A Tale of Jedi
By: Allol Dasel

DISCLAIMER: This is a story about several of the Jedi characters I Role-play on yahoo RPG (role play games) plus some others I added in for story reasons. Some of the characters and planets in here are from the Star Wars collection(and my friends names they use on yahoo) and copyrighted so they aren't mine or my idea if u have seen there names somewhere before.

It was noon on coruscant and in the Med. Bay of a ship floating over the planet was a women lying in bed with her child. The child was going to be strong in the force, everybody knew that and the council had even told the young mother that. Kissing the babies' forehead, she smiled and looked up to see a Jedi master enter the room. Although this was no plain Jedi master, this was her husband.

"Lily dear, I heard the news. What am I the father of?" he asked

"A baby girl, I thought we would name her Allis" Lily replied

"Allis? No, she deserves a better name. How about Allie, after my sister?"

"That sounds pretty." She said smiling.

The baby smiled a bit in her silent sleep at the mention of the name and the father and mother looked down at her. "look Jake, she likes the name." Lily said kissing him on the cheek.

Jake smiled and kissed Lily on the lips. Keeping an arm around her, he touched Allie's cheek lightly. "yes, it appears she does. The council says she will make a fine Jedi. I wish we didn't have to give her up though, I mean what if she forgets us?"

Lily laughed lightly. "Dearest, she will have some time with us, up till she is 6 then she must go. I do not think she'll forget though. Besides let us not think about that today. Let us bask in the happiness of our child at the moment."

Jake nodded and gently picked up Allie. She opened her hazel eyes slightly and looked up at him. Letting out a small yawn , she smiled and blinked. Her little hands making fists then relaxing as she closed her eyes and went back to sleep. This was the start of Allie's life..

Part 1- A memory

Allie Detawn looked out the window. The sky was a pale color and looked as if an artist was painting it. Ships flew by every once and a while and she watched them. She was impatient and wanted to have fun. But she was obeying her mother and father and staying there, until she was called into the Jedi council room. Turning, she heard footsteps pound down the hall.

Smiling, she saw it was her friend Alisha. Alisha had blonde hair, blue eyes and was 2 years older then her. Grinning she hugged Alisha. Both girls grinned and then Alisha spoke. Her vocabulary was very good compared to most eight-year-olds.

"Friend Allie, are u going to be given that test today? I took mine two years ago and it was fun. I wish I could go in with u, but I cant. Lisa has me training in the force today. I am gonna learn how to use a lightsaber better." She said excitedly, giggling at the last part.

Allie giggled also. She knew what Alisha was talking about. Last time she tried to fight with a lightsaber, her skills were off and she ended up, cutting off another padawan's braid. Smiling she replied. "Yes their going to give me my test. My mom says not to worry and that everything will be ok. Just try my best and be myself"

The doors opened a voice called out "Allie Detawn, the test will take place now"

Alisha flashed her a grin and then ran off. Allie took a deep breath and turned towards the door. As she walked in, it shut behind her. Another girl was in there already, but waiting by the side.

She had blonde hair and green eyes. Beside her was her new master or someone, Allie guessed. Looking over to her, she smiled quickly then looked back to the council. The council had 12 members on it, all with solemn face's. Straightening up, she heard one of them talk.

"So young one, a jedi u wish to be?" An alien with the name of Yoda said.

"yes sir, that is what I wish. I wan to become a jedi so that I may follow the path of my mother and father and carry on the jedi title."

"what know u of the force?"

"That it binds us and is all around us sir"

"Know u , of the dark side?"

"yes sir I do. The dark side is anger and fear"

Yoda nodded his little green head. Indeed this one wanted to become a Jedi. But knowing about the force wasn't everything. From this young one's parents he had heard much. Her bloodline was jedi and her acts of kindness when she was helping made it more jedi like. Continuing on with the questions he spoke up again. "fear, aggression and anger is the darkside. Little one, what is your name?"

"Allie Detawn"

"Do u fear the darkside?"

Allie paused before answering, she didn't have an answer to that question. The council members looked at her, while she paused. Thinking up an answer, she replied "I only fear what I don't know"

Mace Windu nodded and looked over to Yoda. Talking to him through the force he said "This young one is indeed wise and truthful. Let us go to the next part of the test and see her skill"

"Wise she is. Let us continue", Came yoda's reply.

Allie saw a tall black colored member pick up a screen. Looking at it, she was about to ask what it was, but remembered it would be rude to do that. She didn't need to ask though because the man spoke. "Young Allie Detawn, now we will test u on the your skill. Now I want u to concentrate and let no other thoughts except the thought of the force enter u"

Allie nodded and started the test. In her mind, it was as if she was holding the screen and the more she thought about it, the more she saw. The pictures flashed by and she named them best she could. In her mind she was getting impatient, but she ignored it and went on with the test. Each picture was either something she had seen before or something she had heard of. Finally getting to the last picture, she said "Sith lightsaber".

"Very good young one. U may go back to your parents now and we will talk over your score" the one named Depa Billaba said gently.

Allie bowed at the waist in respect. "Thank u jedi masters..may the force be with u" . She said, then exited.

In the training room, Alisha was sparring her master when the new girl that Allie had seen came in. Turning off her saber as she saw Lisa do, she turned to face the new girl. The girl had blonde hair and green eyes. She had a smile on her lips and looked almost like Alisha. "Hello" Alisha said softly.

"hi, my name is Alisa Goldblaze and I am a jedi apprentice . What's your name?" The girl replied.

"Alisha Rosena and I am also a jedi apprentice. Pleased to meet u"

"Same here. I heard lightsaber's so I thought I might come in here and check it out. Sorry if I interrupted anything."

"U didn't. Me and Master Maln were just practicing"

"Hello young Alisa, I am Lisa Maln, it is a pleasure to meet u. we are almost done so if u two want to talk u can." Lisa said to Alisa, then turning to Alisha continued. "Good work young Alisha, u are progressing well. I hope your young friend Allie can do as well"

Alisha smiled. "Thank u Master, I am sure she will do all right though."

Alisa bowed in respect to the jedi master. "Same here Jedi Master Maln and thank u."

Lisa Maln nodded. "May the force be with u". She said before exiting.

"U sure have a nice master" Alisa told Alisha.

"Yeah, she is good when it comes to training. But I ain't the only one she trains" Alisha replied, giggling.


"Yeah, she has a boyfriend that she kisses when they are alone. Once I even caught them"

Both girls started giggling and didn't notice Allie come in. "what's so funny?" she asked.

Both girls looked over to her and Alisa smiled. "Alisha was telling me about her master and her boyfriend."

"Oh, I have heard that story before."

"I don't think I have met u. I am Alisa Goldblaze, a jedi apprentice"

"I'm Allie Detawn and I just got done with my test. I think I saw u in there before. Anyway, when did u arrive?"

"I arrived last night with my master. At first I only saw guys here so I wasn't sure there were any girls. But I am glad there is. I hope u pass your test"

Allie smiled. "Thanks, me to. U want to be friends?"


"Welcome to the group Alisa, I hope u stay here long" Said Alisha

"Thanks u guys or girls I should say. Me also" Alisa said, grinning.

The three girls smiled to each other and then hugged. Although neither of them said anything, they all felt this strange feeling that they would be friends forever. But only the future could tell.

Part 2- Things turn
By: Allol Dasel

"Thinking about something other then your lesson young Allie" Allie heard a voice break into her thoughts. Coming out of her thoughts, she faced her master.

Brbron Nax smiled. He had brown hair, blue eyes and a gentle smile. He had been her master for some time now and they were traveling to courscant for a trip to the council. Seeing that his apprentice had been in her own thoughts, he had seen a few of them, without her noticing. "U will see your friends soon, no need to worry"

Allie smiled and brushed her long brown hair away from her face. She was now 16 and a jedi apprentice. Although she couldn't help but think what she left behind to become one. "Thanks for the reassurance Master. I am sorry for not paying attention, but with me about to see them, I am excited."

He nodded. "I can see that, your lesson is over anyway. Now why not get to sleep? U must be tired"

"Thank u, I will do that. Good night and may the force be with u" She said, then exited.

Allie went to her room and shut the door. Taking off her clothes and changing into her nightclothes, she lay on the bed and turned out the light. As she lay there, peering into the darkness, her thoughts drifted to Alisa and Alisha. They were so much alike that they could have been twins. She wondered what they were doing as she drifted off to sleep.

Alisha slipped into the dark ally way and caught her breath. The ally way led to a secret ship bay, she noticed as she glanced down it. Walking towards the secret entrance, she glanced behind her and saw no one. "so far so good" she said softly, out loud and pushed on the level near her. A door opened and she slipped in quickly.

She had found this secret area when her and her master had landed here a few years ago. It sure saved your life when people were after u. going over to the ship, she leaned against It and looked around her. The area was fairly clean, except for a few rats. Feeling something hurry over her feet, she looked down quickly and saw a rat. Gripping her dagger that was concealed in her boot quickly, she flung it at the rat. There was a loud screech as it died. Going over to it, she picked her dagger back up again and cleaned it off with a rag she kept in one of her pouches. Slipping the dagger back into its hidden spot, she turned and lowered the ramp to the ship. Walking up it she shut it behind her and went to her room.

When she got there, she shut the door , the ship was quiet as was every place else. She could hear someone snoring lightly and giggled quietly. Then going over to her mirror, she brushed a piece of blonde hair back. She was now 18 and almost a jedi master. Her force skills were quick and her mind even quicker. Looking over to a bracelet that was near her lamp, she sighed.

Going over to the bracelet, she picked it up. She smiled as she remembered who had given this to her. Sitting down on her bed, she lay back and went back into her memories. She could still hear the voice of Allie saying the magic words that had gotten them a new friend. They were to far away to call through the force, so she knew that it was pointless to call out. In her mind, she grew curious, wondering what they were up to.

Alisa yawned. She was waiting outside the jedi council room, where her master was talking to them. Most likely about her becoming a jedi knight. She had the skill of her friend Alisha and everyone said the two were alike. Although she was a year older, she didn't mind. She missed Alisha though. And who could forget Allie?

That girl was sweet. Even though she was younger then both of them, she was kind. Blame it on her parents, because they were true force users. Allie would be about 16 now, she figured. Alisa hoped she would see her again and soon. No doubt she would be happy that she was taking the test.

Night turned to day and Allie woke up. Getting out of her bed, she changed quickly and did her hair in a braid. Heading to the training room, she saw her master not there and noticed they had stopped moving. Could they be on Courscant already? She thought to herself. She didn't need to find out her answer because as she stepped into the hallway again, she heard sounds and then a voice.

Heading towards the voice and sounds, she could hear them better as she got closer. A man said "there is no one else aboard this ship darksider. Only me and the pilot. I do not wish to fight."

The voice was answered with a much fiercer one. "Lightsider..u lie. And for that I will have to kill u swiftly"

Allie gasped and gripped the hilt of her saber. Someone was challenging her master and even worse that someone was a Sith! Pushing open the door slowly, she crept in. Her master was battling a man dressed in black. Staying where she was, she watched, half-curious and half scared. A force push that was aimed at BrBron came at her and she was unprepared as she was flung back. Letting out a startled cry she knew she had given away her hiding spot.

Both men turned towards her. The Sith, smirked and walked towards her slowly. She shrank back as he neared and kept her hand on the hilt of her saber. This was the first Sith she had ever seen this close and it scared her a bit. "Come out young one, hiding wont help any" The Sith said.

She saw her master come up behind the Sith and sends a slash at his back while he was distracted. Allie saw the Sith cry out in pain as the saber hit him and turned towards BrBron. Allie came out a bit and watched. The Sith aimed a blow at BrBrons head. BrBron ducked and kicked the sith's feet out from under him. The Sith fell and pulled down BrBron. As the two began to wrestle Allie noticed a dagger hidden in the sith's sleeve. The Sith grabbed it and stabbed BrBron on his blind spot.

Allie watched as her master fell and blinked. The Sith headed towards her, dagger raised threatenly. "Now little one, come to me and u wont get hurt."

Allie shook her head and started for the door. The Sith stepped in front of her and she stepped back. Putting a hand on her saber, she looked at the Sith, fear creeping in slowly. Pushing it back, she stood still and looked over to BrBron out of the corner of her eye. He was moving a bit, which means he wasn't dead! "What do u want Sith?" she asked him, hoping her master would help her at the moment.

"I want to help u, not hurt u."

"No u don't, u want to turn me! I will never turn, EVER!"

"Oh really now?"

"Yes really..just as my mother Lily and father Jake stayed Jedi I will to."

The Sith looked at her for a moment, a smirk coming across his face. "Young Allie u cannot hide from me any longer.finally after all these years I have found u again."

Looking at him, she felt a click in her mind and kept her lips in a tight line. BrBron moved a bit more and pulled the dagger out weakly. Just a little bit longer till the Sith would get hit with something he hadn't expected. Looking at him closer she gasped. " u wont get me as u did my parents Seth.u may be my cousin , but that doesn't mean I'll go anywhere with u"

Seth didn't notice BrBron creep up on him as he stepped closer to Allie. "Well u still remember me..now I would hate to kill my own blood but I guess I will have to, now at least u can join your parents"

Seth let out a cry as he felt a dagger in his back. He turned a bit and saw BrBron. "I thought I killed u old man!"

BrBron called out to Allie " Run Allie, escape now!" before he and Seth soon fell into a fight.

Allie ran towards the escape pod. Getting in, she saw she had enough supplies for a while and made sure she grabbed her money pouch. Seeing she had, she shut the pod door and ejected it. She didn't know where she was headed, but anywhere was good. Her thoughts drifted to her master and she felt a ripple in the force. He had gotten killed.

Part 3- A new life begins
By: Allol Dasel

Waking up with a jolt. Alisha yawned and looked around in alarm. Bolting up out of the bed, she reached out and felt danger. "Damn it, they have found the ship" she mumbled and went to where Lisa slept. She knocked on the door and waited for a reply. When none came she opened the door and walked in. Gasping at what she saw, she turned and hurried back to her room to dress. When she got done, she took her saber and ignited it.

She walked inside the ship, exploring all the areas. Finding nothing in the back, she headed towards the front when she felt something. Stepping to the side, a figure landed hard where she was before. Putting a foot on the person's back, she put the tip of her saber to their throat. "Ok person.who are u and what do u want. I know u killed Lisa so I aint gonna say anything about that. Oh also I would make any sudden moves. U could get hurt.'

The person remained still but turned to look up at Alisha. "My name is of no concern and my business is to kill someone by the name of Alisha Rosena. Who is this Lisa u talk about?"

"The women in the bed that u killed while she sleeping u idiot"

"Then you're.."

"Yeah I am, now who sent u?"

"The Hutts"

"Why do they want me? I aint disobeyed any of there laws yet"

"No but u helped a slave escape"

" U mean that girl that could use the force and stuff?"

"Yeah, she was Jabba's most prized dancer. U can replace her or die'

"Well I would look who is talking I mean I have the saber at your neck here so don't sass back to me."

"Then that means u want to die?"

"Correction, I want to live and so I shall. Now leave me alone so I can get off this planet" She said, letting the figure up.

As the figure jumped up, she could see it was a guy. He looked unarmed but then, all hutt workers did. Alisha pointed towards the ramp. "Leave now please, I don't want to hurt u"

"No, I came here to kill u and so I shall" The man said then slid out a dagger. Alisha smirked a bit and deignited her saber. Putting it on a table near her, she stepped back away from the man. He advanced and she silently slid a dagger out of hiding. "U don't scare me ya know I am just doing this to set u up in a trap" she said

"Yeah right, now listen little miss, why not just stay still so I wont have to fight ya "

"I told u I aint afraid of u, now u can believe me or die"

The man laughed and as he did, she stabbed the dagger into his chest. He gasped and fell back. "U will not.live.for. Long" he said softly as he died.

"The hell I will!" Alisha replied, grabbing her dagger back and cleaning it off. Then taking his body, she jumped it on the ground. Going back into the ship again she closed the ramp and started up the ship. She sighed and sat down in the pilot's seat. Lifting off the planet she knew where she would go. She would go to Courscant. There she could get a new master and more then likely get to become a master.

Alisa grinned as she looked over the cities buildings from her room. She had taken the test and become a master. If only Allie and Alisha were here. She wondered what they were up to and sat down on her bed. Taking out some tools she started to work on a comlink and reached out with the force to see if they were near by the planet. It appeared they weren't. Although Allie was supposed to be here she knew. The council had said Allie and her master were coming in a day or two and the days had passed with no sign of them. It was later found out that their ship had gotten attacked. Alisa hoped she was alive still, but then the force had mysterious ways of working in these cases.

Allie observed the hot sandy dessert. She guessed she had landed on Tattooine from the climate and little dead towns she felt. Gathering her things in a pack, she headed towards the nearest town. As she walked she saw Jawa's and waved them away. The sun beat down of her, but she knew she could handle it. Anything was better then running into sith on a planet like this. She knew of the dangers, there was sand people, space pirates and worst of all Jabba the hutt.

When she approached the town and stepped into the streets, she glanced around her. There were fruit stalls, junk stores and little outside eating places where u could chat with friends or bet. Keeping her force level up , she headed towards what looked to be a cantina. Stepping inside she saw she was right. People looked over to her for a brief minute then looked back to their games. She headed over to a table and laid her back down. The bartender nodded as she signaled to him what she wanted. Glancing around her, she saw there weren't many Sith or jedi around.

"Hey u! Scoot over, I wanna sit here" she heard a voice say and looked up. There was a man standing at her table. This could be handled with peace she knew. She stayed where she was and said " why not get another table sir, there is plenty here?"

"Because I wanna sit here. And dont back to me"

"I'm not talking back to u. why do u wanna sit here?"

"Because I want to get to know u before I sell u to Jabba, girl"

Allie thought about this for a moment. She could see a form coming over to them and wondered what was happening. Staying calm she replied "My name is Allie and I do not wish to become a slave. Don't u have more respect then to come around, ordering people u don't even know about?"

The man reached out quickly and went to slap her. Reaching up at his action, she stopped his hand and gripped it. The person behind him raised an eyebrow and chuckled softly "hey nick I think this girl got u good"

Nick turned and faced his partner. "Shut up Toren. This chick is refusing to become a slave for Jabba the hutt"

"Really? Well I don't see why she should want to. She obviously had brains as well as wit. Say girl what's your name?"

Allie looked over to Toren and released Nicks hand "Allie Detawn, sir"

"Well now Allie, you'll have to forgive my brother but he works for the hutt and thinks that every pretty girl should belong to him. I'm Toren Stargraze and this is Nick" Toren said to her, brining her hand up and kissing it lightly.

She smiled gently. "Of course I'll forgive him. Would u care to sit down Toren? I would ask your brother but he might get the wrong idea and try to sell me off"

"Of course, I would love to sit. Nick go work on the ship ok?"

Nick growled and turned. As he stalked out Toren said "ah poor thing he is. Always insists on making trouble."

"Are u here to keep him out of it?"

"Yeah and to save young girls like yourself from harm. He always goes for ones ranging from 15 to 18 for some reason. I don't like to see any girl in pain especially at that age. They still have futures ya know. So Allie tell me a bit about yourself"

"Well I'm 16, from Courscant and new to this planet basically. I'm looking for a job so I can earn money to get a ship"

"hmmm sounds interesting. To get a job though I would say that would put ya in danger. But there are others ways to get money. U ever heard of Sarbecc?"

"Yes it's a card game that u bet on to win and stuff"

"U got it, well get into that and you'll get tons of money. Anyway u must be a jedi or something to be from Courscant"

"I am"

"Cool a jedi.u a knight or master?"


"Where is your master?"

"He got killed by a Sith and told me to escape so I did."

" Ah well, I have someplace u can stay for the night if ya want."

"That would be nice. Since the planet of Tattooine dont look to safe at night"

"It isn't, but I guess I should tell u about me. I'm based here, got a smuggling business with my brother that is connected to the hutts um what else oh yeah I'm 17"

Allie nodded and looked over as the bartender set her drink down. Toren paid for the drink before she could go for her money pouch and then the two talked more while Allie drank her ale. As soon as the drink was done, they headed for Toren's house he had on the planet. Allie got settled in for the night and drifted off to sleep.

Alisha sat in the cantina of a cantina on Courscant and glanced around. She had given her master proper burial and was awaiting the test. There were jedi all around her as well as others. One sat next to her at the bar. He was an older jedi master and talking with someone else. As the person left he turned and faced Alisha. "Hello young one"


"How are u, I heard the death about your master I am sorry"

"It's all right.I don't need anyone's pity. I can get by on my own"

"U do need someone there for u. we all do"

"Why do u care?"

"Because I see u in pain, A pain that could lead to trouble later on. If u need a place to sleep I can give u a place"

"No thanks old one"

"The name is Corbain and I wont take no for an answer"

"Ok Corbain.. Just for tonight though" Alisha said sighing.

"what's your name young one?"

"Alisha but I go by mystery right now."

"Very well then Mystery I will help u all I can"

Alisha nodded. Someone was willing to help her. It was a shock but a welcome one. They talked for a few more minutes then she left to her new quarters.

Part 4- Fates and a Fortune
By: Allol Dasel

Alisa grinned as her master said. "Good young one.You are learning more quicker each day"

"Yep..cant wait to show Allie and Alisha"

Her master went silent for a bit. How was he gonna tell her that Allie and her masters shuttle had crashed? She had so looked forward to seeing them..straight out telling would have some harsh effects he knew. Sighing softly he spoke in a gentle tone.A serious look to his face. "Alisa..the jedi council got some news..on both of them."

Alisa deignited her blue saber and clipped it to her belt. Glancing at him she could tell something was wrong and nodded. He continued "Master Nax's shuttle was boarded by a sith.the sith ended up killing Master Nax..Allie escaped it appeared. the council is waiting for a word from her somehow since they can still feel her presence in the force."

She nodded and understood. However she could not help but feel worried. "and what of Alisha master?"

"She is here.but she as well lost her master."

"oh.do u know where she is?"

"She is seeing the council now..you may see her if you like"

"I would master..when she is done that is"

"All right then" He finished off as she bowed and said bye then left.

When Alisa reached the hall outside the council room, she saw a figure standing by the rail..just gazing out. Something was familiar about this person.and getting more and more familiar as she came closer. Whoever it was turned around swiftly.seeing Alisa.

"Well jumping blaster bolts..look who decided to pay a visit to the council." Came the familiar voice of Alisha.along with a grin.

Alisa grinned and hugged Alisha she was so happy. Alisha hugged back and Alisa couldn't help but laugh. "Yeah.well I came to see you.I heard from my master you were back."

"Yep I am.the council is discussing rather I am ready for being a master yet."

"That's great!"

"Yah.Isn't it? Ya know I wish Allie were here..then I could tell her..just imagine the look of surprise on her face."

A frown came over Alisa's face. "Allie's shuttle got boarded by a sith.she escaped but the council hasn't heard anything from her.they do know she is alive though."

Alisha lost her grin. This was not good.not at all. The galaxy was dangerous for jedi, she knew from first hand experience. However she knew Allie could work her way into some kind of job or planet that would get her back to courscant and could stay alive. "she is smart.she can manage I know she can"

"Yeah.so what have you been up to? I heard about your master.you ok over it?"

"Yeah pretty much.turns out she got killed by mistake. Her killer really meant to kill me because I have a bounty on my head."

"Oh? Well what would you do to get a bounty on your head?"

"Helped a slave of jabba's escape"

"And they tracked you down? Damn they are getting better"

"Yep they are.but my dagger tracked that guy down and now he is no more"

"You killed someone? Are you changing or something?"

"Nope..just think that daggers are quicker and besides it was self defense"

"Oh ok.all I can use is a saber"

Alisha grinned again and took out a dagger from her boot. Passing it to Alisa she nodded over to a strip of wood, right near the door and spoke. "Well not anymore..try aiming at that strip of wood there"

Alisa shook her head, not taking the dagger. "no thanks.wouldn't want to get in trouble"

"Aww come on..you wouldn't. Since no one would know" Persuaded Alisha.

Glancing to the dagger and then around her, Alisa saw no one and took the dagger. She was right, no one would see. "All right" she said and then threw the dagger. The door looked like it would open a bit and then shut just in time as the dagger stuck the wood..very close to the steel door edge.

Alisha grinned and went over to the dagger..picking it up and hiding it again. "Good job! Now you cant say you cant use a dagger"

Alisa grinned back at her. "Yep..I have to admit though when I saw that door open I thought it was trouble."

"So did I.but it wasn't. The only troubles you can get into with these things are if ya kill someone with them when you meant to harm them. I learned that when I was helping that girl escape..ended up killing two guards with hitting them in the neck."

"It sounds like you like danger"

"I do.it gives me something to live for"

"Oh? Well I guess everyone likes there own thing.I would LOVE to travel around a lot sometimes."

"Then why don't you?"

"My master wants me to train.I'm a jedi knight not master yet"

"Ah well that could be a good reason"

The two continued to talk, until the council called Alisha back in and told her the results.

The lights in the cantina seemed to give the whole room in the back where Allie was a shadow. She was surrounded by several tough looking males and one feisty female. So far had beat them and won several thousand credits...But being one that cared about giving and not taking she had hated to not let that stop her. "Hey girl.Its your turn.and I want something more then what you've been betting." Came the voice of the one to her right. Glancing over to him she nodded only and wondered. She didn't have much to give other then her lightsaber. If they saw that though, they would know she was jedi. Using her mind powers she could tell the one to the left of her was a person who worked for the hutts. Remembering that offer Nick had told her about doing she decided she would use that..because if she had to she would use her jedi mind tricks.

"I bet all I have here.and..my services to Jabba the hutt" She spoke firmly.

"Deal" Said the one to her left and put his bet in.

"Hey nick.looks like your gonna have another girl to take to your lord" chimed in the girl on his lap.

They laughed, all except Allie and hoped luck would be on her side. Having her force ready in case she needed it, she hoped that Nick wouldn't regonize her and give her away. The cards were drawn and placed down..drawing hers and placing it down all eyes were on her when she turned it over..

"Hmm looks like I win..you guys can go on without me, I am gonna get some sleep" she said gathering up the money and brushing it into her money pouch. The girl groaned lightly at losing but let her go without one word. The other males except nick mumbled "you got lucky" and started back to there game.For they wanted to win back some money from whoever came by next. Heading out, she brushed past someone and as she did she felt the money pouch disappear. Glancing quickly to the person who brushed past her, she stepped forward and snatched the pouch back quickly, using force speed. They didn't notice and sat down to play the game, but Nick noticed the snatch.

Hurrying out she weaved herself in between the cantina occupants and didn't notice that Nick had followed her. When she stepped into the street she tucked the pouch back into her pockets and headed to Torens house. Behind her Nick had just made it out of the crowds as she disappeared into them again. Nick glanced around and didn't see her..mumbling "damn it.outsmarted by that jedi again.I am gonna ask Toren where she is..since she confinded in him.maybe give him a reason to hate her"

Alisha stepped through the door to Corbains house. It was silent and dark. Going to go her room, she felt someone following her and stopped. The sound of footsteps stopped as well, but the presence was still near. Pretending she had dropped her lightsaber she bent down and pulled a dagger from her boot. Keeping her back turned on the person she opened the door to her room and quickly stepped to the side as the figure who was after her hit air instead of her with its arms. Quickly flinging her dagger at the persons side she heard an "ow" sound as the dagger hit there hand instead when they went to grab it. Flicking on a light she saw it was Corbain.

"Lose something Mystery?" came his calm voice as he pulled the dagger out and handed it back to her.

"Sorry about that.thought you were someone creeping up on me." She replied taking the dagger and offering to help him up with his good hand.

"And I thought you were someone breaking in.Speaking of which were where you? And what are you doing with daggers?"

"I was with my friend and then the council. The daggers I am using because I picked up the habit when I traveled..seems lots of people are out for jedi now days so having them still gives me a weapon at close range when I cant use my saber."

Taking her hand and standing he nodded. "And you went to the council about the test I presume?"

"Yes.they said I am now a jedi master"

He smiled lightly and went into the kitchen to mend to his hand. She followed him, after hiding the dagger again.

"You will make a fine one I am sure..I am sorry for startling you. One thing puzzles me though.as you through that dagger I sensed a bit of anger."

"Some call it that.. I call it my own thing.but it wasn't anger...it was wanting to be ready. Last time someone snuck up on me like that he ended up dead because he was trying to attack me."

"Oh? Care to tell me about that little mishap?"

She shrugged. "All right but it's not that big of a deal. I was looking around the ship that me and my master Lisa where traveling in and all of the sudden I felt something. So I quickly moved and right where I standing a man jumped out and fell..missing me. You know from what I told you before that he had killed my master. I gave him the chance to get out unharmed since I didn't like to hurt people and he didn't take it. he drew a knife and I still had my dagger so I lunged at him with it."

Hearing this he nodded. "I see.well very clever use there..if you killed the person right away though. I wouldn't suggest using it against a force user.seeing as how I was able to grip it before it hit my side"

"I'll remember that"

Meanwhile on Tattooine, Allie stepped through the door to the house. She had stopped along the way to get some fruits since she noticed men were always out of fruit when it came to snack time. Hearing talking she set down the fruits and quietly sneaked up on the two talking. When they came into site it was Nick and Toren.

"Toren.that jedi you talked to yesterday managed to clean me out of most my money as well as win a bet that would have made her a dancer to the hutt had she lost it. She is trouble." Nick said.

Toren laughed and replied. "I always told you it was never wise to try and beat others to fast. And as for the hutt bet I would say she was depending on her own luck for that one..no jedi would do something like that.but anyhow she got lucky."

"Laugh all you want brother.I didn't know at the time she was a jedi till she reached out and took that money pouch back from the person who had pick pocketed her. All I know is she is trouble..and deserves to be with trouble"

"Nick.as long as she doesn't attack me I am perfectly fine with her.but then I don't have a passion for girls bodies like you do so I can see why you are saying that."

"Toren..I only want her because Jabba would love to have her as a dancer.and the fact that I find jedi and sith troublesome."

Listening to them talk she stepped forward. She would stop this right now before it got any worse, plus she had to speak in defense of the jedi. Standing tall as always she spoke calmly and gently to them. "Nick.Jedi are a peaceful race.and I didn't mean to start trouble..I was just trying something new when I won you. As for that slave dancer thing I was hoping on my own luck for. Ya know not all jedi are the same as what you have come across..well except for not being hateful."

Both turned to her and Nick replied in an icy tone. "So you are a jedi eh? What level? Actually wait I don't care about that..all I care about is getting my money back."

She nodded simply and took out her money pouch..opening it she dumped out what she had taken from him and handed it back to him. When he went to reach for the pouch instead she pulled away and put it back. "There is your credits..and you may not have my money pouch. As for my level I am an apprentice.I have no master because my old one got killed by a sith."

Taking his money and promising in his mind to get more money from her later he stood by his brother. Toren hid a smirk hearing that money pouch comment and spoke. "Hello there Allie..have a nice day in town outsmarting my headstrong brother?"

"Yes..although I didn't mean to outsmart him..I was just trying that game like you suggested. I was hoping to get enough credits so I get off this planet and back to Courscant. It appears though, that that will take some time."

Toren ignored the glare his brother gave him. "Yeah it will I suggest you start doing more then just betting though.take up performing at that cantina or something."

"or she could turn sith and kill a bounty for the hell of it" Nick said, smirking.

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