Ancient Names
By Jaina

Disclaimer: I hate this thing. No, these aren't really my characters.

Jaina and Jacen ran down the long passage way. They were in a mess this time. Well, at least they would die helping the Republic.

"Jacen, what are we going to do?" Jaina asked with familiar worry that her best friend had often heard from her.

"I dunno. Those Sith's are going to kill us you know. We may as well take a few of them down with us," he replied. Gods he never thought it'd end like this.

"Jac, I don't want to die," Jaina said with tears in her eyes.

"I know Jay, but it's for the best. The Sith's are here, on Aldeeraan. Our home planet may be destroyed if we don't kill them," Jacen said pulling out two thermal detonators, "I'm sorry, but we need to take them out too."

"Alright Jac. I see your point. You set em off, I never was very good with mechanics," Jaina said, barely above a whisper.

The Siths, along with Jaina and Jacen were destroyed. The dark side was kept off of peaceful Aldeeraan for a small while longer. The news of Jaina and Jacen's triumph reached the palace. And a lifetime later the princess of Aldeeraan named her jedi twins after the brave souls, that saved her planet.


I just wanted to know where the names came from. We all know where Anakin's came from.

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