A New Enemy

by Jennifer

When the day comes for the young jedi nights to graduate they have to think ahead of what they do. They all pick where to go to stop violonce, except Jacen. As the turns 20 Jacen knoes what to do but suddenly a new enemy comes up, and this person may ruin Jacen's plans!!!

Jacen Solo looked out into the starry night. He decided to strech his muscles. He started to climb to the top of a massassi tree. He started to run across the green bundle of greens leaves. Jacen used to force to maintain his balance. He leapt over a gap and started again. He came to a spot where he started to turn back but this time he climbed back on the ground and started off again. He heard the jungle animals screech and hunt for their prey. Jacen felt thorns and vines lash at him but he kept moving. He spotted the top of the great temple through the massassi trees but there in front of him was a fallen tree. Jacen leapt a good 6 feet into the air and did a somersault over the fallen tree. He stopped running when he got to the hanger bay. he climbed up the stairs and into his bed and fell asleep. Jacen woke up the next morning to hear the bell ring for classes. Jacen got up and changed into his gold jumpsuit and raced down the hall to his sister's room. He found the room empty. He figured she had already gone to morning meal. He raced down to the turbo lifts. Jacen felt his stomatch fly as the turbo lift plummeted down to the grand audience chamber. He found his friends and sister already seated at a table. He sat down beside Lowie and heard Jaina talking excitedly.

Jaina said to Jacen " Uncle Luke says we are ready to graduate ."

Jacen perked up at this and asked Jaina what she was going to do when she did graduate?

Jaina responded "I am going to buy a ship and work for the allaince on missions."

She asked him the same question but Jacen did not respond. Jaina shook her brother and Jacen said " huh."

" What is the matter?"

Part Two

Jacen looked like he was in a trance.

Jaina shook Jacen, " Are you all right?"

Jacen looked away, " Yeah."

***************************************************************************** **********

Dathomir looked as it always was, but nobody knew dark forces were out there ready to make plans, ready to attack to jedi academy. A nightsister dressed in lizard hide armor walked out of the cave into the night. She knew where she was going. She walked to another cave and felt around in the way back of the cave. Suddenly her fingures touched a button. She pressed it and she heard steam hiss as a turbo lift came into view. She stepped in the turbo lift and pressed a code into the code pad

The night sister felt her stomic wheeze as she went down. When the turbo lift finally came to a stop she looked around as she always did looking for her mistress/master. She found her eyes on her. A tall night sister with one blue eye and one violet eye and long brown hair. She shuddered at Kieara. Kieara was Tamith Kia's sister.

Kieara asked one word "Report."

Cobrui shuddered then said " The singing clan is becoming suspicious but not going into action."

Kieara scowled "good." Then she said "Jedi Brats?"

Cobrui reported once again, "They are going to graduate soon, then she said should we attack then when they leave?"

Kieara smiled "When they leave the jungle moon The Jedi Master Skywalker will no longer going to protect him." She smiled a evil smile "Yes I shall enjoy watching them die."

***************************************************************************** **********

Jaina Solo looked around the courtyard watching other students practise with their lightsabers. She smiled as she headed tward the rock dragon.

Jaina thought how nice it was to graduate. She saw her brother working on the Rock Dragon. Jaina atarted over to him surprised hat he was fixing the hyper-drive. Jaina looked at him "What in name of the great bantha do you think you are doing."

Jacen grinned "Tenel Ka bet that if I did not fix the hyper-drive she wouldn't laugh at my jokes ever agin, then he grumbled if she ever did laugh at my jokes." Then he went back to work.

Jaina smiled again. She knew her brother was going to do the best he could to impress Tenel Ka. Then she sighed and went to look for Lowie.

***************************************************************************** **********

Cobrui left Kieara's hide-out and headed back tward the Singing Clan Mountian. She might as well get some rest and start to think about getting her ship ready. She sighed as she headed back tward the cave and lay on her bed and then fall into a deep sleep. ***************************************************************************** **********

Part Three

Jacen Solo got out from under the hyper-drive;done. He ran over to Tenel Ka. "I am done fixing it." "You can go check it if you want."

With that Tenel Ka ran over to the hyper drive and looked at it. "Tenel Ka looked at it. It was all neatly in place. "She ran over to Jacen, and kissed him. Jacen was so surprised that he stumbled back-wards to the wall but Tenel Ka caught him.

"Did you like that?"

Jacen looked at her surprised. "Yeah."

***************************************************************************** ***********************

Jaina Solo sat in her room working on something, then she heard a knock on the door. "Come in." She said. The door opened and there was Zekk.

She stood up. "What do you want." Zekk smiled. "Only you."

Jaina grinned and dropped on the bed. Zekk leaned over her and kissed her. Jaina kissed him back. And so no went with the night.

***************************************************************************** *********

Jacen Solo leaned over the jungle river tring to calm a animal. He sent soothing thoughts to the animal. Warm...Soft...Food....Peace.. Then Jacen senced something. He turned around to see Tenel Ka standing there. Jacen suddenly knew what she was going to do. He rolled out of the was at the last moment as she divied for him but then she leapt up and landed on top of him, and kissed him. Jacen did not pull away. After a few moments he said, "I love you Tenel Ka."

Tenel Ka got up and put her hand on his shoulder. "I know my friend and I share that love."

************************************************************************ **********

Part Four

Lowbacca headed for the Rock Dragon carrying his duffel bag that had all of his stuff in it. Suddenly his jedi senses perked up as he sensed Tenel Ka, Jacen, Jaina, and Zekk were heading for him. He turned around and growled something Em Tede spoke up "Master Lowbacca wishes to ask you why you all have smiles on your faces?"

Jacen spoke up "Tenel Ka is going to marry me and Jaina is going to marry Zekk."

Lowbacca looked up at the sky and growled longingly. Jaina put her hand on Lowies back "I know how you feel."

They turned and headed for the rockdragon at Lowie at their heels. Lowbacca asked if they wanted to say ggodbye to their uncle.

Jacen siad "We already did."