force to find Lenia. Feeling another force user present, he heads towards that direction.

Leon kept walking till he sensed a person coming towards him. Stopping, he stood still and glanced at the direction it was coming from, emerging from the tree came a Jedi stopped and faced him.

"Greetings sir Jedi" Leon said in a friendly tone.

Nero bowed and started to walk towards him. "Greetings, I am Nero. I just landed here with my partner"

Leon raised an eyebrow. "I sensed there were two people, u must be them or one of them. I am Leon a master at the training center. Have u come to get trained?"

"No, my partner came to collect a bounty on u. I came to stop her."

"Do u know where she is? Perhaps we could both stop her."

"No, she is stubborn when it comes to this. Her skills drive her on."

"Is she sith?"

"Non force user, she has the force, but just chooses not to use it. She thinks skills without the force are better"

The two men continued to talk as Lenia snuck up slowly. This target would be easy she guessed. Drawing her rifle off her side, she set it on stun and crouched down low. Glancing over past Leon's shoulder, Nero saw Lenia and continued talking with him. Bringing her rifle up to aim on the exact spot slowly, knowing that Nero had seen her, she fired two shots at Leon's side.

Sensing the danger, Leon stepped to the side, Nero following him going on the opposite side. One of the shots hitting Nero in the side though. Falling to the ground, he started blacking out. From her spot, Lenia saw she had hit Nero. Cursing under her breath, she raised her rifle again and aimed at Leon's chest. Just as she fired she felt a push and fell back. Getting up, she looked and saw the push had made her aim be off, but at least he had been hit in the leg.

Going over to him, she smirked and lowered the rifle to his head. Glancing over to Nero quickly she pushed her foot heavily on his chest so he couldn't move when he woke up. Looking at Leon she said in an icy tone " Leon mere I presume?"

Glancing at her, her fear showing, he replied calmly "yes and u are?"

"Someone who will be your last to see, u got a bounty on u so big that if I killed u, I would be rich and probably made an honor hunter."

"Let me guess the empire sent u"

"Nope, I came because I heard of the money"

"Young one, I suggest u put that down, u do not want me. there is good in u, I can sense it."

Smirked and shook her head. Putting her finger around the trigger she set the gun to kill and glanced at him one last time. "Now is I were u, I would say bye. Oh one more thing Jedi.any last words so I can tell the empire your opinion?"

Nero started to stir a bit, when he got up he found that he couldn't and saw that Lenia was holding him down with her foot. Looking over to Leon he knew that if he got up she would fire, simply because her finger was on the trigger and because he would cause her to move. Staying still he started to conentrate on the force and call it to him.

Leon glanced over to Nero, seeing him starting to stir. Glancing back at Lenia he smiled slightly "yes please do tell them something, tell them to send u before time on your bounties so they can enjoy your company"

Lenia, pulled the trigger, firing a killing bolt at point black range to his head. As he fell to the ground dead reaching down, she grabbed his lightsaber from his belt and gripped it firmly. She smirked. "Sometimes, beauty can be a killer". Turning around sharply, she put her rifle on her shoulder and walked over Nero's back and off into the forest.

Feeling her step off his back and someone falling dead, he sighed. He had been to late; he was counting on her to at least take some time to kill him. Although that empire part had been funny. Getting up he looked over to Leon and turned away sadly. Going off in the direction Lenia went off, he thought to himself. What could he do to stop her?

Part 3 - When One Must Choose
By: Allol Dasel

Her skill was powerful, yet she felt nothing. Not even when the shot had hit him. Could her force be coming out through her killing? If it was then she would surly turn dark. Already she showed signs. Her brutal way of liking her victims to die slowly and her emotions that weren't there. Looking up he saw he was halfway to his ship.

Arriving back at her ship, she opened the gangway, unlocking it and walking up it, Not even bothering to turn around. Her lips held in a sort of smile, as she set her rifle, two blasters and Leon's saber on the hooks. Shutting the holder box, she locked it and went to the cockpit. Sitting down, she strapped herself in and started up the engines. Looking out the view window, she saw the trees moving slightly and a person emerge from them.

The person was dressed as a Jedi apprentice. A braid hung down the front of her head. Glancing behind her, she made a hand movement and several others came into view. They started talking a bit, looking up at the ship, and then one moved forward and ignited his saber. As he went to slash the side of her ship, she lifted off, hearing the saber cut through the hard metal outside of her ship. Growling low in her throat she fired a single round of three shots at the Jedi boy when she was high enough off the ground. As he hit the ground, she smirked and felt a voice in her head.

The voice was calm and soothing. It reminded her of power and authority as it spoke. "Good, attack them, they should pay for attacking your ship. Now kill the rest so they cannot come to the boys defense"

Feeling a presence as he got near his ship, he heard three shots and turned towards the sound. Just as he did, a girl ran into him. Nero looked at her and said, "What happened?"

"Sir knight, a women just killed our friend, he went up to slice a creature off her ship, but she fired three shots at him killing him. Please help us"

"Take me to them, I will do what I can", In his mind he knew what happened. Lenia's power from killing had struck again, killing an innocent, shaking his head slightly, he ran after the girl as she took off. Looking up at Systic Glider he sent a mental message to Lenia, finding that her mind was blocked. Closing his eyes he concentrated and managed to break through a bit.

In her head, she was feeling utter confusion, the voice was telling her to attack them, but there was no bounty so why should she. Feeling another voice break through she heard it to be Nero. "Lenia, don't do it, don't kill them, there is no bounty on them why should u kill innocent people?" she heard the voice say.

Shaking her head, she raised the ship high into the sky and took off, blasting into hyperspace. The voices fading as she did.

On the ground, Nero smiled and glanced over to the boy who had got shot. Going over to him he told the others to get him back to the temple. As they lifted him up and took off, the girl looked at him. "Thank u sir." she said before running off. Heading back to his ship, he glanced at the trees and leaned down, picking a beautiful flower. Holding it in his hand, he looked at it and thought that he would give this to Lenia. Perhaps she could fight this; he had sensed confusion in her mind, meaning the darkside was trying to tempt her.

When he reached his ship, he opened the ramp and went up it. Closing it with the force, he went to his seat and turned on the tracker quickly. Placing the flower on the other seat, he strapped himself in and started up the engines. It appeared Lenia was already in hyperspace, sitting back, he set the tracker to tell what system she was entering when she hit one. "This will help me keep better track of her," he thought to himself as he set the pre-course for his ship.

In space, Lenia sat back in her seat and looked out at the cold bleak space. Staring out at it, she glanced down at her data pad briefly. Her mind was in a mess of thoughts as she looked for the next bounty. It appeared to be an imperial betrayer. Smiling slightly, she thought to herself "this should be interesting,"

Glancing back into space, she looked at the crono and realized it would take at least a day to reach the planet she wanted. Yawning she closed her eyes sleepily. It had been several hours past her regular time when she was soppossed to sleep. Unstraping herself, she checked the systems and went back to her room. Lying down on the bed, not even bothering to change she drifted off into a dreamless sleep. Her mind echoing the things she had done.

Aboard the Sublige, Nero sensed all go quiet on Systic Glider. Smiling he knew she had gone asleep. At least now he could get some. Lifting off into space, he set the crono and blasted into hyperspace. Once he checked the systems he unstrapped himself and headed back towards his bed. As he changed into his nightclothes he lay down and drifted off into a sleep well needed.

************************Several hours later***********************************************

Waking up as he heard the crono beep, he got jolted across the room. Opening his eyes he jumped up and headed towards the pilot's seat. Sitting down he eased the ship out of hyperspace and saw Lenia's ship not out yet. Just as he was picking up the COM, he saw it jump out of space. Speaking over the COM he said "have a nice sleep Lenia?'

Grabbing at the COM, hearing his voice, she sat down in her seat. "Yeah just fine" she said, in her usual tone. Although she had gotten sleep her mind was still racing with confusion. Glancing at her data pad, she pulled up the fact sheet on her new bounty and read it. Frowning when she read the name. true she did not know this person personally, but killing was her job rather it was people she knew or not . This one would be more difficult, she knew. Looking over to the Sublige briefly, she turned her attention back to the controls and started her ship towards the planet

Smiling at her response, he got up and went to the back, changing into flight clothes. Looking over towards Systic Glider he sensed something wrong. Using the force, he looked into Lenia's mind, rather then be straight out with her, knowing she would not give him a clear answer. Seeing the conflict she was facing, he shook his head. Now would be the time she chose between friendship.or money. Flying his ship downward towards the planet, following her, he stopped probing her mind and set his mind to making sure he landed safely.

Part 4 - The Past Brought Present
By: Allol Dasel

DISCLAIMER: the names Detania and Cadus are my friend's idea. She helped me slightly with this part.

Going back in her mind, thinking about the person she was to kill, she saw a room. The planet was named Rio and the room this took place in was in a house that was set on the planet in town. In the center was a racket ball table and there were several people. There was two brothers' side by side, identical twins on the right side of the table and on the left were two girls, both resembling each other. Near the side of the table on a chair was a girl.

The boys both had brown hair, blue eyes and strong figures even for their age. They were sporting smiled as they took turns batting the ball back and forth when it came to them. Their names were Cadus and Nero. Called the "double trouble "gang back then. They loved to prove they were tops at everything, except when it came to games. They always challenged two girls in particular.

The two girls had their hair tied back, the eldest had her hair in a bun while the smaller had her hair in a braid. As smiles played on their faces they batted the ball back on the boys side. Looking back on that moment made Lenia realized that they had stayed that way. Allis the older one had been gentler. While Lenia had been more rough and still was.

There was also another girl in the picture, she was sitting on a chair. Watching her two "rough" brothers beat the two girls. Her name was Detania, if Lenia remembered straight. She was an innocent angel with toughness when it came to sassing back. Snickering softly when she saw one of the four goofs up.

Nero looked over seeing the ship, floating lazily. Turning on the COM, he spoke into it "Lenia hello, are u ok? You're almost to the planets core and still not getting the landing course ready". Hearing his voice, she came out of her thoughts and turned on her COM, speaking into it "I'm fine, just lost in thought is all"

He smiled, glad to see she was ok. "Good then, well put your gears up or you'll be thinking that thought before u die"

Laughing softly at his humor, she set the course to land and headed down into the planet atmosphere. Looking through her window, she glanced at the surface, so far, so good. Finding a spot that is hidden well, behind two buildings to land, she sets the ship now gently. Looking up she saw Nero landing, he did not need to look, for he was familiar with the setting here. Unstrapping herself she got up and went to where her weapons were kept. Taking her rifle and one hand blaster, she slid the rifle over her shoulder and the blaster up her sleeve in her reach.

As Sublige touched ground gently, Nero unstrapped himself and headed towards the ramp. Not even bothering to turn on security since he was familiar with Rio. Locking the door to his ship though, to be safe he sealed it with a code. Going towards his old house, he knew that Lenia would be along soon. When she got there it would be her decision if she should kill or not.

In the game room, Detania sighed gently. Watching her brother, Cadus play racket ball with his friends had become boring. If only Lenia or Allis were here, they would talk to her. Her other brother Nero, had left years earlier, to travel the galaxy, Lenia and her sister had left also. Although Allis had stuck around longer then the others had, she had still left. Raising a fair skinned hand, she looked at her nails, examining them boredly as the ball flew her way.

Not noticing it, it struck her in the head and the water the boys had placed in there to see who could hit it around without getting wet first splashed all over her. Gasping she turned to look at them, her eyes like daggers. "HEY watch where you're hitting that thing will ya? Ya know u aren't going after Jedi or sith anymore, like you did in the imperial army" she shot at them, ice in her voice.

Looking over to her, they laughed as she got wet and when the laughter died down. Cadus said, "well excuse us. We were just hitting it around. U shouldn't have been looking at your nails."

She glared at him, picking up the now empty ball she threw it back at him. As she hit him with it, he gasped and charged at her wrestling her. As the two wrestled a knock came at the door. Since they didn't hear it, Cadus's friend went out of the room and to the door in the living room. When he opened it Nero stood there. Gasping, as he looked at him and started up a conversation.

Walking around the corner, Lenia saw Nero and stayed back. Her thoughts haunting her again, should she choose the money or the friend? Sighing she stayed there, hearing the door shut and leaned against the building. If she choose the money, she would lose someone that was dear, not to mention make a bad reputation to the young sister of Nero. If she kept the friendship, she would lose some money. Getting up, she went over to the door and knocked. Nero opened it for her and smiled. "Come in Lenia, there is people here we both should see" he said as she stepped in.

Detania got her brother in a pin and held him there. As he struggled to get up, he growled and pushed up, hitting her in the rib cage. Cursing, she slugged him hard across the face. While the two fought, they didn't notice Lenia and Nero step in, till Lenia spoke up. "well ,well, well, this a family fight or welcome home surprise for one of your own?" .

Looking up at Lenia, Cadus stopped fighting and got up, helping his sister up. Lenia smirked and glanced at both of them. In her mind, a small voice telling her to shot him now. Nero glanced over to her and sent her a look that said "think about what is or friendship". Glancing back, no emotion in her face. She nodded slightly and positioned her rifle on her shoulder straight. When Cadus saw that, he stood by Detania and got an uneasy feeling.

"Lenia.that u?" Detania asked

"Yep. all grown up and traveling across the galaxy. And this" pointing to Nero "is my watchdog, making sure I don't get in trouble. Although I am always one step ahead of him," Lenia added that last part with a little bit of humor.

"Nero. as in my brother Nero. The one who disappeared a long time ago?" Cadus asked.

"Yep, how ya been little brother and sister? I missed ya, ya know. And trying to keep up with her ain't as easy as it seems. Oh by the way Lenia I got ya something from Yavin 4." Nero said, pulling the flower out of his tunic and handing it to her.

Lenia smiled slightly, taking the flower and put it in her hair, angling it. Then said with no emotion in her voice "thanks Nero, care for a game of racket ball? "

Nero nodded and went over to Detania, hugging her. As she hugged back, he looked over to his brother and soon all three were in a family hug. Lenia looked over to them, a glint of hate in her eyes flashed quickly as she headed towards the table. When they came out of the hug. Nero took the other side of the table, Motioning for Cadus to join him. Cadus went over to his side and picked up a spare racket. "Just like old times brother of mine. I wonder if we can beat Lenia 2 on 1."

"if u want, but I think we should let Detania play with her"


"Because I do"

Looking over to the two, she shook her head. "What Nero? U don't think I can take on the two of u alone? Is that what it is or are u afraid I will get some sort of anger out of this?"

Glancing over to her, Nero replied calmly "no Lenia I thought u might like help is all. U know team work?"

"I work alone ok. Once I told u save that Jedi crap for people who care. I don't need a partner, nor do I need u, yet u came along, and u have been along ever since I went to save Allis and failed. I don't need, u, I don't need your friendship or anything."

Detania looked over to Lenia, alarmed by her sudden outburst and harsh words. Cadus also glanced over to her. Sighing softly, Nero was used to this. Indeed he had been there, but it seemed no matter what he did, she always rejected him. Raising his paddle in the air, he threw the ball up and batted it at Lenia. Raising her paddle, she swatted it back, with a strong serve. Detania sat down, talking to Cadus's friend Erik, idly on a couch.

As the game continued, Lenia felt a force inside of her, pulling her to it. It seemed to be strengthening her swings as she continued to bat the ball back, Nero noticed. Tapping into the force slightly he sent it hard back at her. Reacting, as she knew what was coming, which she probably did, she flung it back at him. Nero ducked, Cadus got hit in the face and the water splashed everywhere, hitting both brothers, Detania and Erik ,who was talking with her. They all turned their attention to Lenia, who was showing no emotion at all towards them.

Cadus was first to speak." Nice one, but did u have to hit it that hard?"

"Cadus.what's fair is fair, I win, u lose" was all Lenia replied before she put the paddle down and walked out. Slamming the door behind her, as she left the house.

Nero flinched slightly and looked over to where she had left. "What's wrong with her?" Cadus asked.

"She.she is just going through something." Nero replied hearing his voice.

"Why does she hate me?"

"She doesn't, its just that.." Lowering his tone to a whisper "that she has to choose between two things now. Friendship or money."

Cadus lowered his voice also "money? U mean that she is here to kill me after all. To get that bounty the imperials put on me?"

"Yep, I cannot help her with this one or stop her. She must choose on her own. If I push her to not kill u, that will get her further on the darkside then she is. Or will be I should say. "

"U mean she still hasn't tamed down her force use?"

"She never uses it, its attacking when she kills and such. Making it so she doesn't realize it."

"U better stop her, before she ends up killing more"

"Like I said I cant, just keep your guard up and if she tries to attack, defend with a blaster"

"I will do that for sure."

Both brothers nodded and went over to the couch, joining in on the conversation with Erik and Detania. Nero tried to concentrate on the talk but his mind wandered to Lenia. Would she choose what she wanted and then end up killing everyone. Or would she choose friends over money? That would be answered in time he thought. Getting up, he excused himself and went to find Lenia. Cadus, got up and followed, in the shadows.

Outside the house, Lenia walked down the street. The planet was as peaceful as anything, surely if she started trouble here, she would be noticed to quickly. Walking over to a fruit stand she started a conversation with the seller and bought two of the strange fruit they sold. Resuming her walk through the streets, she turned, hearing footsteps behind her. Seeing Nero run up to her, she stopped.

Stopping, right before skidding into her ,he said "Lenia.what's wrong?"

"Nero, u have family, u have a brother and u have a ship, the only thing u are lacking is a girlfriend. I don't have family, I lost my sister and the only thing that I can depend on to not break is my ship ok.compared to u I am lacking a lot. not to mention, within 5 hours I am gonna have to decide over two important things to me. so u figure it out"" she replied a harshness in her voice.

Looking into her green eyes, He reached a hand up and touched her cheek gently. "u choose to become a bounty hunter, now u must choose if u want to kill him or not, I cannot do that for u. why don't u relax some and then think about it?"

Pulling away, she stepped back. "Nero, I don't need your love, or any help like I said before. " Lenia said, before walking off into the crowd. Leaving him standing there.

Part 5 - It Is Always The Darkest Before Dawn Hits
By: Allol Dasel

Cadus slipped ahead of his brother, staying in the shadows as he followed Lenia. Staying back a safe distance from her, he took out his blaster, keeping it in reach. As she turned slightly, he turned his back and pretended to look at the fruits. In his head he heard a voice, peeking its way through slightly, perhaps it was his uneasiness or something else, but this voice was not comforting. "go on, kill her, strike her down in protection for yourself" it said. Shaking his head no, he slipped back into the shadows and concentrated on the voice, not noticing Lenia slip into the alley with him.

Lenia saw whom she thought was Nero, catching him in the alley, she stood there, waiting for him to look up at her. "Nero, what is this? I said I didn't want to talk to u, yet u follow me?" she said with an icy tone.

Cadus looked up, hearing her voice. When Lenia saw it was not Nero, her eyes narrowed. Resting her hands on her hips and watched Cadus as he said, "Lenia, now is your chance if u wish to kill me. No one to stop u and no one to get u in trouble. Nero told me, but then I figured u where here to kill me all along. I had heard u had become a bounty hunter. When Allis first told me several years back that her younger sister had run off and became greedy to find her adventure in life I didn't believe it. I thought she was covering up for u not becoming a Jedi. Now I see though, that u would choose money before friendship."

"Cadus, u and Nero are one and the same. U think that I am dangerous and a killing machine who has no heart, while I think I am just getting the fullest out of life. That may leave me unloving, but I still care about friends. Even though I lost them when I started this job."

"U did not lose them. Nero stayed with u didn't he? Detania still respect u. Just the other day, she was sensing u were coming and couldn't wait to see u. When she was younger, she looked up to u as a role model. Even when u left her to go find a new life, she looked up to u and hoped u would keep in touch. Every time u sent Allis a message she gave it to us and we read it. And Detania's faith in u was restored. Only in your mind have u forgotten the true meaning of friends"

"Nero left, to find his own future, but ran into me and decided to stay on my back to make sure I survived. At times his company can be welcome, but other times he is trying to control me."

"To stop u from killing people when there is no need to."

She looked over to him, but stayed where she was. A voice inside her head started to whisper softly "kill him now, there is no one watching and it will be easy." Pushing the whisper out she keep her gaze on him. Again the voice came, stronger "kill him". If she only knew that in his head, he was hearing the same voice "kill her" it, said over and over.

Back at the house, Nero walked through the door and glanced around, before walking into the game room. Seeing his sister and Erik there, he went up to them" "have u guys seen Cadus?"

Detania looked up at him. "No, he went just after u did. I am sure he is fine. " She said.

Nero got a worried look in his eyes and sat down, hiding his emotions from them he replied "yes I am sure he will."

"what's wrong, u have that look in your eyes again Nero. The look u often had when someone was in trouble or worse."

"I see I cannot fool u sister dear. Well it seems that the imperials put a bounty on Cadus"


"They put a bounty on him for betraying them"

Detania shifted in her spot and shook her head unbelievingly "then Lenia is gonna."

"kill him yes. She had the bounty papers on him and everything. Although just before she docked here, she was going back in thought so that means she could or couldn't"

Both of them got up quickly and bolted to the door. "wait u two" Nero said. Stopping they faced him. "I said might, not will.if u really want to go though let me come with u"

"ok, your right. I just don't want to see what would happen if she did kill him"

"Detania calm down, if she does I will feel it and chances are she'll bolt off this planet, even then I can track her"


Nero got up and went over to them, heading out together, Nero used the force to search Lenia and Cadus out. Finding both their senses close to together, he remained calm and took caution finding them.

Lenia raised the rifle off her shoulder slightly, the voices still going in her head. Looking over to Cadus she could see he was closing his eyes and concentrating on something. "Now" the voices told her. As they got louder, she raised the rifle. Not seeing or sensing Nero, Erik or Detania coming up behind her.

When Detania saw her with the rifle, she charged at her and got her from behind. Lenia fell and tumbled to the ground. Her calm green eyes got a darker shade as if there was a flame in them and she wrestled with Detania. Nero held Erik back from attacking and looked on as both girls fought. Cadus near the building opened his eyes and looked over to them.

Detania pinned Lenia down holding her down by her arms. Not noticing her knee coming up, Lenia jabbed her in the groin. Falling back, Lenia pinned her down and grabbed her hand blaster in her sleeve quickly, pointing it to her neck. Detania froze and looked over to Nero. As the boys observed them, Nero was the first to speak. "Lenia and Detania stop this now. Lenia put that blaster away u don't want to kill her and Detania next time I suggest u don't go charging out at her"

Lenia got off Detania and growled low in her throat. Putting her blaster back away, she grabbed at her rifle and put it back on her shoulder. Stepping away from the girl, she went over to Nero." Nero, I had to intention to hurt her. Just stun her and that's it. I don't like it when people jump me from behind." She said in a low tone, her voice slightly harsh.

Cadus, looked over to her and said calmly "she did that because u were going to hurt me."

Detania got up and stood there facing them. As she spoke her voice was filled with concern and rage which faded away slowly. "Lenia, what happened to u. before u left and never came back u were so fun loving, willing to challenge anyone and not be afraid of letting your emotions flow out. Now though u have become cold hearted. U may not realize it, but the darkside is attacking u. true u do not use the force, but when u kill someone the feelings add up, small at first but they grow. "

'Detania, all my life I hid my thoughts and never answered when someone questioned me ok. I don't intend to stop now" Lenia replied

Cadus smiled slightly "ya know, that's just how I remember u."

Nero sighed softly mostioning Detania over to him. When she came he hugged her close and mostioned for Cadus to stay where he was. Nero spoke softly "lenia, u may continue to stay locked up but the anger inside u won't. So many times I have seen the anger in u come out. I will leave u alone with Cadus to decide what to do. What happens will not be my blame, choose well." Turning, he led Erik and Detania with him.

Turning to face Cadus, Lenia glanced at him. No emotion on her face, no thought running through her mind. Her now calm green eyes gazed at him. He glanced back at her, saying nothing. Noting that silence was good in this case, both seemed to not mind it. Outside the ally Nero and the others waited to hear a sound. All were wearing worried looks of what the outcome might be.

"Ok since this isn't very easy for me I shall make it worth your while. I challenge u to a hand to hand combat match. If u win I let u go, if u lose I kill u" Lenia said suddenly.

"Agreed Lenia, I see u are being wise" Cadus shot back at her, in his mind he knew hand to hand was witty, but she had offered and it was better then seeing her get more pain as she lost a kill. Taking his place is the center he stood firm.

Going over to him, she held her feet so that they were spaced apart, the right in front and left behind it a few feet away, ankle turned in slightly. Moving her hands to her side, she made a ball with her fist and moved her arm backward to her side so that her elbow was sticking out near her back. With her left she raised it slightly higher then the other and held it so that elbow was touching her side exactly. Looking over to Cadus, he followed, taking the same position as she had with his feet. With his hands he made them straight and raised one turning his elbow to stick out to the side on his right. Then with his left he made the same moisten the elbow sticking straight out on his left side, the hand a bit lower then his right. "Ladies first, I insist" he said mockingly.

Growling, low in her throat Lenia stepped forward sending a punch at the center of his stomach. Raising his left hand he gripped her fist as it went to hit him, grabbing it and twisting it to the side, twisting her arm. Pulling back on her hand, she placed it back swiftly, ducking low and kicking at his feet in one smooth moisten. Seeing her duck low, he jumped up just in time, her leg hitting the cold dead air as he jumped over her aiming a kick at her back. As she rolled out of the way, she brought up her hand, catching his foot as he landed. Falling slightly he fell to his knees and turned around, his leg now twisting but he didn't care as he kicked at her face. Getting hit in the face, she let out a yelp as her nose started to bleed. Letting go of his foot, she raised a hand to her nose and felt quickly. Jumped up as he sent another kick her way, she sent a kick at his pelvic zone. Not reacting in time he yelled in pain and slumped down to the ground slightly. Stepping bac!

k, she waited for him to get up.

Smirking he pulled out his blaster and jumped up, firing a shot at her. Stepping to the side quickly she avoided it, but got hit directly in the arm with two more shots he fired. Growling she pushed back the pain and slid both her hand blasters of out of her sleeves and into her palms. Turning him around quickly she fired both at him, her anger taking over. Getting hit in the hand, he dropped the blaster and held his arm in pain as 2 shots sank into it. Jumping up best he could fast. He sent a punch at her stomach with his good hand. Jumping back, she dropped the blasters to the ground and threw herself at him. Falling back because of the weight they wrestled down on the ground, both using their sore arms. When they moved over to where the blasters had been dropped, Cadus went for one. Grabbing his hand with her free hand that was in pain she knocked it out and pinned him using all her strength. Both were breathing heavily now as the fight continued.

Kneeing her in the ribs he jumped up and grabbed a blaster, firing at her chest, he lost aim as she sent a kick up towards his groin and connected. Getting hit in the side, she flinched and pushed back the pain some more. Kicking his feet out from under him, she groaned slightly as he fell back on her. Rolling out of the way and struggling to get up, she stood her eyes now a green flame, anger flowing through her. Calling her rifle to her, her force now coming to her in her anger, she got it in her grasp and held it to his head, where he lay on the ground.

Hearing several shots, Nero, Erik and Detania rushed in. gasping at what they saw, they looked to each other. Then when they saw Lenia call her rifle to her, Nero knew she was using some power that would make her sith if trained. Detania looked terrified and concentrated on the force. While she was doing this, Cadus called a blaster to him quickly and shot a stun bolt at her.

Then like a chain unlinking it happened. Erik rushed forward, hitting Lenia in the back, and getting hit with the stun bolt. Falling down to the ground, Lenia fired a shot and hit Cadus directly in the neck. Detania saw this and sent a force push at Lenia and slammed her into a wall. Groaning, she griped at her rifle and fired at Detania's form with three shots, her view off because of her being slightly dizzy she hit Erik in the chest and back. Moaning as he died, Detania stopped and knelt over him. Not being able to see Lenia in the dark.

Nero shook his head and went over to Cadus, checking for a pulse, he found none and saw he was dead. Going over to Erik he checked him and saw the same. Then looking over to Detania he hugged as she cried. Glancing around he looked for Lenia. Seeing a form in the dark, he continued to comfort his sister then told her to get the medical druids from the house. Getting up, she went, leaving Nero alone with Lenia. Kneeling up, he walked over to where her form lay.

She was a mess. Blaster shots in her arm. Scratches from where Cadus had hit her. a bloody nose and more. A Bacta tank, he knew could cure all this. From the look of it she had given Cadus a chance to live which was good and he had pulled a blaster. Picking her up gently, he saw she was barely alive, and that her eyes were filled with anger. Carrying him back to the house, he lay her on the bed in his brother's room and went back for the bodies of his brother and friend. Seeing them brought in already he felt his heart go heavy.

Part 6 - A Road Of Healing
By: Allol Dasel

It had been a week, since the fight and the house was quiet. Detania sat in the spare room, watching over Lenia who was still weak and unconscious from the healing process. Nero had done some extra Jedi work to make sure she healed properly. The darkside had not been kind on her mind. Her mind was now tired and there had been someone watching her day and night. Her body had healed well with the help of many droids and a trip to the Bacta tank.

Moaning gently, Lenia opened her eyes slowly. The light hit her with such brightness. Glancing over to Detania she focused till she saw her through perfect vision and spoke softly "where is Nero and the others?"

Hearing her voice, Detania turned towards Lenia. "They got killed. Nero is here though, I'll call him in .oh I'll also make sure he brings some food, you've been out cold for a week now." Turning towards the door, she yelled "NERO, LENIA IS AWAKE, BRING SOME FOOD TO PLEASE"

Flinching at the yelling, she covered her ears and sat up weakly. Glancing over to Detania she looked at her weakly, her mind still trying to set things straight. Nero dashed in and smiled, seeing Lenia awake. A droid coming in behind him had a tray of food with it. Wheeling itself over to the bed, it placed the tray down then wheeled out. Nero gave his sister a glance, then she nodded. Lenia looked down at the tray then at Nero. Catching Detania go out the door and shutting it.

"Lenia, how are u feeling?"

"Fine Nero. a bit sore but fine"

"I would think u would be, after all u did fight well."

"Yeah how come I don't remember killing Cadus?"

"The darkside had control of your mind, while u were healing I did a check and made sure none still lurked. I think it triggered when he drew his weapon"

Nodding weakly Lenia started picking at the food. Nero watched her eat, feeling a more at peace mood in her. Caressing her hand gently as she reached down to get some food, he looked up at her and took the food from her. Giving him a curious look, she opened her mouth and he placed it in, closing her mouth around the food she chewed it softly. Blushing slightly, he sat back and picked up a book. Reading it to her as she ate.

Part 7 - Galaxy Bound
By: Allol Dasel

It had been a month since Lenia first came to Rio and she was bored. Walking down the streets she headed back to the house. She had been unable to sleep so she got up at dawn and walked around the bare streets. As she neared the house, she glanced at it then walked to the door, letting herself in. shutting the door silently she headed towards the game room and turned on the view screen. Keeping it low she listened to it and watched for any bounty reports. She had not had anymore execpt for Cadus and her trip to the see the empire was called off because there happened to be a bounty store here on Rio where she had turned in her bounties and gotten the money.

Stirring awake in his bed, Nero heard the door shut silently and opened both his eyes. Getting up he threw on a bathrobe and headed down to the game room. Peeking in he saw lenia watching the screen and noted the sad look on her face. Going in, he sat next to her and tapped her on the shoulder.


He asked.

Lenia turned her gaze towards him and nodded. "I've been stuck here to long. Nothing to do so I am picking up some bounties and stuff"

"Well I think now if your ready to go u can. I mean you're fully recovered and haven't used the force or killed anyone for a long time so I think u would be ok."

"Good then, as soon as I eat I am off then"

"Very well, breakfast is in the food unit by the way, u can make it yourself"

"I think I shall" Lenia finished, closing up her data pad which had several new bounties on it and getting up, turning off the screen. Walking out, she went to the kitchen and Nero heard the unit opened and her starting breakfast. Smiling he leaned back and flipped on the view screen, channel surfing to a weather channel he listened to the news.

When breakfast was ready Lenia sat it down on the table and cleaned up her mess. Sitting down, she started to eat. Nero walked in and sat down beside her. She looked over to him briefly then picked up the paper and read while she ate. leaving him trapped in his own little world once again.

In her room, Detania was getting ready for the day. Placing on her make up ever so carefully, she choose light shades. For her clothes she wore, black pants and a silver shirt. Next, she put her hair up and looked at herself in the mirror. Smiling ,she sprayed a light strawberry scented spray on her and headed out. When she got to the kitchen she saw that all was silent and glanced from Lenia to Nero. "um something the matter u two?"

Lenia glanced over to her, from her reading and shook her head no. Nero glanced over also and nodded a no ,when in his mind he didn't want her to go. He loved her and didn't want her to be in danger. But she returned no feelings of love for him. Sighing softly, he got up and headed into the game room. Detania went after him. Glancing at him going out, Lenia shrugged and went back to reading.

Nero sat down on the couch, Detania sat down next to him. "what's wrong Nero"


"Something is.what's going on?"

"Lenia is leaving.she is starting to feel uncomfortable here."

"Yeah, so? U know when she feels like leaving she does."

"So I love her that's what. I mean when I touched her hand the other day it was so soft, it triggered my feelings to show themselves more I guess"

"Have u told her?"

"No, but she guesses. She rejects me though. I mean whenever I dropped a sign I liked her she said "correction, u don't like me, u love me" and that's it"

"Well she isn't playing hard to get that is sure.just be patient and understand that she is not very good when it comes to showing emotions. All her life, she has been standing in the shadow of Allis, she got all the guys and such. Now that she has a chance to show her skill, she is. In time she'll get to like u to. U just wait and see."

"I will, she did let me touch her though, so that shows she is opening up some."

"yeah it does"

Both contiued to talk quietly for about 10 minutes. Lenia finished and went to where they were. Peeking in, she saw they were busy, so she went to her room and packed up her stuff. Going outside, she closed the door and cleaned up her ship. When Nero got up and saw she wasn't in the kitchen he looked in her room and saw all her stuff gone. Sighing he knew she was at her ship. Getting dressed, he went to her ship. "knock knock"

Lenia glanced over to him and smiled slightly. "hi Nero , I am almost done so I will be ready in a bit "

"ok well good luck, I think I'll stay here for a day or so"

"Ok have fun, at least now I won't have to listen to your emotional Jedi lecture "

"Lenia.I.. I"

"Yes, Nero?"

"Never mind, I'll let ya get going", Nero said as he backed away.

Lenia looked over to him slightly. Shaking her head, she closed the gangway and went to her cockpit, the engines already started. Getting in her seat, she strapped herself in and started the lift off course. In her mind, she was feeling what Nero thought. True he did love her and his touch had been nice, but she wasn't sure if she could trust him. No she told herself, she wouldn't fall in love. No one needed it and no one wanted it.

Lifting off, she headed into space, leaving Nero standing there alone. As she set the controls for hyperspace, she looked at her data pad and scrolled down the bounties. Looking for a high paying one, she saw one that was wanted by the Hutts. Setting Systic Glider 's systems for an outer rim planet, she sat back and blasted into hyperspace.

Nero sighed and went back in. He would catch up with her as soon as he could. Going to his room, he got his laptop and started working at his ship systems. As he checked over them, he came across a glitch and got up. Putting his laptop on the bed and shutting it off, he went outside, to where his ship was and started work.

Part 8 - A Danger Unknown
By: Allol Dasel

DISCLAIMER: the Hutts and Boba Fett characters are not mine, I just thought they would be a very interesting part added to this story. Also I would like to thank Jason for letting me use his Ty character. Without that name I would be short of one sith lord, not to mention the action that danger or the darkside brings. 

Aboard his ship, the great sith lord smirked when he saw the Hutts had foolishly put a bounty on him. Anyone who came and tried to kill him would die at his hands or be turned if they were force users. Reaching out with the force he sensed only two coming after him. One was a famous hunter and the other was a force user, who chose to not use the force and liked hand to hand combat. He also sensed both were great killers. Smirking again, he headed to his quarters and decided to rest a bit before they entered the system and attempted to kill him.

On the Slave 1 Boba Fett sat at the controls. This bounty would be easy he thought to himself, as long as no one interfered. The sith lord Ty Saber was famous for killing bounty hunters, but he had not yet faced the greatest of them. Clinching the controls he came out of hyperspace and saw the planet looming ahead and in its orbit was a ship. Heading towards the ship, he got permission to dock with ease and docked.

As Lenia came out of hyperspace, she glanced at the ship and sensed a strong dark presence that she had felt before, when the voice that haunted her when she killed talked to her. Knowing this was the place, she saw another ship get pulled in by the Sith lord's tractor beam and gritted her teeth. This would be harder then she thought. Heading towards the ship, she got pulled in by the tractor beam.

On Rio, Nero was napping in Sublige and dreaming of Lenia when he woke up suddenly, seeing something that bothered him. There were two shadows looming ahead of Lenia in the future and she did not see it. He couldn't see what they were, but he knew she was in danger. Bolting to the cockpit, he sat down and strapped himself in. As he started up the engines he hoped he wasn't too late to save her from what lay ahead. Turning on the tracker, he saw she was out of this system. Damn he thought to himself. Now he would have to wait till he got into space to reach her.

Sith lord Ty Saber looked out the window and walks onto the bridge slowly. So they had come at last, he said to himself. By allowing them to enter his vessel he had allowed them a chance to fight him in his grounds. By the ships ID's he knew the first was Boba Fetts and the second was a ship unknown to him. Reaching out with the force he went into the pilot of Systic Glider 's mind and searched around.

Lenia felt someone enter her mind and used the very little force she used and sent the person a message. "get out of my mind u idiot, or u will be regretting u ever got in it when I get done with u"

Smirking as he heard the message, he knew this one had to be a force user. From the voice it was a girl and her heart was not like most Jedi which meant she didn't use the force a lot even though she had it. Sending a message back he said, "we will see who is the idiot when u face me bounty hunter. No one challenges the great sith lord Ty Saber and lives, at least not for long."

Growling low in her throat she unstrapped herself and went back to where she kept her weapons. Grabbing the dagger this time she strapped it on and also took the two hand blasters. Nodding, when she looked at herself in the mirror, she grabbed her rifle and slung it over her shoulder. Making sure they were hidden well except her rifle, she glanced over herself. Smiling she went back to the pilots seat and sat down, Waiting to dock.

Boba looked over and saw another ship getting pulled in. Raising an eyebrow underneath his helmet, he saw that the ship was not known and figured an amateur was in there. Heading down the gangway and closing up his ship, he started to walk out of the hanger bay.

The Sublige had just reached space when Nero caught hold of Systic Glider on the tracking scale. Smiling , he set the coordinates quickly and blasted into hyperspace. Reaching out with the force he tried to connect to Lenia's mind but couldn't, to far off he knew. Sighing he hoped she would be ok, as he sat back and went into a mediation.

Stepping out of the Systic Glider, Lenia glanced around. All normal so far she thought to herself. Normally she would have suspected Nero to jump in and say it was unsafe. He had always stopped her from risking her life before, thinking that calm places always hid danger. Continuing towards the exit she kept her guard up and took caution before rushing into the main hallway.

Standing in front of the main door, just down the hallway from the bay that the ships had docked in, Ty took his saber off his belt and ignited it with a sharp hissing sound. Gathering up the darkside ,he waited for his victims to come. A sneer on his face as he sensed the first one approaching. As the door flung open he saw the legendary Boba Fett.

"Welcome to my home Boba never thought I would have the pleasure of your company"

Raising his DL 44 blaster, he walked through the doors, he stood facing the Sith lord. Nodding to him, he turned on his comlink unit. "Nice home, but it's the last time you'll ever see it. Unless someone comes to save your sorry butt", he said.

Smirking, at this bounty hunters courage and wit, he tightened his grip on his saber and concentrated on choking Boba. "I think u underestimate the power of the darkside, bounty hunter."

Feeling something starting to choke him, he drew his blaster and fired three shots at the sith lords chest. Ty stepped to the side and deflected what shots neared him, with his saber. Then going into a smooth moisten, he swung his saber at Boba's legs, attempting to slash them from underneath him. Jumping up, his lungs starting to feel like they were bursting for air, Boba threw himself at Ty. As Ty jumped back, Boba fell and before he could get up, Issic stepped on his chest, making the choke stronger.

In the hallway, Lenia heard shots and then they were silenced. Taking her rifle off her side, she rested her fingers on the trigger button and opened the door. Being carefully, she stepped in and saw Issic pinning Boba down. Staying there, she saw Ty look over to her a smirk on his face.

"so little one, u nice of u to want to join me in my home. Please allow me to finish off this bounty hunter. Then u may try to do what u came for." Ty said

While he was distracted , Boba reached out and pulled his legs out from under him. As Ty fell the choke was released. Seeing her chance, Lenia raised her rifle and fired three shots at the Sith lord. Ty rolled to the left and the shots hit his saber, making it explode. Shielding her eyes as the saber exploded, she got hit in the arm right where she gotten hit before and flinched. Boba and Ty both avoided the blow.

Jumping up, his eyes red with fury, Ty charged at Lenia. Stepping to the side, she slid her foot out slightly attempting to trip him. Nearly falling over, he caught himself and turned, facing her once again. Rifle still in her hand, she shot at Ty's chest. Jumping back, he bumped into Boba, causing them both to fall ,as the one of the shots went into his leg and the other two bounced off Boba's chest plate and hit him in the side. Pushing back his pain, he tried to get up, but Boba held him firm.

As he reached back to release his grip on him, he didn't notice Lenia take her dagger out of hiding. On the floor the two men wrestled about as one tried to free himself of the others grip. Standing back she waited till the exact moment and leapt forward, throwing her full body weight at Ty. Her rifle dropped several feet away. As Ty rolled out of the way barley, Lenia hit him and stabbed the dagger in his chest. Groaning as she stabbed him, he fell back and gripped at the dagger. Rolling off him and jumping up, she grabbed at her rifle and stood there.

Boba, who was watching this all the time, stood up and went over to him. As he knelt down to pick him up, Lenia raised her rifle on him. "Don't even think about it Boba, he is mine" she snarled.

Looking over to her briefly, he smirked underneath his helmet. Turning on his comlink briefly he spoke into it. "He is mine, but I thank u for killing him, saved me the hassle. But since u are young I will offer to buy him from u."

"No bother, I can bring him into the Hutts myself."

She was tough, he thought to himself. Pity to kill her, but what must be done, must be done. Grabbing at his rifle, he gripped it just as she sent out three shots at his hand. Pulling back, he didn't notice Ty pull the dagger out weakly and stab it into his leg. Feeling pain rush through him, he fell back and tried to get up.

Smirking, she fired two shots carefully at his neck, where the helmet didn't cover about an inch of it. Hoping they hit, she saw them bounce off and scowled. She would have to use the force, which she didn't use if she were to kill him. Looking over to Ty, she went over to him, making it so that she could keep both in her gaze and set the tip of her rifle to his head.

Part 9 - Hero To The Rescue
By: Allol Dasel

(Ok peeps I know your waiting for the 9th part to come and see what happens.does she kill him or not.well here is your answer.)

Nero looked at the crono and saw that it was a minute till he came out of hyperspace. Leaning forward, he eased he ship of out of hyperspace. As the starry field streaked and then returned to normal, he saw a large ship and felt a dark presence. He had to hurry or Lenia would die, she had not taken on any sith before and say he was not worried that she could fight well enough would be lying. As he neared the ship, he felt something get hold of his ship and knew it was a tractor beam. Shutting down the engines he allowed the Sublige to be pulled in. getting up, while the ship was moving, he walked to where his lightsaber was and gripped it. Feeling the force flow him, he concentrated on reaching out with it, to sense if she was still alive.

Sensing something slightly, Lenia pushed it back and kept her rifle at his head. Issic moved his hand slightly and started a weak choke on Lenia. Feeling the force grasp her by the throat she gripped the rifle tighter and fired three shots into his head. As Issic's hand fell back into a flat shape, she felt the grip loosen and faced Boba Fett. Stepping over the body of Issic, she stood a few feet away from Boba.

Glancing up at her, through his helmet, he saw her point the rifle at him. His com still on he noticed, he spoke. His voice coming out harsh, he said."young one, do not be so quick to kill, it could get u hurt."

Scowling, she replied in an icy tone. "if u try to take him, I'll have to kill ya. He is mine. After all I killed him didn't I and I kicked your butt in the process."

"If u kill me the Hutts will not be happy. After all I am their personal guard."

"Correction u were. Up until I started giving ya competition and a run for your money. Now I am gonna give ya a chance to leave now. Before I end up killing u just for the hell of it."

Growling in his throat, he reached over to where his blaster was and tried to grasp it. Raising a foot she sent a kick at his neck, in attempt to get his helmet off. Rolling to the side, she got up best he could, his leg bleeding largely and making him off balance as he fell back. Going over to his blaster, she kicked it out of the way. Standing there, she looked over to him bleeding beyond what he had before and then went over to Issic. Putting her rifle over her shoulder again, she leaned down and picked up Issic. Holding him with both arms ,she went over to the door and opened it.

Walking as fast as she could down the hall, she struggled slightly, underneath his weight but didn't show it. As she neared the hanger bay, she could hear another ship coming in. "just great, I get down with getting out of trouble but then I get into some more. Will it never end?" she said out loud. Stepping back into the shadows, she laid Issic's body down and gripped her rifle again.

In the hanger bay, Nero walked down the ramp and didn't even bother to shut it. Running towards the main hallway, he still held his saber in his hand. When he reached the corner, he stopped and glanced down the hall. As he began to reach out with the force to sense where Lenia was, he felt something on his back, followed by a voice that he knew so familiar.

"Stop right there. I can tell by your lightsaber that you're a Jedi. I suggest if you don't wanna be a dead Jedi, u don't go any further. Because I don't want trouble, I just got out of some and am fully prepared to fight if I must." Lenia said, not noticing the person was Nero.

"Lenia chill. It's only me, Nero. I don't think u want to shoot me now do ya?"

"Nero!" she exclaimed. Lowering her rifle, she put it back on her shoulder and leaned down, picking up the body of Ty. Then headed to her ship talking to him while she walked her back facing him. "Nero, why did ya come?"

"I sensed danger and I thought u might be in trouble. Now if u don't want more danger I suggest u tell me next time, before rushing off to get a high paying bounty."

"For the love of Vader! Nero if I choose to go after a Sith lord I can ok. The only danger I got here was Fett trying to take this bounty from me. Now all I gotta do is take him to the Hutts and then I will go back to being the ever so cautious girl u once knew and tried to protect."

"Lenia, please don't take it this way. Its just that I..I love u. I don't want to lose u. I know u could care less that I am saying this. But please for once just stop your job and listen to me."

Lenia opened the cargo bay and put Ty's body in it. Sealing it up, she him, no emotion on her face. As he walked over to her, she said "Nero, your right I could care less that u love me. I could care less that Allis had everything and I didn't. Hell I could even care less that I take chances that risk my life. But I don't need love. Love will only get me killed, plus people could use it against me."

Nero stopped when he got over to her and looked deep into her eyes. Understanding what she was going through, he knew she would be stubborn. But he wasn't gonna give up, not this fast. Speaking in a gentle tone he replied "u only think that and say that because u don't know. U don't yet trust love and the fact that love got your sister killed in a way doesn't help. But please put that behind u. and aren't u used to risks I mean, hell today u even faced Boba and got a bounty he would of gotten. What is so wrong with love?"

Looking back into his blue eyes slightly, she knew he was right. Replying in a gentler voice she said, "the fact that u are using my sister and past as blame isn't helping and the fact that I hate love because of that is totally dumb. The reason I hate love is." stopping she didn't know what to say.

Hearing the tone of her voice change, he knew he had some effect. As her voice stopped, he leaned over a bit, his hair falling down to the side of his face, he closed his eyes and put his hands on her arms gently. Then lowered his head to meet hers, kissed her gently on her crimson rose colored lips. Leaning back up from the kiss, he stepped back and headed to his ship. Calling back to her , "the reason u hate love is because u have never felt the effects of it. Such as the kiss I just gave u."

Lenia blinked as he walked off. She had not expected this, although it had been surprising she was used to surprises. This one, was different though, it was a kiss. Shaking it off, she took the remote and opened the ramp to her ship. Walking up it, she went directly to her quarters. Laying her small weapons in there places, she headed back down the ramp and ran to where the control room was. Finding it finally, in the room she had fought in. she found the button and pushed it.

Hearing a hiss, she glanced over to where Fett once was and saw he had moved. Shrugging she saw a trail of blood go out the door she had come in. so he had gone to his ship. Well he couldn't get out, till the tractor beam was released, which it was now. Heading back to her ship, she ran up the ramp and closed the gangway behind her.

As she started up the engines, she sat back and strapped herself in. then she ran her regular check through the systems. Seeing they were all go she saw her engines were running at full and she set the course. Lifting off, she flew away from the vessel and entered the deep sea of space. Opening up her data pad, she checked for anymore bounties and saw there was also another for the Hutts. "Exallent", she said to herself. She knew her plan now, she would go get the next bounty then go to the Hutts with both bounties. Smirking, she set the crono and blasted into hyperspace.

Nero watched as Systic Glider entered hyperspace and set the controls on his own ship. Thinking of Lenia, he smiled. She had been effected some, she liked surprises yet this one was different. Chances were she would go back to her job, not thinking anything more it. It would be that way for a while, he knew. Coming out of his thoughts , at the sound of his crono beeping he entered hyperspace.

On her ship, in her quarters Lenia lay down on the bed. She was wearing a dark purple nightgown that went down to her knees. Snuggling under the covers, she closed her green eyes and started to drift off to sleep. Knowing the jump out of hyperspace would be a long time, just enough time for her to get some sleep.

On the Slave 1, Boba Fett scowled. Someone lesser then him had beat him. She had taken the kill and the credits. Not to mention she had injured him, which meant there was only one way to get rid of kill her. Killing her would be easy, since he didn't have much information, he took what he saw. He had seen another ship ,most likely her partner, he supposed. He would catch her at the next bounty she was going to get. Then he would attack and take back what was his by right...

Part 10- The Hunter Becomes The Hunted
By: Allol Dasel

(sorry for the mix up on Issic and Ty but i was in between names so i finally went with Ty Saber but forgot to change my names around.. once again sorry for the confusion but the name is suppossed to be Ty Saber BTW)

The clock near Lenia's bed beeped and she rolled over, shutting it off. Opening her eyes slowly, she glanced at the time and saw it was morning. Bolting up, she threw back the silk covers and ran to the cockpit. Looking at the crono, she saw it was about a half an hour till she came out of hyperspace. Yawning, she went back to her room and got dressed. Going over to her closet, she picked out some black stretch pants, and a black tube top. Wondering if she should take a shower, she slipped to the refresher and turned it on.

On board his ship, Nero was just waking up also. His brown hair was a mop on his head. While his bedclothes were wrinkled, from his tossing and turning. Raising a tanned colored hand he brushed the hair out of his face and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. Reaching out with the force, he used it to see it was morning now. Getting up, he didn't even bother to shower, because he had last night and got dressed in his usual attire. Going to the controls he checked the crono and saw that it was still a while till he came out. Sighing, he went to the food unit and started up some breakfast.

Lenia slipped into the black tube top and black pants. Shaking her large mane of blonde hair, she pinned it back behind her head with a silver hair clip and left a few strands hanging down in her face. Picking up her tube of dark red lipstick, she put it on her lips and then set it down as she outlined her lips with black lip pencil. Putting a deep shade of purple on her eyelids she blinked and then looked at herself. Nodding, she thought to herself she looked perfect.

Heading to the pilots seat again, she sat down and eased the ship out of hyperspace. Glancing around, she saw Nero's ship come out right beside her. Starting towards Nar Shadda , she turned on her comlink and spoke into it. "Nero, no trying to save my ass this time ok, I don't need it or want it"

Sitting at the controls of Sublige, Nero heard her voice comsystem over the comlink. Leaning forward, he replied "Fine with me Lenia. But I will jump in if the danger gets to bad.and u know that."

"Yeah, I do and there is no stopping ya. So I see me saying this is pointless"

"Its not pointless, it's a habit u got into."

"Habit or no habit, I say it because I feel like it and like to stress my point. Now if u will excuse me Mr. Jedi Knight I would like to head down to the planet in peace" Lenia finished, shutting off her com system and heading down into the planets atmosphere.

Shutting off his comsystem, he followed her. Looking down at his tracker as he went to turn it off, he saw another ship come on the scope. Pushing a few buttons, he unidentified the ship as Slave 1. Known to be flown around by none other then the famous Boba Fett. Feeling a sense of fear enter him, he had a feeling Boba was coming there, for more then just the bounty. Lenia had taken his kill and his pride or so he figured. Chances are he wouldn't take that lightly, no bounty hunter ever did in the history of hunting.

The Slave 1 came into the planet atmosphere. Sitting back in his seat, the tall mandalorian smirked. Turning on his tracker, he saw two ships. One was Lenia's and the other was one he had seen before somewhere. So, she did have a partner, he had been right. This would be easier then he thought, if her partner could be turned to see his view, or took a wrong step he or she could be used against the young bounty hunter that had taken his kill.

Running through the streets, a small boy dressed in rags headed towards an alley and bolted down it. Inside the ally, sitting on a crate was a hooded figure. Going over to the figure, the child handed it something. Smirking underneath its hood, it pulled down its hood to reveal a young woman.

She had blue eyes that seemed to pierce the very soul. Her skin was fair toned and looked delicate to the touch. A single hair band held her light brown hair back away from her face as it went into a braid. A smile played on her crimson colored lips as she spoke in a gentle tone. "Thank u, Tony.this will help us. Where did u get it?"

The boy looked up to her and sat down on her lap. His hair was dirty blonde and his eyes were the same tone as hers. As he cuddled into her he said in a high pitched tone, "from some visiting people. The blaster was just lying there so I thought I would take it. I hope u like it mother"

She smiled and brushed her sons hair back. Hugging him, she glanced up at the sky and pulled the cloak around her. Tilting her head slightly she laid it on his and held him close. "Of course I like it son. This will help defend us if bounty hunters come after us."



"Why did the slug guy send killers after us?"

"Because we ran off, I went there to see about buying a ship so u and me could fly off safely and he captured me, using me as a slave. Then one day when I was with the other slave girls, they heard about u and told me u were gonna be killed as a sacrifice to some sand creature. They helped me escape and free u."

"Then we left aboard another ship, hiding?"

"Yes, u have good memory"

With that last comment, both mother and son hugged and then the woman got up. Setting the little boy down, she walked out onto the streets. In her mind, she knew any day now, the Hutt would send a bounty hunter or several after her. She needed a ship, Nar shadda was safe for runaway people, but not for long. No doubt he had tracked her there with the small probe that was still in her. Sighing, she continued walking down the streets, holding her son by the hand firmly.

Landing her ship, Lenia shut down the engines and unstrapped herself. Grabbing her rifle near the door, she opened it and checked to make sure her dagger and two blasters were well hidden. Glancing outside, she saw the Sublige land several feet away. Heading down the gangway, she stepped off it and closed it, locking it with a code. Hoisting her rifle over her shoulder, she headed off. Stopping at the corner of the building, she heard Nero talking to her in her head.

"Lenia, please wait.I don't care if I have to stay a few feet away from u, just please wait" Nero called out with the force as he landed his ship. Shutting down the engines, he unstrapped himself and headed towards the gangway. Opening it he grabbed his saber and clipped it to his belt. Hearing a response from Lenia, he smiled and headed over to her.

"Ok, I'll wait Nero. Just don't be dead weight, I am here to work then leave."

"Ok I wont be" Nero said out loud to her as he came up behind her.

Glancing at him, she had no emotion on her face. As he gazed back, he looked deep into her green eyes and said gently "lenia, I love u to much to lose u, now I don't know what it will take to prove that to u, so that u may understand. But I will prove it."

Smiling slightly, she felt her heart start pumping faster as she looked at him. Turning away, she headed off into the crowd calling back to him "Nero, stay behind me ok. Just tag along then u wont be in my way. Also if ya can sense danger that would be great"

Heading after her, he sensed something in her and smiled. He had had some effect, it was very little, but in time it would grow. As he threaded through the crowds following close behind her, he sensed something and reached out with the force to see what it was. It was a ship, familiar somewhat and inside it he sensed someone that. Gripping his lightsaber tighter, he continued to watch over Lenia.

Stepping out off the Slave 1 Boba Fett glanced around and saw many scatter as he approached them. Smirking under his helmet, he knew why they ran. They were afraid of him, everyone that saw him would be. He was known as powerful and strong, never losing a fight. He wouldn't lose this fight either to a woman who was less known then him.

As Lenia walked through the streets, she glanced around, looking in the alley ways for her prey. Thinking about where she might be, she sat down on a crate. She would have to be somewhere they wouldn't see her or where she would stick out. It was told she also had a son, Lenia could feel her heart pull at its strings slightly about having to kill a mother. But it was a job and she needed the money, the child could always go to Detania and she could care for him. Not to mention Nero could care for children. Shrugging it off, she smirked as she got up and headed back into the crowds, something through the force told her Nero was behind her still. She didn't care, let him follow, as long as he didn't get in the way of her kills and it just might be nice to have him along. Already she was starting to like having him along and the kiss he gave her was.snapping out of her thoughts she bumped into a lady with a child.

Tony and his mother looked up at the lady that had bumped into them. "Excuse us, we didn't see u", Torina said.

Looking at them, she smiled and nodded. Seeing something familiar about them, she noticed that the woman was the one she was here to kill. If only she had looked behind her and caught the worried look on Nero's face, she would see that she was being hunted...

Part 11- When Trouble Meets Trouble
By: Allol Dasel

Torinia glanced over to Lenia, seeing the rifle she got a worried look in her eyes and turned quickly to leave. gripping Tony's hand firmly she started back into the crowd. As he followed along, he glanced back to Lenia, who was standing there, talking to a person who looked like a Jedi.

Lenia watched them go, as she talked to Nero, who had just caught up with her. "Ok, before u say anything listen up.I don't wanna kill her, because she has a child. But I have to, she betrayed the Hutts."

"Lenia, think for a second. Did u not see, how small he was?" Nero asked.

Lenia pulled him aside into an ally way and continued. "I know he is small, but before u go all out, I just thought I would tell u this. So u don't think I love leaving a little child alone. That's all."

"I am gonna have to step in I am sorry."

"o for Vader's Sake, I should of never told u this. Just leave me alone." Lenia finished, before storming off into the crowd.

Sighing, he leaned back against the wall and closed his eyes. How could he make her understand there was more then just money and killing? Opening his eyes he sensed something and saw a familiar hunter pass by the entrance. One name called out in his mind.Boba Fett. Leaning up, he ran out of the ally way and followed after Lenia.

Glancing through the crowd, he saw her. She appeared to be following her prey, perfect for him to shot at her. He would wait till she was in an alleyway and then kill her. Maybe kill Torinia also, unless Lenia didn't. Passing the alleyway he saw her come out, her partner no doubt. Smirking, as he saw the boy run past him, he tripped him.

Nero fell and looked up at Boba. Getting up, he brushed himself off and said "excuse me sir, but there was no need to trip me."

Reaching up, he turned on his comlink. In a rough tone Boba replied "yes there was, u work with my kill and I am going to kill her by using u" raising, his rifle, he sent a stun bolt at Nero's side quickly.

Nero opened his mouth to speak, just as he got hit. Falling, to the ground he let out a soft moan and blacked out. The crowd stopped and looked, but then continued about their business, this was normal for Nar Shadda. Boba leaned down and picked up Nero. Carrying him to his ship, he binded his hands and gagged him, throwing him in the cargo bin, where he knew he would be safe. Then he went to find Lenia

Lenia spotted Torinia at a fruit stand. Going over to her, she slipped out her hand blaster and put it against her back. As she froze up, Lenia whispered "come with me.or u could get stunned and I get ya that way"

Torinia knew better then to create a scene so she walked casually with Lenia. Feeling the grip on her hand tighten she glanced at her son, who wondered what was happening. As Lenia lead them to an alleyway, she put the blaster back into her sleeve and raised her rifle defensively. Moistening them to sit, she kept the rifle trained on them, her mind telling her "no, don't do it". Shaking the feeling out of her head, she spoke in soft tone " Torinia I presume? Former dancer to the Hutts?"

"yes, that's me and u are?" Torinia said.

"Lenia, now I don't want to leave your son here motherless so I'm not gonna kill ya, I am gonna take u back alive. But u cause me any trouble and I will shoot. I don't take no bull from anyone" Lenia said in a more serious tone.

"Mommy, is she a bad person the slug sent?" Tony spoke up.

Lenia glanced to the boy, her eyes flickering slightly as she remembered what she was like, when she was that age. Answering out of turn in a gentler tone she said "I am not bad, and he didn't send me. He broadcasted it and I saw it. Now if I were bad, I would have killed u already. But I ain't into killing mothers who have kid, Unless the kids can take care of themselves. Now if u two will just come with me back to my ship, we can get out of here."

Torinia glanced up at her, a gentler look in her. "Thank u Lenia, I only hoped u wouldn't take us back, but I see it's your job."

"I don't want to take u back, truth of the matter. I mean hell I would even offer to take u two to safety, but.chances are you'd be attacked there. Not to mention I would get killed for not killing u. I can somehow manage to take care of your child if u wish."

"No, he can stay with me, besides the hutt, let him run free."

"Ok.well we should get going. Sooner or later Nero will be popping in and I don't happen to like to be thought of as "caring" around him. Or not much at least, be could use it against me."

She put her rifle over her shoulder again and moistioned for the two to get up. As they got up, she led them out of the alley to her ship. On the way back, she glanced around for Nero. He didn't seem to be behind her, she noticed. Shrugging it off, she headed back to her ship and didn't give it a second thought.

Boba glanced through the crowd, using his scanners to scan anyone that had a rifle. This would be the quickest way, he thought to himself. Seeing a figure with a rifle on her shoulder and two people with her, he scanned her and smirked. Following behind her, he kept his distance as he rested a hand on his blaster at his side.

Aboard the Slave 1 Nero stirred. Opening his eyes, he saw he was in the cargo area of a ship. Feeling something on his hands, he turned around slightly and saw them binded. "oh great" he thought to himself. Reaching out with the force, he knew only one way to get free and possibly stop what he thought was gonna happen. Trying to contact Lenia in her mind would be harder since he was in a closed space, but he managed to get a small link. "Lenia, its me Nero.your in danger and I mean it. If my voice seems weak that's because I am in Boba Fetts ship and he has me gagged and binded. Please listen to're in grave danger. Get the bounties taken care of if u wish, but please don't harm the little child? Watch your back and be careful.please Lenia for me."

Hearing a voice in her mind through the force, she listened best she could and stopped walking for a second, halfway to her ship by now. Nero's voice was weak and no doubt he wasn't lying. Hurrying on her way to her ship, she pushed Toriana and Tony along. Glancing behind her quickly, she checked to make sure no one was following her.

When she got to her ship, she opened the gangway and pushed both her prisoners up the ramp. As Torinia and Tony walked up and into her ship, she closed the gangway and hurried to where she had binders and grabbed two pairs. Snapping them on both mother and son, she gave them a look that said sorry-I-have-to-do-this and gagged them. Then shutting them in her quarters, she opened the door and stepped out. Shutting Systic Glider up and securing it, she made her way to where she thought she might be able to track Nero.

Seeing Lenia disappear Boba followed after her and saw her ship. Now all he had to do was wait for her to come out. Hiding in the shadows, he raised his blaster and set it on kill, "no wait" he told himself, if he wanted into the ship to get his catch, he would need her alive. Setting it to stun, he waited there until he saw her come out. As she passed him, he sent a stun bolt at her back.

Hearing a shot fly out from somewhere, Lenia turned and saw it fly past her as she took a side step to turn the corner. Taking her rifle off her shoulder, she grasped it and set it on kill. Standing there, she scanned the area. Her eyes searched the shadows, trying to find some form. Scanning a faint outline of a rather large person, she fired her rifle at them.

Boba saw her fire and let the shot bounce off his chest plate. Smirking once again, he slipped deeper into the shadows and knew she would follow. Heading back to his ship, he now had set the trap, now to catch the rat.

Lenia saw the shot reflect off and knew it was not an ordinary person. Keeping her rifle on kill, she ran after them. In her mind, she thought it was Boba Fett. Then she remembered it had to be, and that she was heading into a trap if she weren't careful. Nero was in his ship, meaning he would use Nero against her. "Damn" she said out loud to the cold dead air. Staying where she was, she closed her eyes and concentrated on the force.

Reaching down inside of her, she saw the tiny ball she had and concentrated on forming it bigger. Relaxing her mind, she pushed all other thoughts out and kept her mind on the small ball of force in her.

After a few minutes she felt it growing, keeping her eyes closed, she made it get bigger and bigger. Nero had been right, this would be harder then she thought. Keeping her mind on what she wanted, she saw the ball growing bigger and bigger by the second.

Reaching his ship, he stopped and opened up the cargo bay. Pulling Nero out, he took off the gag and kept the binders on him. Smirking, he stood him up and waited for Lenia to appear. In his mind, he thought of how this would go. She would go to fire at him, but he would pull her partner in front of him and use him as another shield. Hoping that she had feelings for him, he set his blaster against Nero' s back.

Nero felt himself being pulled up. Standing best he could, he opened his mouth as soon as the gag was out and took a breath of fresh air. Reaching out, he searched for Lenia and felt her concentrating. Keeping it to himself he spoke in a calm tone to Boba "what do u want with me bounty hunter? I did no harm to u or who u work for whoever that is. And I have no bounty on me"

Turning on his comlink quickly he replied "Your little friend is what I want. And I told u before why. No more questions, the rat is about to come." Turning off his comlink, he stood holding the rifle against Nero's back still and waited.

Getting enough power to start her out, she opened her eyes and headed after Boba using the force to guide her to him. In her mind, she wished she had listened to Nero better. The force was helping her now, but still it was weak and she was only taught little. Coming to a spot the shadows stopped, she looked over and saw Nero and Boba. By Boba's form she could tell he was holding a blaster to Nero's back. Coming out of the shadows, she raised her rifle and stood there. Her face, emotionless as her thoughts were racing slightly.

Part 12 - Love or Wealth, Which to Choose
By: Allol Dasel

Nero saw Lenia and smiled slightly. Feeling the blaster dig into his back deeper, he could sense Boba putting a little stress on the trigger. Staying still, he closed his eyes and concentrated on going into Lenia's mind. As he entered, he saw that she had used a little hard work to get where she was. Smiling to himself, he knew there was hope, she could use the force to fight. Opening his eyes as he heard a rough voice.

"Good day little one. Now u have several choices before I blast your buddy to back to where he came from. U can give me your prisoners and surrender yourself for taking my kill. Or I can kill u know with a hand to hand to combat then kill your partner and the prisoners." Boba growled out.

Lenia felt a tug of hatred tug at her, hearing him say that. She liked Nero and didn't want him killed. However she also liked the prisoners and wanted to take them to safety, not kill them. Facing Boba she approached him slowly and stood 20 feet away from Nero and him. Her rifle still raised, she made no move to fire. "Boba Fett, I beat u once and I can do it again. Just release Nero and u shall have your battle with me. I will not fight if it means.letting him get hurt." She said, her voice quivering a bit at the last part.

Nero smiled and looked up at Boba, his face emotionless once again. Boba growled and shoved him down to the ground. Sensing something, Nero looked up and saw a blaster bolt come at him. As he jumped up, he sidestepped the shot.

Lenia saw Boba firing at Nero and she sent a shot at his hand, while he was distracted. In her mind, a million thoughts were racing. She could use her power to push him back or she could use the force to guide a bullet straight to his neck. Both required concentrations she would need to take time for. Glancing back at Boba, coming out of her thoughts, she saw the bolt hit his blaster instead of his hand.

Boba stepped to the side quickly, seeing her fire and watched as the shot hit his blaster. Dropping it, he lowered his arm and launched a rocket dart at her. Lenia saw the rocket coming at her in her mind and concentrated on it. Nero looked over to her and guessed what she going to do. Tapping into the force some he aided her. Just as the rocket got an inch away from her, it stalled and turned back towards Boba. Concentrating on sending it back towards him, she closed her eyes and saw it in her mind.

Turning on his jetpack, he flew at her, while she was concentrating. The rocket flew past him as he took off. Nero saw him taking off and threw himself at Lenia. As they tumbled to the ground, she opened her eyes and glanced up at him. Pushing him off, she gripped her rifle and shot at Boba as he flew in the air. The shot hit the jetpack and bounced off it, hitting Nero who was just getting up, in the side.

Lenia's eyes went wide as she looked over to Nero and shook her head. Boba's pack had reflected the shot at him and possibly killed him. Feeling herself get pushed back, she glanced in front of her and saw Boba. Growling low in her throat, she raised her hand, as sent a force push at him. He fell back, not expecting it and hit the hull of his ship.

Inside her head, she heard the small voice again, chanting over and over "go ahead, kill him, use the force to kill him". Shaking her head, she set the weapon for stun and fired two shots at Boba, while he was still down. Guiding them with the force, she sent them near his neck, underneath his helmet.

Boba focused on her as she sent the two shots at him. Not moving fast enough, he felt a bolt sink into the space between his neck and shoulder, where the armor did not protect slightly. Blacking out slowly, he heard a bolt reflect off his helmet. As he fell limp, Lenia turned to Nero and slug her rifle over her shoulder. Picking him up and using the force to help her, she carried him back to his ship, also using the force to aid her.

Once near his ship, she wondered what the code could be. Laying him down, she took his lightsaber and ignited it. Feeling the power surge through her, she went to slash his gangway, knowing she could always repair it quickly. Nero stirred gently and looked up. Seeing Lenia with his lightsaber, he pulled at her leg hard, fearing what she might do. She fell and looked at him, the blade dropped from her grasp and deignited itself before rolling away a few feet.

Her face was emotionless, as he got into a sitting position slowly. "What were u gonna do with my lightsaber Lenia?" Nero asked, sounding slightly in pain, as he finally reached a sitting position.

"Open up your ship, since I don't know the code and I knew I could repair it."

"Why didn't u ask me, I mean I was still somewhat alive."

"Because I wanted to get my butt off this planet after making sure u were ok.Boba's jetpack reflected the bolt I sent at him and hit u. that's all, but if u don't want my help then fine, I mean I sort of deserve it."

"u know I would never refuse your help.thanks for wanting to help though. I never thought u would do that. I have an idea, let me enter the code, then u can help me"

"Nero, just open the ship, then I can get u in it and taken care of. I want to get off this planet and fast. Not to mention I have a stunned bounty hunter left at his ship and I don't know when he'll wake, but when he does. He'll be pissed at me."

Nero sighed and gripped his side in pain gently. Reaching for his code pad, he found he could not. Closing his eyes, he used the force to punch in the code. As the gangway opened, he grasped his saber and clipped it to his belt. Pushing himself up slowly, Lenia got up and helped pull him up. Walking into his ship, he shut the door behind him and went to his bed, where he got his medical kit. Lenia stayed by the doorway saying nothing, her face still emotionless.

In her mind, thoughts of him, the force and why she didn't kill Boba raced in her mind, nonstop. She should have killed him, it would have been defense. But then Nero getting hit wasn't her fault, it just happened. Sensing a calming feeling enter her, she dropped her force level and glanced over to Nero. She loved him slightly, but she could not tell him. If he found out, he would think he had won and she would have a weakness. Not like she didn't already, Boba had used Nero against her and she had dumbly said to let him go, because she didn't want him hurt.

Nero looked into Lenia's mind, sensing something wrong. Smiling, when he read her thoughts, he knew she had made some small difficult choices and would need further help in the ways of the force, if she choose to use it. Getting to her thoughts on him, he was surprised slightly, but then smugglers, never did open up a lot. Sighing softly, he came back out of her mind, so she wouldn't catch him and tended to his wound.

Outside Slave 1, Boba came to his senses slowly. Lying still, as he felt himself waking up out of the strange stun the bolt put him in, he kept his eyes closed. Hearing the sounds start to flood in slowly, he opened one eye and focused it, before opening the other and doing the same. After about 10 minutes he was fully awake. Looking for his blaster, he saw it exploded on the ground and remembered what had happened. That amateur brat and her partner had beat him, or she had rather and taken her partner with her. Getting up, he checked over his weapons and regained his balance, it taking longer then normal, 20 minutes longer in fact. Then headed out to where Lenia's ship had been, hoping it was still there.

Standing outside Systic Glider, Lenia opened up the gangway and walked up it. Shutting the ramp behind her, she went back to her room immediately and checked on Torinia and her child. Hanging up her weapons all except her rifle where they belonged, she locked the door tight and headed to the front of her ship. Sliding into her seat, she started up the engines turned on the comlink and sent a message to Nero.

"Nero, u starting off yet? I have a feeling Boba ain't gonna like me not being dead or u being back in safety and not in his use. Not to mention I have two prisoners he wants so that's worse for me."

"Yeah, my engines are up and running. About to take off right now, u got your engines started?" Nero's voice now less painful came over her speakers.

"Yeah, u think I wouldn't?"


"Good then, now that I know your ok, let me take off so that I may stay safe. U can do what u wish, since Boba don't know where your based or so I believe."

Lenia started the lift off course and checked over to controls, mumbling over the fact that Boba would now be on her butt, if she didn't take off. Seeing him come into view in the far corner of where she landed, she watched him from the safety on her ship. He stayed where he was, but pulled something out of his side. Looking at it closer, best she could, she made it out to be a Thermal Detonator.

Boba pressed the settings in and got ready to throw it at her ship as she started to lift off. Throwing it at Systic Glider he hoped it would hit and ran for cover. Lenia saw it fly from his hand and gripped her weapon controls, firing one round of shots at Boba's figure, knowing she could avoid the TD. He flinched as he got hit in the arm and side, just as he reached cover. Watching the ship, he saw it lift away from the TD and growled.

Sublige lifted off and blasted out of the planet atmosphere. Nero sat back and heaved a heavy sigh. Leaning his head back, he thought of Lenia. That was all he thought of and how to please her. He had tired so many times and only gotten a small effect, nothing more. Closing his eyes, he went back in his own thoughts, not noticing Lenia's ship come up right next to his. Her voice coming over the com broke him out of his thoughts.

"Hey Nero, watch where your steering your ship, u almost hit me!" Lenia said almost sounding angry as she steered her ship away from his.

"Sorry Lenia, I was just thinking. Please don't get mad, u know what it does to u."

"It does nothing to me, unless I am using the force, which I ain't so chill yourself."

Nero knew better then to say anything when she was like this. Plus he didn't know what to say, sure she had just got done using the force, but would there be after effects? He didn't need to answer because she continued.

" I am gonna jump in hyperspace, to deliver these bounties, the sooner the better. Boba tried to blow up my ship back there, fortunately he set the controls of the TD just right so it wouldn't blast off till he was out of the way and I wouldn't notice it being on my ship and all." Lenia finished before blasting into hyperspace.

Nero smiled, glad to hear she was safe and set his controls also. Glancing at the tracker, he saw no ship behind him or coming into range. Then taking off into hyperspace, he closed his eyes and drifted into a short nap.

Part 14- 20 Years Later
By: Allol Dasel

(Ok like the title says this is 20 years later from the time. This is most likely the last one I am gonna do to this series. Also if your 5 or under no reading this, it contains kissing.)

Nero got up from his pilot's seat and brushed his hair back. He was now 35 and his age still made him appear young. Smiling, he could sense Lenia and their kids still resting in there home. Opening the gangway, he walked down it and closed his ship up. Walking to his home, he opened the door silently and closed it. Taking off his cloak, he sneaked into his and Lenia's room.

Lenia was lying in the bed. Her hair fanned over the pillow and the covers. Her breathing was relaxed as she stirred a little and turned her head to the side. Nero opened the blinds on the window and focused the light right into her face. Hearing a groan, he watched her, move her head under the pillow and mumble something.

Nero smiled and lay down on top of the covers. Snuggling into his wife, he ran a finger down her skin gently. When she slapped him away, he held her hand and kissed her fingers lightly. Taking the pillow off her head, she looked at him sleepily and smiled.

"Nero! Why cant u let me sleep?" she exclaimed.

"Because I love you to much. Now get up, I need my breakfast and u need to start out on your trip remember?"

"Yeah, I'm a going, I'm a going" she replied, getting up and throwing her bathrobe on her. Looking at Nero, she smiled and blew him a kiss with the force. He pulled her back to him firmly and pulled him down with her. Soon the two were kissing each other with passion and snuggling up to each other. They didn't notice Nero Jr. and his sister Marina come up and watch them, until Marina said "Um, shall me and Nero Jr. leave while u two make out like two wild jawa's after gold?"

Lenia turned and faced her daughter. Marina had her mother's beauty. Her eyes were hazel and cat shaped almost. She looked like Lenia almost if it weren't for her abilities. She preferred to smuggle over bounty hunting and could manage her force use better then Lenia. Lenia smiled and replied "no, u can stay and watch the fireworks.Go on u two, as soon as me and your father get un-busy we will fix breakfast or u two can by yourselves."

"No problem mom, I think I'll be able to fix it. Come on little bro. We should leave the two birds alone" Marina said, leading Nero Jr. out

"I wouldn't want to watch anyway. Kissing is yucky and gross" Nero Jr. retorted before leaving with his older sister.

Nero and Lenia watched them go and both laughed softly. "I think they have your spirit my dear" Nero said, touching Lenia's face gently.

"I know they do. Now lets get back to being "yucky" as your son put it" Lenia said then growled passionately.

Nero smirked and meowed sexually back before kissing her softly on her crimson colored lips. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her deeply. Lenia matched his level and joined him in there own little world.

(ok u get the idea, they go on kissing till they stop then Lenia and Nero and the kids eat breakfast. Next she leaves for her so important mission. Now I shall start my next fan fic. Please send complements they are excepted and my spelling wont be so bad on the next one either)

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