Bad Idea

By Zekk Skywalk

I am dedicating this fanfic to an 11 (yes eleven years old) girl that was gang raped about 3 weeks ago.

Warning: This has Language, violence, and sexual references. This also contains rape in it (bits of it anyways) so if this might offend you, please do not read it. PG-13 rating.

Jaina is on a mission to keep peace between 2 species (the Kytons and the Timbazt) negotiating a truce. However, one side has other motives....

"Ambassador, you must calm down," Jaina stated.


Each side's guards tensed. Jaina stepped between the 2 sides, hand on her Lightsaber. New Republic guards drew their weapons and did the same thing.

It all happened at once. Both sides drew weapons and fired apon each other and New Republic forces. Jaina drew her Lightsaber, but before she could do anything, a sonic stunner shot through the air, leaving her in blackness.

(A day later)

"Admiral Tybon," The Deck Officer called. "Sir, we are ready to proceed," he hissed.

The Admiral nodded. "All our men are off the planet?"

"Yes sir," came the reply.

"Good. Fire...3...2...1...NOW!"

Jacen was in the mess hall when it happened. "Uggh, that hurts...does anyone else feel that?" he asked. All of a sudden he felt a bad headache.

Zekk, Lowie, and Raynar nodded. "Feels like a bad headache. Almost like..." Zekk didn't finish the sentence before Anakin stumbled into the room and almost collapsed. Lusa helped him to a seat.

"Something isn't right," he mumbled after sitting down.

"It almost feels like...people have died...lots of people," Raynar said.

Jacen managed to look around. Some of the older students were acting a bit hurt also. The ones that weren't were trying to comfort the ones that were. They obviously weren't the only ones being affected.

"Let's go see what Uncle Luke thinks it is," Jacen said.

"What?" Zekk said. "Are you sure?"

The Jedi Master nodded. "New Republic listening posts confirmed it. Kyton II, where Jaina was keeping a negotiation going, has stopped communicating with anyplace. It's almost as if the whole planet didn't exist. From the tremor in the force that you and others felt earlier, I am guessing that the planets population may be wiped out."

Zekk couldn't keep the question from slipping. "Have you heard from Jaina?"

"No I haven't."

"My mother's fleet is nearby that sector of space. I'll get a hold of her and ask for some help," Raynar said.

"Too bad Tenel Ka can't send a fleet," Anakin said, half smiling at Jacen. Tenel Ka was on Hapes per her Grandmother's request.

"I'll get the Lightning Rod Prepped," Zekk said, running out the door.

"Sir, we are approaching the Ambassador's ship. He has a prisoner aboard, a Jedi Knight, the daughter of the New Republic's Chief of State, one named Jaina Solo."

The Admiral nodded. He remembered a holo of the girl. "When the ship docks, send this Jaina Solo to my quarters. Oh, and keep her drugged until I get there," he ordered.

Zekk was starting the pre-flight check systems when his vision blurred.

...Could see a dark room. A desk, a chair, and a computer terminal was to the left. A bed, a Fresher, and a shelf was to the right. A dresser and a closet was strait ahead. Then a tall humanoid with Jet Black skin came in. He came close and fear was in the room...

Zekk blinked. He just realized that he was seeing through someone else's eyes. Master Skywalker had told him that sometimes Jedi can do that to people he knows in the time of danger or other emotions. But who did he know close enough to do that...

His eyes went wide and he hurried through the check systems and went back to check on the Jacen, Raynar, Lowie, and Anakin.

Admiral Tybon went into his quarters. He was pleased who was before him. Clad in a dark brown jumpsuit, Jaina Solo was trying to find a weapon of some sort. When she saw him walk in, she threw a statue at him, using the force to enhance its speed. The Admiral let it hit him, and it just broke into pieces. He didn't flinch.

"So you are rebellious. You're force won't help you anymore," he motioned to an opening in the wall that just appeared. In a rush, the force felt like it left her.

"Ysalamiri," she whispered.

The Admiral laughed. "You should see the look on your face. It looks like you just saw a ghost." He moved closer.

Jaina tried to jump back, and find something else to throw, but he grabbed her. She found he was a lot stronger then he looked. He then hit her so hard it knocked her to the ground. She felt her clothes being pulled off just before falling into unconsciousness.

"Exiting hyperspace over Kyton II and...what the?!" Zekk stared.

Jacen looked out the viewport. The planet was suppose to be a lush green planet, but all that was there was a dull brown rock.

"Sithspit! What happened?" Raynar asked.

"Analizing..." Em-Teedee started. "It appears, Master Raynar, that 1/20 of the recorded atmosphere remains. The planet's ecosystem is about equal to that of a big asteroids'."

Lowie growled something. He pointed to where the Bornaryn fleet trading fleet was.

"Guess we'd better get a move on," Anakin said.

Jaina woke up sometime later. The first thing she noticed was she was on a bed. The second thing was she didn't have any clothes on. She almost panicked. <<What happened?>> she thought. She looked around. Her clothes were next to her, but they were torn. <<Great. I'm without clothes, in an enemies room, without the force, and have been raped. What else could go wrong?>>

"We're under attack!"

Aryn Dro Thul looked around. "Shields up! Return fire! Fleet size comparison."

A screen in front of her showed her fleet and the enemy fleet.

The Bornaryn fleet consisted of one Nebulon-B frigate, 4 heavy transports, a Carack-Class cruiser, 2 Lancer frigates, and multiple other smaller gunships. The Timbazt fleet had one Victory-Class Star Destroyer, 4 Corellian Corvettes, a Strike-Class cruiser, and a modified Bulk cruiser. A much bigger fleet then the Bornaryn fleet.

"We have a problem," Raynar said aloud.

Jaina, with on of the bed sheets covering her, was on the computer terminal when Admiral Tybon walked into the room. She backed away. "Stay away from me!"

The Admiral just smiled as he grabbed the sheet separating him from her...

Jacen froze. Zekk fell to the ground and gained support from the wall. Anakin acted like he had a bad headache.

Raynar looked at them concerned. "What's wrong?" he asked.

Jacen blinked. "It's Jaina...she..." he couldn't finish.

"I think she's being raped," Zekk finished, sounding very disoriented.

Lowie snarled something that didn't sound very nice. Raynar's eyes went wide. "Can you locate her?"

Jacen nodded. "I think so. We need to...find her fast."

Raynar nodded. "I'll get us a ship. No offence Zekk, but this ship 'll work better." He ran to find his mother. Zekk barely heard the words.

Raynar led them to the Racing Star and loaded everyone aboard.

"My mother will go back to the edge of the system and wait for New Republic forces. But Admiral Akbar said that he won't be here for another 3 days," he explained.

"Good," came Jacen's reply. He directed Lowie to where he felt Jaina's presence. Lowie Acknowledged and using the force, calculated how far away she was.

Raynar hit some controls and said, "This is an experimental cloaking device. It'll keep us of the enemies scanners and make us invisible."

Lowie nodded and plunged the ship into hyperspace.

Jaina felt like hell. Admiral Tybon had left a few minutes ago, so she was alone in the room again. She found the bed sheet and wrapped it around herself. She tried to stand up, but didn't have the energy to and the Ysalamiri kept her from tapping into the force. So she leaned against the wall, unable to move. "Guys, hurry up and get here," she whispered.

"Master Lowbacca wishes to inform you that we are exiting hyperspace near..." Em-Teedee didn't finish before Lowie pulled the ship in a steep climb to avoid colliding with a ship.

Anakin looked out the viewport. "That's an Imperial-Class Star Destroyer!" he exclaimed.

Jacen's eyes went wide. "She's on that ship!" he said pointing at the Star Destroyer.

Raynar looked at the controls. "Lowie, go ahead and land the ship in the ship's docking bay. The shroud will keep us undetectable."

Lowie nodded and took the Racing Star into the belly of the destroyer.

The group stepped out of the ship and looked around. The ship was invisible, and nobody was around to see them step out of nothingness. Raynar hit a few controls on a datapad. "This'll keep it cloaked and let us know where it is when we need it again."

Anakin looked around. "This bay is bigger then a typical Star Destroyer's," he observed. "Looks like this thing may rely more on starfighters then turbolasers, because I'm seeing about 30 more ships then this thing should be carrying."

Lowie said something. "Master Lowbacca, by what do you mean there is a 'void' on the ship?" Em-Teedee asked.

Jacen nodded. "Feels like a Ysalamiri."

"Shh! someone's coming!" Zekk said.

A security trooper walked down the stairs from a catwalk hanging above where the group had landed the ship. His face was immediately met by Jacen's fist. The guard stumbled backwards and fell unconscious. "We don't have time for this," he explained.

Raynar looked around. "Where is she?"

Jacen pointed upwards. "About 7 levels above us," he said.

They moved.

The Bornaryn fleet was loosing.

They had moved to the outer rim of the system, but the enemy had brought in reinforcements and had sent faster gunships in to pummel at the slower trading fleet.

"Sir, we've lost 2 ships, we must retreat."

Aryn Dro Thul nodded. She was about to give the order...when another fleet jumped out of hyperspace behind them.

She almost panicked. "The New Republic fleet shouldn't be here yet! Who's fleet is that?"

The Deck Officer shook his head. "That's registering as a royal Hapan fleet," he said. "30 Battledragons sir."

"Thirty ships? Are they reading friendly?"

"Yes. We're getting a message from a Princess Tenel Ka..."

Jaina got a premonition. <<They're here>> she thought. Then she heard someone nearing the door. <<Uhh, not again>> she cringed.


The Blue beam cut through the blast door.

"Anakin, hurry!" Raynar yelled over the wail of blaster fire. **WOMP** A shot deflected off his Pewter blade and back to the source. The trooper cried out.

"Done!" Anakin said as he jumped through the hole in the door. Lowie followed next. Jacen and Raynar came next, and Zekk followed last. "We have to hurry!" he yelled from the back of the group. "I'm not liking what I'm sensing right now!"

Just as Admiral Tybon put his arms tightly on Jaina's shoulders, the comm beeped. "Sir, we have intruders heading for your quarters," a man said over the unit.

Jaina smiled slightly. The Admiral hit her and answered. "Send all of security after them if you have to. Just be sure to kill them all."

He reached for her and was about to take the sheet away when an explosion rocked the ship and threw them both down.

"Whoops, I didn't mean to drop that thermal detonator," Anakin said.

Jacen halfway grinned. "She's not to far from here," he yelled to the group.

The Admiral turned his attention back to Jaina. His hands drew the sheet away...

...Just as a Fire-Red Lightsaber shot out of nowhere and slashed his shoulder. The Admiral tuned to see the hilt fly back to it's owner's hand.

The Admiral turned tail and ran to the back of the room as Jacen and Zekk ran into the room. The Admiral hit a part of the wall and a hidden compartment opened revealing a door switch. He hit the control and a hidden door appeared. He ran into it and Jacen followed. Zekk took off his cloak and draped it over Jaina's shoulders. Anakin ran in while Lowie and Raynar stood guard by the door.

Jacen caught up with the slower moving humanoid and tacked him. The Admiral spun around to hit him with his arm and instead connected with an Emerald-Green light.

"AHHHGGHHH!!!" he screamed as he saw his arm fall to the ground.

Jacen shook his head. "I've just never been good with arms and Lightsabers," he said with mock-sarcasm.

The Admiral drew a holdout blaster and fired it. The red beam intersected with Jacen's blade and deflected back to hit the shooter in the stomach. "I was hopping that would go lower," Jacen said.

The Admiral, using his last resort, lunged at Jacen with a dagger. Jacen easily sidestepped and swiped down with his blade. The flash of light cut from the Admiral's left shoulder to his right hip and the two pieces of Admiral Tybon fell apart.

Jacen hurried back to where Jaina and the others were. He hugged his sister and looked out the door. Lowie and Raynar had troops at bay just away from the door, but it looked like the troops would fire at any time. Jacen walked out. "You're leader is dead. Give up now or else..." he waited a few seconds before an explosion could be heard. "A Hapan fleet will pummel your ship to space dust."

The troops looked around with panic and fear sketched out on their faces. "That is, if you get my drift," he added.

The highest-ranking troop headed for a turbolift, and slowly, the others followed.

Raynar looked at Jacen with a little disbelief. "How did you know they'd be here?"

Jacen shrugged. "I didn't. I hoped they would be."

Raynar rolled his eyes.

Jacen walked back into the room and saw Jaina and Zekk hugging. "Lets get you back to the academy," Zekk whispered.

A week later, things had slowly calmed down. Tenel Ka returned from Hapes, and she looked very happy to do so, though she still didn't smile at all. Raynar was allowed to keep the Running Star which left the group with another ship to tinker with. Jaina slowly began to act like her old self again, and at the chance to tinker with another ship, she totally went back to being herself.

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