A Hope For Two
Chapter I
By: Brittany Skelcher

"Lady Brittany Anne, My Queen. I am afraid that I must say that such a giant leap from the federation is strange." A twenty-year old man named Mayor Manji Turko, mayor of Gaia, said.

"I know," Queen Brittany Anne said.

"This blockade, has made children hungry, production stopping, and most of all suffering."

Brittany sighed. She looked at her handmaidens. They had not moved still.. She then glanced out the window to the empty street.

"Put senator on now!" She demanded.

"Yes your highness," One of the handmaidens said.

"What are you doing?" The mayor asked surprised.

"Contacting Senator Lita," She said.

"What will she do?" the mayor asked.

"I don't know............but I hope she'll try and do something," She replied.

"You asked for me your highness?" Senator Lita appeared through the hologram.

"Senator. I believe you have not realized what has happened hear on Celadon. With the Trade Federation's blockade children are going hungry and Production has come to a halt!" Brittany said.

"I...we...Uh...." Senator Lita stuttered

"Yes?" Brittany said almost demanding.

"I had no idea! I will contact Voleurum. He will do something!" The transmission faded.

"My Queen?" A young girl about 25 stepped out from the crowd of the court on Celadon.

"Yes?" Brittany asked.

"My name is Allison. I have relatives not from here. They are from the Naboo system. They live on the emerald planet of Naboo. Apparently this is not the only time the Federation has blockaded a planet." She said waiting for the queen's okay to go on with what she was talking about.

"Continue." Brittany said.

"After such a blockade, An invasion embarked upon the small planet. The Queen, Amidala, fled to Coruscant for support from the Senate. No help was received." Allison said. Brittany just nodded her head.

"So the Queen went back to Naboo and fought alongside with the Gungans, another race on Naboo. They won the war just barely. What I'm trying to say is, maybe the Trade Federation is going to try and do the same thing to our planet, Celadon." Allison said

Brittany just starred in horror. `My planet! Captured? Taken over by those ugly toads?' She thought. "Impossible!" She said half-shaken, "The Federation would no go as far as that. This blockade isn't even legal by the senate! They would dare not try invasion! It would be too risky and we all know the penalty for such an action in the Galactic Republic!"

"Yes my Queen, but I believe we should be careful. The federation might go out of the limits and try to attack." Allison said, trying hard to convince the court and her Queen.

"True. They could try. But as Queen I must do what is best for my planet. I am sorry." Brittany said, "War would bring a terrible effect on Celadon! We do not have that type of military defense on our side."

"Your highness," Mayor Turko said, "We have a transmission from Senator Lita."

She nodded. "Queen Anne. Jedi have been sent to command an agreement with the Trade Federation. Chancellor Valoreum sent them himself. They will arrive at the main command center for the agreements tomorrow. Until then, we must await and hope that the Federation tries no bold moves." The image faded.

Brittany sighed. "Okay. We will wait until tomorrow for results."

The court all stood up, bowed, and left the thrown room and the Queen. The queen stood up after everyone had left, and walked to her quarters. The handmaidens followed quietly behind her.

***************************************************************************** *********

Jason and Dia boarded the transport. "Dia? Why again are we going to Celadon?" Jason asked.

"The Trade Federation is at it again." She replied, "Valoreum sent us to demand an agreement. Remember when Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi went to Naboo to try and demand an agreement? That's the exact same thing we are doing."

"Oh." Jason said, "Will everything happen again?"

"I doubt it." Dia said, "I'm still surprised because the Trade Federation is noble enough to try and take over a populated planet, again."

"The same question that plagued Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan plagues me too. Why Celadon and Naboo?" Jason said.

"I know. They have no authority to do this without running it past the Senate and apparently the senate never got this little piece of information." She said.

"I just hope they don't try nothing fancy on the planet." He said

"Me too. Jason. Me too."

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