Anakin's Dream
By Zekk Skywalk

Note: This is from Anakin's point of view and is suppose to be the morning after the celebration on Naboo, then it skips to something that will happen about the middle of his training.

..........I was sitting there, on Tatooine. I must have been maybe 12 or 13. I had a Lightsaber and was wearing my Jedi robes. I still had the Padawan haircut, but I didn't see Obi-Wan anywhere. And I was holding her hand, Padme's hand, and suddenly, there were people in front of us. I reached for my Lightsaber and heard someone scream. She, Padme, had been shot..........

I woke up from sleeping. That was a dream I hadn't seen or felt before. I got out of bed and dressed. Obi-Wan would be here in a few minutes. We'd be leaving soon. We were heading back to Courscant for me to be trained. I couldn't be more excited! Me, a Jedi! I donned the robes and went to turn on Artoo. He'd be coming with us. Obi-Wan thought he'd keep me company.

The door-chime rang. Obi-Wan stuck his head in.

"I have something to do before we go. It'll take me about an hour, so you can go wandering if you want. Just be sure to be at the hangar in time," he said.

I nodded. "Wizard. I think though I'll be there before you. After what happened, one of the pilots promised me he'd show me what all the controls to the N-1 fighter are."

Obi-Wan nodded. "Just don't get into trouble."

First, I went to find Padme. Or should it be Amidala? I'm still confused about that. She told me to call her Padme, but I still feel a bit uncomfortable about it. Anyway, she said that she needed to talk to me before I left. That's just fine by me, the more time I spend with her, the better I feel.

She was in the main lobby. She was talking to one of the governors, and saw me. After a few more words, she turned away and headed for me.

"Hi Annie, how are you doing?" she asked.

I shrugged. "Ok. I'm leaving in an hour for Courscant."

She nodded and took out something from a pocket. "You gave me something to remember you by, now it's my turn," she said and put a necklace with a small crystal on it around my neck.

"It was given to me when I left to become Queen. Just like your pendant, it brings good luck, as if you really need it," she said with a smile.

A part of the dream flared. ......I had the necklace on, but durring the fight it fell at the same time she did........

"I had a dream," I began.

Padme nodded. I think she takes my dream seriously.

"I was a bit older, and I was back on Tatooine. You were there, and something happens, and you're shot....."

Padme looked a bit uncomfortable. "Seriously, I hope that never happens. But your dreams somehow have the ability to come true."

I nodded. "I hope that never happens. I won't let it happen."

She smiled and we hugged one last time before I left.

The pilot who was taking us to Courscant was showing me the controls to the Republic Cruiser when Obi-Wan stepped in. We sat down and the pilot started up the ship.

After we were in hyperspace, I thought about talking to Obi-Wan about my dream. Should I? Would it matter? I was still thinking about it when he asked me, "What is bothering you?"

Well, guess the cat is out of the bag. "I had a dream. I was maybe 12 or 13, older, that's about all I know about, and was on Tatooine again.

I had a Lightsaber, a very intricate one, with a blue blade. Padme was there, but you weren't. About all I remember is diving for the blade when someone shot Padme......" my voice trailed off.

Obi-Wan nodded. "The force sometimes gives us visions through dreams. It is the future you see."

I thought for a second. "Will it happen? Is it unavoidable?" Obi-Wan shook his head. "The future is always in motion. If you were to do something today that would affect what happens in the future, your dream, and were to have the same vision again, it would be different." He hesitated, then continued. "You need to concentrate on here and now. Don't wander your thoughts on the past or future. Anxiety is something that will affect our ability to use the force." I nodded. But I still couldn't get the vision of her falling to the ground out of my head. I couldn't let that happen. I wouldn't.

Anakin's Dream
Part 2
By Zekk Skywalk

(8 years later)

"Were you able to find it?" I ask eagerly.

Obi-Wan nodded. "Got it from some trader from Mon Calamari. Here you go," he said, handing me the gem. I was VERY happy. This Gem was the last component I needed to build my Lightsaber.

All of a sudden I had some sort of flashback or something. It was the dream I had. Reaching for the Lightsaber...

Lately, I've been getting the dream more frequently, and it changes a bit each time. Obi-Wan did say the future was always in motion, so it could be possible that every little thing I do affects it. The major thing was that I was 12 or 13 in the dream and I'm now 17 and so it was a bit wrong. But as I get older and older, the me in the dream gets older and older.

The dream had become clearer within the last few weeks. Padme and I had been in a cave on Tatooine in the wastes, and I had seen Jawas and Tuskins. In fact, I think the Tuskins were the ones that shot Padme.

Anyways, I'm not on Tatooine right now, and Obi-Wan had told me to concentrate on the here and now. So I went back to putting the crystal into the Lightsaber.

Obi-Wan slipped out of the room. My birthday was today, and by tradition, a Padawan was supposed to receive a gift on his birthday from his master. I had just turned 17. I wonder what he has for me.

One more year and I can officially join the military if I wanted to. Become a fighter-pilot like I've always wanted. Of corse my Jedi training would come first, but I would like to have some sort of military background. Obi-Wan himself is nearing a General just on general principles. He is not officially in the military, but Jedi were a military in their own.

I clipped the casing shut on the hilt of my Lightsaber. All I had to do now was turn it on.

That's when I heard footsteps again and I turned around. My mouth dropped. Padme was there! She was just as beautiful as ever, and she ran up to hug me. I hadn't seen her for at least 4 years. When I was 13 we had another mission to Naboo to handle some diplomatic problems. I was able to visit her, but only for about 5 minutes.

"W...what are you doing here?!" I was able to mumble.

She smiled. "I'm your birthday present!" she said with a bit of amusement.

I frowned. "Aww, don't you come in a box and wrapping paper?"

She rolled her eyes. "We were going to, but I decided I would need to breathe to be a good present."

Obi-Wan stepped in. "I also have another present. The counsel has no new missions for us. I decided that, while you won't be able to free them until we can figure out a way to buy them all or put a Republic presense on Tatooine, that we'd go visit your friends and mother...."

Before he could finish, my eyes went wide. "W...what?! Go back home?!" I was sure I'd jumped at least 20 feet.

Padme smiled. "And I'm coming too..." And before she could finish I hugged her again.

But suddenly, the dream flashed in my mind again. On Tatooine and Tuskins shoot her down... I was hesitant. Maybe it wouldn't happen if Obi-Wan went. "Are you coming also master?"

Obi-Wan nodded. "Why would you think otherwise?"

I shook my head. "Nothing, just making sure." The dream showed him not being there, and if he was coming, it wouldn't happen like the dream stated.

"Well, get your things together and we'll leave tomorrow."

Anakin's Dream
Part 3
By Zekk Skywalk

The ride to Tatooine was mostly uneventful. Padme and I sat in one of the quarters, just talking and catching up on each other's lives. Obi-Wan checked in on us and did a few training exercises with me, but after seeing how we wanted to talk, he left us alone for the last half of the flight. At one point during standard night, he checked in on us and found us asleep in each other's arms. We had probably fallen asleep talking he told me.

"We're 8 minutes from the planet," Obi-Wan said over the comm. We got up to the cockpit just in time to see them exit sideswipe an asteroid!

I jumped into the pilot seat. "Where did that come from?" I asked aloud.

Artoo wheeled in, beeping loudly in his droid language. Obi-Wan listened and said, "Artoo says the shield grid is down and our control thrusters are damaged."

I groaned. "We won't be able to slow our decent or land normaly!"

Artoo added something. "And we don't have orbit control, so we can't land in one of the cities," Obi-Wan mumbled.

Padme gazed at the controls. "So what do we do?"

"We find a safe place to land, and hope we don't die on impact," Obi-Wan said.

"The wastes. There close to the Boonta Eve race track and we can find help there. Lets just hope we don't run into a Tuskin Raider group or a Bantha heard," I said. I griped the controls and headed for the darker area of the planet as best he could.

Obi-Wan tried the comm system so they could get a distress signal out, but to no avail. "Artoo, see if you can fix the comm and get a distress becon working," he said.

Artoo "ran" back into the engine room to get working.

I tried to ignite the breaking thrusters, and cursed. "Hold on!" I shouted as the ship plummeted to the planet.

"Anakin, wake up."

I tried to open my eyes and look around. Obi-Wan was awake and getting himself up from his seat. I looked back to see Padme unconscious and Artoo trying to fix a broken panel.

"Did we land where we planned?" I asked.

Obi-Wan nodded. "I think so. Lets check to see if anything's working." I got up and made sure Padme was ok, but I didn't wake her. She looked so beautiful and at peace, so I ran to see what Artoo was doing.

Obi-Wan came after me. "The ship is damaged really bad and could even explode. We might want to get supplies and find haven."

I nodded. I went outside to see where we were. After looking around for a few minutes I found a small cave inside one of the stone walls. It was big enough to fit us inside with supplies. Obi-Wan came out with an armload of supplies and I waved him down to the cave. I ran back to the ship and tried to wake Padme, and she didn't budge. So I picked her up and got her to the cave and laid her down. Artoo waddled up and I told him to watch her while Obi-Wan and I got more supplies and equipment.

Later we had gathered all the needed supplies. Obi-Wan came into the cave and sat down.

"I see a city about 10 miles away. Do you know what it is?" he asked. I nodded. "Probably Arnthout or Bestine, Tatooine's capital. Bestine would have more ships and replacement parts. But Arnthout is probably closer to where we are. We're probably 12 miles from Arnthout, so about half a days travel on foot."

Obi-Wan nodded. "I think I need to leave for Arnthout now before it gets dark. I'll get a hold of the parts or hopefully contact a Republic planet."

A vision of my dream edged into my mind. A cave in the wastes and Tuskin Raiders had attacked us. Obi-Wan wasn't nearby. I nearly shouted, "No please don't leave," but I knew our best chance of getting off this rock was this ship, since Jabba controled most of the other space traffic on this planet. And going to get replacement parts or help was the best idea, so I didn't say anything.

Obi-Wan got up and started out. "I will be back before tomorrow night, with parts or without. I trust you will be ok until then?"

I nodded. "The force is with me."

Later, when one of the suns had already gone down, Padme woke up. I kissed her gently on the forhead and she smiled up at me. "Are you ok?" I asked.

She nodded. "I think I will be. Where are we?"

"On the planet, about 10 miles away from anybody. Obi-Wan left to get help."

She nodded again and tried to sit up. "I'm starting to get cold," she said.

I took a thermal blanket from one of the survival packs and wrapped it around her. "It's probably going to be very cold tonight. We're in the middle of the 3rd season, which means negative temperatures during the night."

She laid her head on my shoulder. I held her hand and we waited for sleep to come

Anakin's Dream
Part 4
By Zekk Skywalk

Obi-Wan was nowhere to be found.  I could hear Tuskin Raiders on Bantha's nearing our camp.  A Jawa peeked inside and scurried away.  A blaster shot rocked through the air and hit her before I could bring my Lightsaber to bare.
I woke up screaming.  Padme woke up beside me, a bit startled.  "What's wrong," she asked.
I rubbed my eyes.  I got up and looked around.  It was dark out, probably 3 hours away from dawn.  I listened closely, but all I could hear was the powerlamp and Padme's breathing.  Artoo was recharging, but his lights were still on, so he could keep aware.
Padme stood up and looked around also.  "What is it?"
I shook my head.  "A dream I had.  I told you about it before, a long time ago."
She surprised me by saying, "I remember.  You said I was shot on Tatooine."
I nodded.  "Yeah, and the dream I just had was the same thing.  Here, in this cave, durring the night, Tuskin Raiders shot you.  Obi-Wan wasn't anywhere nearby.  Exactly how it is right now."
She nodded.  "But I'm sure you won't let that happen," she said.
I went back to where I was sleeping and laid down.  She laid down beside me and I put my arms around her.  We fell asleep again.

I woke up sometime later, and the suns were up.  Artoo was around and moving, and I got a food pack out.  I turned and saw Padme was still sleeping.  I decided to let her do so.  The way the sun hit her, she really did look like an angel.  I ate quickly and I called Obi-Wan on his comlink.  After a few minutes, he responded.
"Thought you would call.  I was able to get a message out, but it will take some time to reach a Republic held world.  I'm still doing my best to get parts, but since they don't take Republic credits, it's going to be a while."
I quietly acknowledged and cut the link.  Since there was nothing better to do, I got a few remotes out of my pack and ignited my Lightsaber.  I looked at the blue beam and smiled.  The remotes turned on and they began hovering around me.  I felt a power fluctuation behind my left ear and I turned around and my blade intersected with a bolt. 
I kept practicing with the remotes for what felt like about 40 minutes and then I noticed Padme watching.  I turned off the blade and the remotes went back to laying by my equipment.
I sat down beside her.  I got the food packs and water out and handed them to her.
She smiled and ate.  "What were you doing?" she asked.
"Remote practice.  Jedi use remotes to act as enemy shooters," I answered.
She nodded.  "And what if you miss?  Does it hurt?"
I shook my head.  "No, just gives you a sting and a small bruise."
She finished eating and sipped the water.  "What's taking Obi-Wan so long?" she asked.
"The parts around here still cost local money.  I doubt that Republic credits would buy anything of use around here.  Peggats and Trugets are the value money," I responded.  "Obi-Wan promised to keep me updated though.   And he did get a message out, but it will take a while to reach a Republic planet."
She nodded.  "So what do you want to do?"
I shrugged.  "We can't do too much.  If we leave the camp or ship, Jawa's will probably cannibalize anything of use.  If we go too far, we may also run into Tuskin Raiders or a Bantha herd.  That wouldn't be too good for our health."
So we sat there, talked a bit, but mostly did nothing.  I looked over at Padme.   She smiled at me.  At that moment I decided to do what I had only dreamt about doing: I kissed her.  Kissed her on the lips.  She didn't resist, in fact after a few seconds she put her arms around my neck and responded.  We kissed for what felt like an eternity, and broke apart.  We stared at each other, surprised at what had just happened. 
Then the comlink buzzed at my belt.  I answered. 
"I have some bad news," Obi-Wan started.  This I did not like.
"According to the locals, there's a sandstorm coming from the Dune Sea.  It'll pass right over you, and I can't get there in time," he said.  The comlink was already sounding a bit off.
I looked around.  Yep, a sandstorm was coming, and a large one at that. 
Obi-Wan continued.  "They said it will take it about 6 hours to pass.  Then I'll head strait to you as soon as I can."
"Ok, but you also may want to bring some supplies also.  We'll have enough, but the storm may change that," I said. 
"May the force be with you," Obi-Wan said over the comlink and cut the transmission.
I looked around.  The cave would shelter us ok, but the ship might have some problems lifting off after all of this. 
Padme also looked around.  "How long before nighttime?" she asked.   
"Probably 10 hours, but the storm should pass within 6 and if Obi-Wan's taking a speeder, it'll take him about another 30 minutes to get here," I answered.
"And how far away is the storm?"
"I'd guess about another 30-40 minutes.  The wind is already starting to pick up."
"Anakin, about the kiss." she began after a few minutes of silence.
Before she could say anything, I blurted out, "I love you."
She nodded.  "That's what I was going to say."
I moved a lock of her hair out of her face.  "And I am going to marry you someday," I said.

Anakin's Dream
Part 5
By Zekk Skywalk

The storm had been blowing for about 2 hours now.  Most of the wind and sand doesn't get in to us, but it did make the cave a bit uncomfortable.  Not that I noticed that much.  I held Padme in my arms and we sat watching the storm.  After a few minutes she fell asleep.  I looked down at her and stroked her cheek.  Her skin was so soft.
Padme jerked up all of a sudden.  "What's wrong?" I asked her as her eyes came into view.
"I.I don't know.  What was you dream like again?  Explain it to me."
"We were in this cave.  Obi-Wan wasn't around.  It was dark.  A Jawa peaked into the cave.  Banthas were outside.  I could hear a Tuskin outside when a blaster bolt flies past me and it hits you."
"I just had the same dream!" she exclaimed.
I frowned.  "I don't see how you could have.  Do you know why?"
"No I don't," came the reply.
I think I know.  Obi-Wan once told me that close friends and family that have a force-sensitive on one end can link minds with another.  Something like a bond.   I wasn't sure I should tell her, so I kept quiet.  I put my arms around her again, and noticed something. 
"You're still wearing the Japor pendant I gave you," I said, a bit surprised.
She nodded.  "Uh huh.  You're still wearing the gem I gave you too," she pointed out.
"I tinkered with the thought of using it for my Lightsaber, but I decided not to," I said.
After just sitting there for a while, she arched her neck and kissed me.  I closed my eyes and savored the moment.

The wind died down sometime later.  Obi-Wan contacted me and said he was on his way.   I looked out of the cave's mouth and told him to hurry.  Already one of the suns was starting to go down.  I sat down to eat some food.  "Stop worrying," I told myself.  "Obi-Wan will be here soon."
One of the suns went down.   I looked around.  Padme was writing something down onto a datapad.  Probably a journal or something. 
The second sun went down.  I looked around.  Obi-Wan wasn't within visual range.   All of a sudden I heard Banthas.  I almost panicked.  "Banthas are common on Tatooine," I told myself to calm down. 
Then something caught my eye.  A Jawa!
"Sithspawn!" I cursed.
Padme saw the Jawa and stood up.
.Just as a blaster bolt shot strait past me at her!
I almost screamed.  Her body fell limp and I ran to catch her.  Her limp hand accidentally got caught in the necklace she gave me and it snapped off my neck. 
I gently laid her down and ignited my Lightsaber.  I spun around just as a bolt shot strait at me.  With a small ZING the red beam deflected out into the sky.  I jumped out of the cave and looked around.  Over 20 Tuskins surrounded me.  It took me forever to just take out a few.  But after a few minutes it looked like I was going to loose.  They shot at me, stabbed at me, and threw rocks at me.  I started to bleed from a cut on my forhead.
Then I heard a sound feared by EVERYONE on Tatooine: a Krayt Dragon's roar.  The Tuskins obviously heard it too, because they turned tail and ran.  They mounted their banthas and tromped off.  I looked around and saw Obi-Wan sitting in a speeder about 100 meters away.  Realization dawned on me: he had used the force to simulate a Dragon's roar.  I motioned quickly for him to get over here and I ran back in to Padme. 
The shot had hit her square in the left shoulder.  Obi-Wan ran in and saw her shot.   "I'll get the ship's medpac," he said and bolted out the door.
I tore off the part of her shirt that the blaster had hit.  Typically, blaster bolts didn't bleed too much.  But it would burn and feel hot to the victim.  I touched the scar and she winced.  Her eyes began to fade away and close.  If she fell unconscious it may make it worse.  So I did all I could and kissed her.  Her eyes closed, and after a few seconds she did fall into unconsciousness.  But as I drew away from her, I saw that the wound wasn't there anymore.
Obi-Wan ran up to us and I explained, "The.the wound, it healed up by itself all of a sudden!  I didn't even see it!  It was there a second ago, and I touched it, and kissed her, and as a drew away from her it was gone!"
Obi-Wan nodded.  "You used the force to heal it and put her in a healing trance," he explained.
My eyes went wide.  "How?  I didn't even think about it!"
He nodded, absorbing in all the information.  "A Republic ship is on the way.   We can't stay because Jabba now knows that the Queen of Naboo and two Jedi are on the planet.  We have to leave as soon as possible."
I nodded.  In my heart I knew he was right.  "Someday mom," I said aloud.  I picked Padme up and carried her outside just in time to see a cruiser coming in for a landing.

Padme's brown eyes blinked open.  "Wh.where am I?"
I kissed her on the forehead.  "We're on a Republic ship headed back for Naboo."
She rubbed her eyes.  "What happened?  Was I shot?" she sat up.
I took her hand.  "Yeah, you were.  But you're ok now."
"What about visiting your friends and family?" she asked.
"Jabba knew we were on the planet.  We had to leave."
She nodded.  I'd better tell her now. "There's something I need to tell you.   You saw my dream because.we formed something through the force called a life bond."
She nodded.  "Like we're meant to be together."
"Obi-Wan talked with Master Yoda.  He said it would be wrong to keep us apart."  I frowned.  "Actually, his exact words were, 'Wrong to separate the chosen one from his destiny it is.'  So you don't mind if we stay on Naboo for a while do you?" I asked.
She shook her head and squeezed my hand.  "Of course you can stay!"

During the night, I dreamed. 
I had a son, a son and a daughter.  Both were strong in the force and both very important to the Republic.  They looked so much like Padme and me.
I woke up when I heard the door to my quarters open.  In the dim light I could see Padme's soft face.
"Are you awake?" she asked in a whisper.
I quietly said yes.
She crept up to sit on my bed.  I sat up a bit. 
"I had a dream about children that looked like us."
I shivered.  Spooky.  Master Yoda had said we would feel each other's emotions and thoughts.  "Yeah, I did too," I said. 
She laid down and I put my arms around her and kissed the back of her neck. 
"Let's just make sure that doesn't happen too soon," she said with a small giggle.
I smiled and pulled her close.  Her warmth made me feel like I was on Tatooine again and helped me fall back asleep. 

Anakin's Dream
By Zekk Skywalk

"We're getting a distress call," the pilot said.  We had just exited hyperspace near Naboo.
"Tell the planet we'll drop off the Queen before we head out," Obi-Wan ordered.
"I want to go along though!" Padme said.
"I do not think that would be wise your highness," Obi-Wan stated.
"Doesn't look like we have much of a choice sir.  The ship isn't going to last long enough if we land," the captain said.
Padme gave Obi-Wan a "so there" look. 
"Well then, we'd better get going," I said.

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