A New Life
Part 1
By Solo

 Here it is, a alternate reality so to speak where Zekk and Jaina's lives, upbringing (What ever you want to call it.) is switched. So that means that I put a poor Jaina on Corellia, and Zekk is the Chief of State's (his father.) son. ^-^

    Jaina Solo sat on her bed in what could be called her one room apartment. In reality it was just a couple steps up from the slums and streets. Of course she hadn't always lived there, before her parents and brothers were killed she lived with them in a small house, they weren't rich but she was now reduced to pick pocketing, repairing junk and even hacking some computers.
 "I gonna get out of here!" she said banging her fist on a scratched and dented table. She already had people after her hide so staying would eventually get her killed. She picked up a data pad and looked over her daily hacked list of transports leaving at the space port, she figured to go to Coruscant because she might get a job as a pilot there or something.
 "Only if I had the Falcon." Jaina sighed, her fathers ship was impounded at the main building of the man who had her family killed. He took the Falcon as payment. "I'll come back some day and get it back."
 There was only one transport leaving to Coruscant in the next six weeks, computer cores and some furniture, the security was tight but Jaina could make it on board. Its time table said it was leaving in a few hours.
 "Well what an I waiting for?" she asked her self and started packing her most prized possessions and a few clothes. As she left she didn't look back, not wanting to see that room ever again.

    Jaina had made it to the star port in record time, she sat close enough to the transport to watch the security. She spotted only a few guards, they were lazy not expecting anything to happen. Moving in between the boxes,  she waited for one of the boxes to be loaded and followed it. Keeping the box in between her and the guards she got a board the ship. She quickly ducked behind the furniture when she heard foot steps and voices.
 "Well were all loaded up, better take it easy on this trip. The president might not like it if his new furniture damaged." One man said, Jaina identified him as a port official. The two men walked down to the ramp.
 "I better get a move on this stuff needs to ne there fast." The other man said, Jaina guessed he was the pilot of the ship. The ramp closed and the pilot walked to the interior exit of the cargo hold.  Jaina felt the ship launch into hyperspace. She let out a sigh and settled down for the ride.

    Jaina awoke when then ship came out of hyperspace, or latest a few minutes after. She wished there was a viewport to look out of, she had never seen Coruscant before. She sat down and started to plan the hard part getting off the ship unnoticed, if they were taking it to a standard space port she could get out of here easily, but the way they were talking they were taking it to some private landing field, so it would be a little harder. The ship soon landed and the captain came in to the cargo bay and lowered the ramp. Another man came up the ramp he looked like a official type.
 "You should unload the furniture first, we don't want it to get damaged." the official. Jaina gasped, she was by the furniture and there was no way to get to the cargo boxes on the other side of the room. She was concentrating on finding away to the boxes she didn't notice the captain come closer.
The captain glanced at the furniture casually, but he noticed something by a chair, a foot to be exact.
 "Hey you behind that chair, you better come out now!" he called. Jaina didn't waste anytime answering him she jumped up and ran for the cargo ramp. Once she was outside she found she was on a landing pad connected to the side of a really tall building.
 "Great, where's the door?" she muttered, finding one that was open she ran toward it. the official ran out of the ship, calling for security, right behind her.

    Zekk hated it here on Coruscant even if he was born and lived here for the first few years of his life. He wanted to take his ship, the Lighting Rod, and go out into the galaxy. His parents wouldn't let him nor would his uncle the great jedi master Luke Skywalker. Maybe it was because he was just board, he hadn't had a girl friend in a while and the ones his parents tried to push on him were snobby and stuck up rich types. His thinking was interrupted when intruder alarms went off.
" Damn, someone's stupid enough to try to break in here." he swore and continued to walk down the halls, not really caring about the alarm, the  security forces should be able to handle it. He turned down the hall hoping away from the intruder.

    The guards were still following her down the halls when she looked back. Damn there persistent Jaina
thought. She ran as fast as she could mange to keep one step a head of the guards setting up in intersections in front of her. glancing back one way she turned the corner with out looking. And ran right into someone.
 "Whaaaa!" Jaina shrieked as she toppled on top of the guy she ran into.
Zekk looked up at the pretty girl who had just ran him down. "Hey what are you running from?" Jaina looked down at him and was almost lost in his green eyes, her reflexes took over and she wiped out her blaster. As Zekk looked into her eyes his  jedi senses told him that she was afraid and confused. He would most likely get shot if he tried to get the blaster from her, he decided to talk his way out.
 "Hey why are you here, you don't look like an assassin or a spy."
 "I'm NOT a killer, I don't even know what building I'm in on this damn city planet." She snapped.
 "I didn't think so,  why don't you put that blaster away, then we can straiten all this mess out."
Jaina looked at him skeptically, "And I wont get in trouble?"  Zekk grinned at her, "No you wont and I may even be able to help you."
 Jaina's blaster wavered and the she stuck it back into its holster, which was on her side at elbow level.
She stood up and was just going to help the guy up when the guards rushed in around them.
 "Freeze girl, stand were you are!"
 "Take out you weapon slowly and put it on the floor!"
Before she could comply with there demands Zekk stood up, "You can keep your weapon.... um..."
he faltered not knowing her name. Jaina grinned at him, " Jaina, Jaina Solo."  Zekk nodded to her.
 "Jaina here will keep it and she will come with me to my quarters." He said.
 "But Mr.Atreides this is a spy, she was on the transport with the new computer equipment." The captain argued.
 "I am not, I just needed a ride, my fathers ship was impounded and I-" Zekk cut her off by holding up his hand.
 "And I believe her because I sense her telling the truth, so you guards can go back to you normal stations.
The guards mumbled there compliance and walked off, some looking over there shoulder at them. Jaina smiled at him when they all left.
"So my hero," She said her voice dripping with sarcasm, "what's your name?"
Zekk chuckled, "Zekk Atreides, come on I'll take you to my home, you  look like you need a warm bath."
Jaina narrowed her eyes, "You better not try anything." she warned. Zekk just laughed and led her in the direction of his apartments. This Jaina is gonna get me in trouble I just know it Zekk thought.

    They walked to the door of Zekk's place. Zekk went to open the door but someone came to it before he could. She smiled down at Zekk and gave Jaina a sly smile.
 "Zekk your home! And I thought you had gone off for the day, and you bring home a girl friend." She said.
Jaina's face turned a bright red at her comment. Zekk looked embarrassed but recovered quickly.
 "No mom she's not my girl friend, I just met her, there was a misunderstanding and she was running from the guards." He explained. Zekk's mother showed them inside and looked over Jaina from head to toe.
 "Oh you poor girl, you come with me and I'll start you a nice bath, ok?"
 "Sure..I guess." Jaina said unsurely. Zekk took her back pack from her. "Go on, I'll be here you take that bath." He patted her on the shoulder. Sighing Jaina followed Zekk's mother to the bathroom. She had never see such a big bathroom before just her dingy little refresher. The bath was self heating, Mrs. Atreides started to fill and heat it.
 "Um my other clothes are in the pack Zekk took from me." Jaina said, as she started to take off her clothes. The older woman looked up and smiled at her. "That wont be necessary those clothes will be washed with the ones you're wearing right now, I'll get you some new clothes, something to impress Zekk."
Jaina gave her a small smile and eased into the bathtub, it felt soft and warm around her. She let out a sigh and laid her head back.
 "You just relax ok, I'll be back with some nice clothes for you." She turned  and left Jaina to soak in the tub. She dropped Jaina's clothes in the cleaning bin and went to find her son. He was sitting on a chair in the living room waiting. She went up behind him and put her hands on his shoulders. He reacted with a jump, looking behind him to see his mother smiling at him.
 "Mom do you have to sneak up on me like that." Zekk said narrowing his eyes.
 "Now Zekk I think its nice that I still got the old touch. And what about this Jaina, you're going to tell me everything you know and sensed about her." She said a demanding tone in her voice. Sighing Zekk started to explain in as much detail he could.

    The bath was soothing and relaxing but Jaina had her doubts. How could anyone be so nice and just let her come into there home and given her a bath and clothes? Jaina couldn't think of a good answer to the question except the fact that this Zekk character seemed friendly but not faking it. Sighing she dunked her head under again and stayed under as long as she could. when she came up she heard a knock on the door.
 "Whose there?" Jaina called, she didn't want anyone walking in on her, not that she was to modest or anything, she just didn't want just anyone seeing her.
 "Oh its just me dear, I brought you some clothes to ware." Mrs. Atreides voice came through the door muffled. Standing up and grabbing a towel that she rapped around her Jaina went and opened the door.
 "You're done? Good, I got this nice skirt and blouse for you, some shoes too." She set the clothes down and looked at Jaina, "I also got you some undergarments, they should fit you I matched them with the ones in your bag."
Jaina realized her face started to turn a slight shad of pink, no one had ever went through her unmentionables. Zekk's mother, seeing this, laughed. "Oh don't be embarrassed, Its nothing I've never seen, I also have a daughter about your age too. So don't worry, ok?"
Jaina nodded but looked questionably at the clothes meant for her. "Um.. I really don't like skirts. I only had one for extra special occasions."
A smile appeared on the mother's face. "That's what I got you. And it wouldn't hurt a very pretty young woman like you to look nice, now would it?"
Giving in Jaina shook her head. dropping the towel she dressed herself. The two left the bathroom, Zekk was sitting on the couch waiting for them. Zekk turned and saw them And was shocked when he saw her, Jaina, the girl who looked like she had never see a good life. he scanned her up and down. She was wearing a soft blue skirt that reached just passed her knees. The blouse she had on was white and short sleeved, buttons ran down the front. Nether had any frills or other added things. The shoes were just basic slip ons and she had white socks.
 "Zekk." His mother said sharply, "Get your jaw off the floor and say something." Jaina giggled at Zekk's embarrassment but then smiled at him. She had to admit he was good looking.
 "We..ll  um you look great." He managed to say. Jaina looked at him surprised, she usually ignored comments like that and stronger ones, but the feeling she got when he said it, she just couldn't shake.
 "You... mean that?" She asked a smile creeping on her lips.
 "Ya I meant it, you are very pretty Jaina, even more so in that."
Jaina just stood there, she forced herself to stay together not like any other girl who would get weak in the knees or start flirting right away.
Zekk smile inwardly, she tried so much not to show how surprised and pleased about the comment, but he sensed it. He also sensed how strong she was, not  physically, but mentally, she was able to keep going when her life was turned upside down. She must have force skills he thought.
 "Jaina do you want go for a walk, I can show you the city." He asked, the idea had just came to his head. Jaina looked at him like she was trying to see any hidden agendas but then her beautiful smile appeared on her face.
 "Sure I'd like that." She took the arm he offered and they walked out of the apartment, Zekk's mother watching them go with a smile.

---author's ramblings---
    Part 1 finished... and this wasn't even suppose to be a multiparter -_-;; But I liked where I left off and next up is some action for you loyal fans of the Darkside..... or um fan fiction. Until the next time. -Solo

A New Life
Part 2
By Solo

The second part of a alternate reality where Zekk and Jaina's lives are switched (kind of.).

    Zekk showed her a lot of the sights, the senate hall and more around the Imperial Palace but Jaina had the most interest in the fighter bays and squadron barracks. Zekk tried to steer her away.
 "Aw come on Zekk I just want to see some of the newer fighters." Jaina said, giving him one of her best pouty faces, they always worked on her father...when he was alive.
 "No, no more hanger bays or that kinda stuff, you see that Tap Cafe over there?" Jaina looked where he was pointing, there was a nice open air cafe.
 "All right lets-" Jaina was cut off as 3 men jumped out an ally. She recognized them, they worked for Gendo, the man who had her father killed, she had always thought they would come after her but not all the way the Coruscant.
 "All right buddy you just give us the girl and you wont get hurt." One of the men said. Zekk stepped in front of Jaina defiantly.
 "Ya right if I'm gonna just give her to you." He looked back at Jaina, "I think you guys should just walk away before you get hurt."
The 3 guys sized Zekk up and then started laughing. "You gonna hurt us!? That's a laugh, ISSN's it boys." The leader said. The other two guys agreed with him. The the Leader nodded to the other 2 and they charged after Zekk. Zekk blocked the blows and struck some of his own. He didn't use his lightsaber because so far they were unarmed too.
    Jaina didn't like just standing there, but she left her blaster at Zekk's home with the rest of her stuff. The leader of the 3 was advancing on her slowly so Zekk wouldn't notice him. Jaina hadn't  left totally unarmed she reached behind her waist and got the hand blaster from her waist band.
 "C'mer honey Mr.Ikari doesn't want you harmed too much, and if you come with me now I might tell the guys over there to go easy on your boyfriend." he sneered reaching for her.
Jaina had a different idea, she pulled out her hand blaster and quickly snapped of a shot killing him just before the vibroblade concealed in his hand was with in striking distance. In the same motion she wiped around and shot one of the other men in the shoulder.  Zekk was able to knock the last one out.
 "You didn't have to kill him." Zekk said surveying the body of the leader.
 "I had to, he had a vibroblade, he would have cut me up bad if I didn't, wounded or not."
Sighing Zekk called security with the comlink he had and took Jaina's hand. "C'mon lets go back to my place and the we can sort out who they were."

    When Zekk and Jaina arrived back at his place it was empty. Zekk looked around and found a holonote in the message recorder. He watched it and went back to Jaina, who was siting on the couch waiting for him.
 "My mom had to go out for a while but my sister should be home soon, but tell me what happened to make those guys come all the way out here?" He sat next to her and looked at her waiting for an answer.
 "Well those guys worked for a Gendo Ikari, he use to employ my father." Jaina started, she looked at Zekk but he remained silent.
 "My dad use to be a smuggler and he lost a run, Mr. Ikari wanted it to be paid for, but by the time he found out about it my dad had settled down with a wife and 3 kids, one of which is me, when he couldn't pay they killed him and everyone else but....me." Jaina started to shake slightly but fought off the crying.
 "It's all right you know, you can cry if you really want to." Zekk said soothingly and put a hand on her shoulder.
 "NO!" She said in a near yell, "no, I promised them that I wouldn't cry till I got revenge for there murder and I got my dad's ship back."
    The holocomm in the house started to beep rapidly, stepping Zekk's response. Zekk got up to answer it.
 "It's probably for my mother, or sister." He said as he went to the comm. and answered it. A face he didn't recognize stared back at him.
 "Where's Solo?" The man said glaring at him through red tinted glasses, "This concerns you both."
Zekk ran back to the living room and Jaina waiting for him.
 "What's the matter Zekk?" She asked immediately.
 "There's this guy with red tinted glasses on the holocomm and he wants you." Zekk said leading her to the comm.
 "It can't be... its Gendo." Jaina gasped.

    It turned out to be Gendo, Jaina easily Identified him. He sneered when she got with in the transmission range.
 "Hello Jaina my dear, I've been so worried about you, why don't you come home? You didn't have to have this friend of yours beat up my men, I'm your garden honey, you need a nice home."
Jaina shook her head violently and stared angrily at the man on the screen.
 "Your not my guardian you bastard, even if you tried legally I'm 18, an adult, why the hell are you calling any way?" He fixed his glasses and then smiled.
 "I want to propose a trade, you Jaina will come to me in exchange for Miss Allia Atreides." He said evilly. Zekk banged his hand on the console and swore. before Zekk could say anything Gendo spoke, "I'll give you an hour to comply, and if you tell anyone, even your parents, your sister will die." He reached out and cut the transmission.
 "Damn that's why she was late coming home." Zekk said angrily, pacing around the room. Jaina went to the couch and sat down.
 "It's all my fault if I didn't come here or let you help me this wouldn't have happened." She sniffed. Zekk went immediately to her side and put an arm around her.
 "It's not your fault Jaina It's his, and besides Allia Is a strong girl, about as strong as you are, so don't worry I wont really turn you over to that guy, But we need a plan." he said trying to consul her. Jaina looked at him and grinned.
 "I think I got a plan." she said jumping up.

    It was only a few minutes till the hour dead line Gendo had set for the call. Zekk was still acing around the room.
 "Its too dangerous." he said. Jaina look at him angrily and jumped up.
 "Its the only way, you gotta tell him that your bringing me and you have to bring me to him, its the only way to get inside."
Jaina went over to the comm., "Call him."
Zekk sighed in defeat and went to the comm. he hit the call button just as Jaina made herself  look saddened and hopeless.
 "So you made up your mind Zekk?" Gendo said with a sneer. Zekk swallowed and nodded.
 "I'll bring Jaina to you in trade for my sister."
 "Very good Zekk you made the right decision, now you must hurry to see your sister well." He grinned evilly and laughed. Zekk cut the transmission and turned to Jaina.
 "Now what?" He asked
 "We get a passenger shuttle and go to Corellia."  She said simply. Zekk looked at her oddly.
 "Why don't we just take my ship, its faster and armed." Jaina shook her head defiantly.
 "No I want to recover my father's ship, I would need some help with it, and you wouldn't want to leave your ship there would you?"
 "No I wouldn't, well lets get the passenger shuttle and get out of here." Zekk said, starting for the door. He stopped when Jaina didn't follow. "Jaina?"
 "Well normally I would be right behind you but I need to get out of this dress." She replayed blushing lightly. Zekk smiled back at her and moved to the couch.
 "I'll wait." he said. Jaina rushed off to the guest room, Zekk's mother had replaced her worn shirts and paints with identical ones, and her jacket was free of the grease that had gathered on it for years. she quickly dressed. Grabbing her blaster and stuffing it in the holster built into the jacket she went out. As she passed Zekk she spoke.
 "Come on Zekk wait are you waiting for?" Zekk jumped up and followed her out.

    They remained silent as the passenger shuttle made its way through hyperspace, only a few minutes till it came out one Corellia.
Zekk looked over at Jaina sitting in the co-pilot seat, she had a determined look about her, ready for action. Jaina caught him looking and turned.
 "You like what you see?" she ask, fighting off a grin.
 "I do, Jai, you could look nice in anything." Zekk responded. Jaina looked at him oddly.
 "Its a nickname, if you don't like it I will stop calling you it."
Jaina smiled at him and said, "No you don't have to stop." She glanced at the navicomputer monitor, "Looks like its time to come out of hyperspace."
They brought the ship out of hyperspace and the world of Corellia was in front of them.
 "Home." Jaina said simply, "I never thought I would be back so soon." She looked at Zekk's worried face, "We'll get Allia back Zekk don't worry."
 "I hope so." Zekk said. He brought the ship down the the docking pad they were told to use.
 "Lets get ready for some action." Jaina said checking her blaster and other equipment. Zekk check his lightsaber and the small back up blaster he carried.

---author's ramblings---
'Credits are given where Credits are due' that's to saying...I think. So the last name 'Atreides' for Zekk and his family is borrowed from the book Dune by Frank Herbert, I needed something regal sounding and I was reading the book so... well its a good book you should read it waiting for the next NJO book. Also the name 'Gendo Ikari' is from an anime called Neon Genesis Evangelion by Ganix in Japan and A.D.Vision in the U.S.A. and u know I'm not getting any money from using these names or the characters and events in Star Wars. So don't send bounty hunters after me....or sue me....please.
    Yes I promised action and you will get it, much more in the next part. So until the next time -Solo.

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