By Billy Coffing

Jacen ran through the humid jungle of Yavin Four trying to keep up with Tenel Ka. He had asked her if he could join her for her daily exercise. He thought it would be easy but Stars! He couldn’t believe that Tenel Ka did this everyday. He made a mental note never to do this again.

“ Do you want me to stop friend Jacen?” Tenel Ka called back. Jacen wiped some sweet from his forehead and frowned.

“ No, I’m fine,” He lied. Jacen closed his eyes and tried to catch his breath. ‘God when does this end? If I don’t stop running soon I’ll drop down dead,’ Jacen thought.

Jacen opened his eyes and looked at Tenel Ka in front of him. A smile formed as he stared at her. ‘ At least I’d die happy,’ his mind said.

Jacen saw the temple in the distance and frowned. He was probably still had a mile to run. He sighed and took a deep breath, then sped up and caught up to Tenel Ka. He wanted to tell her a joke but he was afraid if he started talking he would throw up a lung so he just ran beside her in silence.

Jacen breathed heavily as he made his way up a hill. Suddenly Jacen felt like someone had grabbed his arm and pulled him to the ground. Jacen let of a whelp and hit the ground hard. “ Jacen my friend, What happened? Are you Okay?,” He heard Tenel Ka say but for some reason he couldn’t speak he just stared at a half buried cube in the ground. Jacen got to his knees and started to dig up the rest up the cube. When he finally got it out of the ground he stood up and examined it.

“ What is it?” Tenel Ka asked. Jacen looked at the cube and shrugged.

“ I don’t know… It looks like it’s some kind of ancient container.” He said as he searched for a opening. ‘ The openings to the left.. release me…’ Jacen thought he heard a voice in his head say. He looked around then shook his head. He searched to the left and found a small button. Jacen stared at the button for a moment then pressed it.

Electricity flowed from the box into Jacens fingers. Jacen screamed in pain and threw the cube to the ground. As soon as the box hit the ground it shattered into a million pieces. “ What was that?” Tenel Ka asked from in front of him. He looked up at he shrugged. “ I don’t know.. probably a old machine, let continue the jog.”

2 Weeks Later

It had been two weeks since the box incident and Jacen could feel himself changing inside. He didn’t know how he was changing but he could just feel it. It was starting to scare him.

He knew he was getting mad easier then usual. Just yesterday when Lusa had bumped into him in the mess hall, he knocked her tray of food out of her hands and onto her. Then he called her a Stupid Centaur *itch. He didn’t know why he said it, he just found himself saying it. As soon as he said it Lusa backed up in fear. So did his sister that was walking with her. His friend was afraid of him. His own sister was afraid of him. He was afraid of himself. Jacen tried to apologies but Lusa galloped away in fear. He looked at his sister. She stared at him in a fear and disgust. Jacen turned around and ran out of the temple before anyone could say anything. He hid in the jungle for two hours until he finally had enough courage to come back. When he got back Lusa forgave him.

Jacen had been trying to stay away from everyone. He was afraid he would lose his temper again. He didn’t want his friends to see him angry again. He didn’t want Tenel Ka to see him angry again. So Jacen just stayed in his room with the door locked. He read books, practiced the force, or just played with his animals. The only time he left was for lessons or to get his meals.

Today Jacen was just playing with his favorite pet gort when it bit him. Jacen felt anger and rage rush up from deep inside his body and consume him. He flung the gort through the air and into a temple wall.

When the gort hit the wall Jacen heard a loud * crack.* The gort then fell to the ground and laid there not moving. Jacen got up and walked slowly towards his pet hoping it was still alive. He checked its pulse. There was none. Jacen then found out he had just snapped his favorite pet’s neck.

Jacen slowly picked up his dead pet not knowing what to do. A tear fell from Jacen eye. He had just killed something he loved.

“ What’s happening to me?” He said softly as he cradled his dead animal. Jacen stood up and looked up to his ceiling and yelled as loud as he could “ WHAT’S HAPPENING TO ME!”

He heard someone try to open his door. Jacen ignored his Uncles voice pleading for him to open the door. He just stood in the middle if his room, holding his dead gort, screaming ‘what’s happening to me’ over and over again.

30 Minutes Later

Jacen sat in his Uncles office staring out the window. His uncle was trying to talk to him but he just ignored him. He heard his uncle ask another question. Jacen just sigh and stared out the window. He still couldn’t believed he killed his favorite pet.. He could still hear the horrible crack of his gort’s neck snapping. Jacen closed his eyes and shook his head.

“ Jacen are you listening to me?” He heard his Uncle Luke ask. Jacen looked at him and shook his head. “ No… I’m not… I’m just sitting here while you go on and on about what ever your talking about. Can’t you get it through you thick skull that I ain’t listening?!” Jacen yelled with anger. He saw fear in his Uncle Luke’s eyes. He could tell that Uncle Luke wasn’t scared of Jacen, He was scared of what was happening to him. Jacen leaned forward in his chair and held his head in his hands.

“ I’m sorry Uncle Luke.. I just can’t control it, I’ve tried but It just happens.” Jacen apologized. He looked at his uncle and frowned. “ What’s happening to me Uncle Luke… What’s happening to me?”

His Uncle studied his face for a moment and frown. “ I don’t know Jacen.. I’ve probed your mind more them five times. I’ve haven’t found anything Jacen.”

Jacen stood and hit a couple items of his uncle’s desk. “ What do you mean you don’t know? You’re the Jedi Master!”

Jacen closed his eyes and clenched his fist. “ I’m sorry Uncle Luke,” He apologized again.

Luke stared at Jacen and frowned. “Jacen I want you to stay in my room while we wait for your mother and father to get here.” Jacen shook his head.

“ Don’t forget about the doctors they’re bringing… Don’t forget about the soldiers there bringing.” Jacen said in a harsh voice. Luke stared at him and nodded his head. “ I’m sorry Jacen.. We’ll find out what’s happening to you.”

Jacen sighed and nodded his head. “ I’ll get some stuff from my quarters and go strait to your room.” Jacen said as he made his way to the door.

“ Be in my room in ten minutes or I’ll go searching for you.” He heard his Uncle say from behind him. Jacen walked out of the door and rolled his eyes. “ You ain’t my father.”

Jacen grabbed some cloths from his dresser and packed then in a small pack. Jacen sighed and looked around for anything else to bring. He walked to his dresser and took the picture of him, his sister, and there friends at the party after the Diversity Alliance. He smiled weakly and put the picture in his pack. He picked up his pack and slung it over his shoulder. He took on last look at his pets then walked out of his room almost running into Jaina and Tenel Ka. “ Move it!” Jacen said angrily.

Jaina and Tenel Ka exchanged glances then looked back at Jacen. “ Jacen… where you going?” his sister asked. Jacen frowned and looked down at the ground. “ I’m going to stay at Uncle Luke’s till Mom, dad, and the New Republic doctors and soldiers come.” Jacen said harshly.

“ What are you talking about?” Tenel Ka asked. Jacen closed his eyes and sighed.

“ I’m crazy! Can’t you see! I’ve been getting angry at everyone! I’m a danger to you and everyone else in this academy.” He said as he pushed through them and made his way towards his Uncle Luke’s quarters.

“ Jacen, your just having a bad week. You haven’t hurt anyone. Jacen you couldn’t hurt a fly!” His sister said from behind him.

Jacen turned around and stared at her. “ I couldn’t hurt a fly! Tell that to my pet gort. I broke his neck about an hour ago.” He looked at his sisters face. After he said that her eyes widened and he jaw dropped. “ Jacen … You… Kill your gort..” She barely was able to choke out.

Jacen nodded his head. “ Yes I did! Now you and the ice princess over there get away from me and go work on the Rock Dragon!” He then turned around and started to walk toward Uncle Luke’s quarters again. He felt his sister hand grab his shoulder and stop him from moving.

Jacen was furious! He made a tight fist and turned around and hit his sister with all his rage and fury. She fell to the floor holding her left eye. Jacen could see tears.

Jacens frowned down at her “ I told you to leave me alone!”

Jacen pulled back his foot and got ready to send his foot into his sisters jaw but was knocked over by Tenel Ka. She landed on top of him and pushed his shoulders against the floor. Jacen struggled to get up but Tenel Ka some how made it so he couldn’t move.

“ What’s wrong with you?” Tenel Ka said angrily. Jacen closed his eyes and fought the anger in him tell it disappeared. He opened his eyes and stared at her. “ I don’t know,” He said weakly. After that he started to cry. He didn’t want to let Tenel Ka see him cry but he didn’t know what was wrong with him. He just wanted his old life back. He looked into Tenel Ka’s gray eyes and saw that she was worried.

“ Tenel Ka… I’m not coming back here… I might run away or I might be sent to some Asylum.. I just want to say,” Jacen paused for a moment and took a deep breath. “ Tenel Ka I love you.”

He looked into Tenel Ka’s eyes and saw that she didn’t know what to say, so he look away from her and stared at his sister. She stood over them and stared at him. She held her left eyes with her hand. He could tell it hurt. He looked back at Tenel Ka and frowned. “ Please get off me… I got to go to Uncle Lukes..”

Tenel Ka turned her head and looked at Jaina. She nodded her head and Tenel Ka got off him.

Jacen got up and grabbed his pack from the ground. He looked at his sister and shook his head in disgust. He had actually hit his sister. “ I’m sorry, I really am,” Jacen said softly.

Jaina stared at him and smiled weakly. “ It didn’t hurt that much.” Then she walked up to him and gave him a hug. “ Let the force be with you,” He heard her whisper in his ear. She let go and smiled.

Jacen stared at her for a second then turned around and walked to his Uncle Luke’s quarters.


Fire was everywhere! Everywhere Jacen turned he saw the red flames consuming people. He tried to back away but felt a force pushing him towards it. ‘ Now you will become what I want you to become.” A dark evil voice said in his head. Jacen shook his head and gritted his teeth. “ I don’t think so!” He said as he closed his eyes and sent a bubble of the lightside all around him. He felt himself stop. He turned around to see who was pushing him. There in front of him stood a huge black flame. ‘ Very clever my boy…. Almost as clever a Exar Kun..” The dark flame said before it started laughing.

Jacen stared at it confused. “ What are you talking about?” Jacen asked. The flame rose up from the ground and stopped laughing. “ Tell me young jedi.. What do you think of when you hear the name Exar Kun?” It asked in a harsh voice. Jacen sighed and shrugged. “ I think of the darkside, the dark lords of Sith... Why?” Jacen replied still staring at the flame.

The dark flame chuckled a little. “ No, When I think of Exar Kun.. I see a victim! Exar Kun was just like you young Jedi… Loved animals, never wanted power, and just wanted to be a honorable Jedi Knight,” The flame said evilly. “ But I changed him! I filled his thoughts with anger and released him into the world! And I will do the same for you!” The dark flame spat out.

Jacen felt his bubble disappeared and felt that he was starting to be pushed towards the flames. “ NO!” Jacen cried out as he tried to run away. A powerful gust of wind blew him back into the dark flames grasp. “ Jacen Solo… I rule your mind know! I can make anything happen in here.” The flame said from behind him. Jacen shook his head and frowned. He was trapped. There was no way out…Unless.

Jacen closed his eyes and started to picture Hawkbats attacking the flame. Suddenly a whole flock of Hawkbats appeared out of know where and flew strait into the flame. The flame screamed in pain and let go of Jacen. Jacen twirled around and smiled “ If we’re in my mind there must be part of it I still control.” The flame sent fireballs at the hawkbats and disintegrated them. The flame then turned back to Jacen. “ Very Clever! Exar Kun never thought of that.. But face it Jedi I am stronger then you… I AM THE DARKSIDE!” The flame said as sent a huge fireball towards Jacen. Jacen closed his eyes and raised his hands in front of him. A huge stream of rushing water flew out of them and consumed the fireball then the Dark Flame.

Jacen heard the Dark flame scream in agony. He stopped sending water towards it and watched as the flame started to melt. A figure emerged from the flame and stared at him with red glowing eyes. It took a second for Jacen to recognize the person. It was him. The dark Jacen held out a hand a lightsaber appeared in it.

Jacen stared at himself then raised out his hand and felt a lightsaber in it. Jacen raised his lightsaber and ignited. The dark Jacen did the same. “ So… Its what the galaxy has been waiting for… The battle against the good. and evil,” The dark clone of him said. Jacen nodded his head. “ This battle is for Exar Kun… I will avenge him,” Jacen said as he walked closer to himself. The dark Jacen backed up slowly as he got closer. “ Young Jedi If you strike me down you will be consumed with the darkness! You can not win this battle!” The dark Jacen said before he raised his lightsaber and brought it down. Jacen raised his just in time to block the blow. Dark Jacen retreated then leaped forward and slashed at Jacen belly. Jacen sucked in his gut and felt the lightsaber barely miss his stomach. Jacen looked around for something that would help him. He couldn’t strike him down he could only block the shot.

Jacen then got a idea. He fell to the floor and let his opponents lightsaber fly over him. Jacen brought back his foot and sent it into the clones knee. The dark figure fell to the floor screaming in agony. Suddenly metal binders wrapped around the dark Jacen’s stomach, then his feet, then his neck and then his wrist.

“ What is this!” The dark Jacen said as he struggled to get up. Jacen smiled and deactivated his lightsaber.

“ I can’t strike you down.. but I can trap you,” Jacen said as took the lightsaber away from the darksider. The dark Jacen stared at him with red glowing eyes.

“One day I will escape and bring you to the darkside, Jacen Solo!” He yelled. Jacen smiled down at him and shook his head.

“ Maybe.. but I will always fight you.. while you’re here enjoy the scenery.” Jacen said as the dark, evil place around him melted away and revealed a beautiful field with flowers and animals. A purple bunny hopped over to the darksider and sniffed him.

The dark Jacen screamed in pain and tried to get out of the binders. Jacen felt someone enter his mind. Jacen turned around to see Exar Kun standing there.

“ Jacen …. Thank you for releasing me.” He said as he walked towards him and held out his hand. Jacen grabbed his hand and shook it. “ When I get back, I’ll try to clear your name, It wasn’t you it was that?” Jacen said as his nodded towards the screaming figure.

Exar Kun looked at the screaming man and smiled.

“ Thanks you.. And let the force be with you.” He said as he started to vanish. Jacen sighed and smiled. He closed his eyes and imagined a door. When he opened his eyes he saw it right in front of him. He looked back at the screaming figure that was now surrounded by animals. He smiled and walked through the door.

Jacen woke up in a strange looking room. He felt completely rested and like his old self again. He looked around to find his mother resting in his fathers arms. His sister sat in a seat with her head on Zekk’s chest. Luke laid on the ground sleeping. The only one that appeared to be up was Tenel Ka. She had her back to him. Jacen got up from the bed and walked slowly to her. She sat at a desk writing something.

Jacen leaned against the wall and smiled. “ So how long has everyone been here?” He asked. Tenel Ka dropped what ever she was working on and twirled around.

“ Jacen!” She said loudly as she ran to him and tackled him. He hugged her and kissed her passionately.

“ What’s going on here?” He heard his father say. Jacen looked up and smiled. “Dad… I’m back.. It’s trapped.” He said happily. “ What do you mean?” Uncle Luke said as Jacen and Tenel Ka got off the ground. “ We got a lot of stuff to talk about.. But at least it’s over.” Jacen said smiling. “ It’s over.”

200 years later

“ Seth! Hurry up! Were going to be late for the morning lessons!” Sandra said as she ran through the jungle. She stopped running and looked back. “ Hey what’cha got there?” She asked as Seth ran up to her. He held up a old box to her. “ I don’t know .. It looks like a old container… It has a lot of cracks in it.” Seth said as he looked for a opening. “ Here’s a button,” He said as he pushed it. Electricity flowed from the box into Seph’s finger. He screamed in pain and threw it to the ground. When the box hit the ground it shattered into a million pieces. Sandra looked at him and raised a eyebrow. “ You okay?” She asked.

Seth looked at her and nodded. “ Yea, probably some sort of old machinery.. lets continue running.”

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